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Jason was the first to notice the two figures stumbling out of the Doors of Death. The battle had been fierce, and the giants weren't being pushed back. Gaea's laughter echoed around them, beating like a drum.

Percy was half conscious, supported by an exhausted, beaten Annabeth. Bruises, burns and cuts decorated their skin and shadows hung heavy under their eyes.

"Guys!" he shouted, running for the Doors. Everyone's' attention turned to him and he heard Piper and Hazel screaming their names.

Annabeth fell, and Jason managed to catch her before she hit her head. Her leg was wrapped in the bubble wrap splint, now grey with dirt and grime.

"Annabeth are you okay?" he asked as her eyelids fluttered.

"Percy." She moaned. He hadn't noticed the son of Poseidon collapsed on the ground, breathing heavy. Coughing, blood splattered the ground. Nico was beside him in an instant, laying Percy on his back.

"Take Annabeth back to the ship." Percy whispered, shakily standing. Jason nodded and whistled, praying the horse would listen for once. He was beside them in a flash of tan, throwing his head proudly.

He slung Annabeth on his back and said "Come on Percy."

Percy shook his head.

"Perce." Nico started, but Percy raised a hand.

"Go, I'm going to try something new." He said, standing straighter. Nico's eyes widened and said "Not Mount St. Helens."

Percy kneeled on the ground and placed his hands on the dirt. He closed his eyes and the earth rumbled.

Nico ran for the horse, screaming to the seven "Get to the ship, NOW!"

Jason leapt onto the horse and asked "What's he doing?"

Nico turned back to Percy and said "You heard of the first explosion of Mount St. Helens?"

Jason nodded and Nico said "Percy caused it."

A shudder ran down his spine and a cold feeling settled in his gut. Arion ran for the Leo, Frank had turned into an eagle and flown Piper and Hazel back. As they landed on the deck of the ship, he saw the earth splitting open, lava bubbling under the surface. Giants fell, drowning and burning. An in-human scream ripped the air and the earth shook more violently.

Lava flew into the air, flowing and sealing the Doors shut. Steam and smoke billowed over them, like a thick fog.

"Where's Percy?" Nico begged, leaning over the edge. Jason, instead, looked up. The limp falling figure was hurtling towards the earth, burning and screaming.

"There!" Jason said, and before anyone could look, he was in the air. They collided, and Jason mistakenly grabbed his arm. His skin was on fire, like the lava below. He winced with pain and grabbed the back of his shirt.

The ground was coming closer, and Jason suddenly thought of the impact.

Using all the energy he had, he forced the winds to stop them, protect them. A cocoon of wind swirled around them, locking Jason in the dark grey and white wisps. Not too soon. He felt the winds absorb the impact, and he felt hard wood beneath him.

"Jason!" Piper screamed, running for him. He realized he had landed on the deck of the Argo II.

"Drink this." Piper told him, lifting a bottle to his lips. He drank greedily, is energy taxed.

"Percy." He heard someone moan. He saw Annabeth, stumbling towards her burning boyfriend. His hair was more disheveled his skin an angry red. His eyes were half open and glazed with pain.

"An...nabeth." he groaned. Annabeth reached for his hand and said "I'm here Seaweed Brain."

He smiled, somehow through the pain and said "We out?"

Annabeth nodded, tears in her eyes. Jason realized foggily that he had never seen her cry.

"Yeah. The sun's above us and our lives are ahead. No more wars."

Percy smiled again and fell limp.

"Percy?" Annabeth asked, shaking his shoulder. She felt for a pulse and said with anxiety "Percy?"

"He needs nectar!" Frank shouted. Piper trickled the bottle down his throat and the burns faded to a less angry red. His cheeks flushed as his body cooled.

"Get him and Jason to the infirmary." Hazel said. He shook his head and stood up.

"I'm fine, just need some sleep." He said, shaking his head again. Frank and Hedge were carrying

Percy, Annabeth hovering behind him.

She turned to Jason with horror struck eyes and said "He'll be okay, right?"

Jason put up a smile for her sake and said "Course he will be. He wouldn't leave you."

Annabeth nodded and followed them down the stairs.

Jason breathed a sigh and relaxed on the railing. He felt a cool hand in his and smiled at Piper. She smiled back and said "That's your second great prophecy. I'm pretty sure I can live with only one."

Jason smiled and kissed her, but knew it wasn't over.
It was far from over.