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Chapter 14: To Help Save Alice!

At that moment, Ryo and Genji just arrived at the Akiyama residence. The first thing Ryo thought was Alice when he opened the door.

"ALICE?!" Ryo hollered as he held the doorknob. I wish she's here already!

It was strange since there was no answer. They knew at this hour of the day, Alice would be at home and inside her room.

"ALICE?!" Ryo called louder.

Unfortunately, when they saw the living room, it was still clean. But as they saw the floor, they realized that there was something on it. Ryo picked it up.

"What's this?" Ryo asked, puzzled with what he was holding.

Genji recognized the little black book as Alice's passport. He saw it previously during his talks with the blonde shortly after her and Ryo's argument.

"It's Alice's passport," Genji declared as he took the passport and opened it. he also saw a plane ticket to America along with a sheet. "And her plane ticket…"

Ryo became confused. "Plane ticket? What for? Is she going to have a vacation?" he asked.

But before Genji could answer him, the house telephone rang. Ryo ran so he could answer it.

"Hello?" Ryo asked.

"Is this Ryo Akiyama?" the caller demanded.

"Uh… Yeah…" Ryo answered reluctantly.

"This is… Uh… Forget about it… Just follow the instructions to the letter, okay?" the caller resumed.

Ryo was bent on knowing the information of the caller. Why was he demanding to talk to him?

"Yeah?" he insisted.

"When you see a little black book scattered on the floor, now you know that…" the caller answered, describing how they left the Akiyama residence earlier.

Ryo became agape with what he heard as his eyes saw the black passport lying on the floor. "The passport?"

"That's right, tough guy. We got your girl!" the caller said in a raspy yet evil tone.

The model's eyes became wide as plates as he heard those words. Who in the world would have thought of kidnapping Alice?

"So there's going to be a meet-up later in the warehouse just near the studio when you're in your photoshoots. You have to be there before she starts sleeping with the men in the graveyard," the caller went on and this made Ryo ashen white. "Now, nod your head if you understand."

Ryo nodded as he held the phone. "Yeah, I nodded."

Then the caller hung up. Ryo was still shocked with what he just heard.

"Who's that, Ryo?" Genji asked.

"They got Alice. And they want a meet-up…" Ryo sighed and massaged his temple. "I never wanted anybody to get hurt… especially Alice. I know I'm a fool to hurt her but I can't stand the thought of her being harmed by anybody. This is all my fault."

Genji only nodded in understanding. "I've seen it a thousand times. They take the girl you loved the most and use it against you."

"Who could be the fellow male models that are mad at me?" Ryo asked as he weighed the possibilities of Alice being kidnapped. "But I don't see also the reason why Alice had to be kidnapped. Of all people, why should be Alice, my P.A. and the one I love?"

"Then let's go and save Alice," Genji answered with a smile, sensing that his boss had finally come to terms with his feelings.

Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, Alice began to wake up from her stupor. Fortunately, she was not gagged or bound. When she opened her eyes, she saw a young man but she could not recognize who he was. When she rubbed her eyes, she saw that Davis Motomiya was already standing in front of her.

"Davis?! What are you doing here?" she asked as she tried her best to sit up despite the scent still was in her nose.

Davis only looked at her and smiled slyly. Alice realized that she was right about not trusting him in the first place.

"I'm gonna take what's mine!" he said deviously and began leaning towards Alice.

"No!" Alice said and shoved him away from her. Ryo, please… Even I still hate you for playing with me, I hope you'll come and rescue me…

Suddenly, a feminine voice rose in the air. Davis halted in what he was doing when he heard it.

"Alright, Davis! That's enough for now!" it continued. "I'm gonna talk to her."

Alice had a hunch that she recognized the owner of the voice. She must have heard her previously but did not know when.

Who's that? Alice thought. I really have a theory that I heard her before.

To the blonde's horror, a slender woman dressed in a black dress and shoes appeared. Alice was shocked as she saw the woman and recognized that it was Tamiko.

"You?!" Alice asked in disbelief as she tried to figure out why she was kidnapped. What the hell?

Tamiko smiled evilly. She felt sadistic for enjoying the pain Alice was feeling right now.

"Yes, it's me, you little witch!" Tamiko replied raucously. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Alice could not believe it. Tamiko had her kidnapped for something! And she was even partnered with Davis Motomiya in doing this task!

"What am I doing here, you bitch?" Alice demanded sharply. "Will you please let me go?"

"Isn't it obvious, Alice?" Tamiko answered crossly. "I had you kidnapped!"

"What the hell is wrong with you, Tamiko?" Alice asked in disbelief. "Are you insane?!"

"This is all your fault! If you didn't meddle with my relationship with Ryo, he could have been mine right now!" Tamiko exclaimed scornfully at her.

"Oh please! Why do I have a care in your relationship, anyway?" Alice dismissed intensely with the accusation pointed at her. "And will you please let me go? My folks might be having a hard time finding me anyway!"

Tamiko had enough of the young woman's pleading and her ears had started to hurt as well.

"Ugh! I'm gonna lose all my breath arguing with you!" Tamiko exclaimed because she seemed to lose towards Alice already. "Let's go and we'll have to call her employer so we could demand for her ransom!"

Alice sat on the wall as she waited for her fate to come even it meant death for her. Ryo… Genji… Please help me… I don't want to die yet. Tamiko and Davis held me hostage just for nothing!

The model and his manager were driving through the city of Shinjuku so they could find the young blonde. Ryo became anxious with the passing of each minute just because of the fact that Alice was kidnapped by some random guy and they just got demanded a ransom money.

"Ryo, are you sure that what you said earlier was true? You love Alice?" Genji asked, trying to make sure.

"Of course, Genji. Why would I be kidding about that?" Ryo answered.

"I'm just making sure," Genji answered. "Knowing you, all your relationships ended up in disasters!"

"I know it may seem to be a joke for Alice but this time it's really true," Ryo explained. "I'm just a coward because I can't even afford to tell that kind of cheesiness towards her."

Genji shook his head in amusement. "You're not cheesy. You're just gay." He smirked.

"Genji!" Ryo said in disdain playfully. "Don't start with me, okay? I'm trying to think of a plan here!"

"By trying to be her knight in shining armor?" Genji asked with a smirk. "Good for you if it'll work."

Ryo began to think harder of a plan to retrieve her. He wanted to ensure that Alice was still in one piece.

"How much do they want anyway?" Genji asked his employer. "Please state it in yen."

"They wanted a million yen, Genj," Ryo answered as he realized that the next problem was releasing much money. "And I can't produce one yet since I haven't withdrawn everything from the bank. Genji, I just don't know if modeling could really pose harm to all of us!"

"It's alright, Ryo," Genji said in understanding. "I understand."

Eventually, after a few more drives, Ryo had ended up in the warehouse the caller described. When he and his manager got out, they saw that it was the dilapidated warehouse that they used to see during their trips to the studio. They got horrified with the thought of Alice being a prisoner there.

"Gosh… I wish they weren't torturing her," Ryo said hopelessly. "Genj, please call the police so we can file a case once we get Alice back."

"Sure thing, Ryo," Genji said as he dialed in his phone for the police department. "Hello, Ichiro? This is Genji Otara, Ryo Akiyama's manager. We need your help in West Shinjuku Avenue. My personal assistant was kidnapped by some unknown men and they told us to go here in the warehouse…"

As Genji was continuing his call, Ryo began to think of a plan. Since it was him the thugs wanted, he decided to go there unnoticed. But his plan was cut short when he saw someone standing in the front door. It was a thug with a black hair and onyx eyes, wearing black all over while he was looking at his direction oddly.

"Ryo Akiyama, aren't you?" the thug asked.

"Uh… Yeah?" the model asked reluctantly. "Why?"

The thug signaled him to follow him. "Let's go. Our boss is already waiting for you."

Ryo did not know what to do so he decided to follow the thug. If that following would mean finding Alice then he would exhaust all means in finding her once again.

God, please help me… Please tell me that I'm on the right track! He thought as he was walking towards the inside of the house.

When they entered the house, they went to walk to a makeshift dining room wherein a group of men were also seated there. Ryo was with Genji but little do they know was that the manager had phoned the police already and they were on their way to the warehouse.

"Ryo Akiyama, just the person we wanted to meet…" the leader of the gang started as he signaled Ryo to approach the table. "You know, we've been waiting for this in the longest time but you don't just let us."

Ryo could not understand what the leader meant. But one man went towards him and offered him a seat as well.

"You see… we got that person that you treasure the most…" the leader said as he sent a signal by bending his two fingers. "Men?"

At that remark, the thugs brought Alice in front of the group. Alice was being dragged down by the thugs with her wrists. Ryo could not believe the strange event happening in front of his eyes but decided to be brave for her.

"Let me go, you faggots!" Alice yelled as she was still restrained by the guards.

"Alright… Now that we met each other, which of you guys actually called this meeting?" Ryo asked with a demanding tone in his voice.

"That would be me," a voice answered as a door closed and began walking towards Ryo in a fast manner. It was Davis Motomiya who was speaking.

When Ryo saw that it was Davis who was talking, he became surprised. Not just surprised but also shocked.

"Davis?" Ryo asked in shock.

"Indeed, Ryo… I'm Davis Motomiya…" Davis answered slyly. "I'm the one who kidnapped your girl."

Alice only looked at Ryo in worry. However, because his feelings for Alice would somehow become an easy target, Ryo had an idea.

"My girl? I barely even know that girl!" Ryo answered with a laugh as he eyes Alice flirtatiously long enough for her to notice him. "What's your name, Miss?"

Alice's forehead wrinkled as she heard the denial. What the fuck?

"Oh yeah?" a feminine voice cried out as she appeared in front of the table. "Well, I say he's bluffing!"

Then Ryo saw Tamiko who appeared alongside one thug with her arms crossed.

Tamiko, Ryo thought as he tried to act revengeful with the slap that he received from her yesterday. "Tamiko, we meet again."

Tamiko eyed him suspiciously and gave a wicked smile.

"You know, Ryo… There's only one thing better for me than fame… REVENGE!" she declared as the men around her began swooning after her.

Then it was Davis' turn to mock him. "If you wanted to see your girl alive, then we'll have to get a new set of rules!" he added as he began to stand next to Alice and touch her cheek in which she obviously evaded.

"What do you exactly want with me?" Ryo asked. "Why does this have to do with her?"

"Simple, Ryo…" Davis answered as he joined his two fingers together. "All I wanted was to have Alice but she rebuked me… and same goes with you and Tamiko… Well… How about that we make a deal? I take Alice and you take Tamiko so we could live happily ever after. How's that?"

That lousy bastard! Ryo thought angrily. "That's impossible, Davis."

Then the new owner of Shinjuku Publishing became even more furious. "Then you won't have a choice but to get her the hard way, Akiyama!" he exclaimed.

Eventually, Davis grabbed Alice's hand and began dragging her along. Ryo and Genji stood up and waited for a timing to chase them but they heard the banging on the warehouse door and sirens as well. The two were relieved that the replacements had finally found the warehouse.

"Damn it! Who called the fucking police?" Davis asked, getting made that he got discovered.

The thugs only did not reply. The proprietor of Alice's former company furthermore had the assumption that either Genji or Ryo called the policemen.

"Sorry, Davis. But it's for your own good!" the manager answered, implying that he scored better than his enemy.

"DAMN IT!" Davis exclaimed as he still dragged Alice with it. This time, he was holding Alice on her neck and a gun was already pointed at her temple.

Then Davis started to bring her all over the place and walked with her which caused Ryo and Genji to follow him. As he was holding her, the model and the manager waited for a time that Davis would be distracted so they could grab Alice.

"You would have to get through me before you idiots get her!" Davis shouted then he turned to make Alice face him.

At that moment, one police officer already invaded the warehouse. He was already walking incognito in the warehouse and he was already tracking Davis.

"I could not get over you, Alice. That was why I bought Shinjuku Publishing so I could be with you. But no! You even accepted your lay-off! Then I heard you working under Ryo Akiyama! What does he have that I don't have, Alice?" Davis remarked.

"First of all, I only saw his ad in an accident, okay?" Alice cleared. "And second, I don't even know what you're talking about! Then you resorted in a partnership with Tamiko so you could kill me? You're an idiot!"

Ryo only smiled that denying each other was the only key to Alice's freedom. But he was worried that the constant movements of the two might cause the trigger.

"Damn you two!" Davis cried out furiously to Genji and Ryo. "I swear that you will really get it, Alice!"

Then, Davis pushed the gun into Alice's temple which caused the young woman to wince.

"Ah!" she cried out as she felt the hard object hit her head.

"Don't hurt her, Davis," Ryo said as he tried to stop him from shooting her. "It's me you want to get revenge with, right?"

"Yes, but now I'll have to kill you two since you foiled all of my plans!" Davis roared as he hit Alice's head even more while walking to and fro the warehouse.

Alice knew that death might be in front of her already so she resigned to her fate.

Please, Lord. Please help me! My mom's waiting for me in America! Alice thought. Ryo, even if I hated you… Thank you for accepting me as a personal assistant.

As swift as an arrow, two officers leapt up and showed up behind Davis. Fortunately, he was not yet seen but he needed to declare himself. He also turned around and saw an officer dragging Tamiko as well. He made the thumbs-up sign and motioned them to move away.

"Davis!" Tamiko shouted as she was dragged by an officer as well. "Let me go, you idiot! Davis! Don't let that Alice get away!"

Alice gulped at that point. However, Davis did not even turn around so this gave the officer a chance to yell.

"Hold it right there!" he exclaimed as he was holding the gun.

However, just before he could pull the trigger to shoot her, he could hear the police officer shouting behind his back.

"Hold it right there!" he repeated and added another statement. "Davis Motomiya, you are hereby arrested for having illegal transactions and kidnapping Alice McCoy."

Davis froze at that spot. How did the police officer know about his transactions inside and outside Japan?

"What the fuck?" Davis asked as he heard the police at his back and turned around. He indeed saw a policeman.

"Yes. Having illegal transactions inside and outside Japan!" the officer went on. "Katsuma, get him!"

The police officer had his fellow officer go towards Davis and Alice. The other went to Davis, who became pale and finally gave up because his dirty secrets leaked out and he set Alice free. When the other officer had completely restrained Davis by handcuffing his wrists, he had sent Alice to Ryo, who was relieved that Alice was fine. Eventually, when he was completely taken away, the young blonde went towards the model.

"Are you okay, Alice?" Ryo asked her in a worried tone.

"Okay?! You think I'm okay?! This is all your fault, Ryo!" Alice yelled as she punched Ryo's chest many times. "If it wasn't for you, I didn't have to be kidnapped by Tamiko and that stupid douchebag!"

Eventually, Genji arrived at the scene and saw the two having a "lovers' quarrel". He eventually smiled to himself.

"Hey!" Ryo answered as he endured the punches that he got from Alice. "I saved your life!"

"Yeah! You saved my life and I thank you for it!" Alice pointed out loudly. "There! I said it! Are you happy now?"

With this, Ryo threw his arms around Alice lovingly. The blonde was surprised with what he just did.

"Uhm… What's this?" Alice asked, apparently surprised with the hug Ryo gave her.

"Alice," Ryo went on after he broke apart for a few minutes and looked at her in the eye kindly. "I know that you can't forgive me for what I did but I just want to tell you this. I love you and I really do."

Alice felt her heart race in anticipation. After hearing it from Kara and Ryo, now she deduced that he was totally in love with her. She still wanted to prove it was true or false.

"After that spark with Kara, I realized that my heart truly belonged to you even if you think that I had a hard time proving it," Ryo answered, apparently guessing the young blonde's thoughts.

"I…" Alice stammered. "I don't…"

"Now that you're going to leave me, I just need to ask one last favor. Please, Alice… Can you be the personal assistant who won't just take care of me but my heart as well? Can you please let me show you how much I love you?" Ryo asked, hoping that the blonde would accept his proposal to her.

Alice seemed to become confused to why Ryo knew that she would leave.

"Uhm… Ryo, just one second?" Alice asked. "How'd you know I'm gonna leave already?"

Ryo then pulled out the passport that he kept in his pocket and showed it to Alice. The blonde was surprised because Ryo got a hold of her passport.

"I found this on the living room floor," Ryo explained as he handed it to Alice. The blonde took it and held it. "Are you really serious about this?"

Alice took a deep breath. "I am…" she said. "I already called my mother on it."

"So you're really going to leave," Ryo answered wistfully. "I guess my chances will be gone forever."

Alice raised an eyebrow because of Ryo's facial expression. "Forever?! Ryo, I'll be leaving only for two weeks just to see my mother!" she exclaimed. "It's been a year since I last saw my mother and you'll be preventing me to see her? Are you nuts?!"

Ryo's face lit up like a Christmas tree as he heard that Alice would be leaving for a few weeks only.

"Really?" Ryo asked with a smile, delighted with the idea that she would stay with him.

Alice nodded and smiled shyly as she only implied that smile was the answer to Ryo's prayers.

"I love seeing you smile, Alice," Ryo answered and smiled because of her. "I'm sorry if you feel that I take you for granted but you're wrong. I love you and I realized that after karma took me because Kara rejected me before. You're not a rebound. It's just that it took me a while to realize your worth when you were gone already."

Alice could not believe her ears with what Ryo was saying. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Are you still doubting of my feelings for you?" Ryo asked with a smile. "Because if you still do, I'll do my best to prove everything to you."

Alice smiled. "No. But I wanted to make sure that you're worth not doubting anymore."

At this point, Ryo leaned forward to kiss her. Just before he could do so, he heard a clearing of a throat. Ryo figured that it was Genji.

"Ryo? Alice?" Genji asked with a smile. Finally! My boss and his personal assistant!

The two only looked at Genji sheepishly at their almost romantic moment going on.

"Hey, Genj!" Ryo answered as he scratched the back of his head.

"You two are both idiots!" Genji laughed as he witnessed the almost-kissing scene between his employer and the personal assistant.

"Well, who wouldn't be an idiot when it comes to love?" Ryo asked with a smug grin.

"Now that's something I have to believe!" Genji exclaimed.

"And I'm going to prove it with you, Akiyama!" Alice answered with a smile.

Then Ryo threw his arms around Alice. The young blonde returned the hug.

"I love you so much, Alice," Ryo said and smiled when they broke apart.

"I love you too, Ryo," Alice answered back with a smile as the model held her two hands.