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Part III: C

She was concealed in the darkness as she kept her breathing steady, one wrong move and everything goes to dust. There in the middle of the supernatural huddle stood Elijah and Rebekah, fists clenched, jaws tensed, senses tingling in anticipation, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

"I thought you would have fled by now, you know, with your brother gone." Marcel's eyes gleamed with pride and boastfulness.

"I don't know, I was thinking I could stick around for a while, give peace a chance and all that." Rebekah smiled all too sweetly.

"Peace?" he scoffed, "There was peace before your family infiltrated the quarter, staking claims on things you've abandoned a long time ago."

"It wasn't our intention to rattle the otherwise peaceful co-habitation of supernaturals in this area, all I've ever wanted was for our family to remain unharmed and making sure no one dares to threaten us. I couldn't care less about your so called kingdom."

Marcel laughed at them disbelievingly before placing his hand over his lips dramatically as if to stifle his laughter, "My apologies, was that supposed to amuse me? Because your brother sauntering in the quarter as if he owned it says otherwise."

"Your motivation to kill him proves otherwise." The eldest original countered immediately.

Marcel was stunned to silence, torn between denial and downright honesty. "You could have done the same. You would have done anything." He responded lowly. "Is that why you're here now? To avenge his death, because that's what I did, that's what pushed me to build a force that will render the Original to his knees, for decades that's all I ever wanted!" he was yelling by the end of his rant but the siblings never even barely flinched.

Rebekah clicked her teeth together, unimpressed, "And what a miserable life to lead."

"Speak for yourself." Marcel spat.

"Just like I said earlier, we're here to offer you a deal. We swear we won't retaliate if you promise never to come for my family again." Elijah stated, drawing back to business. "We'll even extend that honor to your people." he said gesturing to the few surrounding them.

Rebekah let out a knowing smirk, picturing in her head what they did earlier, which Marcel caught and before she was able to mask it, he was already barreling towards her, "What did you do?!"

Elijah sped towards his sister and grabbed Marcel by the collar of his jacket and threw him aside. "I was offering you a chance, wasn't I?"

He stood up speedily and growled deep, his vampire features crawling on his face, "I will end you!"

"It was fun watching them squirm, trying to pry their life out of my hands, unfortunately I wasn't in the mood to hand it back, I'm sorry for the mess in there, I'm sure you'll get someone to tidy it up." She grinned hauntingly.

"Get them!" without thinking Marcel launched himself towards her again, desperate to get his hands dirty with her blood not caring if she's an original or not. Rebekah was able to block the first blow before he managed to sneak attacks towards her again until they were both rolling on the ground, their speed almost invisible to the human eye.

Elijah was about to rescue his little sister again when a mob of vampires surged towards him in attack, he ruthlessly decapitated them splattering blood all over his precious suit. This happened twice, thrice, in a series of succession until the square was filled with raging vampires, all out for blood.

Caroline gasped from her spot when she saw Rebekah being tackled by Marcel and two other of his lackeys, she was about to rush to her aid when an iron grip kept her in place, she whipped her head around and was met with those piercing blue eyes that haunted her relentlessly.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing here?" His eyes were filled with fury but it was also undeniably creased with worry, a detail only she can see.

"You." She seethed struggling to free her arm.

Klaus opened and closed his mouth to respond but before he could do so, a sudden blow to his cheek sent him staggering backwards and his head spinning for a moment. "I believe I deserve that." he looked at her while massaging the side of his face. "But you shouldn't be here."

He started to drag her away before she kicked him in between his legs. It was childish she knows but if it keeps him from pushing her away again, then why not. "Argh! That would be the last time I'm allowing you to do that." He managed to say.

"I'm not here to be told what to do and what I can't!"

His eyes flashed dangerously but it did nothing to faze her, she was beyond fear and beyond care when it comes to what he wants. Before he could respond, Rebekah's scream cut through the chaos happening behind them. Klaus was about to reach her arm again but she was gone before he could even move.

Caroline pushed the vampire above Rebekah away while the original pulled a stake from her left shoulder. "That lame bastard." They stood up and faced away from each other as they tear apart the ones that came towards them. "I believe you've seen my brother, then?" Rebekah asked conversationally as if they weren't in the middle of a fight.

"Yep." Caroline answered as she tore a heart from its cavity, "And he's not too happy I'm here." She met Klaus' gaze across the square that was studying her intently and no doubt also eavesdropping while he flawlessly separated limb from trunk and head from shoulders.

"Oh boy, I shudder to think." They giggled girlishly and then Caroline's laugh was cut abruptly by a fist connecting to her face, before she could recover she was hoisted up by her neck, a vampire crushing her airway, she could have been successful in taking his filthy hands off her if not for the wooden stake that suddenly lodged in her lower back making her yell in a strangled scream.

"ENOUGH!" Klaus unmistakable voice bellowed, the chaos died down instantly, vampires frozen in their place and Klaus could have almost laughed seeing most of them trembling but as his eyes fell upon Caroline who was still fiercely fighting off both vampires who still had their worthless hands on her he sped towards them and mercilessly tore their heads allowing it to roll by their feet.

She tried to catch her breath but the pain on her back caused her to almost fall to the ground face first. She was barely aware of the strong arms that held her against a hard body, his scent flooding her senses, the sigh of relief she let out was almost enough but she flinched when she felt the stake digging in her flesh.

"I have to take it out." Klaus' voice soothed her and she nodded minutely in response. She let out a small whimper when he did and he helped her stand up straight, he nodded to someone behind her and the next thing she knew Rebekah was by her side her arms around her shoulders helping her upright.

"I'm impressed." The tall dark man drawled out, he was oozing with faux superiority, pride was gushing out of his skin but it was all a mask to veil the fear that crept in him when his sire, the very one he killed marched towards him. "You elude death time and time again, can't say I'm shocked seeing you've dodged your father for centuries."

"If you're trying to spite me you have to do better than that." Klaus pointed a finger at him tauntingly. "What mate? No more tricks up your sleeve?"

Klaus grinned calmly and it unsettled everyone present, even Caroline could almost feel the chill in her spine when he spoke. Although she was quite unsure whether it was because of dread due to the warning that rang clearly in his voice, or that it has everything to do with his voice itself. She spent weeks listening to the recorded message on his voicemail, it kept her going for weeks and hearing it now from the man itself gave her heart fretful leaps she can't hold.

"I have an army, one that I have persuaded to my side and made sworn to loyalty. For more than a century I plotted your death, your downfall. I originally wanted to see you witness your family's demise before killing you myself, but why prolong the agony? It was nice acquainting your heart with a stake."

Klaus stepped closer to him in an intimidating manner so that they were almost eye to eye, "Do you see me rotting underneath the Earth? Do you see my family mourning for my death? Did you for more than a century really think that I would perish in the hands of a measly peasant I picked off the dirt?" he spat to his face before slowly pacing around him. "I'd offer you a deal to spare your life or even those of which that serve you but you've betrayed me far worse than I expected and you know I don't take lightly to betrayal."

"You killed my brother!"Marcel yelled to his face still unfazed by Klaus' ominous threat. "I saved him from an oppressor when I found him, and I wanted him to live a life as a stronger man, and you ripped him away from me!"

"He was a traitor, no wonder you were of blood and flesh, he couldn't keep secrets to himself, I gave you a second shot at life and your dear brother threw it all away." He gritted through his teeth still not backing down.

"It was me!" he wailed and everything seemed to have halted to a stop, if it didn't already, the silence reigned and Marcel slumped his shoulders helplessly in inevitable defeat. "I was the one who tipped off Mikael on your whereabouts. He threatened Emil, and I had to choose, I chose my brother."

Klaus laughed humorlessly, his face a fusion of anger and utter betrayal but for Caroline even from a considerable distance away from him she could see the disappointment and hurt in his eyes, before he shook his head and put on his warrior face again.

"And the truth prevails, then if my assumptions are correct he covered up for you. He became the bigger man that you never were, he chose death rather than having the blame and the fury of an original be directed towards you."

"Whatever you say, that doesn't change the fact that you killed him and I'm not going down without a fight, as I said I have an army to help me take you down. You and your family." Marcel prodded on fearlessly, Klaus might have admired and commented on his audacity when a feminine snort came from behind him.

"You really are naïve aren't you Marcel?" Rebekah grinned at him amused with herself.

"Rebekah." Elijah scolded her speaking for the first time since his brother made an appearance.

"What?" she shrugged, "I doubt his little minions will come scurrying behind him when hell breaks loose? I mean how could they when they've been disemboweled, their limbs hanging loosely from their sockets, their hearts across the room, do you want me to go on?"

Marcel glared at her furiously, "They were my people! You had no right!" he started to lunge towards her before he was pushed back harshly by Klaus and he landed unceremoniously to the ground.

"I wouldn't. You make one more move against me or my family and you'll be begging for death."

"I still have my witches! I have a coven no one on this planet can rival, I have a Bennet witch on my side." He scrambled up to his feet still eyeing them.

"What Bennet witch?" Lucy sauntered towards them at the middle of the circle that was growing thin by the minute.

Cowards. Caroline hissed mentally.

"You're working for them." He spoke with a startled realization. "I trusted you!"

"I made you trust me. I wanted my best friend free. Witches are servants of nature, we weren't supposed to answer to anyone, not especially oppressive tyrants like yourself who pointed his finger towards the others as a means to trick people into venturing towards your side."

"What are you talking about?" Rebekah asked the witch.

"Weren't you curious as to how he managed to get himself a bunch of witches and vampires? Some of them swore allegiance to him willingly but most of them especially the witches, he killed their family and friends for and then putting the blame on the Originals, making them believe that by siding with him they'll get their revenge. It was a nasty trick he pulled but look around you Marcel, everyone knows your dirty little secret now."

"And here I thought you couldn't get any worse." Rebekah scoffed and rolled her eyes simultaneously.

"Desperate measures you have there." Elijah stated in an almost relaxed manner but the rage was evident in his voice. "You might as well know that by now you're never going to survive the night."

"Oh he will." Klaus smirked confidently as he strode closer to Marcel. "Although not without me having the opportunity to tear out an extremity or two. And maybe I'll have him in the dungeons wailing endlessly, begging over and over again for the pain to stop."

"I'm ready." Lucy spoke as she neared them both. "And so as everyone else."

"What are you going to do?" Marcel asked suspiciously, showing a hint of fear for the first time that night.


Klaus stepped away from him to give Lucy the chance to perform the spell, she chanted almost instantly and he watched Marcel fall to his knees gripping his head with his hands and yelling in agony. Klaus and his sister were smiling sinisterly while witnessing the scene while their older brother looked almost bored but grateful that their predicament was coming to an end.

Until they heard the piercing and painful scream that cut through the night.

Klaus almost broke his neck as he whipped his head towards the source.

"Get her." Marcel commanded between painful grunts to no one in particular.

Klaus was stupefied for a moment he almost missed two vampires that sped towards her and he couldn't almost move a muscle when suddenly the vampires reappeared and a blonde thrashing in pain and protest was being dragged between them.

"Caroline" he knew she couldn't hear him, not when her head must have felt like it was going to blow up. He flashed towards his protégé on the ground and lifted him up by the throat.

"What did you do?!"He was answered with nothing but incomprehensible grunts.

"Stop it." Klaus hissed through his teeth addressing the witch.

"But we…"

"Now!" he bellowed making his entire form shook in outrage.

The witches' spell stopped and Marcel's painful groans ceased and so did Caroline's, although both of the vampires holding her down never slackened their grips.

"What did you do?! Don't make me repeat myself for the third time."

"You were the one…who taught me…" he struggled to speak and Klaus loosened his hold minimally, "To always come up with a back-up plan, there's my… back-up plan… your little blonde I happen to stumble upon…" the grip on his throat tightened again. "You really thought… that you could hide… hide her from your enemies… everyone that you touch die… that will include… include her…" Marcel yelped as Klaus hand placed more pressure on his throat.

"Klaus…" Caroline's small voice sounded behind him and he spared a glance towards her and he was horrified to see her holding her throat as if someone was choking her, her face flushed red and she seemed to be catching her breath, her eyes pleading with him. He let go of Marcel that immediately dropped to the ground.

"Get your hands off her." He glared towards the vampires enclosing her in an iron hold. He sped towards the both of them and shoved his hands in their chests and ripped out their hearts. He caught Caroline in his arms, still catching her breath.

"We're going to have a really long talk." She said in between heavy breaths.

"You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that." He said without amusement knowing what exactly they were going to talk about.

"You're never going to get to save her." Marcel sneered and before any one of them can realize what's happening he was already meters away from them with a wooden stake tilted towards his chest.

"No." Klaus whispered powerlessly. I just got her back, you can't rip her away from me now, not like this.

"I have nothing to lose. Not my family, not an army I built, not even my life. So what's a little…" he pressed the stake slowly against his skin, blood dripping from the wound, "…blood."

Caroline moaned in pain clutching her chest, her shirt now blossoming with her blood. Klaus tried to soothe her, holding her tightly against him. "I'm going to get you out of here safe, I promise." He whispered to her ear.

"How does it feel, sire? To have someone you love being robbed away from you on the sole context of revenge." He drove the stake deeper causing him to pant, "I'll be watching you cease to live and merely exist with nothing but anger in your heart, unable to die but feel like as good as dead." The stake was already grazing his heart, causing Caroline to scream wordlessly, flailing in Klaus' arms and there was nothing he could do but hold her impossibly closer to him.

"Stop it…" he stuttered while holding the sobbing blonde, "Please stop it." It was below him to beg but for her he knew he'd do anything.

"Resorting to begging now are we… argh! I'd rather die!" before he could plunge the final inch towards his heart, Rebekah was on Marcel prying the stake away from him. He was strong but she was an original making it child's play for her to retract the weapon before snapping his neck.

"I'll apologize later for rendering her unconscious." She smirked to her brother who sighed in relief, nodding to her his gratefulness.

"I believe we have some cleaning up to do." The suit clad original adjusted his lapels turning to his siblings. "I don't think anyone's still up for a brawl." He gestured towards Marcel's remaining lackeys who stood there slack jawed and trembling. "That's what I thought."

"I'll take her home." Klaus stood up carrying an unconscious Caroline in his arms protectively before addressing the small crowd around them, "For your sakes, I hope no one here is a fool enough to try anything stupid or you might just end up in the dungeons."

His siblings watched him sped away with the baby vampire, trying to stifle the smiles creeping up on their faces but failing miserably.

"At least now he's tolerable." Rebekah remarked.

"I have no doubt he'll be more than tolerable dear sister."

Caroline gasped loudly, life seeping through her features again after Marcel's neck has been snapped. Slowly regaining her consciousness she allowed her gaze to sweep through the unfamiliar room around her.

It was elegant of course, the queen sized bed she was currently perched on had a delicate duvet over it, the beige walls complimented beautifully with the dark wooden details around, a miniature crystal chandelier gave the room a comfortable faint glow that wasn't hard on the eyes. On the bedside table she found a glass of water, an empty mug and a blood bag most certainly for her.

Exhaustion and hunger dominated her mind and she scooted closer to the table and grabbed the water, downing it fiercely. She tore the blood bag open and poured its contents in the mug, she brought it to her lips and savored the thick, rich liquid that nurtured her back to life.

A knock on the door startled her, her heart pounded in her chest for the possibility that it could be him.

"It's me." The original sister answered her unspoken query. "I'm going in." the door was pushed open before she could protest, revealing Rebekah who was already clothed to the nines, her appearance telling nothing of what has transpired.

"How long was I out?" she cringed when she heard her croaked voice.

"About five hours. It was longer than normal but I guess it was better, you had a rough night." She sat on the bed bouncing slightly.

"We had a rough night." Flashes of what happened earlier came through her head and she remembered being linked to their ultimate enemy. "Wait, what happened to Marcel? Am I still linked to him?"

Rebekah smiled to her to ease her worry, "My brothers are making sure he won't be a nuisance anymore. And no, you're no longer linked to him. After the battle last night the witches helped us sought out whoever it was that remained loyal to the pathetic piece of crap and we found a young one named Davina."

Caroline raised her eyebrows in question. "She's a witch who was under his roof since then, but don't you worry your head with that she's under the witches' protection now, guiding her to the most righteous path away from psychopathic retaliators."

Caroline laughed lightly, "Look at us, if anyone ever told me I'd be sitting here right now with you of all people after a night of bloodbath, I would've laughed in their faces."

Rebekah chuckled with her before Caroline's mood turned sour, "What?"

"Where is he?"

The original knows exactly who she's talking about but she shrugged nonchalantly, "I told you they're taking care of Marcel. They'd be back before you know it."

"Ugh!" Caroline ran her hand through her hair frustratingly, "I'm going to stake him!"

Rebekah laughed lightly at her frustration, fully understanding how she must have been feeling right now. "I'd finish that mug first if I were you, and then consider a shower or a bath." She stood from the bed and pranced towards a wide vanity cluttered with shopping bags and a few piles of clothes. "I had our bags delivered here from the hotel so you have a mound of fresh sets to change into."

"Where is here?" she asked after finishing the blood in a long gulp.

"Our mansion of course, although we're still in New Orleans if that's what you're asking"

She rolled her eyes ignoring Rebekah's witty response and padded towards the vanity, choosing an appropriate change of clothes. "How about Stefan and Matt, are they still here?"

"Downstairs, entertaining themselves with God knows what men occupy their selves with these days. Stefan's fully recovered and he'd love a word with you when you're done and Matt…"

"Oh my god! Matt!" Caroline slapped her palm against her forehead remembering exactly what she did to Matt. "Is he okay?"

"He is. Although he's waiting for that apology and maybe two weeks of groveling." Rebekah smiled teasingly but it did nothing to snap Caroline out of her frantic reverie, "He's fine Caroline, you knocked him out, but he's fine trust me."

Caroline took a deep breath before nodding and picking up the dress she chose from the pile and aimed for the bathroom.

It's going to be a long day.

Caroline was grateful that her conversation with both Matt and Stefan hasn't ended in tragedy, yes she had an earful from them for what she did, for being so reckless and careless but the worst that could've happened is them dragging her back to Mystic Falls in binds. Or a healthy dose of vervain probably.

She knows it's not the time to go home yet, not when she hasn't confronted the man who tangled her into this mess. Although if she admits it honestly she doesn't consider the situation she was in as a mess, rather a consequence that comes when you happen to trust the almighty Original hybrid, which by the way has yet to make an appearance.

She's been pacing in her room, (yes she's definitely going to call it her room, thank you very much) for the past hour, practicing her speech to perfection when the moment comes that the Original pain in the ass comes forward to talk. The house was dead silent, no pun intended, after the rest of her companions oh not-so-subtly arranged a night out amongst themselves without inviting her.

She halted her pacing when she hears the front door open and slam close downstairs, one set of footsteps echoing against the marble floors. So Elijah must be with them, huh? Yep, subtle.

She held her breath while listening to him frolicking around the house, a bottle placed down on the bar counter, his leather jacket hitting the back of the couch, his body slumping on said couch and a deep sigh from him.

He knows she knows he's already home and listening to him move, he slid his eyes shut tightly, took another deep breath and steadied his nerves for what was about to come, he knows he couldn't avoid it, and he knows he won't. So he lifted himself up and treaded carefully towards her bedroom and waited with a bated breath for her fascinating form to appear behind the door.

"It's open and it's your house so let yourself in, or whatever." Caroline chimed from inside.

"How are you feeling?" he asked worriedly after closing the door behind him and walking slowly and carefully closer to her who was standing by the window with her arms across her chest, looking at anything but him.

"Better. Nothing fatal, obviously."


"No stop." He held her palm before her facing him with determination. "Everything that happened in the past few weeks was all about you. Your plans for revenge, your family, your fake death" she spat the last words venomously and it took a lot for Klaus not to flinch, "Your obvious craving for power and your relentless pursuit to prove you're better than anyone else.

I know that what you did was to protect your family because believe it or not they're all you've got, and I know people are capable of doing unspeakable things when provoked especially where it hurts the most and you did what you thought was best to put things into place and you had to make decisions that had consequences and it sucked… but it's okay."

Klaus looked up at her from his staring contest with the floor when he heard her tone soften slightly.

"It's okay because I would've done something as atrocious as that when it's my family being threatened like that too. It's okay because all the time when I was there looking at all those beautiful places I've only seen pictures of, when I met your friends, when I replay your words in my head, I see you, I see you and I tell myself that you never broke your promise, and I've never felt so special in my life. But Klaus, do you have any idea what it did to me when they told me you were dead?"

He motioned closer but Caroline recoiled and stopped him again, "No, don't. Don't come any closer don't do anything, don't use your charm or whatever it is you do to appease me because I'm so mad at you right now I have half a mind to stake you myself."

She turned away from him her hands on her hair, she took a deep breath while he remained unmoving. "The world used to scare me because it was so wide and surprising you'll never know what's waiting for you on the opposite end. I was scared to go out of my comfort zone because once I did I'll lose sense of control and I'd be whisked away in an adventure that I failed to schedule up to the finest detail and I'd tear out my hair in utter frustration because by then I'll have no choice but to flow with it." She faced him again, tears dancing on her lids.

"Then you came, talked about how wide the world is and telling me it's not as scary as I think it is. That there's beauty in living despite being the creatures that we are and that it can be considered a blessing rather than a curse. That I should always choose to live even if people around me try to rob me of a life that I've always wanted. That I'm going to have a really long life and I have to seize every opportunity to love it. That you believed in my humanity and that I should hold onto it as much as I can. That I can do better than what my friends think of me or other people for that matter." She paused taking a strangled breath, pushing away the tears,

"That I matter, Klaus. You told me you're selfish, right now I'm admitting that I am too. You told me I matter, so did that ever cross your mind when you decided to hand yourself over to your enemy making him think he can kill you, making the rest of us believe that you were dead? Did you?"She tried to make it sound forceful but she choked a bit on the end.

"All I ever wanted was for my enemy to stop coming after me and those that I hold dear." He started speaking lowly, his eyes cast towards her in a plea, "I did what I knew was right and I had to do something to keep you away as possible from imminent danger."

"By fooling me!" she yelled, "By making me believe you were gone, I felt like a complete idiot, Klaus! I felt like I never deserved the truth or an ounce of your honesty. All this time when you call me all throughout the summer and when I started college, I felt myself growing closer to you no matter how much my conscience tells me how wrong it was to open up myself to you. The least you could've done was to tell me the truth."

"I didn't want to risk it" he dragged his palm across his face. "If Marcel gets as much as a sniff about you I'd go insane!"

"He already did! Despite you drafting your oh-so-flawless plan he found me. But that's not the point, the point is you've fucked up beyond measure and I just argh!" Caroline raised her hands above her in outrage, losing words to say to describe just how she feels about everything that has to do with the man in front of her right now.

"He was a threat to my family, I couldn't care less about his army, nor his kingdom. All I want is for him to stop going after me or them and… and you. I didn't want him to go after you."

She scoffed and grinned humorlessly, "Look where it got me, linked to him and all."

"Remember when you introduced me to your father, the day you went to his grave?" he stated quietly without letting go of her eyes, "I promised him I'd look out for you, that I'd never let anything to happen to you or anyone to hurt you. Suffice to say I failed in that area but Caroline, you have to know, I didn't want him to get his hands on you, Marcel, I taught him all the tricks in the book and I know exactly what he's capable of because I also did them, long before I found him, I didn't want you to be on the receiving end of his vengeance, I didn't want you to die…"

"You died!" Caroline yelled suddenly causing him to freeze. "You died." She repeated more quietly.

"And a part of me died along with that when I heard. I died every time I open a letter, I died every time I read your words, I died every time I reach a place you'd like me to see, people you'd want me to meet, experiences you'd want me to have. I died when I sang for you. I died when I found the necklace." She wretched the necklace that was hanging from her neck and threw it at him. "I died every time I see you in my dreams. I died every time I dial your number and hear your voice in your voicemail. I died every time I dropped those messages. And what's left of me right now is resentment, for you for doing this to me, for being a selfish prick that you are!"

She wanted to rush out of the room away from him but she stayed glued to her place and wasn't it always like this, him always coming to her, she would always be running away but he would catch up and she'd find herself pulling him closer instead of pushing him away.

"I listened to all of them, you know." He said after a while, his eyes glazed with tears he refused to let fall, "I imagined you in all those places, excited, happy, fulfilling the life of your dreams."

"What do you know about my dreams?"

"It killed me too." He said as if he didn't hear her interrupt. "Hearing you talking about it, hearing your many firsts, hearing how delighted you were, and I wished for so many times that I was there, that instead of plotting someone's downfall, I could have been there with you. I could have relived those experiences with you. I could have watched your eyes lit up every time you see something new. I could have held your hand every time you cried. I could have stopped all those tears."

"You could have."

"But I'm a selfish man and you know that and I did what I had to do. There's no amount of apology that I could give to you to earn your forgiveness but…" he stepped closer to her invading her personal space as he always does, took her hand and expected her to pull away but he almost sighed in relief when she didn't.

"I'm sorry." He pleaded, "For being a selfish prick and for putting you through the worst, for engaging you in a mess when you should be enjoying your life and experiencing new things instead of being caught in the crossfire. I'm sorry."

Caroline looked down on their joined hands and gave it a squeeze. "I'm still mad at you but, I know that I've forgiven you the moment your sister revealed to me you were actually alive. I've forgiven you even before I hopped on that plane with her to get here. I've forgiven you because I understand why you did it. I've forgiven you because you did something that wasn't out of anger or selfishness but because you did it out of love."

They bathed in each others' eyes unwilling to let go, "And because now you see that love doesn't make you weak or helpless, it makes you stronger, and that your family will always be behind you no matter what."

"And you?" he asked and he can't help the tone of insecurity to seep through his voice.

"And me?" she said with a small smile "I travelled across the sea because you promised me. Because even if I did believe that you're gone I wanted something to remind me of those promises, and that it'll bring me closer to you, that it would help me see you in all of those, that eventually I'll…"

"You'll…" he trailed breathlessly as he unlinked one of his hands from her and caressed her wet cheeks with it.

"I'll fall in love with you."

He stared at her as if she wasn't real. He looked at her as if she was the whole world and everything else can crumble into pieces but not her. Please not her. He swallowed thickly, his mouth dry and his thumb moving in gentle circles on her porcelain face.

He placed his forehead against hers, breathing her in, terrified that in the next moment she'd be gone, "I'm so sorry." He repeated over and over again. "I'm sorry."

"Hey." Caroline took his face in her hands forcing his eyes on her, "I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere, not without you." She traced her fingers across his jaw burning this moment in her memory. "It's okay, you're okay now, you're not alone in this. Not anymore."

He nodded holding her face gently in his strong hands taking it closer to his face, "You already know that I love you, right?"

"I didn't quite catch that." She grinned teasingly. "What did you say?"

She yelped when she suddenly felt her feet leave the floor and her legs being hoisted around his waist causing her to giggle happily. "Say that again."

"I love you." Did his eyes go a deeper shade of blue?

She glided her thumb across his lower lips while darting her tongue out to wet hers, she looked into his eyes that were so full of adoration and would she dare say, lust? She leaned in closer until they were just a hairbreadth apart and smiled lovingly before pressing her lips to his plump ones.

It started out slow and sweet and oh so teasing, Klaus sat them both on the edge of the bed making her straddle him there. He let her control the pace, holding her against him tightly but carefully, his hands roaming on her lower back and on her neck pressing her against him.

She kissed him gently and slowly committing it to her senses, breathing his scent and relishing the touch of his hands on her body. She traced her tongue over his lips granting him permission to take the kiss deeper and he took it willingly. He tasted her mouth with deep strokes of his tongue loving the way her mouth molded with his. His hands went lower caressing her thigh pushing her dress higher. She moaned at the sensation and she idly wondered that if it felt like this with their clothes on she'll probably combust without it.

Klaus was suddenly aware of something small and cold near his foot and he beamed before slowing down his kisses to part from her sweet lips, Caroline looked at him questionably but he only smiled wider before bending down, which was quite a feat because she was on his lap. When they were facing each other again he held out his hand in front of her, dangling the silver necklace he threw at him earlier.

"You have a nasty habit of throwing my gifts back to my face, sweetheart."

Caroline ducked her head with a sheepish grin on her face and a blush furiously spread out her cheeks. "I might have had a moment."

He tapped her chin with a finger and made her look into his eyes again, "I'm glad it isn't broken and still completely wearable, I'll ask you another time how you managed to rip it off gracefully but for now…"

Caroline raised her eyebrows at him before she felt the familiar sensation of having it around her neck, the Mobius band pendant hanging delicately over her chest. Klaus gave it a gentle and meaningful kiss after securing it around her neck.

"I'd want to make love to you while you're wearing that." His voice was soft and seductive when he spoke.

Caroline placed one hand over the pendant and one hand over the place where his heart lays.

"Aeternitas enim tuus" she whispered, clutching his shirt over his chest as if to tell him never to let go.

He placed one hand over the one gripping her necklace and the other over the one holding his heart, somehow. "Yours for eternity".

Their lips fused again powerfully, sealing their fates, entwined for the rest of their existence. Binding an unbreakable vow that no one else might understand but for generations to witness.

Klaus started to leave her lips with small kisses and trailed it down her jaw, her neck, sucking on her pulse point making her tug his hair and moan louder. His lips and tongue left a wet trail over her collar bone and above her still covered breasts making her jerk her hips against his, feeling the bulge that was already straining against his pants. She gasped when her core met his jean clad hardness and he smirked against her skin, continuing the torturous little kisses he left there.

Impatient, Caroline tugged on the hem of his shirt asking for him to take it off which he obliged willingly breaking the contact between his mouth and her chest momentarily. She took a deep breath assessing the sculpted body in front of her before lifting her dress and giving him a front row seat to her half nakedness.

She leaned down to catch his lips again in a searing kiss that conveyed so much of their emotions as Klaus reached behind her to unclasp her bra, tossing it somewhere in the room. He paused to admire her beauty, drinking it in, teasing the side of her breasts with her fingertips, "You're so beautiful." He took both of her mounds in his hands and squeezed them gently, marveling at the fact of how perfect they seem to fit in his hands.

"Mmmhhh…" Caroline slid her eyes close panting slightly.

Klaus gave them a few more squeezes alternating from gentle to rough before taking one nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting it while busying his hand with the other one, pinching it until it hardens. He moved his mouth to the other nipple and did the same until Caroline was a panting mess of stimulated nerves and need.

Slowly he moved them across the bed and laid her carefully on it hovering over form. Caroline dragged her hands over his torso and moved her fingers teasingly over the skin above his jeans. Klaus brought his lips down to hers and kissed her more passionately, more fiercely, telling her of all that he needs. So she slowly fumbled with his belt, popped the button of his jeans, zipped him down and slid the material off him including his boxers.

"Now that's not so fair, isn't it, love?" he asked her with his lips upturned.

"What is?" she asked innocently, her lower lip caught between her teeth which Klaus couldn't resist but to peck.

"I think you're still overdressed." He traced the edge of her lacey underwear with his finger and then suddenly cupped her causing her to gasp and a shiver to shoot up her spine.

"You think so?"

He nodded and before she could retort his lips were on her chest again, his tongue soothing the bites he made with his human teeth. He placed kisses on both of her breasts, then on her stomach and descending lower while his hands kept a firm grip on her hips.

He hooked his fingers on her panties and slid it down her flawless legs, the cold air hitting her core making her moan and shiver simultaneously. Then his lips were on her sole, her ankle, her leg, the side of her knees, the inside of her thighs, his hands making gentle caresses on her thighs until his head was already in between her legs so close to where she wants him.

He took the opportunity to smell her arousal, her core already soaked with need, he lifted his eyes and she looked back lustfully and it was all the confirmation he needed before diving into her most precious part.

Caroline gripped his hair with one hand and the other was holding the sheets tightly as Klaus gave her one long stroke from his tongue, she moaned incomprehensibly as he licked her expertly over and over again and placing much pressure on her little bundle of nerves. Her hips jerked upwards when he did this but his hand laid her back in a steel grip.

He went on with his sinful ministrations and added a finger inside of her making her breathe his name out loud. "Klaus, ahhh, yes." He added a second finger and stretched her in the most devious ways and he found her body tightening in response so close to falling out.

"Let go, Caroline. Come for me." And that did it, she came into his waiting mouth and hands, Klaus selfishly lapping on her juices.

He allowed her to catch her breath before placing kisses up her body towards her swollen lips. She found that she like how she tastes on his mouth and it turned her on even more.

"I want you so badly." Klaus said softly while he kissed the corner of her mouth.

"I want you too." Caroline responded just as lovingly. She spread her legs wider and he positioned himself on her entrance, the head of his hard on teasing her opening.



"Please I want…"

Before she can finish what she has to say, he entered her slowly making them both gasp with the perfect sensation. He stilled for a while, wanting to make this moment last and then Caroline wrapped her legs around his hips urging him to move.

He slid out of her almost all the way before plunging again and again, she moaned and he grunted wordlessly, his lips all over her lips, her neck, her chest. She met his thrusts deliciously and her nails scratched his arms and his back making Klaus groan in pleasure and pain.

"Klaus…" she panted breathlessly, "Right there, ahhh."

He repeated hitting her sweet spot allowing her to make those noises he loves to hear so much.


"Klaus, please."

He wanted it to go as slow as he can, to make it last longer as he could but he relented anyways, thrusting into her harder and faster, growling in the crook of her neck, holding her tightly.

Their lips met again vigorously, dancing against each other as he continued to plunge deeper into her core, her walls tight against his throbbing thickness, clenching him pleasurably, sucking him in. Caroline screamed his name as they both reached their peaks, her legs holding his hips tightly than ever and his pace impossibly faster. Klaus thrusted into her a few times more riding out both of their highs.

They were both catching their breath with Klaus still inside her when she trapped his face in her hands and bringing it down for a kiss. "That was amazing." She said in between kisses. Her walls clenched around his softening member and he hissed at the feeling.

"If you don't stop that I'm going to need to have you again."

"Stop what?" she squeezed again and grinned.

"Caroline." He warned her although she knows she won't mind a repeat.

She giggled beneath him and brought their lips together again, "You already know that I missed you right?"

"Miss me?" he lifted his hand to stroke her face.

Her face turned serious and Klaus gulped in anticipation. "I love you."

Klaus never felt so elated until that time and he couldn't help but kiss her all over again in bliss. "I didn't quite catch that, what did you say?" he tossed her words back at her and they laughed together, Klaus taking her distraction to slide out of her although she whimpered slightly at the loss of contact. Seeing her pout made him grin widely and holding her against him he rolled to his back taking Caroline with him. "Say that again."

Oh yes she did say it again. Over and over again and he returned the affection as much as she did as they took each other for so many times that night. And the next day. And the day after that. And then the next. Until the rest of the household practically shoved them out of the property.

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