Set after Revelations.

Reid was sitting in the aisle seat with Gideon playing chess across from him, Gideon was winning. Both men had creases between their eyebrows as they concentrated on their next move. Emily sat in front of Morgan by the window, she was reading while Morgan was listening to music, asleep. Hotch was across the aisle doing paperwork, and Penelope was on the couch lying down with her shoes off.

All team members would glance at Reid every few minutes as if they expected him to disappear again, even Morgan would blearily look at him every now and then.

JJ was sitting in the back of the jet trying to rest but every time she dozed off she would awake soon after, stifling whimpers and screams of terror as she was jolted awake by nightmares. After several tries to sleep for more than 15 minutes she decided to use the restroom, she tried to pass quickly by the group that was sitting closely together.

A few times throughout her use of the restroom, she felt a shudder pass through the jet.

When she walked back out, she was surprised to see Penelope sitting across from Hotch.

"You should sit down, we're going through a rough patch." Emily stated.

"JJ, can you get me a glass of water actually?" asked Reid.

She looked down unable to meet his eye and went to the back to get him the water, she was walking back when the jet shook harshly. She tried to rush to the front when suddenly the whole plane jolted.

Emily saw everything in slow motion and turned to Gideon who was pushing her head between her knees.


Morgan's head slammed into the window and was knocked unconscious, blood streamed from his temple and his limp body was thrown around in the seat.

Gideon stopped his head from hitting the table but he was thrown forward roughly, seatbelt bringing a sharp pain to his entire abdomen. He saw his team members thrown around, he saw Reid look at him before his head slammed into the table and he was knocked unconscious. A flash of blonde passed by him but he didn't realize what it was until later.

Hotch was jostled in his seat, he watched JJ come towards him flying forward, already unconscious from being thrown around. Penelope grabbed JJ's arm and he heard a pop and snap. He turned his head to see a bag flying towards his head, he tried to dodge but was restrained by the seat belt.

This all occurred within 30 seconds and almost all the team members were passed out, some more severely injured then others.

Please realize that in all of my stories the characters will be much younger than they were, my mind refuses to age them. JJ is usually about 25, Reid a few months behind her, Emily like 30, Morgan about 31, Penelope 30, Hotch 36, Gideon let's say early 50's. I know how old they really are but do not rain on my parade :)