A/N: Hello beautiful people! I'll just be quick. First of all this story is based on the book P.S., I Love You by Cecila Ahern but I adapted it into the supernatural universe, I hope that makes sense. Second, I'm planning to write this as a story with THREE PARTS. Third and most important of all, in this story EVERYTHING IS KLAROLINE so no baby drama and mentions (or existence) of women that shall not be named (if you guys catch my drift.)

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Part I

Blood pounded in her ears. Her veins felt as dry as her throat. Her cheeks blotted with tears. Her feet furiously paced her room while her hands frantically reached for clothes and other necessities as she dumped them in a bag.

"No, no, no, no, no." she repeated continuously in her head like a mantra.

Her breaths came short and rapid as she fought the ripping sensation of despair in her stomach that seems to push through towards her mouth like vomit.

It's not possible. It can't be. You promised. You promised me forever.

The words rang in her head. Resonating in a loop that played over and over again every time it ends. "The immortal hybrid has fallen. Klaus is dead. Irreversibly and for all eternity." Katherine's taunting grin fueled a fury in her earlier she never thought she'd feel at the possibility of the news being factual.

Caroline even challenged her to prove that it was true and she wasn't distracting them from the current predicament they're stuck in, what with Silas being around. She even argued about the bloodlines and for everyone in their gang to drop like fleas very soon.

Katherine mentioned a 'Marcel' and that he was successful in finding a way to break the bloodlines, securing the life of those who descended from the original hybrid once he has been taken down.

It went downhill right after that for Caroline and she could barely remember dashing out of the boarding house and driving maniacally back home to get her things and drive straight to the airport.

Make it stop. Make it stop. Caroline pleaded as her heart spasmed in uncontrollable jerky motions. She placed her free hand over her chest as if to soothe it while the other one was stuck to the steering wheel that allowed her to break every traffic rule her mom never failed to remind her about.

Just please make it stop.

"What are you doing here?" The female original sneered at Caroline. The once pristine looking blonde bane of her existence and occasional ally of their gang now looked disheveled in more ways than one.

"Hello to you too, Rebekah." She greeted her in return with a tired sigh.

They continued to look at each other with equal amounts of skepticism and contempt. Each of them trying to decipher the intent of the other, intensely and wordlessly.

The news of Klaus' death weighed on Caroline like a ton of bricks and she felt like someone gutted her or stabbed her and the perpetrator purposively twisted the knife on her insides.

Without a word to her friends she took the earliest flight to New Orleans. She could barely remember compelling her way into the airport, her mind seemed to work on autopilot then and all she knows is that she has to go get to him as soon as possible.

It can't be true right? He's supposed to be the most powerful being on this planet. He said that himself.

Rebekah was the first one to break them from their reverie, and with her hand still clutching the door handle, she addressed the baby vampire on their porch who looked as equally as tousled as her. "I'm guessing you've heard? What? Your little friends sent you to confirm the news?"

"It's not like that" Caroline defended "They..."

"Are toasting to my brother's demise?" Rebekah hissed accusingly.

"...don't know. They don't know I'm here. Well at least that's true hours ago."

"Exactly. Oh! Can you hear that?"

Caroline's brow furrowed in confusion.

"That's the sound of your petty little gang calling out to you to get yourself off our porch and back to wherever it is you came from." Rebekah was about to slam the door close but Caroline's hand shot out to stop her.

"Look Rebekah, I know we don't get along really well and considering our history of backstabbing and mayhem I completely understand why you're upset..."

"Upset?" The original scoffed incredulously "I'm pretty sure upset doesn't cover it"

Caroline swallowed the lump in her throat at the truth of Rebekah's words. Her attitude made it clearer for the younger vampire to realize what she's been denying for the past few hours. And it entirely hits her where it hurts. He's really gone.

She chose her next words carefully so as not to contribute to the original's ire. "I don't know how to say this, or how to do this and I'm still processing the fact that I'm actually here and I have no idea how the hell I got here so fast but all I can think about is that I should be here." She blinked rapidly to keep the tears at bay while Rebekah pressed her lips in a thin line impatiently.

"We might not agree on a lot of things, Rebekah. Half of the time we did try to kill each other but..." she continued after taking a deep breath. "Right now there's nowhere else I can run to, my friends would not understand and by coming here I was hoping beyond hope that all of this is just a part of a grand scheme your brother has because I'm way over my head here and I can't believe he's gone and I don't want to believe he's gone."

The older vampire regarded her with keen eyes but seeing how distressed and probably baffled the girl in front of her was, she gave a resigned sigh and opened the door widely for her. "Do you realize how utterly confusing what you said was?"

Caroline just looked at her helplessly.

"What are you waiting for? Come on in, we both need a drink"

A few days before…

"It was horrible. Totally embarrassing if you ask me especially on the first day." Caroline broke the news to Klaus over the phone about her and Elena's awkward encounter with the professor that cemented their reputation among upper class students as ambitious freshmen who didn't get their class cards right.

Klaus chuckled in response, "Usually compulsion does the trick but I'm thinking it's not logical considering there are some things that aren't quite right around your campus at the moment."

"Yeah, I mean we attempted a Sherlock Holmes but unfortunately it smacked us right on the face with a cherry on top."

"I could send someone to help you with this, you know." He sounded serious and Caroline knows he is.

"No" she protested immediately "We can figure this out. And besides I can look after myself. I'll be fine."

"That doesn't sound too convincing, love" he attempted to push.

"Maybe so, but come to think of it, you're in a pretty tight situation right now and I don't want to be an additional baggage which could possibly slow you down, and then it turns out you wasted your time on some petty supernatural glitch which you know by now is not unusual for us."

Klaus sighed deeply on the other line which Caroline unconsciously copied from her end. "You will never be a waste of my time, Caroline. And it would allow me peace of mind; consider this as a little trinket of our flowering relationship."

"We're friends, Klaus."

"For now."

An earth shattering silence followed, something that mostly occurs whenever he says things like this. When he tells her just how devoted he is to a future with her. An eternity with her. Only with her.

"We didn't get to finish our conversation last time." She said after the torturous gap.

Klaus grinned allowing her to deviate knowing she'll eventually get there at her own pace. "About Paris if I recall correctly."

"Yes! That one, this may sound weird but I pretty like it when I hear stories from you rather than reading them in books, it seems much more real, and it's like an uncut version, you know, without the censors and unnecessary filters."

"I should've prepared for my homework then, if I was getting assaulted with queries you should warn me sweetheart."

Caroline giggled unreservedly and it was a moment of intense, genuine pleasure to Klaus. "I will. I'll start making a list of the things I'd love to learn from a firsthand witness, what do you say?"

"It would be an honor. Although I can also come up with a different kind of list myself."

"You are never going to pass up an opportunity to one up me, huh? Alpha male." She teased him with a scoff. "Alright then, what type of list would that be?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary. That would be the places I'd love to take you to, things you would love to see and experience, food that would set your palate into a festive mood…"

"Okay, okay. I get the picture." They laughed in unison, enjoying the moment of almost normalcy in the midst of their own pandemonium.

"I have to go. Talk to you soon?" Caroline asked him unsurely even if they've been exchanging messages and having phone conversation regularly over the summer.

"Of course, Caroline. Stay safe and promise to call me when you need anything."

"I will. I promise. Bye Klaus."

"Until next time, love."

Present time…

Rebekah sauntered towards the living room with Caroline on her trail. She went straight to the bar across the room that was adorned with dim lights and a vast collection of liquor. She poured the both of them a generous amount and offered the tumbler to Caroline who sat on one of the bar stools, her lone travelling bag dropped beside her feet.

"Where is everyone?" Caroline asked after taking a small sip.

"Elijah went somewhere to keep safe Nik's body." She answered after a gulp. "Or burnt corpse for that matter." She added in a whisper.

"This is so surreal."

"How about we drop the entire act, the mask and whatnots and let's have a little honesty hour." Rebekah openly challenged her.

"What do you mean?" Caroline gripped the glass a bit tighter, a tiny amount of fright creeping through her at Rebekah's request.

"Well, you came here as fast as you can" she hopped from her spot and started to pace "You look like someone stole your sunshine. The Caroline Forbes I know was calm and collected, sticks to a game plan because she's a control freak like that, so much like my dear brother. And now you're here, looking so lost and confused, and you have no bloody idea why you're here and what your next step is. So tell me, Caroline, and don't feed me with lies because I can definitely rip your blonde head off and Nik's not here to stop me. Tell me, what does Niklaus mean to you?"

Caroline dropped her gaze to the floor and with it her heart. Stomp on it why don't you, Rebekah.

"You know that thing they say" She started quietly "You'll never know what you had until you lost it?" she continued with a humorless chuckle "It smacked me right on the face when I heard the news. I refuse to believe it so I ran here. And just as the fact dawns on me I feel awful by the minute." She shook her head still trying to rein in the sobs.

"Klaus has always brought out the worst in me and I said some pretty terrible things to him. But at the same time he was the person who made me feel like I matter. Like my choices matter. He constantly reminded me of the things I can do and the person I can be. When I'm with him it's like being on the edge of a cliff. I get too scared I might fall but at the same time I'm holding my breath in case I'm ready to take the plunge."

Rebekah now stared at her intently halting her pace, silently waiting for her to go on.

"He makes me question things. He makes me feel greater than how I see myself. He made me desire things I never knew I wanted until he basically handed the world to me on a silver platter" a small smile graced her lips.

"And he stirs feelings in me that I can't begin to explain, all I know is that somehow he managed to crawl his way into my skin and I couldn't shake him and now with his death," she could barely get the word out of her mouth "There's a gaping hole in my chest that I thought I could fill by coming here and realizing it was all a faux. But it isn't, is it?" she looked at Rebekah and her attempt to keep the tears in check was futile.

"I lost him. Our family has. Now I know you did too." Rebekah stepped closer to the now crying baby vamp and placed her hand on her shoulder "He's probably sporting a smug grin on the other side hearing you say that and seeing us like this."

"Yeah, who would've thought?"

"You really did care for him, didn't you?"

"I do care for him, Rebekah. And yes it's surprising to me just as it is to you but" she shrugged her shoulders timidly "Your brother was quite relentless if you ask me"

"That, he was." She removed her hand from Caroline's shoulder and made her way back to the bottle sitting on the bar. "We're going to need more alcohol than I thought."

They spent the next few hours getting boozed and intermittently cried and laughed while reminiscing the memories they had about someone they've both lost.

Yes, Klaus probably was having a field day on the other side.

"We're not supposed to be snooping around" they were now inside Klaus' art studio sweeping through his things with wobbly feet.

"Oh hush Caroline. Don't be such a downer" the original carelessly tossed her brother's things looking for nothing in particular.

"He was a very good artist. I wish I got the chance for him to show me his other pieces."

"It's scattered all over the globe. I can give you a list of his pseudonyms and where his pieces are displayed."

"That would be nice. But we should go, it feels creepy being here, it's like there's a pair of eyes hiding somewhere in this room. We're invading his personal space." Caroline dropped the sketches carefully back on the working table.

"He showed you to his studio back in Mystic Falls didn't he? Don't even try to deny it, I have eyes." Rebekah stated like it was the most obvious thing "He already invited you in. His personal space is just as much as yours."

Caroline just sighed in return and went back to sifting through his stuff indulging her curiosity even for a few moments.

After a while of studying the art works, Caroline almost jumped in fright when her companion shrieked in aggravation a few feet away from her. Her back was on Caroline and she was facing what appears to be a locked safe. Rebekah turned the numerical dial to open it but to no avail.

"Whatever's in that safe I don't think your brother would want you to see." She tried to warn.

"Well thank your lucky stars then. I'm pretty much indestructible than this thing."

"Rebekah, let's just get out of here" Caroline leaned on the table with her arms folded before her, the effects of the booze starting to leave her.

"I'm just going to give it one more try." Which she did and then suddenly an ominous click was heard and her face lit up as she gingerly opened the forbidden safe, her curiosity eating her up.

There were piles of envelopes, old parchments of different languages, boxes with intricate carvings, one of which Rebekah picked and traced her finger on its surface with a nostalgic smile on her face. Caroline sat down beside her with her legs crossed, silently allowing the original to have her moment.

Sparing a peek through the safe she spotted a brown box with a white silk ribbon laid on the far end of the metal box. It was eerily and strikingly familiar to her.

Of course, the box that housed the dress Klaus gave her for his mother's ball was almost exactly alike to that one, only that was smaller.

Looking over at Rebekah who was still busy with the object she held in her hands, she shook the guilt of prying away and reached out for the box. Upon placing it on her lap she let out a small gasp which made the other blonde to turn her attention to her.

On top of the ribbon clad box was a card and on it written in a patented hand writing she will never forget was her name. Her complete name.

"It's for you" the original stated blatantly to which Caroline just rolled her eyes.

"I can see it, thank you very much. But he probably don't mean for me to see this. I should get this back." The box was on its way back to the safe when Rebekah stopped her.

"Bloody hell no. of course he meant for you to have it. Just as much as he meant for me to decipher the combination to which I feel such an idiot not to figure it out the first try." She began to stand up with the carved box still clutched between her hands. "It's yours. My brother wouldn't have it any other way. I guess we both need solitary moments now that we've unlocked what might be the furthest we can get into my brother's well guarded… heart."

She turned on her heels leaving Caroline still slumped over the mystery box, but before she completely left her to her thoughts, she glanced over her shoulder and gave the younger blonde a sad smile. "For what it's worth and despite whatever we've been through because of our differences, I'm quite glad you're here to make this a little bit more bearable."

Caroline returned the sad smile with a nod "I'm glad too. And thank you, for letting me in."

"Nik would've daggered me if he could, if I let you wander aimlessly in the quarter." With that Caroline was left alone with the box she was truly scared to open.

Fighting the sleeplessness and distraught and finding a remnant of her strength Klaus once pointed out to her, she stood up shakily. Her eyes scanned for a corner in the room where she can curl and free the contents of the box in peace. Or maybe not.

Her eyes landed on a door that she wasn't sure was there when Rebekah and her, drunkenly surveyed the studio. With a few soundless strides, she found herself turning the knob and she stepped into a dark room illuminated only by the faint moonlight glimmering through the open window, a curtain concealing half of it, fluttering melodiously on its hem.

She blindingly laid her free hand on the wall beside her to find a switch. Upon turning it on a warm glow of light filled the room, she was greeted with a king sized bed, its covers and pillows made and meticulously placed. It looked inviting and yet it also looked cold, like it was never slept on for days. Weeks even. But she was sure of one thing, it was Klaus' room. His room.

His unmistakable scent wafted through the air like he was just here five seconds ago. Only he wasn't.

She padded nearer to the bed and lifted her fingers to feel the smooth and soft material on her skin. The telltale signs of tears scratched on her throat but she pushed it down and whispered to the room, "I know you invited me over after graduation. I'm sorry I have to get here just a little too late. Your place is enormous, it's actually wonderful. You could've given me the grand tour, you know? But I'll settle with your bedroom for now, this looks cozy, I hope you don't mind me spending the night here."

She could just imagine the confident smirk he'd wear upon hearing her.

"Well you're not really here to stop me so…" she lifted the covers off the bed and plopped herself down with a little bounce, resting her back on a pillow she propped against the headboard, she gave herself an internal pep talk to get herself together and then she held the tails of the ribbon ready to untangle it.

"Oh get over it, Pandora." She took another deep breath before removing the ribbon and she lifted the lid to allow the series of evil to escape.

Only instead of monstrous creatures and plagues coming out, she found herself staring at a stack of envelopes, each with something written on it. She picked up the one on top and it read:

For when you find this.

Her vision blurred in an instant after realizing the meaning behind the words. The first envelope is for when she finds the box and he wouldn't be there to personally hand it to her.

After a few rounds of heavy breathing and locating her courage, she turned the envelope in her hands to open it, she took out the paper and unfolded it and began to read in his handwriting.

Dearest Caroline,

I once asked you about your hopes and dreams. Believe me when I say I have every intention of fulfilling them. But as circumstances dictate, let this be an apology for I can't be with you through this. Nonetheless I'd still have you experience the life you deserve. The life you could have. The life we could have had.

I compiled a list of things I would have loved to experience with you. Eternity could have been too short if I had you, but then I guess our time was cut short prematurely, before it even began.

Know that even from where I am now, I can still see you, and I would have loved nothing more but to see you smile. Let not my demise hinder you from being the person you know and I believe you can be.



P.S. My heart belongs to you. And only to you.

The following morning Rebekah woke up to an empty house and a note stuck on the door to her brother's studio.

I'm out to find what your brother has in store for me. Thank you, Rebekah. Your brother would have loved to see you smile again. –C


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