One for Sorrow

Nothing should hurt this badly. Even physical pain wasn't this bad.

Edward may as well have torn out her heart and left it beating on the forest floor.

Her feet ache, her palms are scratched from chasing him through the forest and the fear, the terrifying fear of being lost and, worse, alone brings Bella to her knees.

She curls at the base of a tree, shaking and sobbing and clutching her chest to try and keep her heart from falling out.

He is gone.

He doesn't want me.

Bella has never felt so worthless, so desperately unloved.

The damp of the leaves soaks into her jeans and she shivers, too weak, too empty to sob anymore.

A bird lands a few feet away, ignoring the still human girl and pecks at the ground. It's black and white feathers, mottled with hidden greens and blue, flicker slightly and Bella closes her eyes.

A/N: Getting back into the practise of writing - this is a drabble fic, 10 chapters and will update daily.