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"Alright Dudes! Listen Up!" America shouted, grabbing the attention of the people in the room. When they turned to look at him, he gave a satisfied grin. "I found this really suspicious book in England's room and-"

"Wait! What in the bloody hell were you doing in my room, you wanker?!" A furious English man yelled.

"I was in there trying to find out about your battle plans! But anyway~! Yeah dudes! Really suspicious book! Hahahahaha~!" America laughed.

"Grr... That isn't an excuse, you snoop!" growled England as he stood up and moved to America menacingly. Austria and China moved to hold him back so he couldn't murder the stupid American.

"How do you know it is suspicious America-san?" Japan questioned, tilting his head to the side, giving America a look of confusion.

"It has nothing in it!" England opened the book, revealing empty pages to everyone in the room.

"Yeah, that's the point dude," Alfred pushed. "All your other stupid books in your mini library has something in them! But this one is creepy looking and empty." He was right. The book was very creepy. It was old and the black leather was shriveled. The pages inside were yellow with age and burnt in some places. It also had faint gold writing on the front that couldn't be deciphered.

"It looks like the kind of journal my great uncle would have used to write his hit lists in~" Russia kol'd.

"Ehh~..." sounded the entire room. Everyone looked away from Russia as he turned his head slowly around the meeting area, trying to capture someone's gaze.

France glanced over to America and nearly fell out of his seat. "Uh... America~?" he warned.

"Yeah, French dude~?"

"There's a ghost behind you." said France, pointing behind America.

"WAHH!" he screamed, jumping into the startled Japan's lap. "Please don't let it get me, Japan! Please please please PLEASE!" He sobbed into his shoulder. "I never wanted to summon you from that board! It was all England's idea! I wanted to leave!"

"Shut up! You're the one who wanted to have the seance!" England screamed furiously.

"Wahhh~? No it wasn't! I would never do something like that!" sobbed the frantic American, who only gripped the already suffocating Japanese man even tighter. "He promised there would be fancy little tea cakes!"

A small voice broke through the loud panic. "I-it's only me A-Alfred!" sighed Canada. He shook behind America's now empty chair, looking down at the floor and wringing his hands. The poor little nation is never noticed by anyone.

"O-oh. Right!" America exclaimed, leaping from Japans lap. "Haha! Sorry, brah! You know how freaked out I get about the, uh, paranormal... Hehe." he laughed nervously, returning to his seat between Russia and England.

As he sat down, Alfred notices England feverishly scribbling in the book the book he had just claimed to be empty.

"Yo, Britain! Whatcha doin'?"

Iggy snapped the book closed, glancing at America with droplets of sweat forming on his face. "N-nothing, America. I was just-"

America snatched the book away, curious to see what the shady Brit had written...

"Uh... What the hell?! I just saw you writing in this ugly thing!" He flailed the book around, and the pages were still empty. "Now where is it?" He placed a hand on his hip, full of obnoxious frustration.

"It's a magical book, ve~!" North Italy sang, lifting his arms in the air.

"I bet you it has-a something to do with-a the stupid black-a magic he practices!" yelled South Italy, North Italy's brother.

England sank down into his chair, trying to avoid the glare of the angry Italian.

"Come on, Romano~. Maybe England was just playing a trick on America." smiled the happier Italian.

"Stop that, Veneziano!" exclaimed Romano. "We all know how he loves that magical shit, eh? America said it himself. He saw that British bastard talking to-a himself as if there were people around-a him. And there-a was nobody there!" He crossed his arms, even more anger threatening to bubble up. He turned to America for back up, but he was busy stuffing his face with hamburgers and coca-cola. Romano's mouth dropped open in disgust.

America looked up from his 'feast' to smile at the Southern Italian. He attempted to say "What?" but his mouth was too full of 'food' and it came out sounding like "Wfut?"

Romano's head dropped to the awaiting table below with a thud. "Hamburger bastard." he groaned. Italy giggled and Germany sighed.

The Italian's head snapped up. "Shut up, you potato-eating Nazi!" Germany just stared at him in pitiful silence.

In this sudden outburst of frustration, Japan decided to speak up. "So... What book is that?"

Britain turned pale. "Uhm... Well, you see... Ha ha..." stuttered England. "It's not really mine you see... It's Tom's. It's Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary."

"WAIT! You mean the dude from Harry Potter?" America exclaims obnoxiously.

"Oh yeah! That one magical story~!" Veneziano chimes. South Italy does a face palm.

"Come on, Romano! You watch that stuff all the time! And you cried when the old wizard died!" cooed Italy.

Romano's face turns bright red. "T-that isn't true! I got tomato juice in my eye!"

"Why are you watching that stuff anyway? I thought you hated English and American movies!" cooed Spain as he wrapped his arms around the small Italian.

"GET OFF, YOU TACO BASTARD!" yelled Romano as he wriggled in Spain's arms, trying to get free.

"Does it really matter which is best? Because we all know France food is best, no?" 'Ohon'ed France.

"SHUT UP FROG!" yelled England. Austria closed his eyes tightly at the noise.

"My romantic movies are way~ better than those American movies and French food!" exclaimed Spain as he threw his hands into the air.

"No way! Chinese action films are much better than stupid romantic movies!" argued China.

"Russian Ballets are good, Da?" asked the Russian, pipe already in hand, ready to hit anyone who would say otherwise. Russia turned to the Baltic states, the glint in his eyes told them to answer. The Baltic states nervously nod in agreement with Russia, knowing all too well what would happen if they didn't agree.

England glanced back and forth from each nation, sighing as he realized he would have to explain. He shook his head and placed it in his hand, staring down at the table lazily. "Well, with this book, you write something in it. But it isn't like an ordinary journal," he explained. "The journal takes in the words and writes back in reply," He looked up from his sulking. "Do you understand?"

"You mean kinda like Harry did. He wrote something and then it disappeared. Then he wrote 'Hello my name is Harry Potter' and the book replied with something like 'Hello Harry'?" asked America.

England sighed again. "Yes, Alfred. Exactly like that."

Canada glanced at the book warily. What do you think it can do? he thought to himself. He quickly snatched the book out from under England as he was arguing with America.

"Dude, I don't care if the Harry Potter series is one of the most popular. American authors are still the best." winks America.

"Look at that bloody Twilight Saga! That was one of the worst series ever!" England yelled his reply.

"Hey! Stephenie Meyer made up for that with The Host! Now that is a story!" Alfred nodded his head in triumph.

England fumed. "No it wasn't! Twilight isn't literature!" He shook his head. "I might have raised you, but you have no taste in anything..."

"Hey! Don't be an asshole! Stop bringing that up!" America pouted. He doesn't like the fact that Britain is actually the older brother, no matter how in-superior he is to this hero.

"Why don't you ever call me big brother anymore! Do you know how much that would mean to me?"

"I know exactly how much that would mean to you... Which is why I don't say it." America crossed his arms.

Germany sighs. "Here ve go again..."

Veneziano looked back and forth between the arguing nations. "C'mon, you guys! No arguing~" he attempts. When they continued their bickering, he pouted and faced Germany. "Can't you make them stop, Germany?"

Ludwig put his face in his hands. "No, Italy. I'd vather not get involved." Italy looked disappointed, but didn't push the matter any further.

The argument was becoming a little more heated. "America, I will never forgive you for what you've done to me!" Britain lashed out. "Do you even know how much it hurt me when you turned like that?" Tears were beginning to form in his emerald eyes.

"Dude, I was tired with how you treated me! I grew up, and I didn't want to be ruled over anymore." America looked away. "Especially from a crazy failure like you."

Arthur's face dropped as he took in the words. A tear escaped him. "F-failure...?" He looked down at the floor.

Alfred, not noticing how hurt he has made the poor Brit, poured salt into the wound. "Look at how your economy is doing. I doubt you'll make it into the next decade. And guess who's gonna have to save you?" He looked at the nation, waiting for a reply. He took his silence as a win on his part. "That's right. Me. I'll have to save your poor ass." Alfred smiled triumphantly.

England sank into his chair, more tears falling from his eyes. He covered his head with his arms and laid down on the table. France looked at him in worry, but instantly turned his gaze on America. Anger flashed in his eyes. He marched over to the proud American.

"And who the hell do you think you are making him feel bad like that?" he yelled in his face.

"What are you talking about? He knows it's true!" America glanced at Iggy's sad form. "Hey, is he okay?" The ignorant country just now noticed how depressed Arthur had become.

France fumed. "No 'e is not okay, you stupid American! You've hurt him!"

America looks surprised. "I did? Huh, well, the truth hurts." He laughed.

France slapped him. "Don't you even care about your brother, you ungrateful brute?!"

America held his face where the Frenchman had slapped him. His expression became a bit more irritated. "No. I don't care. You know why? He. Is. Not. My. BROTHER!" All the other countries looked at the trio of the unhappy and began to converse among themselves.

"America, don't you zink you are overreacting a little?" Germany offered, looking up at him. A headache was obviously forming in him; a giant vein was beginning to pulse on his head.

America completely ignored him and continued with his yelling. "France, I don't even see why you care. You two argue more than anything!"

"Yes, but it is an affectionate arguing. I love my little Angelterre~"

Alfred's mouth dropped "That's disgusting! Stay away from him!"

"Oh, ohon~ But I thought you didn't care about him?"

"Dude, I am so about to hit you."

"Stop it, you two, there is always a way to resolve this type of thing." Austria piped up, becoming very irritated with all this uncivil yelling. He huffed and sat back in his seat. "Arguing like this is not going to help the world in anyway. America don't you dare glare at me! And just because you are fighting with France does not mean your people can go on a strike and not say any french words like they did last time." America ignored him and kept glaring him.

"I still call 'French' fries 'Freedom' fries!" Alfred yelled. Austria huffed in annoyance.

"You guys should stop fighting and listen to me!" cheered Prussia.

"Why in the world would we listen to you? Why are you even here!? You're not even a country anymore!" shouted Romano.

"BECAUSE I'M AWESOME!" Prussia chanted in reply.

Romano only glared at the Prussian. Austria and Germany face palmed at the unnecessary shouting.

"Mein Gott, you velly have to bring yourself into zeez zings?"

Canada watched as England sobbed, then turned to watch Alfred become more enraged. France was not helping at the moment. Canada feared America when he got like this. He watched as more and more countries got involved into this heated battle of words and gave into a ragged sigh. Matty started to worried about the direction this meeting was heading. He looked down in his lap. There sat the diary, he thought for a moment then quickly opened it and jotted something down. What he wrote quickly faded into the paper. But what appeared next scared the maple out of him.

"M-maple! W-what in the-" he was cut off by a light that flooded out of the book. Fog quickly followed suit. It poured from the book and flooded onto the ground, covering it to the point where you could no longer see the hard wood floor. All the arguing around the table stopped as they focused their attention on the Canadian.

England's head snapped up, his eyes red and face drenched from crying. "D-did you-!?"

"I-I'm sorry! I thought-!" Matthew was cut off by a pair of white tentacles wrapping themselves around the Canadian. They quickly got tighter.

"A-A-AMERICA?" he shouted. He turned ash white and his eyes rolled back into his head. The poor country has lost consciousness.

"Mattie?" Alfred yelled. He dashed over to Canada, throwing chairs everywhere with frantic grunts. He wrapped his arms around Canada and pulled with everything he had, hoping to get his twin free. "Arthur, what the fuck is happening?" he shouted with effort.

England just stood where he was, completely awe-stricken. He was horrified by what he was witnessing, but absolutely fascinated. "I... don't know..." he whispered. He stared the light and struggling tentacles. He couldn't tell if they were solid or denoted completely of pure light. The British man was entirely transfixed.

"My Matthew!" Russia called, sliding across the obscuring table trying to reach the periled boy. He joined America in trying to release him from the powerful grasp by thrusting his pipe between the tight space between Canada and the tentacles. He pried much like you would with a crowbar.

"Let go of my Canada!" he yelled, exerting himself in prying to the max. The tentacles only became tighter. Matty began to turn blue.

More countries were beginning to become involved into the rescue of the trapped Canadian, forming a sort of conga line of desperate pulling. There was America, Russia, France, China, Germany, both Italians, Japan, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Spain, eventually England and a few others. They all pulled together in a frenzy, hoping to get him lose.

Suddenly, the light became blindingly bright, a few sparks emitted from the book, and Canada was beginning to be pulled in.

"What the Hell?!" was the last words of everyone in that room before they were all sucked it. The book snapped closed, and the Meeting Hall became dark. The journal shuddered once, but then everything was silent.