Two Steps Back

Disclaimer: I'm not RIB, so I don't own Glee or any of the characters. If I did, I'd be rich and probably not writing fanfiction! This fic will dive into MPREG, so I'll be using my go-to MPREG explanation like I did in When We're Older aka the Reddin gene. The gene is based on the Reddin character from the 1994 movie Junior. You should really watch it if you like mpreg. It's a good movie, I promise (I also don't have any rights to it either!) I also don't really own anything mentioned in this except for the crazy storyline so... I OWN NOTHING. The title is inspired by a Paula Abdul song called Opposites Attract by the way.

A/N: I mention Blaine's birthday in this chapter. I was thinking about giving him Darren's birthday since Kurt has Chris' but then I moved it up a few days, so Blaine has a birthday in February, but it's not the same as the actor who plays him. Alright? Great!

As the days 'til the baby's birth ticked by, both Kurt and Blaine found themselves aching over how difficult it was to be apart from one another. After the baby shower, neither teen wanted to be separated from the other. Kurt wanted to stay curled around his boyfriend's body all the time and Blaine wanted to be held in Kurt's arms just as much. To them, it wasn't fair that they had to go home to separate houses. Blaine was having their child for crying out loud and unlike other expecting couples (who lived together - married or not), neither one of them had the opportunity to go to sleep together like they really wanted. So, just a few days after the baby shower, Kurt brought up a plan that allowed them to spend more time together.

They were gonna alternate spending the night at each other's houses. During the week, Kurt would stay a few days at Blaine's and then Blaine would come to the Hudmel home on the weekend. It gave them a chance to be closer and not miss anything and since Blaine was so far along in his pregnancy, their parents gave them permission to do so as long as they were careful traveling back and forth. As soon as they got the go ahead, Kurt packed an overnight bag and went off to the Berry home, climbing into bed with his tired lover as Blaine snuggled up against him and sighed happily before he fell fast asleep.

A few days later, they did the same thing except Blaine went over to Kurt's house and got to sleep in his bed. This went back and forth for the next few weeks until the end of January rolled around and by then, Blaine was starting to head into the miserable stage of his pregnancy. Everything hurt, he was constantly exhausted, and most of the time he just wanted to be left alone. Sometimes he'd snap at Kurt, apologizing seconds later after the hormonal outburst and then he'd want to be held (of which Kurt happily obliged.) Other times, he'd snap and stay mad for a while, ignoring Kurt's pleas to talk to him until a few hours went by and then he'd be ready to talk. All the while, Kurt let him do his thing, telling himself that it was just the whole pregnancy thing getting to him. It was hard being the growing place of a child (or as Blaine so lovingly put it: being a human incubator slash walking baby hotel with all the accommodations) and Kurt knew he had no idea how it felt to do it, so if Blaine needed to blow up every once in a while, he'd let him.

Of course, nothing could have prepared him for the night they went to bed angry after one of Blaine's hormonal explosions and he woke up to Blaine's labored breathing and quiet groans of discomfort.

It was a little over three in the morning when he first heard it: a soft gasp. At first, he thought maybe the baby kicked Blaine really hard like she liked to do sometimes. However, when Blaine hissed and sucked in a deep, audible breath, panic ran down Kurt's spine and he rolled over in bed, staring up at his boyfriend through the darkness of the bedroom. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I just- fuck, that hurt."

Immediately Kurt sat up, his once tired eyes now wide awake with fear. "What hurt? What's wrong? Is it the baby? Are you in labor? What is it?"

Blaine didn't answer him. Instead he hunched over, one hand cradling his belly while he clutched at the blankets with a tight knuckled fist. His hair flopped in front of his face, long curls brushing over his eyebrows as he scrunched them in pain. For a second, he groaned again only to toss his head back with a yelp when whatever discomfort he was feeling grew ten-fold. "I think I'm- shit. I think I'm having a contraction."

"Oh my god! Holy shit. Oh my fucking god, Blaine! Are you sure? Please tell me you're joking!"

"I don't know. This really hurts. It's not like the last ones I've had-"

"The last ones?! How many have you been having?!"

"I've had Braxton Hicks ones over the last few weeks, but this one's so much worse. I- oww oww oww god oww."

Panicked, Kurt rolled out of bed and rushed across the room to flick the lights on. He ran back to the bed to grab up his discarded undershirt and slipped it back on along with his sweatpants, running a hand through his bright colored hair as he stared down at his boyfriend. Just hours before, they'd argued. It was over something silly, something that blew out of proportion within seconds, but whatever it was didn't seem to be important enough that Kurt could remember the basics. As if he could remember them while his boyfriend was moaning in pain in front of him. Stupidly enough, they went to bed angry. Blaine dozed off first, huffing into his pillow as he tugged his blankets over his shoulders and squeezed his eyes shut. Within fifteen minutes, he was out, snoring softly while Kurt sat fuming next to him, fingers stabbing at the buttons on the remote control as he chewed on his lip ring and thought about how annoying it was getting chewed out all the time. A few hours after that, he too went to bed and now he was wide awake and scared to death because Blaine was in pain and he didn't know what to do.

"Do you need me to go get your dads?"

"I... no, just wait. This might be a Braxton one too. Maybe they're getting stronger because it's almost time to have her. I don't- I don't want to go to the hospital just in case this is one of those fake pains."

"But what if it's-"

"If it's real, I think I'd know, Kurt!" Blaine hissed, shooting a nasty look at his boyfriend before he went to lay back down on the bed, hands slowly rubbing circles around his large, round belly. For a second, he closed his eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply as he fought to soothe his frayed nerves. Then he blinked them open, sadly looking over at Kurt who was still standing at the bedside, arms crossed over his chest as he worriedly looked down at the love of his life. "I'm sorry-"

"I know."

"I just... I feel so crazy right now, like my body doesn't feel like it's mine anymore. I mean, it hasn't felt like that in a long time, but this last month has been so strange to me, you know?" He rested his hands over the crest of the swell, right above his poked out belly button. "I wish I could say that I love being pregnant, but I can't. I love feeling her move when she's not trying to bruise my organs. I love feeling her grow and knowing she's in there, but I hate feeling sick all the time and being in pain and not being able to sleep on my stomach. I just- I'll be glad once she's born and you can hold her for a little bit."

"If I could take any of that discomfort away from you, you know I would." Carefully, Kurt climbed back onto the bed, straddling his legs over Blaine's as he slowly stroked his fingertips over his boyfriend's swollen tummy. The growth in his love was amazing to witness; from the flat stomach that he'd pressed his palm into the night they conceived until now was such a change. If he sat back any further, he wouldn't be able to see Blaine's face at all - that's how big Blaine had gotten. But despite the weight gain and the moodiness and everything crazy that came along with the pregnancy, Kurt really adored it all. He loved watching Blaine change; if anything, it was like watching him grow up and mature. Hell, Kurt himself did a lot of changing too. He wasn't smoking anymore; he didn't drink as much as he used to and he sure as hell wasn't hooking up with random strangers, not when he had the perfect boy at home waiting for him. All at once, those thoughts smacked into him and he breathed out his praises to his resting lover, "You're amazing."

"Quit trying to butter me up," Blaine blushed, wiggling his legs so Kurt would get off of him. Once his boyfriend rolled over to his side of the bed, Blaine rolled onto his side, reaching a hand out to link his fingers with Kurt's. "I don't feel any other pains anywhere. That might've been a preparatory contraction."

"That's good. I'd rather her stay in there as long as possible so that she comes out healthy."

"Me too, even though I think if she came now, she'd be okay since they consider babies to be full term by this time."

"Full term or not, if she'd supposed to be in there for 40 to 41 weeks, I'd rather her chill out until her time is up. You hear that, baby? We still don't have a name picked out for you yet, so you'd better calm down in there and wait until it's time for you to come out! That's the 18th if you didn't know! In February! So don't you think that you missed your mark and try to come now! We aren't ready!" Smiling, he leaned back up away from Blaine's side where he'd been talking to their daughter and then he curled himself around his lover, hugging his arms around Blaine's back as he kissed the other teen's slightly sweaty forehead. "If you have any more contractions, you'll tell me, right? I don't want you having to deal with those alone, no matter how minor they are, okay?"


"Now you should try to get some rest. We have a busy day tomorrow - time to finish decorating the nursery!"

"Yeah, I know." Snuffling, Blaine nuzzled his nose against Kurt's and stared into his eyes a little bit longer, humming before he blinked his lashes shut and slowly began to fall back to sleep again. As he started to drift away, Kurt smoothed his hand over Blaine's belly once more, shutting his own eyes as he dozed off to the slight thud of his daughter's fists bumping against his palm.


The following morning found both boys sitting in what used to be the guest bedroom right across from Blaine's room. Right after the baby shower, Leroy, Burt, and Finn (Hiram and Carole were busy working) cleared out the room and painted it a soft lilac, leaving the frame and ceiling white while they replaced the once tan carpet with a plush pure white one that was squishy on their bare feet and seemed perfect for a nursery. There were random splashes of color around the room as well: pink and white polka dotted picture frames, two pastel checkered throw rugs in front of the crib and the changing table, and the baby's crib decor was also pastel multicolored, which matched well to the quilt Karofsky gave them.

Kurt also took pride in the accent wall he painted where the changing table was. He took all the colors in the room (lilac, pink, white, baby blue, lemon yellow, mint green) and painted various sized stripes down the one wall, letting its change of pattern brighten up the once plain blandness of the room. Other than that, there were flowers and bunnies with different colored bowties scattered around the nursery and eventually (once they decided on a name), there'd be a set of carved and painted wooden blocks that spelled out their daughter's name to hang above her crib, nailed to the wall. All in all, the room was coming together beautifully and today Kurt and Blaine were going to sort through her outfits to pick one for her to come home from the hospital in. The rest they were going to fold and put away, so they started on the tedious task not long after they woke up and had breakfast.

Truthfully, Kurt was supposed to be in school that day, but he decided to skip after the panic-inducing night he had before (even though he was really planning on skipping anyway.) So, taking that day off, he gathered up what they'd need to finish up whatever they had left to do and settled down on the floor of the nursery to help Blaine sort through their baby's ridiculous amount of clothes. Whatever she was wearing home, Kurt already knew he wanted her to wear a hairbow - no matter if she was bald or not. He was a sucker for bows (even though he told Blaine long ago that he hated them; lies... all lies) so their daughter was gonna come into this household all dolled up. He knew Blaine wanted her to wear a dress, but there were so many to choose from (their friends went a little stir crazy) that they'd probably be in there for hours sorting through clothes.

It didn't matter. Kurt rather liked the idea of dressing his daughter up even though she wasn't born yet. He could put together other outfits while they were sitting there! Outfits for her first week, her first month, etc. There were so many clothes spread out that he had a plethora to choose from and he was ready for the job.

"It's so white in here."

At the sound of Blaine's voice, Kurt perked up, locking eyes with his boyfriend before he looked around the room. "What?"

"The room - it's really white. Like, not in a bad way or anything. I just noticed how much white stuff we put in here. The border and ceiling paint and the carpet? The furniture?" He waved his arm to gesture at the bedroom set that they bought; he was right, it was white. Their changing table was the color of fresh fallen snow as was the crib (that, when the baby was old enough, would turn into a twin bed once they pulled it out and fixed up a few boards that were hidden away in storage) and the rocking chair in the corner was the same color, it's cushion multicolored to match the throw rugs and blankets. Nonetheless, Blaine had a point.

"I see-"

"At least it matches though. I really like it." The pregnant teen patted his bump and stretched his legs out, nudging his toes against Kurt's. "We need to put the curtains and valances up after this too. Then everything will be done and she can come home to a nice clean ready room."

Smiling, Kurt tapped his feet against Blaine's in retaliation for the previous nudge, pushing himself up to crab walk towards his boyfriend. Once he was close enough, he scooted in so that they were facing each other, Blaine's legs over Kurt's as the older boy leaned in and kissed Blaine's smooth lips, cupping his cheeks within his hands as they kissed a little bit deeper. When they pulled away, Blaine exhaled, blinking his honey eyes open to stare up at Kurt breathlessly. "Just wanted you to know how much I love you."

"By kissing the oxygen out of me?" Blaine teased, voice still airy as he tilted his head to rest his cheek against Kurt's palm. "I love you too, even if you try to kill me with your kisses."

"I can't believe she'll be here in two weeks. Where'd the time go?"

"Well, let's see... we met in April, we fooled around in May almost June, I got pregnant in May almost June, we didn't talk for a few months, we started talking again, we quit talking again, we got back together over Thanksgiving, and now we're here in January! That's where the time went. It flew by didn't it?" His fingers curled around Kurt's wrist, tightening ever so slightly as he pulled his boyfriend's hand into his lap. "We haven't even known each other for a full year yet and we're about to become parents. Isn't that crazy to you?"

"Our whole relationship is crazy to me sometimes. Never in a million years did I envision this happening between us. When I first saw you, I thought you were attractive and interesting and I wanted to get to know you, but I definitely wasn't planning on impregnating you! That's for sure!" He chuckled and Blaine did as well, lacing their fingers together. "But I'm sorta glad we went on the crazy ride we did. Because look at us now? We're good for each other."

"We are."

"I mean, I'd like to change a few things that's happened between us, if you know what I mean, but I'm glad that we've worked through it all and are stronger than ever. Plus, there's no one else in the world that I'd want to have a baby with than you. You're going to be an amazing daddy, Blaine."

Tears shimmered in the younger boy's eyes as he shyly ducked his head. "You're gonna be a great father too, Kurt. I can't wait to see you with her. I can see the papa bear qualities written all over your face now and she isn't even out yet."

"Well I learned from the best. Also, you've gotta take into consideration that we are her parents and have you looked at us lately? We're hot. Our daughter's gonna be fucking gorgeous and I'm a million percent sure we're gonna have to beat the boys away with sticks. Or the girls, depending on who she wants."

"Or both."

"Or both." Grinning, Kurt placed his hands back onto his lover's stomach, cupping his palms around Blaine's belly as he leaned down and kissed it. "I'm gonna miss this belly, but I'm gonna love being able to hold you in my arms, jellybean."

"I think she's gonna love being held by you too."


The act of choosing a coming home outfit took longer than they thought it would. Many combinations were vetoed that day, shoved aside to be worn later while their top choices went into a bracket, so to say. They matched the outfits by color scheme and put them together in pairs, having two sets of outfits go against each other until one was eliminated and the winner went on to the next round. It was the silliest way to pick their baby's first outfit, but it was something they agreed on (plus Finn thought it was the most rad idea and even he got into it, much to the chagrin of Rachel.) By the end of the night, they were down to their final four and Kurt called it quits, offering to pack those four outfits in their overnight bags so that once their daughter was born, they could pick between those and dress her accordingly.

Blaine agreed and that was the end of that nonsense.

A few days later found the couple sifting through baby name books, fingers stained with yellow, pink, and blue neon ink as they highlighted different names and wrote down the ones they really, really liked into different columns: one for first names, one for middle names, and one that signified names that could be used for either/or. The whole time they were going over their lists, Kurt kept quiet over the faded papers he had hidden in his messenger bag: the list of names his mom had written over nineteen years ago. He thought about bringing the list up, letting Blaine know that he'd like to use a name from that list for their daughter, but the longer he sat there and watched Blaine go through those books, he didn't feel right bringing up a list that was older than he was. Those names were probably out of style now and Blaine probably wanted something modern and interesting, not something that was popular back in the early 90s.

"Did you find any favorites yet?" Blaine asked, scooting over on the couch to peer down at his boyfriend's list. The paper Kurt was writing on wasn't as decorated as Blaine's was and he really didn't understand. At first, Kurt seemed like he was excited to go through names, but now it was like he didn't care as much. That or he was letting Blaine do all the work, which really wasn't fair or too fun at all. "How come you aren't writing down any names? There's only, like, twelve on here. I swear I have forty on mine."

"I... can't think of anything."

"Well, that's what the books are for, silly! They're there to help guide you into finding a name you'd like. Do you think I would've ever thought about the name Amaya as a potential first or middle name? Nope! But these books are helping me out tremendously! So why aren't you looking in them? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I just-" He trailed off, eyes glancing over at his messenger bag sadly. Blaine's line of sight followed and he frowned, brows furrowing as he looked at the lonely tote sitting in the corner. Before Kurt could say another word, Blaine was off, waddling his way towards the bag before he squatted and picked it up, dragging it back to the couch. Within seconds, he poured the thing out over their books and papers, fingers pushing away gum wrappers and other unnecessary items until he found a yellowed piece of paper, its texture delicate with age.

"What's this?"

"It's noth-"

Blaine raised a hand to silence him, using his other to unfold the paper and smooth it out on his lap. For a moment, he read over the aged writing silently, his eyes taking in everything on the page, but then those sweet amber orbs grew watery and he glanced up at Kurt with tears in his eyes. "This is your mother's, isn't it? These are the names she had picked out for you."


"How long have you had this?"

"Since we found out the sex of the baby. I went upstairs to my attic not long after that appointment and looked through my mother's things. That was in a baby name book of hers. She and my dad didn't find out the sex of me because they wanted to be surprised. So, she had a whole bunch of names picked out and after I was born, she packed up the names just in case they decided to have any more kids." He sighed shakily, staring down at his mother's swooping handwriting. Every time he looked at it, it brought back memories of the days she'd leave him sweet little notes in his lunch box. Mommy loves you, Kurt. Have a great day. You are the sunshine of my life and I'll tell you that every day. To my little prince, be good today. Love you forever. Tears welled behind his lashes as he closed his eyes. Twin streaks of wetness fell and Blaine cooed softly, leaning in to swipe his thumbs along the apples of Kurt's pale cheeks.

"Oh honey, why didn't you tell me? These names are beautiful and I'd be honored to use them for our daughter." When Kurt didn't respond (instead he just started to cry openly), Blaine pulled him into his arms, fingers grasping his boyfriend's sweater as he hugged him close. "Oh Kurt, it's okay. Honey, it's alright. There's no need to cry."

"I just- thank you."

"There's no need to thank me either. These names are a heck of a lot better than the ones we've been looking at! It's sweet that we can honor your mother this way." He also thought it was adorable that Kurt got so emotional over it. That was something that would always make his heart race in his chest: the knowledge that Kurt trusted him enough to let him in whenever he felt down was amazing to Blaine. To know that Kurt would always want Blaine to catch him when he fell made everything brighter and the love that he felt for his boyfriend grew every single time. Right now, being able to hold Kurt through this moment meant the world to Blaine and he was glad they were able to share this together.

Sniffling, Kurt pulled back just a little bit, wiping his eyes again before he grabbed one of the napkins that fell out of his bag and blew his nose. "I want to honor your mother too. We could use her first name or whatever you think would suit her. I think it would be great to honor them like that. You know, to name our first daughter after them?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea."

With a watery smile, Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine softly, pulling away with a smile on his face. "Great. I'm glad you think so." Gently, he shoved all of the other stuff off of the couch and pulled Blaine into his lap, letting his boyfriend's back rest against his chest while he wrapped himself around the smaller teen and held out the faded list of baby names so they could both read it. As they studied the list, Kurt rested his head against the nape of Blaine's neck, breathing in his scent while his lover read out different names that he thought would be lovely for their daughter.

They stayed that way for hours, bodies tucked close while they matched up names from Kurt's mother's list to various names that they could use to honor Blaine's mother's Filipino heritage. It took them quite some time to weed out the names that they just couldn't agree on, but by the time nightfall came and the Berry household was getting ready for dinner, they'd condensed their list from a few dozen names to just a handful, ready and waiting to be tested against their newborn daughter's face once she made her first appearance.


Early February signified the end of a particularly long journey. Heading into the month was terrifying because the baby could come at any day now and both Kurt and Blaine and their families were on edge while they played the waiting game. Baby Anderson-Berry-Hummel (since no one could sort out what her actual last name should be) was due to arrive near the 18th of the month and everyone was keeping a watchful eye on Blaine once the love month hit. If he had a pain, someone was there to ask him if he was okay. If he didn't feel well, someone was there to have him lay down and rest. People were closely gauging his actions the whole time and while it was sweet at first, there was nothing more annoying than trying to go to the bathroom by oneself when a handful of people argued over whether or not someone should stay with him. As it grew closer to the end of the first week, Blaine was ready to snap and before he knew it, he was locking himself in his bathroom, asking for a little bit of privacy so that he could have a minute to himself.

"Abs? C'mon honey, you know Rachel didn't mean what she said. You can take care of yourself. It's just- we worry, okay? You're so close to your due date and we don't want anything to happen-"

"I can pee by myself, you know? I don't need someone in here making sure I don't go into labor while I'm taking a leak! Jesus!"

"I know that, honey. I just... can you let me in? It's weird talking to you like this."

"No. I need a minute by myself, okay? Just give me some time!"

Kurt sighed, leaning his forehead against the door as he tried to listen in on his upset boyfriend. He could hear Blaine's sniffles and the sound of toilet paper being torn off of the roll as his pregnant lover wiped away the angry tears that stained his face. He could understand Blaine's turmoil. Everyone was on the fritz now that his due date was coming closer. After the hectic last nine months with him being in and out of the hospital, his doctors told him to take it easy, resting up until he went into labor naturally. If nothing happened after his due date rolled around, they'd give it about a week before inducing him. Until then, they were advised to play the waiting game - the safe waiting game.

However, Blaine was growing antsy with cabin fever again, wanting to move around more even though everyone felt he should be taking it easy. At first, he was getting badgered at the Hudmel home, stuck on the couch while everyone buzzed around him. Then when he and Kurt came back to the Berry house, he was stuck in the same position: left to idle around while his parents, sister, and boyfriend waited on him hand and foot. Some people would've loved to be served like that all the time, but for Blaine, it was degrading and annoying and he hated it. So after Rachel yelled at him for being up just an hour before (when she caught him digging around in their entertainment center for a DVD to watch), he exploded and stormed off upstairs, hiding himself in his bathroom while everyone struggled to coax him back out. Kurt was their last resort, plopping his butt down on the floor as he sadly listened to his best friend cry it out on the other side.

He hated that Blaine was so upset right now. He knew his boyfriend was scared to death of the next coming weeks; they'd done their studies on carrier births and watched some videos online (since there weren't any carrier parenting courses nearby and neither wanted to chance the travel to a city a few hours away) but as the baby's due date came closer, Blaine's panic buttons started to slam down, sending him into a spiraling overdrive.

Another sigh slipped from Kurt's lips and he closed his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest as he pressed his back against the wood of the door. Blaine could still be heard inside, sniffles increasing as he started to cry a little harder and all Kurt wanted to do was be on the other side with him, holding Blaine while he whispered in his ear to calm him down.

Within an hour, the clicking sound of the lock snapped Kurt away from the small nap he'd been taking outside the bathroom and he leapt up, dusting off his clothes as Blaine opened the door and stepped out. He looked exhausted, baggy dark circles under his eyes and hair askew, his night shirt falling to the side to show off a bit of his shoulder. His enormously round belly strained against the soft cotton of his shirt and his sweatpants hung low on his hips, a sliver of skin peeking out from the bit that his clothing didn't cover. When he looked up at Kurt, he made a small noise and stepped into his boyfriend's arms, letting Kurt wrap him up and hold him tight as they stood outside of the bathroom curled around each other.

"You okay now?"

"I just wanted some time alone. I wish you guys wouldn't treat me like I'm incapable of caring for myself. I'm not a child-"

"That's true. You aren't. Happy birthday, sweetheart."

Blaine smiled against Kurt's neck, laying his head to rest on Kurt's collarbone. "I guess I was in that bathroom longer than I thought."

"Yep. It's a little after midnight, so it's officially the seventh! Happy birthday, babe."

"Thank you."

"Tomorrow - well, today if you're looking at the time - we're gonna celebrate the big 1-8 and have a delicious dinner and I'm gonna pamper you all day, so I hope you're ready for it because tomorrow's gonna be all about you-" He ignored Blaine's little quip of how the last few weeks had unfortunately been all about him, "-because it's going to be awesome. Aren't you excited?"

"I'd be more so if I wasn't so tired right now."

"Well then, let's get to bed because I don't want you falling asleep on me tomorrow when I'm trying to give you your birthday present."

At that Blaine's eyebrows raised, "Oooooh, sounds interesting."

"Not that, silly. Now come on, let's get you to bed. I want to snuggle with my newly legal boyfriend."

"You're an idiot."

"But you love me, so it doesn't matter!" Taking his boyfriend's hand, Kurt dragged his laughing lover towards the bed, gently pushing him to lay down before he dropped to his knees and did his nightly ritual of lifting Blaine's shirt to smooth out a thin layer of oil on his belly to help with the slight stretch marks the other boy was getting. Before he began the action, he kissed the bump softly, nuzzling his nose against Blaine's spicy smelling skin while his best friend chuckled above him. "I don't think I'll ever get over how ticklish you are."

"As long as you don't use that against me after I have the baby!"

"I promise you I won't, though I can't promise I won't kiss your belly every once in a while. It seems I've become obsessed with it, pregnant or not, so you'd better beware."

"You're so strange."

"I thought you would've figured that out by now, Abs. I've got rainbow hair. Obviously I'm a little fucked up in the head." When Blaine didn't answer, Kurt pushed himself up to hover over him, frowning when he saw the sad look in his friend's eyes. "Honey?"

"You're not fucked up; you're perfect and I love you the exact way you are. Don't you ever change, okay? I mean... like, for anyone else. If you want to change for yourself, do it, but don't flip your whole personality and look around for anybody else just because they think you're weird or they don't like you or anything. You're amazing and I love you just like this, rainbow hair and piercings and everything else." He smiled up at Kurt, sleepily watching him as Kurt slowly drizzled a little bit of oil onto his belly before he began to massage it in to his skin. "You could tattoo your whole body purple and I'd still love every bit of you."

Kurt nodded his head, swallowing heavily as he took in the boy before him, the perfect, perfect boy before him. The boy who waltzed into his world and turned it upside down, the boy he zoned in on that day last spring and has never looked away from, the boy who dug his way into his heart and stayed there... the boy who was giving him the greatest gift he'd ever been given. If there was any doubt in his mind about their relationship, Blaine just blew it away with his words, blasted it off with his kind, loving whispers of adoration that made Kurt's heart swell more and more as he heard them. As he stroked his palms along his lover's stomach, he looked down at the ring that Blaine still wore despite his slightly swollen fingers. That ring was a promise between them and the more he looked at it, the more he realized that one day he was going to replace that ring with another one that had a more permanent sentiment. One day he was going to marry this boy in front of him; he was going to be with this man for the rest of his life and he wouldn't have it any other way.

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