The water is warm

My skin is real cold

My heart is pounding

My soul is still

I take a deep breath

My eyes full of water

My lips turning blue

I don't want to die

But I feel I am through

Sam sighed as she lay back in the large green tub, the porcelain cold even with the warm water that filled it. It had been a long night of ghost fighting with the guys again and while she was used to it tonight had taken a slightly large amount of energy. Shaking her head she wondered how she was the only girl in the group. It was a strange and random thought, but she had been so sure that they would get a girlfriend, hell, they were all eighteen and only Danny had had a serious relationship. The room around her was slightly foggy with the heat from the tub and the chill in the air. The tiles on the floor matched the tub while the tiles around her were black with a lighter green mixed in. Normally she wasn't one to take a hot bath, but damn it was cold out there and she was freezing. Funny, because as the princess of darkness the chill had never bothered her before, not even when she had been around Danny when the halfa had thrown ice. The Far Frozen had never really bothered her either, so it was strange that she was cold now.

"Must have been that hit I took," she muttered. It might have been since she took a direct hit by a ghost this evening and it had been a cold one at that. Again she sighed. She was becoming someone she had never wanted to be, but with a lack of anyone else to inherit her parents' wealth she had been preened and groomed for a position that she never wanted to take. Her appearance had changed with the years and she had let her hair grow out after wearing it short and although most of her wardrobe still consisted of dark clothing she had been forced to wear a few pastels during events she had been forced into. She off course made sure those pastels were not pink or yellow. A shudder rippled through her. It was all because of Danny and Tucker too. The two men didn't know that as the years had gone by that her parents had become more and more concerned with her extracurricular activities. Namely ghost hunting

They had tried to dissuade her from the hunting task, but Sam was dead set on continuing. She was planning on telling all of her family as well as her two friends that she had talked to Mr. and Mrs. Fenton about working at Fenton Works in the near future. The pair had been ecstatic as upon learning of Danny's alter ego they knew that their son would continue their trade.

"Sam! Is that you?!" her mother called from outside her bathroom door. The Goth laying in the warm water let out a growl. Her mother had no decency! Hell, her family wouldn't even give her a moments peace! Calls had started coming in a few months ago, calls that the Goth had kept to herself. They were horrible and something she was sure the two men in her life didn't need to hear. She wished she had never heard them. "Sam!" came a higher shriek as her mother began to bang on her door, the black door shaking with the force behind her mother's small fist. Letting out another frustrated sound she hollered back.

"Who else would be in here, Pamela?!" Upon hearing the satisfying hiss of anger the Goth continued. "How many times have I said to not enter my room unannounced?!" She had stated locking her door with all the invasions of privacy that she had dealt with over the years. She had also started calling her parents by their first names. Seems that bothered them to no end and now that she knew that the Goth planned to continue doing it until she was gone from this house. The locked door burst open so suddenly that the raven haired woman jumped. It didn't take long for her to react though, her hand gripping the bar of soap to her right. Her mother ignored her and began to talk again.

"How many times have I told you no-" She was cut off as the bar flew past her ear. Sam intentionally had aimed a little to the left so as not to hit her mother... the first time anyway. "Samantha!" The woman in question reached for the next item, a pumice. It was lighter than the soap, but it would hurt with as strong as Sam was. She readied her next aim, her eyes narrowed at her parent. Her father had also done this, but never had he appeared in her bathroom because if he had he wouldn't be alive.

"GET OUT!" she screamed loudly. "GET OUT OR I WILL HIT YOU!" It almost appeared as if her mother wouldn't heed the warning until the air grew really cold and her mother's eyes flashed green before closing quickly. She then turned and walked off leaving Sam in shock as she gripped the edge of the tub. Water dripped down the edge of the tub and onto the black rug next to the tub. She knew what had happened and yet she had been rather shocked to say the least since her rescuer had gone home moments ago to sleep. Minutes later the door shut, the air returning to the normal chill. Thanks Danny. Her friend always came through and she tried to be the same with him. She had fought beside him whenever he called, while Tucker, their other friend, wasn't always readily available. Getting out of the tub she felt the chilly air hit her warm skin before goosebumps appeared on her flesh.

Shivering slightly she reached for a towel, her fingers pulling the green drying cloth closer. Drying her long locks halfway before reaching for the black robe that lay across her black porcelain toilet she wrapped it around her slender form before heading into her room where the chill from moments ago remained.

"Danny, I know you're here," she whispered. It took a moment and he appeared before her, his face red as if he were too hot. "Problem?" she asked instead, ignoring his flush. He shook his head, his face growing redder by the moment. "So, is there any reason you showed up to overshadow my mother?" Hell, she wondered where he had taken her mother because she had been quick to get out of the tub after he had taken her over.

"I was coming over to check on you, with that hit you took and all when I heard the screams and figured I would help you out before your mother ended up with a black eye," was his long response. She nodded though she had never known her best friend to enter her bathroom like that. Normally he would let her cuss her mother out. Giving a mental shrug she figured he must have been really worried.

"It was more like you helped her out," she said with a soft smile. "Though I appreciate it, and I am fine." She walked past him to her dresser where she pulled out a few items, her sleeping attire. What she didn't see was that her best friend was turning redder, his eyes closing as he took a deep gulp. "There is no mark, just knocked the air out of me." She would show him, but there was no need and besides it had been her stomach, something he would see the next day. She wore a lot of tank tops, that particular scrap of clothing comfortable. She turned to him now. "I will see yo-" She noticed the tortured look in his eyes, though she couldn't tell what it was. "You okay?" She moved toward him, her robe gaping a little as she leaned closer.

"Y-Yeah," he muttered as he moved away from her, his face turning redder. "I'm just... I'll see you tomorrow!" He rushed out leaving the Goth alone with so many questions. She pushed back some of her damp raven hair that had blown forward with the halfa's sudden disappearance.

"Hmm..." Shrugging it off for the moment she headed for the bathroom to change. Better not to take a chance of one of her parents deciding to take another jab.