So, howdy everyone! First of all, welcome back to anyone who is reading this after reading A-Z of a Life - we're having more fun, and I can't wait! And to anyone who is new to my work, I can only hope I win you guys over too.

Okay, so let me just lay something down - this story is based on a drabble I wrote in my story "A-Z of a Life" called "Unfair", and that entire story has information on the kids and everything else. I strongly recommend reading that one first since it has some information in it that may be considered important - also, on my tumblr you can find descriptions on the kids (just type in Jonavis and keep going through the pages until you find it).

Ages of Johnny and Mavis' children:

Lucy: 104 (similar to 15-16)

Jack: 91 (similar to 13-14)

Mina: 31 (similar to 5)

Chapter 1

The April sky had darkened for the evening, moonlight casting shadows on Hotel Transylvania and those who currently resided inside of it. A few monsters were still in the downstairs dining room, eating breakfast, while others were already taking part in activities and scattered in various places around the establishment.

One little monster was already happily running and playing in the hotel corridor with her plush bat toy that evening. Count Dracula's youngest granddaughter, Mina, was more than used to the hotel and the way it was built, so she had no problem in finding her way to wherever she wanted.

Mina hummed as she pretend-flew the Martha bat around in the air with her arm and darted around a corridor. Normally her siblings or parents would play with her, and if they couldn't then she'd find a guest around her own age to do so with - her Grandpa was never too busy to play with her too. But that night, none of them had seemed to find the time to do so.

She couldn't help but stop running and frown to herself, bringing Martha-bat down from the air and hugging her tightly in her arms. Her parents and siblings had seemed distracted recently, but they wouldn't tell her why - apparently, she was too young, too stupid and inexperienced in life to understand. But she wasn't, and she sort of knew about some of these things.

For a start, her elder sister was now a hundred-and-four - this meant Lucy was teen-aged and, for some reason, obsessed with love and boys and make-up and...Mina didn't really understand why, since most boys were icky to her. The only ones she could stand were her father, brother, grandfather and some of the other child guests at the hotel. Lucy also had a habit of sneaking out over the last few months, only to be caught red-handed by their parents - what she was doing, no one knew.

She keeps going on about finding her zing, Mina thought, rolling her brown eyes slightly. Mommy and Daddy didn't meet until Mommy was a hundred-and-eighteen. There's so much time left!

Then there was her older brother; Jack was sixty years older than her, and while he was still somewhat bearable and the same, he too had started being interested in the opposite sex. The thing that made him bearable to the youngest vampire child was the fact that he sill enjoyed reading and exploring - plus, he wasn't obsessed with finding a zing just yet like their sister.

Thank Goodness, because it'd be too weird if they were both acting stupid.

Her Mommy and Daddy...she loved Johnny and Mavis with all her heart, of course. She was their baby, their youngest, and it was obvious that they both had somewhat of a soft spot for her - especially Johnny, who she already knew she had wrapped her around her tiny little pinky. Mina's favourite story to hear in the morning before going to bed was the one of how they'd met - it made her giggle and laugh, feeling content with the knowledge that she had two parents who loved each other.

They haven't been like that lately, She thought sadly, and looked at her bat in silent thought.

They'd been arguing quite a lot; the three children would hear it, eavesdropping from the top of the stairs when their parents thought they'd gone to sleep. It was about stupid things, from what they could hear - why Johnny hadn't done this when Mavis had asked him to, or why was Mavis so stressed out with her husband when it had nothing to do with him.

Mina didn't like these arguments at all: she didn't like hearing the loud yelling, hearing the nasty things when they were meant to be in love and happily married. She didn't like having to play on her own because her sister and brother were 'too busy' with their silly teenage stuff.

But maybe it'd be okay now; they were at their Grandpa's hotel. Mina brightened up at this thought. Coming to the hotel had always been one of her favourite things - the different guests each time, the food, the thrill of staying away from, Dracula adored her (and her siblings too, but that was besides the point). He'd gotten her Martha-bat, and he always told her fun stories about her Grandma Martha who the bat was named after.

"If you ever want to hug your Grandmother," Dracula had told her again and again when he tucked her into bed while she was staying in the castle. "Then just hug your Martha-bat."

Mina felt like a hug at that moment, and squeezed the bat toy in her hands. She could almost imagine arms pulling her into a warm, maternal hug - a soft voice whispering that it'd be alright...she'd seen paintings of the real Martha, and she could imagine her beautiful face smiling at her kindly.

Hey, maybe I could get Grandpa Drac to sort it out, She thought, and immediately took off down the corridor again to head upstairs to Dracula's office. If there was one person in the entire world she could rely on to solve any problem regarding her family, it was Count Dracula.

Lucy quickly ducked out of sight as a group of human boys rounded the corner and walked out into the street. Hmm... She thought to herself distastefully. These ones are not so attractive...what is that bitter smell?

She saw the cigarettes and bottles of beer a second later and wrinkled her nose - okay, these ones weren't it.

She quickly flew to the next tree and looked down at the next street. A human male walked out of what was presumably his house, taking out some trash. Now, this one looks okay... She stared at him, waiting for the feeling she wanted to creep up. Nothing. Well, it has to be eye contact. I better go down there.

Lucy jumped from the tree, morphing half-way down, and landed on the ground gracefully. The boy didn't notice, so she took a few steps closer to him and nervously tugged on the hem of her jumper. "Uhh...hello?"

The boy didn't look up. "Yeah?"

"I...I'm Lucy," She said, stopping a short distance away from him and put her hand behind her back. "I was just wondering if you, uh, knew how I could get the airport?"

"Mmm...I dunno."

Geesh, he's not giving me a lot to work with here. "That's a nice shirt," She blurted. "Could you maybe turn around so I can see it properly?"

The human turned around, and Lucy took the opportunity to look him in the eyes...they were nice and icy blue, like a river, and he had long lashes too...but there was no zing. No amazing jolt through her body, no special feelings, no flashes in their eyes.

Again, she was wrong.

"Uhhh...can I help you?" The boy asked, looking pretty freaked out.

Lucy snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head quickly. "No. I just remembered that...that I have a friend here I can ask! Thank You for your help!"

As she ran down the street and around the corner, sure she would have blushed if she could, the red-haired vampire girl couldn't help but feel put out - another attempt gone to waste.

Meanwhile, Johnny had been busy trying to do some damage control; while he didn't quite understand why his wife was so hostile all of a sudden and yelled at him a lot, he knew that he would do anything he could to make her happy. That was why, before she'd woken up that night, he'd snuck out of their room and downstairs to the hotel gift shop to get her something.

He hummed a tune to himself as he stopped outside their room door and lifted his hand to push it open - he decided against it a moment later, however, and looked down at the shrunken head on the door knob. "Hey! Talking-head lady!"

The head opened an eye and glared at him through it. "Can't you see I'm tryin' to sleep?!"

"Sorry," He apologized quickly. "Is Mavis up yet? I don't wanna go in there and wake her up if she's not."

"Oh, trust me," The head snorted, shutting the eye and yawning slightly. "If the muttering and pacing is anything to go by, then she's up!"

Great. Nothing sucks more than her being annoyed. "Cool, thanks." Johnny opened the door and walked into the room, hiding the gift behind his back so that his wife wouldn't see until the very last moment. "Hey, Mavy? Come on, don't play hide-and-seek with me, 'cause you know I'll lose..."

A small snort from above his head immediately told him where Mavis was. "Hmm. Since when is sitting on the ceiling counted as playing hide-and-seek."

Johnny grinned up at the dark-haired vampire goofily. "Hey! So...what're you doing up there?"

"Thinking," She told him, shrugging slightly. "Where have you been? I woke up and you were gone."

The red-head smiled knowingly. "How about you come down and I'll tell you what I was doing?"

Mavis hesitated for a few seconds, clearly not sure, but gave in and dropped to the floor gracefully in front of him; she put her hands on her hips and eyed him cautiously. "You're not going to prank me, are you?"

He laughed. "No, of course not! Actually, I wanted to give you" He pulled a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back and held them out for her to take. "Black and red roses, since they're your favourites."

Mavis took the flowers, eyes wide as she looked at them; any traces of sarcasm and sass were gone. "Oh...Johnny..."

"I thought you'd like them," He said softly, giving her a childish grin. "I mean, I know we haven't really been...uhh...that romantic and in-love lately, so I thought that I'd get you something to make you smile again."

"They're so beautiful," She murmured, giving a small sniff to inhale the scent. "Thank You..."

"So we're not shouting at each other anymore?" The red-head asked hopefully. "'Cause I kinda don't have any spare change to spend on more gifts right now."

Mavis rolled her eyes slightly but smiled all the same as she leaned in to give her husband a hug. "No, I'm not angry anymore. I can't even remember what we were arguing about now."

As she pulled away and crossed the room to find a vase to put the flowers in, Johnny gave a sigh of relief - his plan had worked, and he wasn't going to be yelled at. Already he was having a good night. "So since we're totally in love again and all, am I allowed to do...this?"

Before Mavis could so much as turn around, she found her husband had wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her so that her feet were off the ground and started pressing kisses along her cheeks and down to her neck. She giggled, giving him a fake-swat to the head. "Stop! That t-t-tickles!"

Johnny pulled away and grinned at her. "Ahh, come on! You love it! Like I know you love being kissed here..."

At this, he moved his head and pressed a kiss to behind her ear, causing her giggles to cease.

"And here..."

He pressed a kiss a little further down, making her let out a small gasp.

"And I definitely know that you like this."

He pressed his lips against hers and she let out a small moan, hands scrambling to intertwine themselves in messy red hair that she had come to love over the years. Having done not a lot but arguing over the past couple of weeks, it simply felt amazing to be doing this, and it quickly turned quite heated as the red-head's hands moved to pull his wife's legs around his waist.

When they pulled away, Mavis let out a heavy pant. "No, we can't," She murmured when Johnny tried to move back in for more kisses. "The kids are awake, and we can't have them walk in on us...a-a-and what about my Dad?"

"They're probably busy," Johnny muttered, lips slightly parted so that he could breathe. "Come on...just a little bit longer, Mavy..."

Oh, I never can say no when it comes to him, She thought, and reconnected their lips; moments later, she found herself being pushed gently against the bedroom wall with her husband's body pressing against hers in all the right places. Just a while longer...

Oh boy, here we go. Three. Two. One.

Right on time. Much to his amusement, a red-headed figure clambered through the window, nearly tripping over their own two-feet, and stumbled into the room. Blue eyes looked up at him. "Wow," Jack dead-panned, not even looking up from his novel. "Is that the best you can do?"

His older sister glared at him. "Shut up. You know I get all of my 'gracefulness' from Dad."

"So, what were you doing this time?" He questioned, turning a page in the book. "Staring at human boys through their windows? Wait, don't tell were 'seeing what's out there', right?"

Lucy pulled her jumper over her head and tried to smooth her red hair down. "I don't stare at them through their windows...I just...I observe them."

Jack really cared about his sister, he really did, and so shut his book so that he could look at her seriously. "Lu, what do you think is gonna happen? That a boy is going to see you and just 'zing'?" He shook his head. "No, the reality is that he'll scream about some ginger bat outside and ask his parents to get rid of it."

"You don't know that," She snapped, but her shoulders slumped. "Look, I know it seems ridiculous...but I just want to make sure I don't miss my chance. You only get one, and what if that one is just waiting in the nearby village?"

"Just because Dad was a human, doesn't mean your zing will be," Jack told her quietly. "He could be anyone, and you have all the time in the world to find him."

The older vampire sighed and stuffed her jumper into the bag she'd been carrying on her back - it contained all the things she might need, if she ran into trouble out in the world, such as food, warm was just in case. "I know. I just want to find him before it's too late."

"You will," He told her assuringly, picking up his book and opening it again. "Just wait. Now go change before someone sees that you snuck out again - especially Mina, because she definitely can't keep her mouth shut."

"Thanks," Lucy said grudgingly, moving across the room so that she could leave.

One day, she is going to get herself hurt, Jack thought sadly, and he sighed to himself. It was dangerous, what his sister was doing - sneaking out before it was completely dark, flying to human villages and looking at human boys - and it was all for the stupid reason of wanting to be grown up too soon.

Jack could only hope that his sister saw how silly it was soon, before too much damage was done.