AsYa OneShot – Reasons

10 reasons why Asad Ahmed Khan hated Zoya Farooqui .

10. He hated her innocence. He hated how innocently she saw the world. He hated that even though she had seen, experienced how brutal this world could be she managed to keep her innocence untainted.

9. He hated her selflessness. He hated that she put the whole world before herself, that she was so selfless she gave away a part of her with everything she did. She was selfless to a fault and he didn't like it one bit.

8. He absolutely despised her ability to forgive. He hated her inability to hold grudges, that remission came so easily to her that all it took was a heartfelt apology and sometimes even less.

7. He hated her spirit. That extremely strong spirit of hers that refused to break no matter what life threw at her. No matter how greatly she had been wounded she would bounce back. It made him wonder where all her pain and hurt went. Or was it hidden somewhere so deep inside her that even she sometimes forgot of its existence?

6. He hated that she was so unassuming. That even though she was self confidant she never crossed that line leading to arrogance. That she did things because she wanted to, because it was right or sometimes even just for the heck of it but never for recognition.

5. He hated her faith. Her faith in the world, the people in that world, and basically everything. He hated that she trusted so openly, that she made herself so vulnerable and easy to hurt by trusting. And he hated that this cruel world didn't deserve her faith in it but still had it nevertheless.

4. He absolutely detested the fact that she had so much power over him. And that she was so innocently unaware of the effect she had on him. He hated that he was so vulnerable around her and what he hated even more was the fact that she would never abuse that power he had unknowingly and unwillingly (to a certain extent) given to her. She was so pure she wouldn't be able to.

3. He hated that they were more alike than he would care to admit. That even though they were poles apart they were similar. He didn't like it that he had seen the pain and longing of his eyes reflected in hers, that she was being plagued with the same misery and pain that he was. The only difference was she kept it hidden and had managed to find reasons to be happy.

2. He hated that she came and completely disrupted his life. His once organized and orderly life was now chaotic and wild. And he hated that somehow he had gotten used to it and didn't mind it so much.

1. He hated everything about her.
But he hated her with a passion so deep sometimes, it felt like love.