Author's Note: Okay this is a crossover of Xmen: Evolution and Harry Potter. It's set before Harry goes to Hogwarts about two years after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was destroyed and fled to Albania. I'm pretty sure that this is the only story about the X-Men actually attending Hogwarts so that's exciting. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter or X-Men Evolution. Both belong to their respective owners.

Professor X sat staring out the window, his hands clasped together. The computer screen showed a list of each of the X-men, the youngest center screen. Each had their picture and name below that, and a large number next to the picture. The numbers next to Kitty Pryde, Kurt Wagner, and Rogue all read eleven. Scott and Jean both had a large eleven next to their names as well, though they were approaching twelve. Evan Daniels's number read ten, but at the stroke of 6pm, which it was, it changed to an eleven. The computer beeped. Professor X looked at it; every number staring back at him was eleven. He smiled. Just in time, it was three months to September.

Maneuvering his wheelchair to the desk in the corner, he picked up several letters lying on its surface. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on Jean Grey. Jean, tell the others to meet me in Cerebro. I have something important to tell all of you.

Logan scowled, the room holding Cerebro wasn't that big to begin with, and being squished in it with a bunch of kids was sheer torture. Especially when the clone kid(Logan hadn't bothered to remember his name, only his irritating habit of multiplying himself) had at least seven of himself walking around. But at least it was only couple of extra kids, plus the X-Men. Storm, Rogue, Jean, Scott, Kurt, Hank, he could handle them, but preferred working solo, without children. Professor X entered and turned to address them. "X-Men only, I'm afraid. The rest of you may return to your rooms." There were several groans, but with the extra kids gone, including Multiple, it was a little roomier. Still, Logan didn't move from his spot leaning against the wall

Professor X held up a bundle of letters. They were all rather large, and bulky, covered in shiny emerald green writing. Kitty saw her name, and looked eagerly to the Professor for an explanation. "These," Professor X began, "Are letters to each of you present. They are letters of acceptance, to a school in Europe." Logan raised an eyebrow; didn't the kids already attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? What'd they need a new school for? He'd never admit it, but Logan had become rather fond of the kids. Professor X set the letters on his lap, and turned to Cerebro. A simple thought sent it into overdrive, a large map of the world zooming in to Scotland, pinpointing the side of a mountain. A decrepit ruin was what they were now staring at. Rogue snorted: that's where they were going? Professor X typed in a code, and the ruin expanded, the screen went black, and when it lit back up, a large IWN appeared on the screen, two wands crossed underneath. Tiny lettering under the wands caught Logan's attention. International Wizarding Network…. He's joking right? The ruin reappeared, but slowly pixelated into a large picture of a castle. "Hogwarts," Professor X explained, "Is a school of magic and gifts. This is where you will be attending." He opened the topmost letter, and began to read:

"Professor Xavier, Headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and my dearest friend,

I send my regards that I haven't contacted you sooner, but several things have come up, commanding my attention. One of which, I have just gotten to: several of your students, and some of your staff, have magical abilities, whether aware of it or not. I believe you call it being a 'mutant?' Well I think it is high time you stop diluting yourself to this, and come to visit Hogwarts. As it happens, we have teaching positions open that I'm sure you could accommodate with your staff. Several of your students are, or are approaching the age of eleven, at which time they are all of that age, letters will be sent.

Hoping to see you soon; Your friend,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Order of Merlin First Class, Headmaster to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"

"Diluting?" Ororo 'Storm' Munroe muttered. "Staff?" Logan scowled. He was not staff. Staff couldn't leave, he could. Professor X handed each person their letter, all of the kids excitedly opening and reading them. Logan, Storm, and Hank McCoy also received letters. Professor X put his fingers together, elbows resting in his lap. "It is late, and you're all tired. No doubt you need some time to take this in. We'll talk more tomorrow. Everyone left rather leisurely, but not Logan. As soon as Professor X said he could go, he was gone. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he allowed himself a little curiosity and opened the letter addressed to: Logan(James) "Wolverine" Howlett, The third largest bedroom, Xavier Institution, Bayville NY. He'd never realized his room was one of the largest. Interesting. The letter was written in swirling green ink that seemed to shine like it was fresh, though it was quite dry. He began to read:

Dear Mr. Howlett,

In response to Professor Charles Xavier's letter, you will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at our school this year. Please be sure to pick up some books on the subject as a refresher. A small sorting ceremony will take place just for the new staff, to properly welcome you to Hogwarts. If you have any questions, you may consult me, Minerva McGonagall Head of Gryffindor House. Professor Dumbledore has told the staff of your unfortunate "condition." It's a shame we weren't told sooner, or it could have been resolved long ago. When you arrive, please consult Professor Severus Snape for a potion regarding your memory. If you need time to analyze your new found memories, a Pensieve is available. It is also mandatory that you receive a wand, so please acquire one on your next trip to Diagon Alley. We will see you September 1. An owl has already been sent about your arrival, but if you require anything additional please send another before the start of term. We look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts this year.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress and Head of Gryffindor House

Logan set the letter next to him and lay back, staring at the ceiling. He wasn't entirely convinced this wasn't just some cruel joke. Hank McCoy wondered the same thing, but went one step further in trying to prove (or disprove) his theory. Every test either failed or did nothing. When he tried pouring an invisible ink revealer on the letter, thinking it was hiding the real message, the liquid, not the letter, began to smoke. He sighed and stopped the tests: the letter was legit and this Minerva McGonagall was real. She could really help control his "beast" form. And, he was going to be teaching Care of Magical Creatures, which he guessed had something to do with, well, magical creatures. Right up my alley.

Storm read her letter over and over. She practically glowed at the compliment: "We've been told of your amazing intelligence," And was thrilled at the subject she was given to teach: Herbology. She loved plants; especially her plants and teaching about them really couldn't be that hard.

Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, and Evan were all in Rogue and Kitty's room, comparing their letters and talking excitedly. "The castle looks so beautiful," Kitty sighed wistfully. "We get wands! Real wands!" Evan said, flourishing a fake one. "This says I won't have to wear my image inducer. They have a special way of concealing my fur!" Kurt said, lying upside down on Kitty's bed. Kitty was suddenly up and pulling things out of her closet, littering the floor with shirts, pants, and jackets. "What should I wear? What do you wear to a wizard school?" Rogue scanned the letter, "It says we buy robes, and cloaks, and a hat, and some dragon hide gloves." The others looked at her, and Kitty dove (through her bed the first time) and grabbed her letter, reading it herself. "Dragon hide? Dragon? They exist? They're like, real?" Evan poked one of his own spikes. "I bet their spikes are even sharper. Wouldn't it be cool to see one?" The others nodded. Rogue read the list again, "Hey we can have owls, or cats, or toads!"

Jean and Scott read their letters again, both excitedly talking about Hogwarts. Jean had gotten the code to access the IWN and was reading what she'd found on Hogwarts to Scott. He pointed to a link on the page, "Click that one." Jean obliged, and the screen became filled with a montage of words and pictures. Several had people in funny hats and masks, one showed a blown up house, and the last one showed a pale, snake-faced man in black robes. They were all moving; like tiny videos. Jean read the first page, her eyes widening. "Scott! This says there were, and still are, bad wizards around! Their leader disappeared, Voldi- Voldm- I can't even pronounce it." She clicked the next button, and half the screen became filled with a blurred, rapid moving picture. The man in the black robes swept up to a house; there were several flashes of green light, and then an explosion that ripped the top half of the house apart. Farther down the page, a picture of a small sleeping boy amid the wreckage, a small scar visible on his forehead. Jean read the passages underneath, "O my goodness, Scott! This says the evil wizard tried to kill this little boy! He was only 1! And he survived this-this killing curse!" Scott read the passage Jean was pointing to. He gave a low whistle, "Good thing the bad guy's dead then." Jean shook her head, reading the last sentence: "In an exclusive interview with Albus Dumbledore, he stated, 'Do I believe Voldemort is gone? Yes. Dead? No. He's out there, biding his time, weak and powerless, waiting to return. But yes, in a sense, he is gone and that is reason to rejoice.'" Jean turned to Scott who, if his eyes could be seen, were wide in shock. Finally, he closed his mouth, blinking, "Well the guy is gone, for now. And if he comes back, well he's never met the X-Men." Jean smiled, she didn't think the guy was dead, but he wouldn't turn up anytime soon, she felt.

The next morning, Professor X called all of the X-Men together to the X-Jet. "I didn't even get breakfast," Kurt grumbled. Professor X smiled, "Don't worry Kurt; there's food on the jet. Unfortunately I can't go with you on your shopping trip, but an old friend will meet you there. Hank is in charge until you get there. After, I believe my friend will be of better help in finding your way around, no offense Hank." Hank shook his head, "Completely okay. In fact, I agree." Professor X departed the X-Jet, waving to them as it took off, heading to the first step in confusion, in Logan's mind. Listening to someone he'd never met was going to be a challenge. Listening to people he did know was a challenge. He let out a breath and leaned back in his seat. Might as well take a nap, England is not exactly just "across the pond."