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The Artificial Consciousness Creation Organization, also known as ACCO, has been creating life in seemingly every way possible. The small group was frowned upon by society for years. Playing God wasn't encouraged at that time. After the few scientists seemed to quit the project, the group was never heard of since the 1980s.

Now, in 2190, society no longer has the same morals as they used too. Robots have already been programmed to make decisions and act like humans and it was no surprise when ACCO came up again. The scientists had secretly studied separately and kept their discoveries to themselves. Of course the original scientists had grown old and died, or were killed by their own creations. They passed their beliefs and knowledge to their children who passed it down to their offspring also. In 2190, over twenty scientists came out to reveal their findings; all of them had been in connection for less than a month.

After easily finding banks that would loan them money, ACCO created their headquarters in The United States of America. Their large building was on the side of a mountain range in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. They were secluded from a majority of civilization but some of the most complex machinery in the world.

Just 20 years later they made a breakthrough. Using scientific means, they created life in a controlled environment. The plant they created wasn't just a plant, it was also conscious. It swam in the fluid it was suspended in and withdrew from the sensation of being touched. Unfortunately it died within 2 weeks of being created.

After showing their results and recordings of the plant's odd vital signs and reactions to the world, many people wanted to sponsor them. They accumulated enough money to build a lab. For reasons unknown, they decided to make this lab outside of the U.S.A. The lab was later built in England.

Instead of being open with new discoveries, this lab was secretive. Since ACCO seemed so truthful with previous statements, no one minded this decision. Everyone knew that when you were so successful, anyone could steal your ideas and make them their own. People thought they were just being protective. Little did they know of the sick experiments going on behind locked doors.

To cover up some of the skeptics comments, ACCO created another organization that helped orphans and foster children. Thousands of kids filled the lists from everywhere around the world and now ACCO was in nearly every country. They finally had Earth in their hands.

The ACCO's branch that dealt with orphans, also opened up to the homeless. Eventually they called the branch, Forgotten Souls. People who were in these programs usually kept it to themselves because they were thought of as lesser in society. Many participants did not have to worry about this though because they all lived in ACCO owned cities or shelters.

Soon, there were ACCO shelters in every major city and some privately own towns in every major country. Some superpowers, like The United States, had towns in every state, territory, or province. Labs also spread around, just more secretive and hidden away. There were some that served as decoys, revealing fake studies to keep the public busy. The real research was being done in private, especially in Italy, Russia, Germany and England.

Back to the lab in England, it was still standing 10 years later in the middle of a vast and open field. It often rained which kept most of the scientists in sour moods. They weren't the only stations working on artificial intelligence, though they were the first.

People in the Forgotten Souls branch started going missing. No one cared because they had no family and sometimes were small children. Unfortunately the tests and experiments being done on those small children never ended well. They resolved to using adults until they made a breakthrough.

In 2220, a woman who was a registered member of Forgotten Souls in England went missing. She was shipped to the lab just 25 minutes away from her shelter. Thing was, she wanted to help science. She was told they would take her blood and study it but they did much more than that. First they asked her about herself and tried to squeeze information out of her. The thing that bothered them the most is that she wasn't from any certain region of Great Britain. She was just British.

On July 15th, 2220, they connected her to a machine. She agreed to be sedated, thinking they were only going to scan her brain waves. The woman never woke up again, instead her personality or "soul" was switched out for an artificial one. After almost 20 hours of no movement, the new consciousness started to move its new vessel. She opened her eyes and almost immediately asked "Who am I?" She no longer had a strong accent.

The scientists ignored her for a moment and silently cheered at their success. One man came up to her and said "You are Experiment A, also known as Britannia." She pondered at her new name but accepted it, being named after the area where her mind was created wasn't too bad.

The scientists taught her how to be cold to others. She was also offended easily and had a fiery personality. They quickly got worried she was becoming out of control. They needed an army of cold, hostile soldiers. She was the first one so it was acceptable for her to be slightly out of order.

Within a year they got her pregnant after choosing the most genetically preferable male. From day one, they saw how she got attached to the fetus in her stomach. Before she even knew whether it was a boy or girl, she loved it. This complicated their plans. Emotions such as love and motherhood shouldn't be present in a soldier, it only made them weak. They decided the day the baby was born; they would separate him or her from Experiment A.

That baby become known as Experiment B, also labeled as Arthur Kirkland.