Pamela looked around, her teal eyes wide as she wondered where she was. As she looked around she found herself looking at a portal, one that looked suspiciously like the portal that her daughter had in a picture with the Fenton boy and her other friend. It was closed, but even in the dim lighting of the room it was easy to see with the lights that were the control board. Looking around in the other half of the lab that was more in the dark.

'Am I in the Fenton home?' she wondered. She couldn't remember how she had gotten here... Hell, she didn't remember much from the past few weeks. She had remembered talking to her husband...but she couldn't remember when. She tried to remember what had happened, what had brought her to this place.

"So you're awake," came a female voice. She turned her eyes to find a woman before her, the young woman's green eyes seeming to glow in the darkness around them. "You lucked out." Pamela wanted to ask why, but in that moment she realized that she could see through the other woman, the panels behind her viewable through her body.

"Y-You're a-a-a gh-" Before anymore could be uttered the redhead passed out, her eyes rolling back up into her head just moments before the sound of a door opening filled the room followed by the sound of two men talking before another voice joined the conversation.

"Why would you do that?!" came a woman's shrill, angry voice. "You should have talked to me about this first, Jack." The sound of said man groveling was heard, but he came back with his explanation as the other man made his contribution to the conversation. "You gave him approval for this?!"

"Well, she was acting out of character," came the response as the trio entered the room, the ghost disappearing quickly into the now open portal. "She never talked about the things she was and she was never that hateful!" A snort was heard as the lights flooded the once dark room.

"Your wife is always hateful! She hated our son before ever getting to know him!" came the female's voice as she walked over to unconscious woman. "Why you even let Jack help you and why he even agreed..." She faded off as she looked at the woman who began to groan as she reawakened.

"W-Wha-" She blinked, her teal eyes coming to rest on the three people now standing before her. "Thurston?" She looked over at Jack and Maddie, her confusion evident in her eyes. "What am I doing in the Fenton home?" she questioned. Her husband moved close to her, relief in his eyes. She didn't remember! That meant she had been possessed! Then her eyes grew huge and she began to struggle in her restraints. "There was a GHOST in here!" she wailed suddenly. Jack smiled in his goofy way and Maddie just shook her head.

"You were possessed," the redhead explained, her purple eyes kind as she assisted in releasing the other redhead from her restraints. "You have been overshadowed, though we don't know how long." That didn't seem to make the woman before her more calm, if anything it seemed to freak her out more!

"T-There was a-a ghost inside me?!" she shrieked. Instead of releasing her at that point the ghost fighting redhead began to tighten the restraints, her husband moving to grab something from the other side of the room. "There WAS A GHOST INSIDE ME?!" Thurston looked at her in worry as Jack approached, his quick movement and with the aid of his wife confining the crazed redhead in a straightjacket.

"You might have have her looked at," Maddie stated calmly as they looked to him for what he needed next. He nodded. That seemed like the right choice. Pulling out his phone he made a phone call, his voice low so as not to disturb the now muttering woman. Hanging up he reached out, his hand grasping the other male's hand.

"Thank you. Thank you both for getting the demon out of her." He should point out that he was upset that they made her aware of said demon in her, but he was just glad that it was gone. The therapy that she would need to undergo would be costly, but he believed it would help. Turning to Jack he asked the male for one more favor. After inquiring about it the taller male nodded, reaching over to take the squirming and once again, yelling woman into his arms before heading upstairs. Maddie just shook her head and letting her husband know what she was doing headed toward the kitchen after following him upstairs.

Danny flew low over his house, the Goth clinging to him as they headed for his window. Sam suddenly looked down, her amethyst eyes wide as the white van pulled up to the front of his house. She almost was worried until the door opened, her father exiting the house first followed by Jack, his form hunched over as the sound of yelling was heard. The halfa stopped, his form hovering over the trio as the van's doors opened and several men got out, all of them heading for Jack.

"I wonder what's going on," Danny mused. Sam smiled, her eyes watching as her mother was pulled from Jack's arms, her curses echoing around them before one of the men pulled out a needle, the point of it shining in the moon's light. "Oooookay, now I see what is happening." Ignoring the rest of the scene they entered his room, the window never moving as he phased them through. As they disappeared so did the redheaded mother of his love. The doors slammed shut and as the van drove off Thurston moved to leave.

Jack was left alone on the steps with a bemused look on his face.

"I knew she was crazy under it all."