Two Steps Back

Disclaimer: I'm not RIB, so I don't own Glee or any of the characters. If I did, I'd be rich and probably not writing fanfiction! This fic will dive into MPREG, so I'll be using my go-to MPREG explanation like I did in When We're Older aka the Reddin gene. The gene is based on the Reddin character from the 1994 movie Junior. You should really watch it if you like mpreg. It's a good movie, I promise (I also don't have any rights to it either!) I also don't really own anything mentioned in this except for the crazy storyline so... I OWN NOTHING. The title is inspired by a Paula Abdul song called Opposites Attract by the way.

WARNING: Birth scene in this chapter! I asked everyone what they wanted to see and I know I can't please everyone so for those of you who might get squicked by this, let it be known that there is a NATURAL BIRTH scene in this. Am I gonna sit down and explain it? Nope. There was a lot of drama over the birth scene in WWO when I wrote that, so I'm gonna let you guys take this the way YOU want to take it. Temporary birth canal or anal birth? They're both creepy/squicky to some people but a bunch of others who like mpreg don't mind it. If you do, I would suggest NOT reading half of this chapter (aka the end) and then coming back to read the next one. I did my best with writing this style of birth though and I hope I did it justice. Anyway, there's your warning!

"Blaine, what are you doing?"

"Straightening your DVD shelf. It's a mess."

Finn shot a look at Kurt and his brother just shrugged, muttering something about nesting which only confused Finn further. What did Blaine moving stuff around have to do with birds? Before he could dwell on it, a handful of movies was placed on his lap and then Blaine was reaching back into the shelving, wiping a damp rag along the inside before he took a dry rag to sop up any leftover moisture. Once that was done with, he placed the movies back in their place one by one, arranging them accordingly, and then he sat back, staring up at the now cleaned entertainment center.

"That's better."

"Blaine, sweetheart, did you just clean my cabinets?" Carole asked as she dropped her purse on the floor next to the couch, her eyes trailing along the sparkling wooden tv stand and the pregnant teen sitting in front of it. When Blaine nodded, she smiled and walked up to pat him on the shoulder, placing a kiss on the side of his head. "Ahh, nesting. I remember doing that when I was about to have Finn. Nothing's ever clean enough and it's like an itch you can't scratch."

"What I don't get-" Finn interrupted, "-is why he's cleaning our stuff though? The baby's not even gonna live here."

"She'll still visit," Blaine hissed in response, pushing himself up off the floor in order to toss the dirtied rags into the hamper off the laundry room down the hall. It took him a bit to get himself righted and balanced, but once he was on his feet, he was off, waddling his cute little tushie down the hall while Kurt smirked as he went. Finn, on the other hand, seemed affronted.

"Dude, he's kinda mean."

"He's also kinda ready to give birth to your niece, you doofus. Of course he's gonna be testy. There's a human being preparing to enter this world via him. I bet you'd be cranky too."

"Yeah, but... he just snapped at me. And I didn't even say anything!"

"You were bugging him while he was cleaning. He gets annoyed when people do that. Trust me... personal experience. Anyway just accept it and move on. He'll be like this until the baby's born. It's normal. It happens. Don't freak out about it."

"I won't as long as he doesn't go in my room. I hate it when people clean it because then I can never find anything!"

"Well if you got off your butt and cleaned it yourself instead of playing video games so much, you wouldn't have that problem-"

"Okay, that's enough boys." The teens immediately shut up when Carole spoke; Finn started picking at a hole in his sock and Kurt went back to reading the magazine he had sitting in his lap. Once their little argument was done with, Carole dropped down on the sofa to enjoy some peace and quiet and Blaine came back moments later to crawl up on the couch beside Kurt. His nine month pregnant belly was larger than ever and it made things much harder for him to handle nowadays. Simple acts such as sitting or laying down were exerting and most of the time, they took his breath away. Even pulling his legs up to sit crisscross was a feat within itself, his body aching from trying to maneuver this way and that in order to accommodate his swollen stomach. As he huffed and puffed and tried to get settled, Kurt held out an arm to help steady him, waiting until Blaine finally quit fidgeting before he went back to reading again.

"You okay?"

"Honestly I will be ready when she's out. I want my body back. I want to be skinny again and I want to be able to see my feet!"

"Okay, number one, you're still skinny. You are all belly. Nothing else on you has changed despite your stomach. It's all baby and nothing more. Number two, do you want me to give you a massage? Because my massages are legendary and I know how much you enjoy foot rubs."

At the mention of having his aching, swollen feet rubbed, Blaine grumbled, shaking his head while he swatted his hand at his boyfriend. "Why didn't you bring that up before I sat down? My feet are under me right now! Do you know how hard it's gonna be trying to get back up in order to pull my feet out from under me? Jesus, Kurt, don't get me excited about something when you know I'm having a hard time moving around!"

While Blaine continued griping about his body changes, Finn grinned knowingly at his brother (told ya he's mean, he mouthed) and ignored the middle finger Kurt gestured at him in response. For the next several minutes, Kurt and Blaine went back and forth with their bickering; small arguments about certain people being inconsiderate and others being oversensitive were the only things Carole and Finn heard as they struggled not to get into it, but finally things died down when Burt stepped into the living room, his wide eyes locked on to the two fighting boys on his sofa. "Did I miss something?"

"Yeah. You missed your son offering me a foot rub when he knows damn well that I'm having the hardest time moving around because his daughter has grown big enough to smush all of my organs into one teeny tiny spot and moving is hard for me!"

"I didn't mean to! I was just offering my services! I completely wasn't paying attention to the fact that he'd sat on his feet! Do you think I'd deliberately want to get him mad?"

Burt looked between the two flustered boys with a grin, rolling his eyes as he shared a similar amused look with Carole. Deciding not to comment on the ridiculous argument the kids were having, he instead went back to sorting the mail he held in his hands, putting whatever belonged to him or Carole near the back of the pile while he pulled Finn and Kurt's stuff to the front. One of the letters was thick, Kurt Hummel swirled on the front in beautiful penmanship with a return address belonging to a school that Burt hadn't heard his son mention in a while. "Hmm... got a letter from NYADA here for you, Kurt." He wasn't paying attention at all when he said it, the words just slipped out. But when the room got deathly silent, he glanced up out of curiosity and found himself staring at a horrified Kurt while a zipped lipped Blaine sat completely still beside him.

"Oh dude, that's gotta be your NYADA audition schedule! Rachel got hers yesterday!"

Kurt's face was still contorted into something blank, like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was sitting at that moment. It was only when Burt looked back at his son's boyfriend that he realized the reason why. Blaine was sitting next to him as quiet as a mouse, his earlier dispute silenced as he stared down at his belly like it was the most interesting in the room (and most of the time it was with how much the unborn little girl inside like to bounce around... however at that moment, Burt knew exactly why Blaine wasn't speaking or even looking at anyone else in the room.) Kurt didn't tell him about NYADA.

"I didn't know you applied too," Blaine said softly, his voice barely a whisper. Everyone around them had quieted enough just to make out what he said and Burt recognized the upcoming discussion before Kurt even had a chance to respond. Looking over at his wife and stepson, he nodded his head back to the hall and they both followed (Finn only after Carole pinched his arm and forced him to tag along.) Once they were out of the room, Kurt finally glanced up at his boyfriend, frowning when he noticed the dark look on Blaine's face.

"I applied at the beginning of the year. I... I didn't think they'd even take me. It was like a shot in the dark really. I mean, I applied on a whim and-"

"Why wouldn't they take you? You have all the credentials. You're in show choir and have been for years. Your grades are great. You can sing and dance. Honestly, Kurt, they were going to give you a slot."

"I didn't think-"

Blaine rolled his eyes, pushing himself up as best he could to scoot a few inches away from his boyfriend. The action made Kurt's stomach flip because he knew that Blaine was mad. To be truthful, he hadn't planned on Blaine finding out about the NYADA stuff (or any of his other college choices) because he didn't want to upset his lover, especially now that their daughter was due at any time. If he had known Rachel got her NYADA letter the day before, he would've watched his mailbox like a hawk, but instead something was against him and it all blew out there in the open.

"Blaine, I-"

"When were you going to tell me that you were planning on going to school in New York? After the baby's born perhaps? Once she's a few months old? How about a few days before you're supposed to move into whatever housing you're planning on living in?"

"That's not what I-"

"You know I mentioned my plans for college back in December and not once did you even mention that you applied for NYADA. God, if you applied there, you probably applied for other places as back-up, right? So where else are you planning on going? Where else are you going to go once you ditch me and the baby for the Big Apple?"

"Blaine, please... at the time I applied, I didn't know what was going to happen with us or the baby. We kinda talked about keeping her, but then there was always that idea of adoption and I thought that maybe if we gave her up, then I'd still have college to fall back on. You know, to make up for the fact that we'd given our child up for adoption."

The younger teen shook his head, scooting closer to the edge of the couch before he was finally able to pry his legs out from under him and stand. There were tears in his eyes and a permanent frown etched on his face as he looked down at his still seated significant other. "We talked about this. I told you that I can't go to school next fall because she'd still be too little and I'd need time to pull myself together first. You said that you'd stick by me during that and now I'm finding out that you've actually applied to god knows how many schools in the northeast and you know damn well that neither me nor the baby can follow you up there!"

"I never said I was going to go!"

"Yeah, but then you'll end up hating me for the fact that you never went after your dream and then what? Our relationship will be built on disgust and hatred and we can't raise a child with that! If you really wanted to go, you should've just told me instead of hiding it from me! I would've understood!"

Something about the way Blaine said that final sentence ticked off a nerve in Kurt's mind. He couldn't help the next words that slipped from his lips, "Would've understood, my ass! You're bitching at me right now about it and you won't even let me explain anything! You're making it about you and you don't understand that this is about my future too!"

"Your future involves our daughter, you idiot! It would be different if you and I were just dating and planning on going to schools in different states, but you're leaving me behind with a child that you helped create!"

"I never said I was going! God, will you just listen?!"

Blaine shook his head, stepping backwards until he was standing in the hallway, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at his boyfriend. Words failed him, he had nothing else to say, so he turned on his heel and disappeared towards the kitchen, leaving Kurt in the living room, body simmering in his anger. For several minutes afterward, Kurt stayed fuming, angry tears in his eyes as he thought about how that argument went. Blaine wouldn't listen, he didn't understand, and the whole thing backfired. They shouldn't be fighting so close to the baby's due date. They shouldn't have been fighting at all.

"Hey bud, you okay?" The sound of his father's voice caused the dam within his body to finally crack, the tears he'd held back finally spilling over as he tugged his legs to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, curling himself into a ball. Burt took a seat beside him and rubbed his back, quietly supporting him while Kurt cried it out, blubbering nonsense about Blaine and their baby to the one man he knew would listen.

"I didn't want him to find out like that. I wasn't even planning on going! I thought I'd try to see if they'd take me or give me a chance, but I'd never leave Blaine and the baby behind like that! He should know that! I love him and her too much to just abandon them!"

"Blaine knows that. He's just... really sensitive right now. Hell, it's not even being sensitive. He's just dealing with a lot, you know? He's really close to the end and he's tired; you know his nerves are shot and he's taking it out on you because, well, you kinda helped him get there. He loves you though, kiddo. He adores you and you adore him and this will all blow over soon. Blaine'll see what you meant about NYADA and he'll understand."

"I just don't want him to be pissed at me. I know I should've told him, but I didn't even think they'd accept my application. I mean, who's gonna want a student with a record of delinquencies and looks like they stepped straight out of a Hot Topic?"

"Okay, you stop that." Burt said firmly, his voice stern and unyielding. "You are the most talented damn kid I've ever met in my life. You can sing those other kids under the table while fighting off assholes who try to keep you down. Those delinquencies you mentioned were just you defending yourself from idiots and I'll go to my grave fighting for you about those detentions and suspensions you were given because you know damn well that you never deserved them. Plus, who cares what you look like? You could tattoo your whole damn face to look like the Mona Lisa and you'll still deserve all the success in the world. You're a damn good kid, Kurt, and you really need to understand that."

The rainbow haired teen sniffled, wiping his eyes with his sleeve before he leaned in and gave his dad a hug. Burt tugged him closer, letting the boy's multicolored strands tickle his nose while he kissed the crown of his son's head and wondered what happened to the once very confident little boy he used to know. As he held his son, Finn crept by the living room and shot him a two thumbs up, giving him the sign that Carole had Blaine taken care of in the kitchen, so all should be well soon as long as they got the two boys on the same page.

"Hey Kurt?"


"Why don't you go try to talk to Blaine again? He's had some time to cool down, so maybe he'll understand your side of everything better since he's not as riled up as before?"

"I just don't want him to be upset with me. Not right now."

"Not with the baby so close to being born, hmm?"


"It still won't hurt to go talk to him and try to get him to understand your side of things. Listen to his side too. He's bound to be hurt that you didn't tell him about applying and you've gotta understand his feelings on the matter too."

"I do, I just-"

"Don't tell me. Tell him. He's in the kitchen with Carole." Burt gave his son a little shove, waiting until the boy was completely out of his seat before he pushed him towards the doorway. "Go on. He's in there waiting. Good luck."

"Thanks dad."

"I'm a dad. It's what I do. You'll understand that soon enough." Very, very soon.


At the sight of Kurt hovering in the doorway to the kitchen, Carole squeezed Blaine's hand and got up from the table, smiling at Kurt as she brushed past him to give the boys some privacy. Blaine was rubbing at his eyes, obviously he'd been crying since he stormed out of the living room, and the sight made Kurt's heart drop. This wasn't what he wanted. He didn't want to hurt his boyfriend like that, not at all.



"I'm sorry." Kurt walked into the kitchen, slipping past the island to head into the small dining nook where Blaine was seated. His boyfriend was hunched over in his seat, his cheeks flushed and his eyes red from crying. Kurt took the seat beside him and reached out, slotting his fingers alongside Blaine's as he held his lover's hand in a gentle embrace. "I should've told you about applying for schools instead of hiding it from you. It was stupid of me to think that this wouldn't affect you or that I wouldn't be chosen to audition."

"I can't believe you'd think so low of yourself though," Blaine whispered, glancing up at Kurt through his waterlogged lashes. The look he gave him was one filled with heartbreak, like the idea that Kurt doubted himself over all this hurt more than anything. More than the lying or the secrecy. Blaine was upset that Kurt didn't believe in himself enough and when the other boy finally realized that, he felt even more foolish.

"I just... sometimes I don't think I belong, you know? I look at myself and I see this fucked up person and then I look at someone like Rachel or you and I see what the world wants. It doesn't surprise me that Rachel got an audition - she's perfect for them. And, like, if you had applied, you would've been perfect for them too. I just... when I think about me in that situation, I can't see it. I see the piercings and the hair and I think, the only thing he's good for is getting a job as a tattoo artist. Because that's what everyone else thinks of when they see me-"

"Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks of you? What matters is that you think you're good enough and you are, Kurt. I hate that you're always doubting yourself. And, yeah, I'm pissed that you thought it was smart to hide all of this from me, but I'm more angry at the fact that not once did you ever have the confidence in yourself to think you had this in the bag. That's what pisses me off. Because I believe in you and I love you and you act like you don't care about what anybody else has to say about you when in reality, you care too much."

Kurt closed his eyes, shaking his head as he felt Blaine squeeze his fingers tightly within his own. His hand lifted, Blaine's lips brushing the back of it with a soft kiss, and he smiled, leaning in to rest his forehead against his lover's. "Why are you so good to me?"

"Because I love you, stupid. I love you more than anything and I want you to love yourself as much as you love everyone else, including me."

Smiling, Kurt pressed his lips against Blaine's, pulling back with a sigh as he let his free hand fall to his boyfriend's incredibly round stomach. There was no doubt in his mind that he loved this person (these people, when he included his daughter) more than anything in the world and while he was still a little angry with himself over the fight he had with Blaine just moments ago, he knew they were going to be okay. They had to be; the baby was coming soon and the last thing she needed was to come into a world where her daddies were disgusted with one another. However, everything was going to be fine. They'd settled their differences (for the most part, but Kurt told himself that they could discuss this more after the baby was born) and they were calmer now than they were before, so now all their attention could go towards preparing for the baby's birth, which was coming up fast.

Or, in their case, faster than they'd expected.


"Hey guys! Did you get Kurt's clothes and stuff?"

Blaine shrugged off his coat, ignoring his sister's question as he waited for Kurt to help him take off his snow boots. The clouds outside raged with a winter storm, the snow avalanching around them as the temperatures dropped and February's crazy weather kept on giving. It was late, the sky dark, and for a while, Burt had argued with the boys about sticking around at the Hudmel household, claiming that they needn't be driving in such bad weather when they could just head back to the Berry's in the morning. Blaine, however, had left all of his essentials back at his home (since they were just stopping by to get some of Kurt's clothes for the week) and Kurt didn't want to have to try and sleep in his bed with a cranky Blaine - especially one that couldn't get comfortable without his pregnancy pillow. So, before the storm got too bad, they piled in the car and left, promising Burt that they'd give him a call once they were safely inside the Berry home.

"Hello? Earth to Blaine! Kurt? Hello? I know you guys can hear me, so why are you ignoring me?"

"We can hear you, Rachel. Can't you see I'm a little busy right now?" Kurt grumbled, yanking Blaine's final boot from his swollen foot as his boyfriend grunted from the freeing feeling of his leg not being squashed inside of it anymore. Once Blaine was out of his winter clothes, he wobbled his way up the steps and left Rachel and Kurt behind, mentioning something about getting out of his jeans and into something comfier while the two talked about something important.

"What's he talking about?"

"I got my NYADA letter."

"Oh my god! Congrats! I didn't even know you applied!"

"I did and he found out when my dad brought me the letter earlier. We kinda had a fight-"

"Oh. Are you two not-"

"We're okay now. It was a minor blow-up, but we're good at the moment. I kinda think he's still keeping something from me though. Like... he said he was fine with it all, but on the car ride over here, he was really quiet and I'm not sure what's going on there."

"Maybe he's just tired. He hasn't been sleeping well lately." That much was true. The last few days alone had been heartburn city for the poor boy and there were nights that Kurt would wake up in bed alone, trudging through the house only to find Blaine sitting on the couch sipping a cup of ginger tea. Throughout the day, he'd doze, nodding off against Kurt's shoulder while they relaxed on the sofa or while Kurt caught up on his homework, but his naps were short and never refreshing enough to make Blaine feel any better. Plus with the pregnancy as late stage as it was, Blaine was on edge about the birth, constantly worried about labor pains and everything else that was about to happen with his body. He was scared as could be and no one could calm him down well enough, so his stress levels were likely through the roof.

Kurt could only hope that the next few days (until the baby's due date) would be smooth sailing. Though he was sure it was a dream for naught. "Maybe. I just... I plan on talking more about all this once the baby's here and not until then because he's stressing out too much as it is."

"That's probably for the best," Rachel remarked, looking up the stairs to see if she could spot Blaine from where she was standing. When she didn't see him, she turned back to Kurt, smirking. "So what's the plan for tomorrow? It's your first Valentine's Day together as a couple! Are you guys gonna try to go out or are you gonna stay in and make him dinner like you did on his birthday? What's your plan?"

"Well, going out would be too much of a hassle. But I was able to order a bouquet of roses to be delivered here - weather pending - and then I was planning on getting some take-out from wherever he chooses. We're gonna take it slow honestly. He's too far pregnant to be going out and the crowds on Valentine's are the worst." Carefully he pushed his wet boots as well as Blaine's over to the doormat. Then he hung up their coats and gloves, making sure everything was in its proper place so they could dry. "What about you and Finn? Any plans?"

"He's taking me to Breadstix and then we're gonna go see a movie. I'm not sure what, but he planned it all, so I'm hoping it's not some lame action film."

Kurt knew exactly what movie Finn planned on seeing and it was an action film, but he didn't say anything (and he was pretty proud of himself for not snorting when Rachel expressed her hopes.) Nodding along in encouragement, he smiled at his friend and then turned to head upstairs, offering Rachel a quiet goodnight as he headed up the steps and towards Blaine's bedroom. It was late, he still had to call his dad, and he was sure Blaine was ready to go to bed, so that was his intent. Get everything done and then go to sleep. He was sure he'd be in bed within the hour.

Quietly, he opened the door to Blaine's room and paused, eyes falling onto his boyfriend as he watched Blaine grip the side of his bed with a tight fisted grasp, his hands clutching his comforter like it was the only thing tethering him to the ground.



"Are you okay?"

"I... yeah. Just having one of those Braxton Hicks contractions."

"Are you sure? I've never seen you have one like that."

"They get stronger the closer you get to your due date. This one is- ahh. It's a little more painful."

Kurt frowned, stepping further into the room before he shut the door and made his way to Blaine's side, placing his hand on the small of his boyfriend's back. The muscles beneath were tight, tense to the touch and Kurt gently placed his hand on the other side of Blaine's waist, slowly massaging the hardness beneath his palms as Blaine groaned in appreciation. "God, babe, you're tense as fuck."

"It's these contractions. It'll pass soon."

"Are you sure this is one of those fake ones and not the real thing?"

"Yeah. If it were real, I'd be having more." That was a lie, but Blaine (inwardly) was panicking. Ever since their argument at Kurt's house, he'd been feeling strange, like a light switch that someone kept flicking off and on. Sometimes the switch would come on and immediately shut off, then other times it would come on and stay like that, flicking off minutes later. Each time got a little bit worse and a little bit longer and Blaine was sure this was his body telling him that the time was coming for him to meet his daughter, but he knew her due date wasn't for another few days. He still had a week at the most... maybe even a few days after that. Plus tomorrow was Valentine's Day and he couldn't imagine having a baby then. When he first found out his daughter's due date, he thought it would be cute to have a love day baby, but then he thought about people he knew who were born on holidays and hated it. It was kind of a win-lose situation and while he knew he couldn't exactly choose when his daughter wanted to make her way into the world, he figured that Valentine's Day wouldn't be it.

"Do you want to lay down?" Kurt interrupted, his fingers still working their magic on Blaine's aching back.

"Yeah, just give me a minute." Once the pains dampened down, Blaine slumped against his bed, slowly pulling his legs up to climb onto the mattress. He wasted no time in collapsing, curling up on his side as best he could with his massive stomach in the way. Kurt immediately began changing into his pajamas, shrugging off his clothes in record time before he was back in bed and spooning up behind Blaine, an arm tossed over his boyfriend's waist as he rubbed Blaine's belly slowly. "You need to call your dad, Kurt."

"I'll call him later-"

"No. Call him now and then come back and snuggle. You know he and Carole are gonna worry that we're wrecked somewhere on the side of the road, so call him before you forget. Me and the baby will still be here when you're done. Go on."

Shooting a look at his exhausted lover, Kurt rolled out of bed and grabbed his phone off of Blaine's dresser, dialing his dad's number with ease while he waited for someone to pick up. Carole answered, calling out that it was Kurt on the line before she even let her stepson confirm whether or not he got home okay. Once Burt was on the line though, Kurt was able to let the family know they made it home safe and we're just getting ready for bed. He really didn't want to stay on the line too long, especially when Blaine kept grimacing and clutching his pillow in a tight grip, so he feigned a yawn and finished the call, quickly climbing back into bed after he turned off the overhead light. "That wasn't another pain, was it?"

"It's just my back, that's all. I slept on it weird last night and it's been bothering me all day."

Kurt rolled his eyes in thought, trying to remember exactly how Blaine had woken up that very morning. He remembered rolling over to see Blaine flat on his back staring up at the ceiling, but that was it. That was something that usually happened every single morning because Blaine couldn't get comfortable in one position for too long, so Kurt didn't think too much of it. Now he wondered if he should've been a little more observant. "Babe," he whispered, leaning over Blaine's scrunched up body as he brushed his hand over the spot where his daughter grew. "Maybe we should get your dads? What if this is the real thing?"

"It's not. I'm just having a backache. Labor's worse than this. We watched the videos and we read the books. This can't be what labor is because it's not intense-"

"But it could get intense."

"Maybe later. Right now, I just want to lay in bed with my boyfriend and get some sleep. If anything changes, I'll wake you up and let you know or I'll wake up my dads. Right now though, I'm fine. Okay? I promise."

"You promise you'll get me up?" Kurt waited until Blaine nodded and then he kissed the back of his head, scooting down into the mess of covers to cocoon himself behind Blaine's back. He held his best friend close and closed his eyes, letting his mind cloud over with thoughts that their daughter would soon be born and his life would change forever. Beside him, Blaine laid completely still, eyes shut as he struggled to ignore the twinging ache in his lower spine, the one that had been bothering him all day and had been increasing in power and length since his fight with Kurt.


It was a little after five in the morning when Kurt began to stir. He wasn't sure what woke him up, but there was an unusual coldness where he expected his boyfriend to be, so he immediately jerked awake and began to pat his hand down Blaine's side of the bed. His fingers met nothing but the feeling of damp sheets and that's when he began to panic. Even in the dark bedroom, he could see where Blaine was missing from the bed; his pillow was still slightly indented from where his head rested and the sheets were rustled from his movements - they were also soaked with sweat and as Kurt pressed his hand into the fabric, he felt his body ice over with fear. Where was Blaine?

"Honey?" He called out, rolling over to click on the bedside lamp. A quick sweep of the room showed that his pregnant lover was nowhere to be found and Kurt's stomach dropped to his toes. Something was wrong. "Abs? Honey, where are you?" His voice grew a little louder, a bit more shrill as he climbed out of bed and went to search Blaine's bathroom. The boy wasn't there either. In fact, the bathroom was untouched like no one had entered it since they got home so Kurt knew Blaine had to be somewhere outside of the room and he made his way towards the door, mentally kicking himself when he noticed that it was ajar and there was a light on somewhere down the hall.

The offending light was only a few steps away, coming from the slightly opened door of the nursery. Kurt walked closer to the room, his footfalls quiet against the thick carpet and as he placed his hand on the door to push it in, his throat locked up over the noises he heard coming from inside. Blaine was groaning, hissing back long pants of breath like he was struggling with something. A pain of some sort. Oh my god. "Blaine?" Pushing open the door, Kurt's worries jumped tenfold as he spotted the missing boy hunched over the back of the rocking chair, his knuckles pure white as they grasped the life out of the plush fabric seat cover. His dark hair was drenched with sweat, the tips of his ears red with fever, and his clothes were sticking to him like he'd just been dunked in a vat of cold water. From his position in the doorway, Kurt could see where Blaine was trembling something fierce, little choked off grunts and breaths puffing from his opened mouth as he swiveled his hips and whimpered against the pain. "Oh honey."

"It hurts."

"How long have you been awake? When did this start?" He stopped, letting himself think about earlier that evening when Blaine had been battling backaches before they went to bed. "Oh my god, this is it, isn't it? She's coming right now!"


"You're having contractions! Blaine, you've been having them since we got home-" His boyfriend moaned out something that suspiciously sounded like, I've been having them all day, and when Kurt caught the words, his eyes almost bugged out of his head. "You've what?! Blaine! We need to get you to a hospital! You're in labor!" Blaine didn't respond, just dropped to squat down as another wave of pain bulldozed him. "Okay, okay, I can handle this! I'm gonna go wake your dads and we'll call Dr. Brady and have him meet us at the hospital. Umm... your bag's been packed for weeks now, so we don't have to worry about that, so all I have to do is wake up your dads and that's it. Okay! I'm gonna go wake your dads now! Don't leave!"

His choice of words couldn't have been any poorer (or repetitive - how many times could he say he was gonna get Blaine's dads?), but he was scared to death, panic gripping his entire being as he practically sprinted down the hall towards the Berry men's bedroom. Without knocking and praying that they were sleeping and not having sex, he threw the door open and found himself staring at two completely dead to the world adults. They were cuddling, bodies nestled together, and Kurt grimaced a bit at the sight (parent cuddling was always a little creepy to him and he was sure it'd be creepy for his daughter... who just so happened to be on her way now and wasn't Kurt standing there for some reason?) The grounds for his trespassing in Blaine's parents' room came back to him when a particularly loud gasp came from Blaine down the hall; it shocked him back to reality and Kurt pounced, flicking on the overhead light with a mouthful of words flying from his lips as the Berry men shot up in horror.

"Kurt? What is it?"

"Blaine's in labor and he has been for hours and the baby's coming right now and it's still snowing and we need to call Dr. Brady because he needs to be there! Hurry up, come on! Your granddaughter wants out now and Blaine's in a lot of pain and I don't know what to do, I thought I was ready for this, but I'm not! Please get up!" He barely took a breath in during that entire speech, but once it was over, he had two very concerned faces watching him as they climbed out of bed and began rustling around the room. Hiram called something out to Leroy, telling him to grab their things, and then he was off down the hall, disappearing into the nursery where Kurt overheard Blaine whining in pain.

He felt really guilty now.

It was the same guilt that ate at him all the time and had been since he slept with Blaine that fateful night. It was the guilt that sometimes overwhelmed him when he listened to his friends talk about their college plans and he watched Blaine prepare for the birth of their baby. It was the same guilt that made him feel like shit that very evening when he watched Blaine's face fall at the knowledge that Kurt had been applying to colleges while he geared up to raise their child. And now the guilt was over the fact that Blaine was obviously hurting, in enough pain to cry as Hiram tried to shush him, and all Kurt could do was stand there and panic over what to do.

Leroy was buzzing around him, grabbing up their phones, digital cameras, and some magazines to read while they waited. He then went to grab a change of clothes for him and Hiram before he rushed down the hall to wake Rachel. Kurt, in the meantime, stood helplessly in the hallway, halfway between the master bedroom and the nursery, his hands wringing themselves together as he watched Hiram coo at his son and try to ease his pain.

"Is he alright?" Rachel asked quietly, startling Kurt from his stupor. The boy wanted to snark at her, wanted to say that of course Blaine wasn't alright, he was in labor, but she was just as worried as he was and he completely understood her curiosity. As they both watched, Blaine whimpered again, grasping the back of his dad's night shirt as he rested his head on his father's chest. Hiram was patient, gently rubbing his hand up and down Blaine's back while he murmured soft hushing sounds. The act was enough to spur Rachel into action as she disappeared into Blaine's room and started to grab his things. Kurt also started moving, realizing that he wasn't helping whatsoever, so he followed Rachel and handed her the things he knew Blaine wanted with him at the hospital.

"Kurt? Rachel? We're gonna change and then we'll be ready to go. Kurt, come stay with Blaine while we finish getting ready!"

Should've been with Blaine from the beginning, Kurt's mind scolded as he went to the nursery and instantly flocked to Blaine's side. His boyfriend latched onto him like an octopus, sliding his arms around Kurt's back as he suctioned his hands on the taller boy's shirt. He was still sweaty as could be, body slick with perspiration and Kurt felt horrible that he was suffering so much. Not giving two shits that Blaine was all gross and sticky, he pressed his lips to his lover's soaked hair, resting his cheek there as he rubbed his palms against Blaine's back. "You're doing so well, babe. So, so well."

He'd repeat the sentiment for the rest of the night, from the car ride to the hospital and then up to the labor ward where they'd be until the baby decided to make her debut.


"I'm not sure how much more of this I can take," Blaine cried, dropping his head to the pillow as the nurse stood up from the foot of the bed and gave his leg a reassuring pat. Kurt watched her take off her gloves and scribble something down on the chart by her side and then she was back to looking at the monitors they had hooked all over Blaine's body.

"You're doing incredibly well, Blaine. Your labor's coming along nicely and you're about six centimeters dilated, so it won't be too long until the baby comes!" The woman's overly chipper nature was already grinding Kurt's gears, but he didn't say a word, not about to get himself kicked out of the room when he was the only support system Blaine wanted at his side. Everyone else had been relegated to the waiting room, Blaine insisting that they all stay out of his hair while he labored. That was the plan from the beginning since Blaine wasn't very comfortable having a bunch of people around him when he was in pain; it was something that stemmed from his past injuries and subsequent recovery after Sadie Hawkins. Kurt never fully understood the brunt of it, but he agreed with whatever Blaine wanted to do and Blaine wanted him and him alone, so that's what he got...

...even though the whole being one's complete support system was really starting to freak Kurt out a bit. He wasn't sure where this new anxiety blossomed from, but he was struggling to fight it down, especially when he knew Blaine needed him right now. They made this baby together and he couldn't bail out now, not when Blaine was in excruciating pain due to something stupid he did.

"Do you need anymore ice chips?" He asked quietly, running his hand down Blaine's back as his best friend climbed out of bed and started wandering around the room again, doing whatever he could to speed up his labor. "I could run down the hall and get you something to bash me with later. Perhaps a bottle of juice?"

Blaine chuckled for just a second, a tired smile glazing his features (which was enough to make Kurt grin as well; he'd missed that smile - it was something he hadn't seen in hours, not since they went to bed the night before.) "If you're thirsty, you can leave, you know? You don't have to stay in here for seventy-two thousand hours just because you're this baby's father. I shouldn't have told you that you had to stay."

"Babe, it's not that I don't want to stay. We made this little girl together and we're gonna bring her into this world together. I just... it's kinda stuffy in here."

"I know. I'm sweating like a pig," Blaine grumbled, pulling his clingy hospital gown away from his body. He kept tugging on the garment while Kurt watched on and the nurse finished up what she was doing. Within moments, she was out of the room again, promising to come by and check on Blaine within the hour. Once she was out of their sights, Kurt wandered over to his boyfriend and pulled him into his arms, breathing in Blaine's musky scent.

"You look beautiful. I'm very proud of you, you know? You're doing so well. I'd be a hot mess if the roles were reversed."

"I am a mess. Look at me," the younger teen gestured to his gown and the fact that his body was covered in a sheen of sweat. His curls were loose, falling freely around his face, their length properly showcased as they brushed his eyebrows. His cheeks were flushed, his skin a little sallow, and his eyes were glossy; he looked more exhausted than he ever had, but he also looked incredibly beautiful. Brave. Kurt was so in love with this man.

"Do you still want those ice chips?"

"If you don't care. I'm a little parched."

"Okay, like, who says that? Parched? Honestly Blaine-"

"Oh shut up and get me those ice chips, please? 'Kay thanks, love you!" Blaine waited until Kurt was out of the room and the door was shut before he gasped out, the contraction that had begun to roll through him finally hitting him full force once the door was closed. Biting back a sob, he brought a shaking hand to his belly and cupped it while he leaned the rest of his weight again the bed. His back labor was atrocious; it felt like someone was taking a pickaxe to his spine and while he dreamed of possibly having some pain relief, he found himself fighting the urge to cave. His whole pregnancy had been one large trip to the ER, IV after IV poked and linked to his veins while he laid in bed and wondered if it was ever going to end. He only had one IV at that very moment and that was to help keep him hydrated since he came in quite out of it just hours ago. Other than that, he was working on pure adrenaline and while he was in the most horrible pain of his life, he was scared of the effects the meds would have on his baby. Carrier pregnancies had common pain handling methods that he knew he could use - in fact, almost ninety-five percent of birthing carriers went to pain relief within the first few hours of their labor, but sometimes there were complications and Blaine feared, absolutely feared that he'd have the complication.

His pregnancy had been complicated enough. He could tough it out for a few more hours and then everything would be over and his daughter would be there, wailing and healthy in his arms.

He couldn't wait... especially when his contractions felt like they were tearing him apart.


"So how is he?"

Kurt barely made it into the doorway of the waiting room when he was accosted by every single member of his family, extended and otherwise. The awaiting grandparents were sitting together in one corner of the room, empty cups of complimentary coffee sitting by their chairs while they each shared a box of donuts. Rachel and Finn were cuddled up on a few chairs together, napping away while they waited, and Kurt found himself smiling at how close the two families were while they waited for the baby to make her arrival.

"He's doing okay. He's about six centimeters right now and the nurse said she'd be in to check him within the hour. I'm just down here on a mini break to get a drink and some ice chips for Blaine." Before he could finish his sentence, his stomach growled fiercely and the group of adults laughed, Carole jokingly holding out the box of donuts for Kurt to browse through while he rolled his eyes and played along. Swiping a blueberry cake pastry, he disappeared down the hall to get a drink for himself and the ice for Blaine, waiting the few minutes for the ice machine to kick itself into gear while he noshed on his donut. Then, with a full container of ice, a cup of coffee, and a donut digesting in his belly, he was off back down the hall, calling out a promise over his shoulder that he'd come and update them when he could.

Carefully balancing everything in his hands, he pushed the hospital room door open and announced his presence, "Hey. I've got your ice and-" However, he paused when he spotted Blaine's hands and his hands alone clinging to the side of the bed. His boyfriend was on his knees on the floor, moaning in anguish as yet another contraction rippled up and down his back and left him crying out from the agony. "Oh honey. I'm back, baby. I'm back." Dropping the items on the stand beside the bed, he rushed to Blaine's side, squatting down to match Blaine's position as he ran his hand down to the small of Blaine's back and kneaded the tension there. "Just breathe, honey. You're doing so great. So, so great."

"I just want her to come out," Blaine sobbed, turning his head to bite at Kurt's t-shirt. He'd been doing that all morning too, dragging his teeth along the material of Kurt's shirt like it was soothing to him. It wasn't something Kurt understood at all (which he was beginning to realize that he really didn't get much when it came to his boyfriend), but he allowed it, doing whatever he could to keep Blaine comfortable throughout this whole ordeal. "It hurts so bad, Kurt. I want her out."

"I know you do. You're doing so good though, babe. Just think, we got here at six and it's only noon! We're moving so fast!"

"Not fast enough!"

Kurt tutted, kissing the side of Blaine's neck while he held him close, waiting for the cramping to dim down so they could get up off the floor and start their trek around the labor ward. Blaine was clutching him like a lifeline, like Kurt was the rock that kept him grounded, and as the contraction picked up, Kurt hummed against Blaine's ear to soothe his frayed nerves. He kept humming, waiting until his lover went pliant in his arms and once everything had calmed down, he helped Blaine to his feet, hugging him while Blaine cried against his chest. "Maybe we should get some pain medication? Just enough to help you out?"

"No. I want to finish this. I don't want anymore meds. It's bad enough that they gave me this IV."

"But they'll help you. Honey, you're in a lot of pain right now and I hate seeing you this way. If they'll help you, perhaps you should-"

"I can't, Kurt! I don't want the meds. I can do this, I just- I wish it would hurry up!"

"I know you do. I know," Kurt cooed, his voice warm and calming. He ran his fingers through Blaine's messy curls and then cupped his lover's neck, kissing him sweetly as Blaine whimpered against his mouth. From their proximity, Kurt could feel the heat radiating off of his laboring love; Blaine was molten hot, his skin burning, and Kurt knew he had to be struggling with it all - of the pain and this feverish, rising temperature. It had to be horrific. "I love you."

"I love you too." Blaine whispered, pausing for a second as he licked his lips. "Why do you taste like blueberries?"

At that, Kurt's eyes widened and then he chuckled, looking down at his shoes. "Oh, umm... I may have had a donut while I was waiting on your ice. Our parents got a couple dozen to snack on while they wait and Carole had me eat one before I came back here. I guess my stomach was louder than the crying babies in the nursery."

"Crying babies... god, I can't believe our daughter will be there in a few hours. It seems so surreal-"

"Yeah it does. And if she makes it out before midnight, she'll be a Valentine's baby. That's pretty badass."

"She's gonna hate us. Holiday kids always hate their birthdays."

"Well then she can hate us then. She'll still be the greatest Valentine's Day gift ever."


They both remained standing, bodies tucked into one another as Kurt swayed them back and forth like they were slow dancing. Blaine relished in the embrace, thankful that Kurt was there at his side to keep him focused and while he knew the father of his child was scared out of his mind about this whole thing, he was 100% sure that Kurt wouldn't leave him to do this on his own. Kurt had been a real trooper during the whole pregnancy... or at least the parts where they were together. The last few months alone had been eye opening to Blaine; he finally got to witness full on that side of Kurt that he'd only seen handfuls of times and the more he saw that Kurt, the more in love he fell. The calculating, cool exterior that his boyfriend exuded at McKinley was nothing more than a protective farce that kept the bullies away; the Kurt that lay hidden beneath that layer was loving, caring, and more amazing that Blaine could ever imagine. He was the one who laid next to Blaine at night and sang to his stomach, he was the one who kissed Blaine so tenderly and made him feel like a prince.

He was the one who was currently holding him up, making sure his exhausted, shaking legs didn't give out on him. Kurt wouldn't let him fall and if he did, Kurt would catch him, of that he was sure.

"I love you so much," Blaine murmured again, hissing when another contraction bowled him over and caused his knees to give out. Kurt, as expected, was quick to tighten his grip around Blaine's body, hefting him up to help him stand steady against the bed. As the pain bloomed, Kurt massaged his magic hands into Blaine's back, singing his praises while he tried his best to ease a little bit of the pain from his boyfriend's body. No matter what he did though, the pain kept coming, kept getting stronger, and the further along the labor went, the more tuckered out Blaine became.


Afternoon came, the snowstorm that still blew outside covering the ground with several more inches of snow. Kurt stood by the window, watching as people struggled to keep the sidewalks in front of the hospital clear during the downpour. Patient and visitor safety was a huge priority and Kurt heard there were numerous wrecks out there so there were more people heading to the hospital that day. It seemed like he, Blaine, and their families weren't the only ones occupying the building for a medical reason.

If only people didn't insist on going out on Valentine's Day and getting themselves hurt.

Rolling his eyes, he turned back towards Blaine and frowned, rushing back to the crying boy's side as the nurse between his legs finished her check-up and pulled back with a smile. "You are almost fully dilated, sweetheart. I bet within the next hour, you'll be pushing!"

"Are you sure?" Blaine said softly, his voice barely above an audible breath. Kurt knew his throat was killing him - all the moaning and groaning had taken its toll on his vocal cords.

"Sure as ever. You're about nine centimeters. Not much longer now."

Blaine breathed out a thank god and then went to push himself back up, arching his back as the pain trickled further into his lower half and made him gasp outloud. Steady hands reached out to help him, Kurt carefully holding Blaine against his chest as his lover clung to him while the labor pains intensified. The nurse left the room to begin getting things ready for the birth, so once again the young couple was left alone to deal with the labor. As Kurt held him, Blaine found himself lost in his thoughts about what was going to happen next. All the videos they'd watched (as well as the books they read) never prepared him for this. He had an inkling of what was going to occur, but everything was way different when you're the one it's happening to.

The pain felt worse, much more terrible than the way people described it in the books or in the videos. Labor was nothing like he expected it to be and even though he knew that he was in good hands, he couldn't help but fear the unknown. God, he was about to give birth and that was a whole life changing experience within itself. Within the next hour, he would be transitioning to the turning point of his life. No longer would he just be a simple high school senior preparing for graduation; he'd be a daddy. This time last year, he was singing sappy love songs to a group of married couples at a country club, wishing that he'd find someone to love him as much as those couples there loved each other. Now he was due to give birth to a baby, a human being with a guy that he'd barely known for a year but loved with all his heart.

Where did the time go?

"Hey. You okay? You sorta zoned out on me for a second," Kurt questioned, leaning down to catch Blaine's gaze with his own. The contraction was over, Blaine's running thoughts somehow blocking the worst of it, and now he wanted to move, to maneuver himself into a better position because the current one he was in hurt. "Blaine? Baby, what are you doing?"

"I need to move."

"Move where?"

"My hands and knees. Please, my back is killing me. It hurts to lay down."

"Okay." Kurt stood strong, allowing Blaine to place all of his weight on his shoulders while the younger teen pulled himself up onto his knees and crawled around the bed, dropping down to his elbows to rest his tired face against the pillows. "Feel better?" Fingers rubbed at the nape of his neck and Blaine nodded in response to Kurt's question, linking his fingers together as he rested them on top of his head.

"We're gonna be parents soon."

"Yeah, we are." Even with his head down, Blaine could hear the smile in his boyfriend's voice and it caused him to grin too. He turned his head and looked up at Kurt through his eyelashes, heart pounding in his chest as he took in the loving, full look directed back at him.

"I'm so glad it's you I'm having a baby with."

Smirking, Kurt blushed, ducking his head as he laughed. "Yeah, me too. Can you imagine what it would've been like if it had been Puck that was upstairs that night? Like if one of us slept with him? I would die."

"God, don't say that. Like I'd need Noah Puckerman to be my baby's daddy or like you'd need to knock Puck up. How terrible."

"He probably doesn't have the gene to cause the whole thing anyway, so it would've just been a roll in the hay between two drunk off their asses friends."

"Like us."

"Like us but ours worked out in the end."

"Yeah, I'd say," Blaine teased, unlinking his fingers to drop one hand to his belly. Another long, hard hiss of breath slipped through his teeth and Kurt leaned down, resting his forehead against Blaine's unruly curls. "Kurt?"

"Yeah baby?" Unusually enough, despite the hours of labor, Blaine had not once shook like he was doing now; his body was quivering viciously in Kurt's arms, lower half vibrating so much that Kurt was afraid his legs would fall out from under him. "Honey, you're shaking."

"Get the doctor. Hurry. I need to push."

Ice laced Kurt's veins, causing him to freeze up in shock. "What? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Kurt! Please go get him. I need to push. Hurry!"

Panicked, Kurt rushed from the room, running down to the nurses' station to find the woman who'd been with them since they checked in that morning. Upon seeing the look on his face, she jumped up, paging Dr. Brady to their room and then the group of nurses who'd been waiting on her signal followed, disappearing down the hall, leaving Kurt behind to break the news to his family. He had a few minutes to spare, just enough time to run down and tell them the baby was coming and then he'd be back at Blaine's side.

However, as soon as he entered the waiting room and saw the tired faces of his family, he felt the words tighten in his throat. His eyes jumped around the room, looking for anywhere else to land other than his own father's face and that's when he spotted he clock on the wall behind his family's chairs. It read that it was after five in the evening and Kurt immediately felt the walls closing in on him. Their daughter was coming now; she was going to be here soon and sometime within the next few hours, she'd be in his arms and he'd be a parent.

Holy shit.

Before he had a chance to open his mouth, his eyes rolled back in his head and everything went completely black.


"Where's Kurt? Someone please! I need him! I can't do this without him."

Blaine was sobbing, body shuddering as he fought the urge within him to bear down. The nurses were getting the rest of the room set up and since he couldn't be bothered to move from his position on his hands and knees, he stayed that way, his fingers practically tearing their way through the tough bedding as he battled with the pain he was feeling. He could feel everything, every little tingle or burning sensation. The sharp stabbing ache in his lower back? He could feel that too. He knew he probably looked a mess; he was weeping uncontrollably, begging for his boyfriend, and even though one of the nurses went to fetch him, he couldn't stop asking for him. Where's Kurt? Someone please find him. Please.

Begging was never his strong point and he was sure he was annoying the staff with his pleas, but he needed him. Kurt promised he'd be there and so help him, if that boy wimped out and ran off before their daughter was born, Blaine was sure he'd never speak to him again.


"Macy's found him, Blaine. He had a bit of an accident, but he's on his way. Just hold on a second. We can start pushing though as soon as you feel a contraction, okay?"

An accident? Blaine didn't hear anything else minus those words and he was horrified. What happened? Kurt only went down to tell the nurses he was ready to deliver and then he disappeared and that was almost ten minutes ago! What happened?!

"There he is! Are you alright, sir?"

Blaine turned his head to the side, frowning when Kurt came into the room shaking like a leaf, his skin paler than normal, paper white complected (which made him look dead; that's what he looked like... dead.) His rainbow hair stood out more than normal and his piercings glinted in the light, but despite all that, he looked upset. Like he somehow ruined something.


"Baby, I'm so sorry. God, Blaine, I'm here now. I don't know what happened. One second I was going to tell our parents the baby's coming and then I was on the floor. I don't know what happened!"

"You fainted? God-" Before he could say anymore, he was keening, smacking his hands into the mattress as the urge to push overwhelmed him and he just couldn't fight it anymore. It was like he was on autopilot, body doing what it needed to do while he just let it happen. Kurt was at his side in an instant, one hand wobbling through his hair while the other slid beneath his chest and took one of his hands for him to squeeze. And squeeze it he did. "Oh my god-"

"Great push, Blaine! You're doing beautifully. She moved down quite a bit! That was impressive for your first push. Let's see if we can do that again!"

The rest of the staff became quite vocal, counting down while Blaine continued to deliver and even Kurt jumped in on the action, his voice steady and familiar in Blaine's ear while he praised him and counted along with the group. Another set of ten ticked away and Blaine was sure he was going to die from the pain. He could feel the baby right there and he heard his doctor say something about it, which only seemed to inspire him further to keep going.

Well, until she started to crown.

"Oh my god, get her out! Get her out!"

"Keep pushing just like that, Blaine. She'll be out in no time if you keep doing it like that."

A sob broke free from his throat and Blaine jerked his free hand away (the one that wasn't turning Kurt's to dust) and clutched at his stomach, wailing as the excruciating pain grew tenfold. His doctor was saying something to him about screaming, something about how it took away the power from his pushes, but he didn't care. He couldn't help it. He needed to scream.

"God, Blaine-" Kurt was crying, Blaine could feel it in his words and the way he spoke and he knew his boyfriend was only that emotional because he was in pain. Kurt hated seeing Blaine hurt and this had to be taking the cake because this was the most intense, agonizing pain he'd ever been in... including Sadie Hawkins.

More tears were falling, but Blaine kept going. His body felt like jello, like if someone wanted, they could squish him into a pound of mush and he wouldn't even be able to fight back. Kurt was a rock hard presence at his side, doing his best to keep calm so that Blaine didn't freak out. But Blaine knew Kurt was probably seconds away from having a panic attack next to him. God, they were so young. They were still babies themselves and here they were having their first child together. Jesus.

"There we go, Blaine! Pant. C'mon, breathe. Pant, pant, pant! Keep breathing just like that and let her ease out on her own. We don't want you to tear."

Kurt paled again at that thought, Blaine squeezing his hand when he just so happened to glance up and catch the love of his life turn translucent from the idea of that happening. With another deep breath, he continued on with his journey, crying out loud from the despair while everyone around him cheered him on. It was like the cheerleading section at a football game. They kept chanting the same stuff over and over and all Blaine wanted them to do was take a god damn break. But he was much too polite to snap at them even though he really, really felt like it.


"Yeah, honey?"

"Is she almost out? Please tell me she's almost out."

"I don't know, babe. I'm afraid to look."

At that, Blaine shot him a nasty look and Kurt backtracked, nodding his head as he accepted what he was about to do. He could do this. They watched videos on this very act; this was a miracle... or at least that's what the videos said. No matter what, this could never happen to him. His body wasn't born equipped with the gene or the other crazy things that caused this to happen. He couldn't carry a child, so whatever was happening down there wasn't his problem.

Except it was because it was his best friend, his lover, his boyfriend, the love of his fucking life suffering through this. So he had to look. For him.

Leaning down, he peered down where the doctor was looking and his heart almost leapt out of his chest. "Oh my god, Blaine. I can see her face. I can see her little face! Well, I can see her eyes and her nose, but she's almost out, babe! Oh my god. Oh wow."

"Another push, Blaine."

Blaine did as he was told, grunting, and Kurt made a noise that sounded a lot like a squeal. "Her head's out! Oh honey, she's gorgeous! She has so much hair too! Oh my god."

"Ready to become a daddy, Blaine?" Doctor Brady asked, smiling as he caught Kurt's wide eyes before the boy instantly went back to being glued to Blaine's side. "Okay, here we go. She should be out in this final push, so let's go! Push!"

With a yelp, Blaine screamed his way through the end, one hand on his flattening belly while the other grasped Kurt with all the power in the world. Kurt was murmuring the most empowering things in his ear, telling him how much he loved him, how proud he was, and how brave Blaine was for this. His words kept repeating, they were the only things Blaine heard, and even as his body started to slump forward in relief when he finally felt his little girl be born, Kurt's words remained echoing in his head.

All until the room filled with a tiny, dulcet cry.

"Oh my god-"

"Happy birthday little girl!" Doctor Brady announced and the room started to congratulate the two teens, their voices barely covering up the baby's cries as they grew louder in volume. Kurt was full on sobbing, his free hand now against his lips as he stared at the small baby that was laying on the mattress below Blaine. She was screaming her head off, kicking her tiny limbs and flailing as she got used to the cold world outside the womb, and Blaine was doing his best to get a look at her, holding his hospital gown against his stomach while he tilted his head in the worst possible way to get a better look at his child.


"She's beautiful. God, Blaine, she's perfect. I love you so much. So, so much." Kurt punctuated the last few words with kisses all over his boyfriend's shoulders, waiting until Blaine tilted his head up to catch a kiss on the mouth. Blaine smiled up at him, his entire expression tinged with exhaustion, and as Kurt looked at him in that moment, he knew he had never been more in love with anyone in the world than he was with the boy in front of him.

Around them, the room went back to getting things ready to clean off the baby and help out Blaine, but the two brand new parents only had eyes for each other.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Blaine whispered, blinking sleepily at his lover while Kurt echoed the same words, his own voice saturated with tears.

"Happy Valentine's Day, honey."


A ping of notifications jingled throughout the waiting room of the maternity/paternity ward and an overly joyous family all leapt for their phones, a brunette teenaged girl grabbing hers first before she opened the text with a yell of happiness. The rest of the family burst into the same excitement and then there were hugs all around, tears free flowing as the group celebrated the arrival of a very cherished and beloved new member of the family.


Kurt Hummel was in love. He knew he looked menacing with his many piercings and his multicolored hair, but if anyone took a look at him at that very moment, they'd see the world's biggest stuffed animal, the world's biggest ball of fluff who wore their heart on their sleeve. He was enamored with the baby that was currently being cleaned off in the warmer. His daughter's cries had tapered down a bit; now she was looking up at the ceiling and the bright lights above it like she was trying to figure out where the hell she was at and what was going on... Kurt completely understood. He didn't know what he was doing either.

They'd just have to learn it all together.

"Hey baby girl. I'm your daddy," he cooed, brushing his finger against her tiny, tiny hand. He was in awe as he looked at her mini fingernails, then going to look at her toes for the very same reason. She was adorable, pink skinned and dark haired. From the moment he saw her face to the second he cut the cord and severed the ties between her and Blaine, he knew that he'd protect this little girl with his life. If he had to murder someone for her, he would. If she came to him one day and needed help hiding a body, he'd be the one to help her do that and destroy the evidence. This was his little girl, his legacy, his blood, and he adored her already.

Basically she was less than an hour old and she already had him wrapped around her itty bitty finger.

"How much does she weigh?" He asked the nurse, watching as she lifted his daughter up and laid her on a scale.

"She's seven pounds, two ounces and nineteen inches long. She's a good size."

"She's so little though."

"Yep. She'll be this way for a while too. They're always more fun when they're small," the nurse teased, doing the rest of the things needed before she could pass the little one over to her father. There were some tests, eye drops, and little birth certificate things to be done, but then she was handed over to Kurt, the entire staff watching the badboy looking teen cradle his child with a gentle ease that made some of the women swoon.

"Hey there my little jellybean. Look at you. Look at how cute you are." He rocked the tiny blanketed bundle in his arms as he walked over to Blaine, smiling down at his boyfriend when he finally got to the bed and was able to sit down halfway. Blaine was barely awake next to him, eyelashes fluttering open and shut as he looked at the small pink gift in Kurt's arms.

"She's perfect."

"Yeah, she is. We made her. You made her. I'm so proud of you." Kurt kissed the top of Blaine's head, smiling down at his lover while Blaine held out his arms to take the baby. He was proud to pass her over, his heart swelling in his chest as Blaine hugged her close like a fragile doll. "She has so much hair. It looks straight right now, but that can change."

"Mine was straight for a while when I was little and then it started going haywire one day." Blaine whispered with a yawn, shaking his head to pry the sleep from his body. "Hopefully she won't have that problem."

"Well I hope she does. Your hair's beautiful."

"You're a dork."

"Yeah, but you love me. Just like I love you."

Doctor Brady smiled at the couple, interrupting them both to bid them a good night before he left the room to attend another delivery somewhere down the hall. The rest of his staff cleaned up and once everything was taken care of, they left the brand new family have a moment alone, promising to come back as soon as possible to finish up the birth certificate (once Kurt and Blaine decided on her name.) Blaine snuggled down in the bed, happy that the hardest part of everything was over and that he could now relax. His body felt pleasantly numb since the shock of the birth sent everything struggling to repair itself but now that he'd been cleaned up (though he still needed a shower), he felt loads better. Especially with his daughter in his arms.

"Have you thought of what we should name her exactly? I know we had names picked out, but I'm not sure which one I liked the most."

"Well," Blaine started, scooting his body over just a bit to allow Kurt more room on the bed. His boyfriend stretched out beside him and then rested his head against Blaine's shoulder, peering down at their now sleeping daughter with pride. As she slept (she had a hard day too), they watched her in awe, still in slight shock that she was created by them. "Get out the list and we can put the names up against her face and see how that holds out."

So they did. It took them a few minutes, but it was shorter than they expected. Because two names stuck out like a sore thumb and they knew that it would be perfect for her, for the little girl they loved so much yet barely knew. She would be named after two wonderful women she'd never had the chance to meet; she would be their namesake and the boys were excited to name her after her grandmothers: Lilibeth Maria and Elizabeth Kate. Blaine leaned down, looking at his daughter with love reflected in his eyes; just the day before, he'd been terrified to have her, scared to death of becoming a dad. But now that she was in his arms, he knew that's where she belonged. Smiling, he kissed the top of her downy little head and whispered into her hair, beaming when he felt Kurt's watchful eyes on both of them:

"Welcome to the world, Lily Katherine. We're so happy you're here."

A/N: I couldn't figure out what to do about her name, so I went ahead with that. I hope you like it. It's classical and it honors her grandmothers. I know I mentioned trying to figure in a traditional Filipino name, but a bunch of you said that those names aren't wildly used anymore so I went ahead and used a name (Lilibeth) that I could turn into Lily for Klaine's daughter. Do you like it? Umm... as for the birth scene, I hope it was everything you wanted and more. I'm expecting backlash, so if you didn't like it, please don't be a douche canoe. Constructive criticism is always welcome! But not douchey comments lol. Anyway, please review and let me know what you thought. I wrote my butt off and I hope you liked it!