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This will be a four-part story, so look forward to more in some time.

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I have never been to a strip club, so I don't know what happens except what I've seen in Magic Mike, HIMYM and most recently, the Internship.

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"Stiles, you are coming out with us this time. You cannot say no again!"

Stiles sighed loudly as he removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. This piece of code was not giving him the result he wanted, no matter how much he adjusted it.

He looked up to see Ashley smiling at him. She said, "It's the third Friday of the month. Which means… Club Night!"

He immediately backed off from her, " c'mon Ash, I need to finish testing this code before sending it to Lydia. She'll have me by my balls if I don't complete it."

Ashley smiled widely and cheered, "Look who I found!"

Like magic, Lydia appeared next to her and said, "Your job is not satisfactory, but it's not pathetic either. Take a break, or your results will only get worse."

He nodded, not wanting to fight anymore, and put his laptop to sleep. He packed it in his bag, and put on his TARDIS hoodie.

Lydia said, "This isn't going to work for you. Let's go to your place first, and find something worthy of wearing to a club where you ogle guys and they ogle you back, maybe."


Ninety excruciating minutes later,

Lydia and Ashley had sighed at the pathetic state of his wardrobe, which mostly contained fandom-based t-shirts, and comic book slogans. Stiles had tried to defend it, saying, "Some of the superheroes are the hot ones you think about at night!"

Ashley said, "True, but they don't talk while we do dirty stuff to them in our imagination."

They finally decided on a blue collared shirt, which somehow suited him and glammed up the sexy nerd look he had going on with his glasses and with the just-got-out-of-bed hair.

They took Lydia's car and drove to the club. The bouncers let Lydia and Ashley go in without a second look, but stopped Stiles. Lydia nonchalantly said, "He's with us," and the bouncers let him in.

Stiles started talking, "Okay, so did you just do some magic, because usually Scott and I have to wait in long lines to get in, unless it's a gay bar. Scott's innocent puppy-dog look somehow makes him look cuter to the masses, even though he isn't gay. I wish I got that attention, but the only one I got was getting adopted by two hot guys who ended up falling in love with each other. Who's paying for the drinks, by the way, I need beer, and hello, naked dude!"

His face was stuck in surprise as a guy on the stage ripped off his suit, Magic Mike style, leaving a pair of tight black briefs, which left nothing to the imagination. Nothing at all.

Ashley whispered, "Stiles, you're staring."

Stiles shook out of it and immediately turned red as he realized the stripper was staring and smirking at him as he grinded into the air, as if he were dancing in a very filthy way with someone.

He immediately turned and walked to the bar, where Lydia was convincing the bartender to give her drinks for free. He had to scream over the loud beats of the music.


Lydia nonchalantly replied, "Well, you were pulled to come here when told it was a normal club. If we had specified it was a strip club, you would have chained yourself to the desk. Now, let's get our seats."

There was a lounge on the first floor from which they had a very good view of the stage where all the strippers were doing their stuff. As Stiles slowly drank his beer, he could see the guy he first noticed continue to do moves that got him going like no porn video had ever done.

Lydia had got them a set of tequila shots, which looked a lot for only three people. Ashley explained, "Stiles, this is how it works. We have 3 shots each, then we go out to the dance floor, dance with random strangers and grinding against them. If we're taking someone home, let the others know so they won't wait up for you."

Stiles frowned. "You do realize I have a lot of work. I'll have two shots and maybe one dance, but then I need to get back home."

Lydia smirked. "Let's see how you feel thirty minutes later."

Stiles sensed there was a plan, but didn't fight her. They didn't know it but Stiles wasn't a lightweight. He could manage two shots easy, and a third shot would only make him slightly sleepy, but not crazy drunk.

They clanked their first shot glasses, drank the tequila, licked the salt off their wrists and then bit into the lemon wedge. They repeated the same for the next two and then dragged Stiles out by his shirt onto the dance floor.

'Live it Up' by Jennifer Lopez was playing and he let the two girls grind up against him as he danced to the beat of the song. Once the song got over, they let go of him and were immediately snatched up by two other guys who looked hot enough to lick. He walked a bit slowly back to the bar, and asked for a glass of water. He sat on the tall barstool and got out his cellphone.

As expected, he had emails from three of the juniors he had assigned part of the code to, who had encountered big errors. He cursed and started to compose a reply, when a sultry voice whispered in his ear, "Troublesome boyfriend texting you?"

Stiles jumped and almost fell down from the tall barstool. He turned around slowly, to see the guy who was going to star in his dreams that night, standing in front of him. The guy had put on a leather jacket and tight black jeans instead of standing in his briefs. He realized when the guy's back was visible that he was supposedly a Dark Angel, with black wings attached to the back of his jacket.

Dark Angel told the bartender, "My usual for me, and one more for this sexy guy next to me."

The bartender gave him a nod, and served the guy Scotch with a little soda. The bartender then looked at him and he said, "Two ice-cubes and a little soda."

Stiles tried not to get flustered at the fact that a stripper was calling him, the King of Awkward sexy and buying him a drink.

He looked at the scotch, then told the hot dude, "If you want one more, you can have mine. I'm leaving in a bit anyway."

"Are you sure I can't persuade you to stay?"

Stiles had a helpless look on his face as the smoldering eyes on the guy's face turned up a million notches. The hot guy then smirked and said, "I'm Derek. Let me convince you to stay, for free."

He took Stiles' beer and held out his other hand. Stiles felt like a weird Princess, but accepted it, and was taken to some inside room. He spotted Ashley while walking with Derek. She just smiled proudly and showed him two thumbs up.

Stiles was taken to a room, which he had only seen in the Lusty Leopard staging of How I Met Your Mother. Derek didn't push him onto the couch but made him sit down. He then gave his scotch glass back to him. Stiles sat awkwardly on the seat while Derek leaned against a counter and looked at him as he took small sips of his Scotch. It was a reflex that Stiles kept staring at Derek's mouth, his throat as he raised it to down the last of the Scotch. Stiles followed as he finished the rest of his Chivas Regal in one gulp.

Derek took his empty glass, kept it on the side, and then climbed on top of Stiles. Stiles certainly hadn't expected this to happen tonight.


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