Two Steps Back

Disclaimer: I'm not RIB, so I don't own Glee or any of the characters. If I did, I'd be rich and probably not writing fanfiction! This fic will dive into MPREG, so I'll be using my go-to MPREG explanation like I did in When We're Older aka the Reddin gene. The gene is based on the Reddin character from the 1994 movie Junior. You should really watch it if you like mpreg. It's a good movie, I promise (I also don't have any rights to it either!) I also don't really own anything mentioned in this except for the crazy storyline so... I OWN NOTHING. The title is inspired by a Paula Abdul song called Opposites Attract, by the way.

Warning: For those of you who must know, Finn WILL be in this story. This is an AU from S2 on, so Finn's in it since everyone's still in high school. I won't be getting rid of his character because I really do like Finn and I need him for the storyline. I do hope you continue to read it though and I hope I honor his character well enough. RIP Cory.

"Blaine? Rachel? Could you come here for a moment please?"

The voice of Hiram Berry filtered up the stairs and into the partially open door of Blaine Anderson-Berry's bedroom. The teen sighed, closing his math book with a pencil in between the pages he was reading before he stood up and made his way out of the room and downstairs. Several seconds later, the soft sounds of his sister's footsteps fell behind him and then he felt her presence by his side when she linked her arm into his, practically dragging him into the living room.

Before them sat their fathers, both men looking a little bit flustered as their children crept into the room and took a seat on the couch, arms still linked as they watched their dads wearily.

"What's wrong, dads?" Rachel asked, tightening her grip around Blaine's arm.

Leroy shook his head and took his husband's hand, staring down at the teens with wet, sad eyes. "Guys, your dad and I have something to tell you."

Immediately Blaine felt his heart stop and beside him, Rachel sucked in a deep, dramatic breath.

"Your dad lost his job today."

Twin pairs of dark eyes fell onto Leroy as soon as the words escaped Hiram's mouth. "Oh daddy," Rachel sighed, dropping her arm from Blaine's to stand up and wrap their father in a hug. Blaine, on the other hand, just dropped his gaze to the floor, his stomach churning when he realized just what this meant for their little family.

If their father lost his job, it meant that they were down to just one income. Hiram's job didn't pay as much as Leroy's did so that meant a lot of spending would have to be cut down... and if Blaine knew any better, one of the main things to go would probably be the one that affected him the most. Blinking back tears, he looked up at his dads and found their eyes, as well as Rachel's, watching him closely.

"Blaine, what's wrong?"

"We're going to have to leave Westerville, aren't we?"


Pain tore up the side of Blaine's leg as he curled into the fetal position and tried his best to make the ache go away. A groan slipped from his lips and next to him, he could hear sirens and the sound of his sister's wailing.

This wasn't how he expected his very first high school dance to go.

Instead of having a wonderful night dancing with his cute date, a gay upperclassman named Zachary, he spent the majority of the evening on edge due to the glares that various members of the varsity football team gave him. Of course, now he knew what the glares were all about, but at the time, just a little over an hour before, he never would have imagined that it would've came to this.

He was sure his nose was broken, as well as his wrist and maybe even a few ribs. The side of his head throbbed and his eye was swollen shut... not like he could open it anyway with the amount of blood that was caked on his eyelashes. Beside him, Zachary was sobbing in heaving breaths and Blaine wondered if his friend fared any better after their attack. He remembered hearing Zach yelling at the jocks to leave them alone, but that was before everything went black. Minutes later, he woke up to the sounds of screaming (Rachel) and he knew that he was in bad shape.

Moaning, he opened his good eye and stared down at the asphalt, its dark color now streaked with red. Crimson puddled all around him and Blaine sighed, his breaths low and shaky as the action of even breathing hurt thanks to the horrific pain in his lungs.


He lifted his good eye to the sky and couldn't help but smile when he saw Zach looking down at him. The other boy was a little scratched up, but looked to be in good condition.


"The cops are here. We're gonna get help, okay? Can you stay awake?"

Blaine blinked, a small frown dusting his features when he felt hot wetness fall from the corner of his eyes - tears. He looked back up at Zach and sucked in another shuddering breath, his chest burning with the action. "Are you... okay?" He asked, trying to push away the pain that was threatening to overtake him.

"I think they broke my arm. I don't know. Maybe my toes are broken? I- I'm not sure. I-" Zach proceeded to break down, shaking his head to and fro as he looked at Blaine. "I never wanted this to happen. God, Blaine, I'm so sorry!"

"Not your fault," Blaine panted out, closing his eye much to Zach's dismay. He could hear his date having a cow over him starting to drift off, but Blaine could care less, quietly allowing the darkness to drag him in.


Blaine knew his sister was doing everything she could to keep his mind off of the fact that they were going to have to start public school again, but all she was really doing with her sorry attempts to cheer him up was piss him off instead.

For days following their dads' announcement, Blaine just stayed hulled up in his room, plagued with nightmares over his last go round with attending a public school. He would wake up screaming and find himself surrounded by his worried fathers and sister and while he would brush them off, he knew they were worried about him becoming so undone.

"Blaine Warbler, do you want-"

"I wish you'd quit calling me that."

"Why? What's wrong? I've always called you-"

"I'm not a Warbler anymore, Rachel. I'm not a Warbler and you aren't a Songbird and who knows what we're gonna be when we get to McKinley... I'll probably be dead-"

"Blaine! Stop it!" Rachel screeched, tears in her dark eyes as she watched her brother carelessly toss a bunch of his clothes into an open suitcase. "Why would you say that?!"

"Because I'm good as dead going back to public school and you know that! I'm an out gay teenager with two gay dads who got the crap kicked out of him because everyone in Ohio is afraid to catch the gay and-"

"That's enough, Blaine," a voice spoke out from the entrance to the bedroom. Both siblings looked up and frowned when they spotted Leroy standing in the doorway. "Rachel, go to your room. Your brother and I have to have a conversation."

"But daddy-"

"Now Rachel. Go help your dad sort out what stuff needs to go with the movers."

The girl shook her head but stalked out of the room anyway, slamming the door shut behind her as she left. As soon as she was gone, Leroy turned his attention back to his other child, frowning when he noticed how riled up Blaine was. His son was shaking like a leaf, lips pursed into a thin white line as he clutched one of his colorful polo shirts in his balled up fists.

"You're angry," Leroy started, only to be cut off when Blaine hissed out, "Yeah, no shit."

"You know we don't tolerate language like that in our house, Blaine."

"I... sorry."

"Why don't you take a seat?" Leroy waited for the boy to drop his things and plop down on the bed, but once his son's butt was sitting down, he began speaking. "You know I didn't want this to happen. I never wanted something like this to happen, not to us, not after everything we've been through... after everything you've been through. God knows that if I could have kept my job, I would've. I did fight, Blaine. I really did-"

"I know you did, dad."

"-and I know that this is going to be hard on you kids, but your dad and I will do our best to keep you safe. I called the principal of McKinley and he said that they do have a no-bullying policy."

Blaine didn't bother to mention that his last public school had one too and that it didn't do jack shit for him while he was getting catcalled in the hallway or getting kicked in the stomach in the middle of the road in front of the school. Hell, he knew the policies of those places didn't mean anything if no one (no one meaning faculty) saw the bullying go down. He'd been called to the office enough in his lifetime to know that bullying that went down in private was never, ever justified... and obviously he was going to head into his new school and right into a sea of bigots.

That's what Ohio was to him anymore: a backwards, bigoted state that he couldn't wait to get out of.

Sighing, Blaine checked back in to his dad's one-sided conversation and gave his father a slight smile to let the older man think that he'd been listening the whole time. When Leroy caught the look, he smiled back and hugged his son tight, murmuring a quiet 'I love you and if you need to talk, your dad and I are here to listen' before he left the room and went back to directing the movers. Once he was gone, Blaine fell back onto his bed and crossed his arms over his chest, groaning outloud.

He so wasn't ready to take on public school again. He wasn't sure if he could take anymore bullying after so long.


The first time Blaine saw his room at the new house, he wanted nothing more than to run out to his car, hop in, and drive back to Westerville.

He knew his dads did their best to make the move easy on their kids, but they painted Blaine's room in traditional Dalton colors, which did nothing but make Blaine want to cry over the things he was losing. Unlike Rachel, who he loved dearly but knew was someone who had a hard time making friends due to her intense ambition, Blaine had left behind close friends and a life he really, really loved.

Dalton Academy was his safe haven. The Warblers were his family and leaving them was the hardest of all. As unlike him as it was, Blaine cried like crazy on his last day at Dalton. The Warblers were nice enough to steal a blazer for him to keep as a memento (since it was mandatory at the Academy to return all blazers upon graduation or transfer) but just having the jacket and tie hanging in his closet wasn't enough. He wanted more. He wanted the security that was Dalton; he wanted to be able to be himself and be around people who he trusted and loved, not strangers who would judge him the second they saw him.

Plus, it wasn't doing him any favors that they were transferring so late in the school year. The second nine weeks of the semester hadn't been paid for yet when Leroy lost his job, so it was only necessary that Blaine and Rachel be pulled out of their respective schools before tuition was due. Thus, the two of them would be starting at McKinley at the beginning of April, destined to finish out the rest of the school year until summer break hit and then they'd be joining the Titans for a full year when school started back up again in late August. Just starting so late made Blaine scared; he was terrified of stepping into a brand new school that had gone on for so long. Plus, he didn't know what he was going to do about joining new clubs or anything. McKinley didn't seem to have a lot of the things he once enjoyed at Dalton. They did have a glee club though, he knew that much since their choir, the New Directions, beat Rachel's school at Regionals. The Warblers lost their own Regionals thanks to Vocal Adrenaline pulling out all the stops that year, but despite that, he didn't think he and Rachel would be able to join McKinley's club so late since Nationals was coming up for the group.

So, with his mind racing over all the things he probably wouldn't be able to do at his new school, Blaine climbed into bed the night before his first day at McKinley and spent all night awake dealing with a nasty stomach ache. The following morning, he trudged downstairs to have a quiet, nervous breakfast with his parents and sister, barely touching his eggs and toast before he got up and followed Rachel out of the house and to her car.

"Ready for today?" The girl asked as she opened her door.

"Does it look like I'm ready?" Blaine said softly, climbing into the passenger seat with his messenger bag tucked close to his chest, as if it were a shield he was planning on taking into battle.

"It'll be okay, Blaine. I promise."

"You can't promise anything. You promised we'd have fun at Sadie Hawkins and if I remember correctly, your definition of fun must be completely different from mine."

His snarky quip bit into Rachel harshly and she quieted, silently starting the car and reversing it out of the driveway. For several moments, she didn't say a word, just drove down the street towards their new school, but Blaine could tell by her breathing that he really hurt her with what he said.

"Rach?" He whispered, looking down at his bookbag in shame. Tears pooled in his eyes and he bit his lower lip, feeling foolish that he already ruined their day by talking about the one reason the whole family was terrified for them to start public school again.


"I'm sorry. I never should've said that to you. You didn't deserve it."

"You're right. I didn't, but I understand why you said it. It's okay to be scared, Blaine. I know you are, but I understand, you know? I was there that night too. I might've not been in your position, but I remember it... and I never want that to happen again. You're my brother and I love you so much. I'd never want what happened then to happen to you again and I will fight whoever I have to in order to keep you safe, you understand me? Plus, I'm your big sister. It's my job to protect you."

"You're only older by a few months and I'm several inches taller than you, so-"

Rachel laughed, taking one of her hands off of the steering wheel to shove Blaine's arm playfully, "Shut up. You aren't that tall."

"Way to make me feel bad."

"I only pick at you because I love you."

"And I love you too."


William McKinley High wasn't anything like Blaine expected it to be.

If anything, it seemed worse than his old school. The building smelled like clorox, gym socks, and some sort of sickly sweet smell, like a sugary artificial cherry scent; when they first entered the building, the smell smacked Blaine in the face and he cringed, wondering where it was coming from and why it smelled that way in the first place. Rachel just rolled her eyes at it all and muttered something about public schools before she dragged him to the office, a drawn out map of the building in one hand while she pulled him with the other. Unlike Blaine, she was incredibly prepared for the day, having stopped by McKinley one afternoon during their move to check the school out with Hiram while Leroy and Blaine helped the movers take things into the house.

While she was on her tour of the school, she drew up a map and photocopied it so that Blaine had a copy too. It listed all the classrooms and teachers' names on it so that Blaine would have an easier way of getting around the school, but while Rachel had hers out in order to lead them to the main office, Blaine left his in his bookbag, not about to bring it out and call attention to the fact that he was fresh meat.

Then again, having Rachel next to him with her map and loud mouth muttering to herself about getting lost probably didn't help his case, but he dealt and went along with her anyway, the two of them finally finding the office after several minutes of wandering around the large school.

When they stepped inside, they were directed to wait until the principal got out of a meeting before they could go in so they hovered in the secretary's office, trying not to eavesdrop on the shouting match that was occurring behind the closed door.

"What do you think's going on in there?" Rachel asked. She, unlike Blaine, was leaning as close as she could to the door, trying to listen in on the fight.

"I don't know, but it isn't our business."

"Well whatever it is, it sounds brutal. I hope it doesn't put a damper on our day."

Blaine didn't have the heart to tell her that his day already felt like it was ruined, thanks to his swirling emotions and the fear that came from being back in public school. It also didn't help that the Warblers and his other friends from Dalton were texting him non-stop to wish him luck at McKinley, but Rachel didn't need to know that. Sighing, Blaine read through a few more of his friends' texts before he slid his phone into his back pocket and went back to rocking on his heels. The argument in the principal's office grew louder and he closed his eyes, willing the fight to just end so he could get along with his day.

All he wanted to do was get out of this school scot-free on his first day and from the sounds of the yelling behind that closed door, he wasn't sure if that was going to happen.


As it turned out, meeting with the principal fucked up all of Blaine's plans and life goals.

Staring down at his schedule, he could feel the tears in his eyes begin to make an escape and run down his cheeks, so he quickly ran a hand across his face to wipe them away before anyone in the busy hall noticed. Beside him, Rachel was watching him sadly, her own eyes watery as she stared up at her brother.

"It'll be okay, Blaine. Maybe one of our dads can fix it?"

"What are they going to do? Come in here and raise a fuss because I'm getting held back a year thanks to the fact that some assholes decided to kick the shit out of me? Yeah, that's going to work out great," he sniffled, shaking his head as he looked at his schedule. Printed out on the top of the page was his name and information, but instead of saying junior under his class rank, it read sophomore. Because of a technicality in transferring over his grades from Dalton and his first high school, a lot of his credits weren't able to be used. Classes that had been offered at Dalton that would've ranked him as a junior there didn't count in the public school system, so now he was missing a few core classes that would have allowed him to be in the same grade as his sister... like he was supposed to be. Rachel didn't have that problem, she was able to be on homebound while Blaine was in the hospital, so she was all caught up.

Being in a coma took away that luxury for Blaine.

Now he was stuck taking sophomore classes - tenth grade English, History, and some other things required for sophomores to take. Everything else was junior stuff since he did have some credits that moved over, but other than that, he'd be stuck in this hell hole for another two years unless his dad was able to get a job and he'd be able to go back to Dalton. Sighing heavily, Blaine crumpled up his schedule and stuffed it into his bag. Anger bristled up his spine and he dragged himself towards his new locker, ignoring Rachel's attempt at calming him down as he began putting his combination in. When his sister realized that she wasn't going to get through to him, she bid him a quiet goodbye and then went on her way to find her own locker, leaving Blaine on his own.

Thank god, the boy thought to himself, thankful to have a bit of quiet to think about everything that was happening around him. Honestly, he just wanted to scream and throw things. He wanted to turn right around and have his dad come and get him so he could drop out of school and get his GED. Everything seemed easier (and hell, a lot better) than trying to stay in public school any longer, but despite how much Blaine wanted to get out of there, he knew his dads wanted him to stay in school and stick it out. His dads had always wanted the best for him ever since the day they adopted him; after his biological mother died and he was taken in by the Berrys, they had been nothing but the perfect parents to him, always doing everything they could to make sure he was well taken care of. And he just didn't want to let them down... so he'd stay, even if it freaked him the hell out to be there or hurt him to know that he was going to be there longer all thanks to some neanderthals who thought it would be fun to beat up the gay kid.

Huffing, he yanked as hard as he could when he heard the lock click open and the door popped. The sight (and smell) he took in once the door opened though wasn't something he was prepared for and he hopped back, coughing when a foul smell crept into his nose and he saw what looked like sticky residue caked on the bottom and sides of the locker.

"Oh god-"

"You should probably clean that up before you put your books and shit in... unless you don't care what your stuff sits in. But then again, just looking at you, I'd say you'd care a little too much."

The voice that interrupted his thoughts was higher pitched than his, but still sounded masculine all the same. Blaine turned when the person finished talking and his mouth fell open slightly when he found himself face to face with a strangely beautiful man. The other guy was tall, a few inches taller than Blaine himself, and his build was strong and muscular, though not too much. His face was sharp, all lines and cheekbones, with cute little freckles dusting across a perfect upturned nose that was settled right above a pair of full, gorgeous lips. The boy's eyes were a swirl of blue and green with a hint of grey mixed in and he had long, dark eyelashes that blinked slowly at Blaine. But what really set the guy off was his hair...

His rainbow streaked hair.

For the most part, his hair was shockingly blue, like a dark ocean teal, and the front coiffed part had streaks of color all through it. All colors of the rainbow and then some highlighted his face and it was only after Blaine noticed his hair that he noticed the other boy had piercings as well. His ears were littered with small silver hoop earrings, several in each ear, and he had two in his right eyebrow and one on the left side of his lower lip. When the guy caught Blaine staring, he smirked, sucking his lower lip in and catching the hoop there between his teeth.

"Hmm... like what you see?"

Blaine flushed, turning away from the taller boy to peer back into his disgusting locker. Just looking at the sticky mess inside made him want to gag, so he slammed it shut, not about to worry about cleaning the damn thing until he was able to get some gloves and disinfectant wipes first. When he closed the door, the boy next to him barked out a laugh and Blaine couldn't help but turn to glare at the kid.

"What's so funny?"


"You were laughing at me." Blaine didn't know what it was about this kid that was riling him up, but for some odd reason, he felt judged and like he needed to stress to this guy that he wasn't about to get bullied on his first day of school. Beside him, the other guy laughed again and Blaine felt his blood boil. Before he could say anything else however, Rachel's voice flooded his ears and he turned his head, frowning when his sister came up to him and rose to her tiptoes to glare at the rainbow haired boy.

"Blaine, who is this?"

Rainbow guy smiled, "Blaine? Even your name sounds pretentious. Cute." He let his eyes linger on Rachel for a moment, regarding her cooly before he spoke again, "And is this your little bodyguard? How much does your daddy and mommy pay her to protect you? Because she doesn't look like she'd do too well in a fight-"

"Excuse you!" Rachel hissed, jabbing a finger into the boy's chest. "Blaine is my brother and how dare you call us pretentious. You probably don't even know what that word means. I mean... look at you!"

"Look at me? Excuse me, princess, but reindeer sweaters aren't and never will be in style. Like, I don't mean to pry, but does your mommy still dress you? Because dressing like a kindergartner is a sure fire way to get-"

"I'm done with this. Come on, Blaine!" Rachel said with a huff, linking her arm with her brother's. Blaine barely had a chance to breathe before he was tugged backwards and as Rachel dragged him to his first class, he could hear the rainbow haired guy's laughter trail after them.


Lunch was brutal.

Rachel had been called to the office to settle a discrepancy with her schedule so Blaine was on his own for the hour, left to wander around the school by himself until the bell rang or until Rachel was done. From what Blaine noticed, most of the school ate lunch inside in the cafeteria, but there were also people who ate outside in the courtyard. And because it was April, the weather was nice and cool, but not too chilly, so lots of people were seated outside enjoying their afternoon in the spring sunshine.

Because his stomach was still on edge, Blaine decided to skip lunch and lurk around the school until the hour was over. He wasn't comfortable eating with anyone yet, especially since no one had bothered to even speak to him during the first four periods of the day, so he decided to wander around campus and see what McKinley was all about.

While Dalton was all gorgeous lawns and classical structure, McKinley was a standard public domain. It was dirty, but practical and rather large. Its football stadium was pretty sizable and as Blaine walked around the track, he found himself hearing things, like people talking and loud music.

What in the world? He thought to himself, too curious to ignore the sounds around him. Cautiously, he walked over to where the music was coming from and found himself staring at a group of students seated on a grungy old couch beneath the stadium bleachers. An old boombox sitting in the corner wobbled with the bass from whatever song it was playing and cigarette smoke wafted out from under the stands; the whole thing sort of looked like a scene from a late 80s after school special that one would watch in health class and Blaine thought it was interesting.

Also he noticed that the group of kids there all had one thing in common: they were as grungy looking as the couch they sat around. Rainbow boy was there, leaning against the bleachers next to a girl with bright pink hair. Three other girls sat on the back of the couch, smoking and chatting, and stretched out in front of them was a boy with a shorn mohawk, a cig between his lips as he gazed up at the bleachers.

In the midst of his ogling, Blaine completely missed the strange look he was getting from the pink haired girl and it wasn't until she spoke that he realized that he had been caught.

"You lost?"

"I- I uh... I heard music."


"I wouldn't mess with him, Quinn," a voice interjected, silencing the pink haired girl. "This guy's got a member of the lollipop guild as his personal bodyguard and she almost sent someone to drop a house on me." Around them, the rest of the grungy crew cackled with laughter, but Blaine stood there silently, the anger from earlier slowly rising up his body again when he caught rainbow boy smirking at him.

"Is that all you can do? Insult me? You don't even know me."

"You say that as if you think I want to know you."

Blaine rolled his eyes, "You are the last person who should be saying stuff to me, especially when I've done nothing to you. The very first words out of your mouth to me were insults and I'm honestly shocked you have friends with how disgustingly horrible you are."

"Ahh yes because you've gotten to know me so well in the two minutes you've spoken to me."

"Yeah, like how you seem to think that I care too much based on the way I'm dressed or how you believe my family's rich because my sister and I have nicer things. Well, newsflash - I'm not."

"Ooh, touchy touchy." The group laughed again and Blaine tugged his messenger bag closer to his chest. Inside, his lungs burned and his stomach tightened; he wanted to yell at this kid so bad. He wanted nothing more than to just flip his shit and tell this asshole off, but he knew he had to remain calm and stay low. This group of kids seemed like the kind that just screamed that they were trouble and he didn't want to have a big target on his back after just the first day. With a heavy roll of his eyes, he turned and walked away, ignoring the jeers of laughter that fell behind him. As he walked, he tightened his grip on his bag strap and ducked his head low, chewing on his lower lip as his feet beat across the concrete.

He didn't want to say that the one kid's words got to him or that he felt a little hurt by the way the smokers beneath the bleachers acted towards him, but he was. The fact that he was being so strongly judged after only being in the damn school for a couple of hours made him feel worthless. At Dalton, everyone seemed so nice. After his first few classes there, he had already made a few friends and had thoroughly enjoyed the day there. Here, he felt like he was being drained of his energy and growing grumpier by the minute. Sighing, he shook his head to clear his thoughts and walked back into the building, making his way to the principal's office. When he got there and saw Rachel still inside, he took a seat outside in the hall across from it and closed his eyes, slowly breathing in and out to calm himself down.

It was only the first day and he already felt like he was losing it.


The last class of the day signified freedom to Blaine.

But it also meant something else: this was only day one of another two years in this hell hole. When the bell rang and Blaine realized that he just finished his first day of school at McKinley, he wanted to shout and then fall into a deep sleep. Instead, he stood up from his chair and walked out of the classroom, pausing just to the side to wait for Rachel. The plan was for her to go to her locker (miraculously enough, hers was just fine when she opened it), get her books, and then the two of them were going to head home. However, as Blaine realized when Rachel came skipping down the hall, his sister had other plans.

"I have Mr. Schue for Spanish and it turns out that he's the director of the show choir! I asked him if we could sit in since we were both stars of our choirs and he actually knows who we are and invited us to come join them today! Isn't that exciting?"

Blaine stared at her incredulously, tired eyes blinking open and closed at her as he shook his head. "Rachel," he whined, "I really don't want to do this today. Can't we do it another day?"

"It'll just be for a little bit. We can go check out what the Nationals-bound New Directions have in store and then we can go home, I promise. I just really, really want to see them."

"You saw them when they beat you at Regionals."

"But this is different. This is them in their natural habitat! This is me seeing how they tick without the bright lights, stage makeup, and spiffy dance moves! This is them naked, Blaine! Naked New Directions!"

She said the last part so loud that Blaine wanted to jump into a hole and hide, redness flushing his cheeks as he stepped away from her and glanced around the hall to see if anyone heard. Based on the strange looks they were getting from other students at their lockers, they did.

"Rach, could you please keep it down a little? Like... a lot, a little?"

"Oh please! Everyone knows about the New Directions here so it's not like I'm talking about some secret society! Calm down!" Blaine's worries flew right over her head and Blaine shook his head, falling back into step with his sister as they made their way to the choir room. Rachel strode confidently down the hall, skidding to a stop in front of a door with a wide, million dollar smile on her face. "Get ready, baby brother! It's time to introduce ourselves to the New Directions!" Beaming, she swung the door open and waltzed inside, Blaine slinking in behind her. The room, which had been buzzing when they walked in, quieted quickly and Blaine looked up, shocked to see several familiar faces from his previous classes staring back at him.

And then he spotted someone he definitely wasn't expecting to see there at all: rainbow boy.

"Oh god no."

"Well well well, look who's here!" Rainbow started. He went to launch into a tirade about Blaine and Rachel, but the side door opened and the director, Mr. Schue, walked out, grinning from ear to ear when he saw Blaine and Rachel standing before him.

"Guys! We have some guests today! Welcome Rachel Berry and her brother Blaine Anderson-Berry. They just transferred here from Westerville. Rachel is from Crawford Country Day, where she was a member of the Songbirds. You guys remember them from Regionals." Someone in the back (Blaine was sure it was the mohawk guy) made a crack about beating the Songbirds, but the director continued. "And Blaine was the lead soloist for the Dalton Academy Warblers. I believe we watched a few of their videos from youtube if you guys remember."

"Oh yeah, I remember that," a dark haired cheerleader in the back purred and a few wolf whistles and cheers echoed throughout the room. Blushing, Blaine ducked his head and Rachel elbowed him.

"You already have fans in here. I'm jealous."

"Shut up. I think they're just being stupid," Blaine grumbled back. He held his bag a little closer and turned towards Mr. Schue, smiling at the man when the teacher had them take a seat in the front row to watch the group practice. For an hour, they sat on the sidelines and watched how the New Directions worked. For the most part, the group was really good, but it seemed like they clashed a lot with who was singing what. The three grungier students mostly sang background, as did the cheerleaders. A curvy darker skinned girl sang a lot, along with a boy in a wheelchair... and then there was a monstrously tall guy that Rachel seemed to have her eye on that also sang quite a bit. He couldn't dance though, but for what he lacked in dancing skills, he made up in singing.

All in all, the group was great and it was obvious that they had a lot of heart, which was weird for Blaine to think about considering that one of his new enemies was in it.

"So what did you think?" Someone asked them when the group was done and when Blaine looked up, he found the incredibly tall guy staring at Rachel.

"I think you guys are amazing," Rachel gushed and Blaine rolled his eyes a bit, immediately recognizing his sister's starstruck voice. He heard it a million times when it came to various friends of his from Dalton, the unfortunate guys who got stuck talking to Rachel while Blaine finished getting ready or those who were subjected to listening to Rach sing during a guys' night. Obviously Rachel had a crush and Blaine knew he'd be hearing about it on the way home.

Of course, Blaine wasn't expecting his sister to just disappear all together after glee club ended. Instead of the girl coming to walk to the parking lot with him, she hung back in the choir room, chatting it up with the tall guy like they were old friends, leaving Blaine to hover out in the hall until she finished.

"Waiting for your bodyguard?"

Great. Ignore him. He'll go away eventually.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

"No," Blaine grumbled, shooting a glance upward at the rainbow haired boy standing across from him. "I'm just ignoring that annoying sound I keep hearing. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Not really sure what it is, but it's really giving me a headache."

"Cute. You get snarky when you're annoyed."

"And you get annoying when you're snarky."

"Ooh, another barb. I wonder who pissed in your cheerios today..."

At that remark, Blaine scoffed, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest. "What is your problem with me anyway? You've been fucking with me all day and I don't understand why."

"Hummel likes to play with his food before he eats it," a voice added from down the hall and rainbow boy flicked his middle finger up, waving it proudly before he turned his attention back to Blaine.

"You interest me," he said softly, eyeing Blaine up and down. Another roll of the eyes was Blaine's response. "And anyway, you're new and awfully testy for somebody who should probably play it safe in this sea full of sharks we call McKinley High. Especially since you're a privileged prep schooler. I heard Schue say you were from Dalton, the school for uppity rich kids. Must be nice living off your mom and dad's money and being a trust fund kid-"

"Oh my god, will you stop with that already? You don't know me, you know nothing about me, so fuck off!"

"Testy testy-"

"No. No, fuck you!" Blaine hissed, pushing himself away from the lockers he was leaning on. All the conflicting emotions that had built in him all day were swirling like a storm in his gut and all he wanted to do was scream. He scowled at the boy before him and before he could stop himself, words just came pouring from his mouth, things he never expected to tell to anyone at the school, let alone on his first day there. "You don't fucking know me! I'm not some fucking rich kid who spends all my parents' money because we have none! Fuck, I don't even have a mom if you really must know - she died when I was a baby! But I do have two amazing dads who bend over backwards for me and they sent me to Dalton because I got the shit beat out of me for being a gay kid with gay dads in fucking backwoods Ohio!

"A-And you wanna know why I'm here?! Because my dad lost his job and we couldn't afford Dalton anymore so now I'm back in public school just waiting to get my ass kicked again because it's bound to happen sooner or later... So go ahead, whatever the fuck your name is - fucking judge me all you want with your ridiculous fucking rainbow hair and your piercings and shit... because you know me so well, right? Well, fuck you! Fuck. You." At the end of his f-bomb laced rant, Blaine kicked the locker and then stomped off, his footfalls loud in the otherwise quiet hallway. Behind him, the rainbow haired guy stood in shocked silence, his mouth dropped open in surprise, and the remaining people in the choir room (Rachel, the tall guy, and Mr. Schue) came running out to see what the commotion was about.

When Rachel realized it had to do with Blaine, she cursed under her breath, glared at the guy she knew was obviously behind it all, and raced after her brother, her heart racing in her chest in fear over what could've happened.

Mainly she just hoped that Blaine's fears of being hurt on the first day of school didn't come true.

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