Hey everybody! this is my first transformers fic and im sry about poor quality. this fic will serve as background knowledge for later fics that I intend to write and takes place on cybertron before the war, but u probably already knew that.

time scales that will be used:
klik - 1 cybertronian second = 8.3 earth seconds
breem - 1 cybertonian minute = 8.3 earth minutes
joor - 1 cybertonian hour = 8.3 earth hours
orn - 1 cybertronian = 8.3 earth days
trimara - 1 cybertronian week = 8.3 earth weeks
quartex - 1 cybertronian month = 8.3 earth months
vorn - 1 cybertronian year = 8.3 earth years
lunar-cycle - 1 cybertronian night = however long the sun is down (depends on time of vorn and location on the planet)
solar-cycle - 1 cybertronian day (daylight hours only) = however long the sun is up (depends on time of vorn and location on the planet)

Birth of a Soundwave Ch.1


A Transformers 2007 story

Chapter 1

I rushed to the Hatchery, swerving around other alt-modes in my hurry to get there. The Hatchery called almost a vorn ago to tell my sparkmate and me that we would soon have a hatchling there for us. The new imbued us with an excitement that only grew at the prospect of raising a hatchling. Sadly, there was an accident at one of the factories shortly after and my sparkmate died in the resulting explosion, never getting to meet his child. I had gotten the call this solar-cycle that our hatchling would hatch at any moment and I wanted to get there before it did.

The hatchery came into view and I begged Primus that I hadn't missed it. I quickly transformed, skidding to halt before running inside. I ran up to the front desk and slammed my servos down on its surface, frightening the femme working there.

"My name is Sonic Spectrum and the youth medic informed me that my hatchling would be born soon." I told her quickly. She quickly sifted through her data pad to find my name.

"Ah, yes, Sonic Spectrum. Your hatchling is in section 3A." she said pointing in the general direction. I quickly thanked her before running off to find the youth medic that would be there when the hatchling pod broke. I soon found them and rushed over.

"Am I too late? Has it hatched?" I asked quickly as I pushed my way through to the center of the group.

"Don't worry, you haven't missed a thing." He stated before directing me on how to place myself to catch my hatchling when the pod decided to break. I patiently waited for the pod to rupture. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long.

Not even a breem had passed when the pod finally broke, and a small mech fell into my arms, his tiny face covered by a red visor and a mask. The small mech stirred, letting out a small coo, and he turned his little head to look at me, the visor and mask retracting to show four, small red optics. His tiny frame had small glowing discs, almost like speakers, scattered across it; two on his chest and four on each arm. On his back were four long antennae-like protrusions. I felt my spark soar when he smiled at me.

"What's his designation?" I asked the youth medic, wanting to hear the name the small hatchling would have for the rest of his life.

"His designation is Soundwave," he said, running scans on the small mech still cradled in my arms.

"My little Soundwave," I murmured, nuzzling him affectionately. He yawned and, shuttering his four, small optics, snuggled into my chest. I knew there was something special about him, and I was eager to find out what it was.


When I arrived at home with Soundwave I immediately headed upstairs. I had already set up the nursery and I knew the young hatchling needed to recharge. I walked into the dark nursery, wirelessly sending a signal for the lights to turn on. I walked over to the hatchling berth, lowering the rail so I could lay the sleeping mech down. He looked so calm and relaxed in his recharge.

I left the room, turning the light off behind me, and headed for my room to get some well-deserved recharge. I only managed to get in about a joor when I was suddenly startled awake. I sat up quickly, adjusting my optics to the darkness of the room. It took me a breem to realize what had pulled me out of recharge. I could hear crying in the other room.

I got to my pedes and walked down the hall to the nursery. I turned on the light and walked up to the berth. The small hatchling was laying there, energon tears streaming down his face, as he wailed. I lifted the small mech into my arms as I tried to lull him back into recharge, silently praying to Primus that I wouldn't be up the whole lunar-cycle.


"Ooh, I can't wait to meet him!" Jitterbug squealed as we walked down the various catwalks on our way to see Sonic Spectrum. We had heard yesterorn that she had brought home a new hatchling, and we were hoping that we could be the first to see it.

"How do you know it's a mech?" I asked the bouncy, green femme.

"I just do," she answered, a mischievous look in her purple optics. I shook my head with a smile. I vented air in a content sigh as the morning sun made my orange armor gleam with a brilliant shade of gold. "Hey, Marigold?"


"What do you think its designation is?"

"I don't know, I guess we'll have to find out." We walked the rest of the way in silence. Soon we arrived at our destination, a large four-berthroom house. Jitterbug squealed excitedly before skipping to the front door and I had to run to catch up. We knocked on the door and waited a few breems before it slid open, revealing a very tired looking Sonic Spectrum. Her yellow optics were dim with exhaustion and her indigo armor lacked its usual sheen.

"Hey guys. What's up?" she asked, leaning tiredly against the door frame.

"We were hoping we could meet your new hatchling." Jitterbug quickly replied.

"Oh, then come on in. Why don't you wait in the living room while I go get him?" Said Sonic Spectrum, stepping aside to let us in and closing the door behind us.

"See? I told you it was mech," whispered Jitterbug. I rolled my optics at her.

We proceeded into the living room, taking a seat on the couch as we listened to the sound of Spectrum's pedes as she climbed the stairs. After a few breems we heard her returning pede-steps and she came in holding a small mech in her arms, the light coming in through the windows reflecting off his dark blue armor.

"He's so cute!" Jitterbug squealed as the new mother sat down in between us. The hatchling gazed curiously at us with his red optics. The antennae on his back twitched with each noise that was heard.

"What's his name?" I asked as I smiled at the newborn mech.

"This is Soundwave."

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