Episode 1 - Sakka Yarou Ze!

"GOD HAND!" I yelled and throwing my right hand out, then a golden hand appeared in front of me catching the white and black ball.

This was the best thing that happened to me. I was able to use God Hand, and have good friends besides me. Maybe being Endou Mamoru was a good thing.
Oh, I bet you're wondering why I'm saying I'm Endou Mamoru. The reason why, is because I'm stuck in his body. Let's start from the beginning, kay?

"Nanami..." My friend, Yuki said. "Are you okay...? You're not wearing your usually smile." She asked me, then a big grin came on her face. "It can't be.."

"I'm not dating anyone, please stop teasing me!" I yelled at her. Then she backed down. "I'm just worried about some personal things.."

"Like?" Yuki asked me.

I sighed then agreed to answer. "It's just that I have a C- in Science...then a B in everything else, but my parents want me to get straight A's, but I can't do that, it's the beginning of the year and we all have F's...Middle school's killing me..I just want to be free and play soccer." I put all my feelings into what I said.

"But you're not good at soccer." Yuki pointed out.

I facepalmed. "I don't care, it's fun kicking and catching." I gave a weak smile.

"Hmmm..." Yuki smirked. "Are you sure it's not for the boy you like?" She teased me.

"I'm a manager, I can't fall in love with one of the players!" I scold. "Baka, besides, I want to be like Aki, Haruna, Natsumi, or even Fuyuka. A good manager that supports her team!" I gave a peace sign. "Anyways, I have to go now.." I looked at my wrist watch. "it's time for practice!" I waved good-bye to Yuki, and ran away from her, then to the soccer field.

"KYA!" Girls yelled.

"Masato-sama!" A girl yelled.

I sighed at the crowd of girls.

Oh, Hyuuga Masato was a childhood friend of mine, and very popular with the girls.

He was also the forward of the team, but our captain was Misturi Kagame. He was a Defender, one of our best defender. Besides his good plays, he was very smart in school, and loved to tease me, being a sadist.

Anyways, I finally slipped thou the group of girls and met the team.

"We're playing against Woodbury later today, does anyone want to review about them?" I asked the soccer team, ignoring the screams behind me.

"Nanami, why don't we try playing with you again," Kagame asked me. "last time you played as Forward was pretty good, but you weren't fast enough for us."

I pouted and yelled at him. "I don't care, I'm a girl!"

"Ma, ma," Masato patted my head. "Captain, let her go off, she's only a girl."

I stuck my touge at Masato, but turned to the team. "I'm more useful as a Defender. Most people underestimate me because I'm a girl, but I'm pretty strong, I could defend."

"Well see about that." Tsubasa(a mid-fielder) said. "But, you do have some good defense, maybe at the same level at captain."

"No one could surpass me." Kagame said coldly. "Anyways..."

Kagame started his "I'm-too-good" speech.

I sighed, and thought of him as Kidou Yuuto. They were different, yet the same somehow.

Masato reminded of me of Gouenji Shuuya, because they were both Forwards and always shoots the soccer ball at the goal.

Also, our goal keeper, Hikaru, was like Tachimukai. Both was really shy, yet cute.

Each player in the soccer team reminded me of one of the people in Inazuma Eleven.

Next thing I knew it...I was talking to the other soccer team, and fainted. [A/N: Lol...I was lazy, and yeah...hope you understand XD]

"Endou-kun, are you okay..?" I opened my eyes and looked at the person who was calling me Endou-kun.

I moaned. I opened my eyes a met a girl. She had brown eyes. Really pretty..

"Are you okay?" She asked again. "You just fainted after metting that boy."


"Uh..." I said something. "Who are you...?" I asked the girl and she gave a confused look.

"It's me, Kino Aki, Endou-kun, did you hit your head hard?" She asked me.

I rubbed the back of my head- wait...my hair isn't that short. And did she said her name was Kino Aki? I must be imaging...

"Endou-kun?" Kino repeated.

"Why are you calling me Endou-kun?" I asked Kino. "My name is Nana-" I cut myself off with a thought.

'Endou...W-wait ENDOU?!' I yelled inside my head.

"KINO AKI?!" I yelled, which made Kino cover her ears. "W-wait! W-where am I?!"

"ENDOU-KUN!" Kino yelled, which I looked at her. "This is Inazuma Town, and we go to Raimon Junior High, and you love soccer." She scold me.

"Raimon?" I gave a confused face, which she sighed.

"Remember-" Kino started, but I pretty much ignored her.

'Raimon, which means I'm in Inazuma Eleven?! B-but that means...' I thought and looked at my body. 'I'm ENDOU?! B-but why?! When I went to go talk to the other team, they must DID SOMETHING. OHHH When I wake up from this dream, I am going to MURDER them-'

"ENDOU-KUN!" Kino yelled again.

"H-hai?!" I put my hands up to defend me.

Kino sighed. "Well, I can't help anymore." She continued. "I'm going home, see you tomorrow at school, Endou-kun." She waved and walked away with her stuff.

"E-eh?!" I yelled. "K-Kino, I don't know where my house is..." I slowly took back my words and sighed. "Being Endou is hard...I want to be Nanami..."


So, after looking around for awhile...I finally found Endou's house. I opened the door- which wasn't locked...

"I'm home!" I yelled as I walked in, then walked to Endou's room.

"Why am I even in Inazuma Eleven, it's a good anime, and I shouldn't be in it!" I took off the orange headband, and then laughed to myself. "Endou looks weird without it- wait what am I doing?!" I yelled at myself. "I have to figure out why..."

"Mamoru! Take a bath before having dinner!"

"Eh?" I know that voice, it's Atsuko! Endou's mother!

"E-eto, what should I say-?!"

"MAMORU!" She opened the door and yelled. "Hurry up and get in the BATH!"

"E-eh...?" I covered my- or Endou's ears. "I-I-I'm thinking about something please..."

"I won't let you have dinner with all the dirt all over you!" Atsuko yelled at me.

"...hai.." I relied.

"Man..." Atsuko said. "I really wonder who he got this from.." [A/N: DAISUKE]

So, I found the bathroom, and wondered to myself. How am I going to do this?! I'm a GIRL! I don't have THAT THERE! WAH! What should I do?!

I blushed, and slowly took my clothes off...When I reached my pants.

'I-I can't DO IT!' I yelled in my head.


I held my breath and walked out of the bathroom, with some clean clothes on. "I almost die...and I didn't see a thing..."

I walked downstairs and saw Atsuko and Endou's Father at the dinning table.

"Mamoru, you took a long time." Atsuko scold me, but Endou's Father stopped it.

"Atsuko, let's just let him go,"

I sighed and sat down to eat diner with them.


The next morning I woke up with a weird dream...I had to make Inazuma Eleven as it was when Endou was in his own body, and if I didn't, I'll die...maybe I should believe in that dream.

"Mamoru, hurry up for you'll be LATE!" Atsuko yelled.

"H-hai!" I yelled back, putting on Raimon's Jacket.

I opened the door to the room, closed it, and ran downstairs, usually when I'm wearing socks, I will slip, but this time I didn't.

"I'm leaving!" I put on my shoes, and ran out the front door.


...Where's Raimon?

"GAH!" I yelled. "I'm going to be late, where the heck is Raimon-"

"Endou-kun, are you okay?" A feminine voice asked me.

I knew that voice! "Kino!" I turned around and met Kino.

"..." Kino didn't say anything.

"Do you want to go to school together?" I asked her with an Endou smile.

"S-sure..." She looked down.

Ah, she likes me...


So, in the end, Kino and I got to school together and made it to class. And guess what?! I met GOUENJI SHUUYA! THE ONE AND ONLY!

I kept myself from fangirling by pinching my cheek- or Endou's cheek. People around me look at me as if I wasn't Endou- which was true, but I can't help it!

Class ended, and I went out. to search members. But I didn't want to do a lot of work, so I just ended up walked around to people I saw and asked if they wanted to join the soccer club.


I stopped at what I was doing and thought to myself. Why was I doing this...but, I guess...I get to met people like...the others!

Then I saw a teal-haired boy running.

'K-Kazemaru!' I said in my head, and smiled. I ran up to him. "Kazemaru!"

Kazemaru stopped running and looked at me. "Endou? What's wrong..?"

"Do you want to join the soccer club?" I asked him.

"Soccer..?" He said with a questioning look.

"Yeah, do you want to join?" I asked using my own words. "When you decide to join, I'll be at the steel tower, kay!" I ran past him when I saw Megane.

"A...I..." Kazemaru said, but then sighed.


"Hmm...The soccer club..." Megane said. "There's no way I would join.."

I sweatdropped and sighed.

"Ask me again when your short one player.." He continued.

"Hai, hai..." I said.

Then he went on with his speech of being a hero, and I noticed Matsuno walking around, but I didn't ask him, I just moved on.

"Eto!" A voice said.

That voice! I turned around. I knew it, Otonashi Haruna!

"I'm from the newspaper club." Otonashi said. "Regarding the match against Teikoku, do you have any comments?"

"Comments?" I said, then smiled. "No, I have no comment."

"I see..." Otonashi said. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," I said with an Endou smile. 'Haruna is pretty cute, I see why people like her.'

So school ended, and I walked up to Kino.

"Kino!" I yelled and walked- or ran up to her.

"Endou-kun?" Kino said. "What's wrong?"

"Nee, I'm sorry for yesterday, I freaked you out a bit...right?" I apologized.

"It's alright." Kino replied with a warm(kind) smile.

I smiled back. "Thank you for understanding, also, could I ask you something?" I asked her.

She gave an confused face, but then agreed. "Sure."

"Where's the steel tower(Inazuma Tower)?" I asked her.

Kino facepalmed, but then told me where it was.


It was sunset, and I still couldn't find Inazuma Tower..or just couldn't find the path that lead to it.

But then finally, I saw Gouenji looking at the sunset, and then ran up to him.

When I was close to him, I yelled, "Gouenji!"

He looked at me, and then turned away. Why? Then I realized what was happening next, but I did what the real Endou Mamoru would do!

"Gouenji!" I ran up to him, but he started to walk away, but I didn't let him, so I ran in front of him. "Isn't this a great place?" I asked him. "You could see Inazuma Town, and the beautiful sunset."

I held the soccer ball in front of my chest. "Did you hear about the soccer club's practice match with Teikoku?" I asked him. Of course, I saw his eyes widen, but I decided to ignore it.

"We're a bit short of members..." I looked down for a bit, but then looked up with a smile. "So I was wondering if you wanted to join us," I asked him, but he turned to the sunset.

Then after a few minutes, my eyes darken a bit, and looked down. "Why did you stop playing soccer?" I asked him, maybe knowing why he stopped. "I-if it's okay with you, could you tell me?"

Then Gouenji didn't answer me. I pouted, and then shouted at him. "Why are you letting a good shoot like that go to waste?!" I held the soccer ball tight. "I know you have your reasons to stop playing, but you don't hate soccer." I then realized what I said, and blushed a bit. I've never said something like this is my soccer club.

Gouenji turned to look at me, then spoke. "You talk a lot..."

I smiled, forgetting about my blush. "I just want to play soccer with you.." I said and continued. "If we team up, we could be the best team in the world!"

"Don't talk to me again." He jumped over the edge.

"H-hey!" I yelled after him. "It's rude to jump away when people is talking to you!"

Of course, he ignored me, and walked away.

"Gouenji..." I quietly said. [A/N: Gouenji-sama! No! How dare you ignore me!]


I wonder how Endou did this...

I tied the string around the tire, and then tried to tie it to the branch.





"Finally..." I wipped sweat off my forehead and yeah.

I didn't want to tie the tire behind my back because I didn't want to.

"Why am I doing this.." I wore Endou's goal keeper gloves, and wondered to myself. "I'm doing what Endou did in the original series, yet I'm coping him..." I slapped my cheeks. "Just until I get home, to the real world. I'll return as Nanami."

I swung the tire forward, and tried to catch it, but I failed. I was swung back, and landed on my back.

"Am I forgetting something.." I sighed to myself. "Something REALLY important..."




After a few minutes laying there, I forgot about Endou's Grandpa's notebook! That book on how to do that goal keeper stuff!

I looked through my bag and found it.

"Here it is!" I opened it and looked through it.




"I can't understand it..." I sighed. "Only the original Endou Mamoru and Endou Daisuke could." I layed the book down at the bench and continued training.

You maybe asking, why am I doing this. I don't know. I don't know.

I breathed hardly after trying to catch the tire, yet I keep on failing and failing.

I stood up again, and pushed the tire forward. My eyes looked determined, and I caught the tire.

"Huh?" I said when I felt energy in my hands, but I lost it when I thought about it, and fell backwards. "Almost.." I said and rubbed my hands together, which made it hurt a bit more. "What was that energy..." I quietly said and stared at my hands.

"That's some messy special training." A voice said.

I knew that voice!

I looked at the voice.

"Ka-Kazemaru?!" I half shouted. He held his hand out for me to take and I took it.

"You sure do some weird training." Kazemaru said while helping me up.

"Yeah, I guess." I gave a smile, but I'm sure it was weak. Then I pointed at Endou's grandpa's notebook. "I guess it's from that."

Kazemaru looked at what I was pointing at, and picked up the notebook.

Once he opened it and looked at it. "I-I can't read it.." Kazemaru said. "You can read this?"

I looked at it again, and I guess I could read it a bit... "Yeah, a little bit I guess." I answered Kazemaru. "The technique to stop a shoot was written in here." I said continuing to read the notebook.

Kazemaru's eyes widen, and stilled try to read it.

"End- My grandpa wrote it." I cut myself off before giving Kazemaru some confusion.

"Your grandpa?" Kazemaru said giving an confused face.

I smiled back. "I guess, yeah." I said, then realizing I'm using my I guesses, it's a hobby of mine when I was Nanami. I excused my hobby and looked up in the sky. "He passed away...before I was born." I said to Kazemaru, then continued. "He was once Raimon's soccer club coach, a long time along." I continued to look at the sky, and continued about Endou's speech about his grandpa. "He wrote all of his special training in that book." And continued. "Teikoku Gakuen(Academy)'s speed and power is different from an average team, but, I think if I master(complete) Grandpa's techniques, I'll be able to catch shoots." I then turn to look ay Grandpa's book.

Kazemaru stared at me, then broke into a smile. "You're really serious about defeating Teikoku."

"I guess so!" I replied quickly.

I figured Kazemaru stared at the notebook, then held out his hand.

"Kazemaru?" I said confused, maybe forgetting about this scene. I looked at his hand, then back at him. "What...?"

"I'll join you and that spirit of yours." He said.

I broke into a smile, and took Kazemaru's hand. "Thank you, Kazemaru!" I said.

Kazemaru smiled back, then turned back a bit and said, "I'm joining." he said. "What about you guys?"

"Hm?" I looked behind him, and remembered! Someoka and the others!

"Captain..." Shishido said.

"Hello.." Kabeyama said.

"Minna-!" I tripped when I tried to run to them. [A/N: Que Kazemaru's FACEPALM!].

"Captain!" Kurimatsu yelled and ran up to me along with Kabeyama. "Are you alright?" He asked me and helped me up with Kabeyama's help.

"Yeah." I replied, then turned to the person in front of me, which was Someoka.

"At that rate, you're going to make your body crumble before the match against Teikoku, you know?" Someoka kinda scold me.

I gave a small smile and replied. "I'm fine."

"They were watching you even before I came." Kazemaru said and I turned my glare to him.

"Oh.." I said.

"Looking at you going to other clubs to recruit members..." Handa said.

'I did?' I thought to myself.

Someoka coughed. "We felt.." He gave an embarrassing blush.

"And that special training of yours...how should I say..it?" Kurimatsu added with some tears. "It gets my heart fired up."

"Captain, please let me go through some special training, too!" Shishido asked me.

"Me too!" Shourinji said before I could say anything.

"I want to do it too!" Kurimatsu shouted.

"Can we do it together?" Kabeyama asked calmly.

I gripped Endou's grandpa's notebook. "O-of course we can!" I replied, yet no tears came out. "I'm happy!" I shouted. "Let's do it!"

"Yeah!" They replied.


I admire how Someoka-tachi did it. The special training Endou did with them, not me, the real Endou. When I'm with them, I feel like I could ran beside them, and become one with them.

A couple days later, we continued that special training, and it was the day before we knew it. Teikoku and Raimon's practice match.

Day of the Match

"Minna, let me introduce someone to you." I said to Someoka-tachi. "He's joining today's match last minute. This is Matsuno Kuusuke." I introduced Max.

"You can just all me Max." Max said, then he turned to me. "When I saw your captain, I thought joining this club would free me from my boredom." He said then pulled up a sign.

'Did I write that?' I asked myself when Someoka said "Boredom..?" Then he continued.

"This match isn't for playing around, you know." Someoka said, maybe scolding Max because he is using soccer.

But Max smiled. "Don't worry." He said. "Even though I've never played soccer, I'm more handy then I look."

I sweatdropped, but said, "Well, that's how it is..." and continued. "Let's see what he can do, kay?"

"But with him..." Handa said. "...we still only have nine members."

"It's ten members..." Kageno creepy said, which Handa had a scared face.

Handa turned around, and forced a smile(I guess). "G-gomen, I didn't notice you..." Handa said.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, Kageno Jin also joined us." I replied with a smile.

"It's fine.." Kageno turned around from us. "I came here because I wanted to become a man with more visible existence." He said.

Handa nodded, and the rest of us smiled and also sweatdropped.


When we walked out, we noticed Teikoku already came here.

'This is a bit weird.' I said in my head, then saw...KIDOU YUUTO walked out of the bus along with some Teikoku people.

When they all came out, I saw at the top of the bus..

I sighed to myself. 'I totally forgot about Kageyama..' I said in my head.

"Captain, are you okay..?" Kabeyama asked me.

"I-I'm okay!" I stopped thinking about Kageyama, and turned to everyone else. "I'm going to greet Teikoku Gakuen(Academy)!" I ran off to where Teikoku was before anyone could stop me. When I was in front of...Kidou. I decided to introduce myself. "I'm the Captain of Raimon's Soccer Club, Endou Mamoru." I said with a smile, and kinda a straight face, then held out my hand, but Kidou spoke.

"This is our first time on this field." Kidou said. "Mind letting us warm up first?" He asked.

I sweatdropped. "I guess..."


Everyone watched Teikoku's warm up, but it was amazing. Besides watching it from behind the laptop, Sakuma is pretty cute. Don't BLAME ME! I'm speaking the TRUTH!

"Endou-kun!" A voice yelled.

I looked up and saw a soccer ball heading straight towards me.

"EH!" I caught the ball- yet it was spinning around in my hands! It hurts!

When it stopped spinning, the soccer ball fell to the floor and I looked at my hands.

"Captain!" Kabeyama yelled.

"Endou!" Someoka yelled.

Then, I turned my glare to Teikoku. [A/N: Que Kidou-san grinning creeply.]

I smiled a bit. 'If I could stop a shoot like that...' I put my hands in a fist.

This was going to be the BEST fight of my life!

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Weird...I'm a girl, and Endou's a boy...the bathroom scene was a bit weird to write, but anyways, hoped y'all enjoy!
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