The Brazilian rainforest, three weeks later-

Leo moved through the thicket of greenery quickly and quietly, beginning his new daily routine of waking up, foraging for food, pilfering medical supplies and checking on the local village's people since they apparently had a knack for getting into trouble. And from the position of the sun which he could barely see through the leaves of the large trees on either side of him, he had to assume that the time was still early.

Which was great considering that it afforded him some time to move around freely before he would have to hide from the humans in the area completely. He had been spending the past few weeks since his arrival finding a place to live, gathering food and intel on the people that lived several miles in every direction of his new home.

Yup, he had picked the darkest, and scariest of the local cave's to live in. Which many would consider a very, very stupid move.

But to someone like Leo, the dank, dark stone walls reminded him of home. And besides there was some good sides to living in the biggest, baddest cave in the jungle. One of them being that his presence made the locals believe that a ghost of an ancient warrior lived there. He'd even had the pleasure of sending a few humans running from his new home- screaming in terror no less.

But after the third or forth time he had done so, he had decided that he shouldn't do that any more since it attracted too much unwanted attention. Mainly from children and teens with far too much time on their hands.

Reaching out he grasped a low hanging vine in one hand and with a smirk used it to swing himself up into the tree branches hanging over his head and settled himself in a crouching position so that he could observe the area just ahead where the river was located. He had just managed to get comfortable when he noticed a bit of activity off in the distance a bit.

Frowning he reached into a pouch he had sewn onto his belt and pulled out his map and a looking glass and quickly checked his location on the map, noting that he was near an abandoned hut that he had discovered the same week he had settled in the area. He had thought the hut abandoned because it was condemned and unlivable. But from the looks of the activity coming from the small settlement, perhaps he had been wrong.

Refolding his map carefully, he stuck it and the looking glass back into the pouch on his belt and decided to get in a little closer and see if his new neighbor/neighbors were something he should be worried about or not.

(************************************************* ************************************************** **************************)

The Brazilian rainforest was everything she had imagined it would be. Lush, green, filled with exotic animals and plants. Everything that an over worked, over tired artist/self proclaimed scientist loved.

Picking up a box from the back of a truck that she had hired, she looked around the small yard surrounded by jungle on one side and a small stream that was full of fish and snakes and such on the other side and smiled as she thought, I can't wait to explore the area. And possibly get some fishing in while she was at it. Who knew maybe she'd stumble upon a new species of fish that she could study before eating it for dinner. (She wouldn't be able to freeze it since her fridge was kind of broken.)

One of the men helping her unload her stuff brushed by her and picked up a heavy box and asked where to put it. She answered quickly, but was too late to tell him to be careful if the crash of the boxes contents when the guy dropped it just inside the door to the living room, was any indication at all.

Gaping in disbelief she started to throw down her box (but then she recalled that it had some of her more precious and breakable things in it) and stopped herself just long enough to put it down gently before wheeling on the guy and grabbing his arm and started to tear into him.

Dammit her stuff had better not be broken. A lot of her stuff was expensive!

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! That stuff was given to my by my parents!"

The guy gave her a bored look and then shrugged and pulled his arm free of her grasp and moved towards the truck, leaving her sputtering in outrage where she stood. He didn't care if some American had her things broken. Hell, he didn't even care that the hut she was moving into was in a dangerous area. It wasn't his problem after all.

It was hers.

(************************************************* ************************************************** *****************************)

Leo peered down at the humans from a thick tree branch overhead and frowned at the sight of, fifteen large and small boxes being unloaded from the back of a truck by two men and a young woman. What was going on here? He wondered as the two guys carried in several more boxes.

It looked like someone was going to move into the hut.

But why? What would be the purpose? The hut was so far from the village. What would happen to the human/humans living there if they were attacked by a wild animal or poachers in the middle of the night? He wondered as the woman bared her teeth at one of the men and hissed like a cat before brushing by him and storming into the hut.

Good grief, He thought in faint amusement as he continued to observe for a while longer.