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But it has been a while since I last wrote something so complicated. But here it is anyways.

The Blue Demon's Lover.

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It had all started two weeks after his younger brother Donatello had married.

Everything had been going well, his new sister-in-law had given up her career as a singer just to be with his brother. And everytime he looked at the two of them, so happy and in love... He'd felt a strange pressure in his chest around the vicinity of his heart. It wasn't envy. He told himself. Nor was it jealousy.

His chest just- well, ached. As if his heart were being crushed.

Today was no different.

Not when he had walked into his brothers lab to inform him that Master Splinter was sending him out of state for a year to become to be a better leader and found his brother with his wife pinned up against the wall with her hands tied by his mask and his hands and mouth against her bare skin, little growling sounds escaping Don's throat before he suddenly dropped to his knees in front of Aarien and pressed his face against her- Whoa! Leo thought as his eyes widened in alarm and he quickly turned on his heel and left the room before he embarrassed himself and his brother and sister-in-law by being caught accidentally peeping on them.

Once he was safely outside the lab, he retreated to his bedroom to pack his things since he'd be leaving in the morning when everyone was asleep.

He took the steps up to his room two at a time- more than eager to occupy his mind with something other than what he had burned into his memory just now- and entered his bedroom and closed the door as he thought about where he would be going.

Splinter had given him several choices in which country he should go to continue his training. All of them would suit him. There was Africa. Where he could run wild and hone his hunting skills until he collapsed from exhaustion. But somehow Leo got the feeling that Splinter already knew that he would pick someplace else.

There was Iceland... But he had already crossed that place off of his list. Besides he hated the very idea of winding up somewhere where he might freeze to death and return to the states as an ice sculpture.

So yeah, Iceland was out.

So was Scotland. He wasn't spending ninty nine percent of his time in the rain or tail deep in snow.

There one place however that hadn't been listed as one of his choices (though he didn't really understand why) especially since he would have free reign. The jungles there were lush and green, the temperature was warm and humid, there were caves, rivers, underground ponds and lakes full of fish. Many of the wild animals were eatable and he already knew a lot about the poisonous plants and animals that lived there.

He had already checked some things out on Don's computer and located the spots where humans lived and marked them on a map that he had gotten the other day when splinter had sent him top side on an errand- before he had been told he would be leaving home for a year.

He knew about the threats to the humans; the terrorists, cocaine pushers and mercenaries that ran rampant in some area's. Randomly kidnapping, and murdering innocent people.

Under the cover of the jungle he could do something about them. He could help.

Pausing for a moment, he stopped stuffing weapons and such in the duffle bag in front of him and reached out and picked up one of the maps scattered across his normally neat and tidy floor and started at the word printed across the top of the map in big black bold letters.


Was all that it said. Brazil, the place that he, Hamoto Leonardo, the ninja, the blue demon- scourge of the Foot clan- would call his home for the next year. Lips curving up in a small smile he placed the map on top of his things in the duffle bag and zipped it closed as a feeling of anticipation filled him.

He suddenly couldn't wait to see what the next year had in store for him.