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Chapter Six

"God Dammit, Ven! Stop your crying!" yelled Lovino.

"Come on Lovi~ be a little nicer to him~! He's scared! Germany left him to go with Austria and Prussia and you're yelling is NOT helping," hissed Spain toward the end. He was upset that Romano was doing nothing but yelling and making the younger Italian sob harder into his shoulder. "Shh~ it's okay Feliciano. We'll Find out how we got here and then you be back at Ludwig's side and all will be normal again." The Spaniard smiled as the northern half of Italy looked up at him.

"You promise?" Feliciano croaked as some of the leftover tears slid down his face, leaving his eyes.

"Of course. I wouldn't lie to you," Antonio whispered to the smaller Italian as he smoothed out his hair.

"So what are we doing up this way?" Romano demand to know. He was hungry, smelled like a rotten tomato, and was tired. They had been walking for a good half hour and had yet to find a library or any other important buildings. Romano huffed in frustration.

"We came up this way trying to find any other things but there is nothing out here. Only farm land," said Spain as he looked around. They were sitting in the small stands at a small baseball field and across the road was a corn field. North Italy had stopped sobbing and was now standing next to Spain's sitting form.

"It's pretty isn't it? Ve~" smiled North Italy as he glanced at the dark blue sky. The stars were out and the moon was only about half full.

"Si~! It is. But It's not as pretty as the sunsets in Spain," Spain said, longing to be home. Oh, how he missed the tomato fields back home.

"Hm..." was the only answer Spain reserved.

"Is this it Marissa?!" The guys turned to see three girls approaching the ball field. The one that was shorter had shouted and was looking around, her eyes passing over the guys on the small stand. She had brown, curly hair that went past her shoulders just a bit.

"Yes, Leigh Ann. This is the place. I wonder if they're here yet. They may have gotten lost on their way up here." said the tallest. She had blonde hair that also went past her shoulders just a bit.

"Hey. Who's that over there?" asked the shortest of the three. Her brown hair blew about in the soft wind.

The girls walk over to the guys and stopped about a yard away.

"Would any of your names happen to be Romano or Lovino, by any chance?" asked the tallest one. Her blue and silver eyes glowed with hope. She did not want to be out here looking for stupid Anime people all night.

" No! Now leave us alone!" yelled Romano. He waved at them trying to get them to leave.

"But big brother~! Your name is Romano! Maybe they are here to help!"

"Ermf nark garrr~!" America shoved his face happily with hamburgers and fries. Kiera laughed at him loudly and Jake kind of glared at him, but was smiling as well.

"Breathe, Alfred, Breathe!" Kiera teased. She was holding her stomach as she laughed harder when Jake leaned over and whispered something in her ear.

"What are you, Britain? He's probably immune..." She laughed more and tears were rolling down her face.

"You're probably right, Germany... I must be immune, too~!" Jake patted his stomach.

"Haha~ I remember you always stole my food at lunch," Kiera smiled at the memory. "How is your Senior year without me?" Kiera had graduated school last year, but Jake was a year behind.

"It's okay. It's not the same without you and Marissa, though. At least you come and visit me every Wednesday~" Kiera patted Jake's blond head and smiled at her best friend.

Alfred watched the two closely, noting how close of friends they are. He began to wish he had a friend like that. "Jeez, you two are real good friends, huh?"

"Yeah~" they both answered simultaneously. "We are exactly alike. We have so much fun!"

The two 'twins' picked up their Frappes and took a long drink. Then Kiera took a bit of whipped cream and flicked it in Jake's direction. He did the same, and soon both of them were laughing and splattered with whipped cream.

"Hey..." Alfred mumbled with a mouth full of food. "Weren't we supposed to do something?"

Kiera and Jake stopped laughing and looked at each other. "Something?"

"Yeah... What the Hell? I can't remember!"

"Us, neither..." The friends shrugged.

"Well... Wanna go do something, then?" Alfred suggested.

"Hm..." They thought. "Oh! Let's go to Kroger!"

"Uh... Why?"

"... Because they have candy."

"Good point. Let's go!"

The small group of four arrived at Kroger with in the next 20 minutes of leaving Kaylie's home.

"So where do you guys think they're at?" asked Kaylie.

"We don't really know. All we know is that they split up and are searching for info.'" said Charles as he jumped out the car. "Hey Sam! We should get a movie! Not just any movie! A scary one so we can scare the shit out of Alfred!" Charles shouted as he passed the red box out side of Kroger.

"That's m-mean." Canada said from the back seat.

"So! No one cares what you think Machu!"

"What do you have against my twin?"

"He's stupid, annoying, dumb-"

"That's enough! Charles, stop picking fights or no beer for you for a week!" Sam sighed. She was already frustrated. She let Alfred, Jake, and Kiera be alone together and had a feeling that they weren't doing what they were supposed to. She sighed again, shaking her head and headed back to the car, leaving Charles behind to yell 'no fair' and 'he started it first'.

"You sound like his grandmother," Kaylie giggled as she got out of the car.

"Yeah, yeah. Someone's gotta do it..." Sam mumbled, slightly irritated. It was getting late and they were still out looking. Oh well, Sam thought, we have to save the nations. They are probably very confused about what's going on... "Go on, guys. Go in. And we may get a movie but it can't be scary." Charles 'aw'd and left it at that.

"Have fun looking for the weirdos!" yelled Charles as Sam drove away from krogers.

As Sam and Canada drove by the police station Sam noticed that Kiera's van was not there. Sam sighed and grabbed her phone off the dash.

"W-who are you calling?" Canada asked warily. Miss Samantha looked tired and she kept sighing in frustration.

"I'm calling Kiera because her van is not at the police station and she is supposed to be looking there." The phone rang a few times, and the voice mail kicked in. 'Hey, brohuh! This is Kiera. If you got this, I might be ignoring you. Or maybe I'm seriously busy. Or maybe I dropped my phone in coffee or something! Hey, it could happen... Anywhore, do what you do, guy!' The voicemil beeped, and Sam began her rant. "Kiera, I swear if you went to Mcdonalds and forgot what you're doing I will tie Alfred up and throw him in Charles's closet! WITH CUBA AND RUSSIA'S PIPE!" After that Sam slammed her phone closed, throwing it back on the dashboard.

"You can be as scary as Russia," Canada said wide wide eyes.

"So... You are Antonio..." Marissa points at Spain. "Your Feliciano and you are... Damn." Marissa's finger hovered in front of Lovino's chest. "I forget this one."

Romano stood there with his arms across his chest and he stared at the ground, grumbling something inaudible.

"This is Romano~ My sweet little Lovino~" Spain answered for him. Romano just kept staring at the ground.

"So... Who are you guys? Are you here to help us?" Italy chimed happily, but you could tell he was a little shy. He was clinging to Romano a bit.

"Depends." Leigh Ann answered. "You guys aren't just creeps tryna pick up girls, are ya?"

"No..." Megan looked at them sideways. "They are definitely anime characters!" She laughed.

"Well, okay... So," Leigh Ann agreed. "What do we do now?"

"Uhm..." Marissa tapped her chin with her pointer finger. "We go home, I guess."

"Wait! Should we get in a car with strangers, Antonio?" Italy questioned.

Spain laughed. "Yes, Feli. They seem like nice girls! Come on, you guys~ Let's go with them." Spain ordered as he semi-pushed Romano and Feliciano toward the girls car.

Romano still didn't look up but Italy was happy. "Yahoo~! Let's go!" Italy grabbed Spain and Romano by the arms and pulled them in the direction of the car.

"Ah... I love going to stores at midnight..." Kiera sighed happily as she drove into the direction of Kroger, the local grocery store.

"Especially if it's Wal-Mart!" Jake exclaimed. "That's the best place to act stupid when there's no one around~"

"Right?!" America chimed in. "Dude, one time I dragged Arthur to Wal-Mart at midnight so he could make a fool of himself!" He laughed. "I made him ride a skateboard down the grocery section. He hit an old lady! Ahahaha~!"

All three of them began to laugh as they imagined England toppling into an elderly woman on a skateboard.

"Us three should go to Wal-Mart together sometime~" Kiera suggested, now remembering fun times of her own.

"Yeah! We would make a good Trash Wal-Mart apocalypse team!" Jake answered happily.

"Dude, apocalypse? Aha~"

"Well, I've always imagined hiding out in a Wal-Mart during the apocalypse..."

"Guys~ Hahaha~ We're here!" Kiera pulled into Kroger's large parking lot as she was laughing at their conversation. She hadn't had this much fun since the night before when she and Jake had been playing video games together... Hence, she has a LOT of fun.

"Whoa, this Kroger is huge!" America looked out the window to see the large grocery store and a giant smile crept along his face.

"Yeah, I know. We used to have a much smaller Kroger, but that one got way too boring, so we built this one in the middle of the field." Kiera pulled into a parking space near the doors.

"You guys sure have a lot of fields..." America commented.

"Haha~ We're a farming community~! Everyone at the other schools likes to call Blanchester the Hillbilly Redneck school of Ohio~" Jake responded.

"... But neither of you two are hillbilly OR redneck." America said doubtfully.

"Yeah, WE'RE not... But you should see the rest of the school." Jake rolled his eyes.

Kiera turned the van off and leaned back in the driver's seat and closed her eyes; she was absorbing the feel and excitement of the night and it gave her even more energy.

"Okay, gang! Are you ready for some candy?"

"Yeah!" both America and Jake shouted simultaneously.

"Me too~ Let's go!" Kiera swung her door open and dashed out, running to the the slide doors of the building. Once she reached her destination, she jumped up and down and waved for the guys to follow.

"Wait for me, Germany~!" Jake cried as he pushed past America and followed Kiera's suite.

"Hey, guys! You left the doors open!" America laughed as he got out and shut the open doors. He jogged to where the other two were and stood beside them with his hand in his pockets and the large smile plastered on his face.

"Lead the way, girl! I'm ready for sugar!"

Kiera only nodded before she dashed inside the store and ran through the corridor that housed all the carts.

"Wait!" Kiera slid to a stop when Jake's call reached her. She turned around. "What is it, Jappy?"

"We need a cart." A deviant smile played on the Aryans lips as he pushed a cart in her direction.

"But we don't-"

"Yes we do."

Kiera stared at him for a moment, analysing that familiar look in his eyes.

"Oh... Yes. Yes we do... Haha~!" She looked at America and slapped him on the back. "Prepare yourself for the best sugar high you have EVER had! ... And maybe the worst stomach ache... Haha~!" She dashed into the store and headed straight for the aisle of sweets.

America walked alongside Jake as he pushed his way to the aisle. "Do we have the money for all the candy we're planning to buy?"

Jake looked at him with a warm smile. "Of course~ In this world, Kiera is a very famous author. She has written two award winning trilogies!"

"Whoa~! How much money does that rake in?"

"Millions..." Jake answered. "But since she is still young, the government gives her the earnings in moderation. Dunno why, though."

"Haha~ Cause the government knows she'll blow it all on candy..."

"Guys, guys! Look at all this candy!" Kiera stood in the aisle with her arms outstretched. She stared up at all the shelved candy with the most devilish grin anyone has ever seen. "And I'm buying."

America looked at all the candy and his mouth dropped open. There was every candy any American could think of in this aisle, and he was becoming excited. "W-what can we get?"

Kiera looked at America with the powerful smile. "Anything you want."

"Wooooo!" America ran to the area of chocolate and grabbed fistfuls of Hershey candy, Reese's , M&M's and more. He shoveled the candy into the cart and instantly went for more.

Kiera and Jake entertained themselves with the sight of the happy American. Kiera marveled at the look of pure joy that shone across America's face. Jake watched with interest as the cart filled quickly with all the best candy. He thought America had good taste.

Jake looked down the aisle lazily. He knew there wasn't many people here because there was about only five cars in the parking lot, so when he saw a large figure flash by, his eyes widened. He pulled on Kiera's sleeve.

"Uh... Germany?"

Kiera didn't look at him; she was still too fascinated by America. "Hm? Yeah, Jappy?"

"I'm kinda weirded out."

She looked at him. "Hey, you do this when I take you to get candy, too! Don't be hatin' on Alfred~"

"What? Oh, no! I'm not..." Jake looked at the ground. "It's just that something went past our aisle and it was really tall!"

"Really? How tall?"

"Like, a foot taller than Alfred!"

Kiera looked at America's form and took note of his height. "Whoa, that's really tall..."

"I know, right? Wanna go check it out, then?"

Kiera glanced at America, whom of which was pre-occupied and muttering to himself. "Okay, so I'm gonna need some Twix... Oo! And I'll definitely need Snickers... And I CAN'T forget Almond Joy's..."

"Okay, let's go check it out. Alfred will be here for a while..." The two walked away quickly and went for the adventure.

"I have a q-question?" Canada said as he glanced a peek at Samantha in the drivers seat.

"And that would be?" Sam said in a calm voice. A little time after the phone call to Kiera, Sam had calmed down by putting a mixed CD of her favorite songs in.

"Where do you live?"

Sam blinked a few times and then looked at Mattie. She giggled a bit and then answered him. "We all live together. Well... Not all of us. Kiera, Megan, Charles, and me all live in the yellow house. Marissa here and there. And Jake is welcome no matter the date or time. Why do you ask?"

"W-well we don't know how long we're going to be here and I'm somewhat sure that we would end up staying with you." He said shyly.

"Yes. Your right. We will have you guys stay with us. Well, more like Kiera will force you to stay. But I'm sure you get the point," Sam said, pulling her phone off the dash again and calling Leigh Ann and the others.

"Hola?" Leigh Ann answered.

"Have any luck?" Sam asked.

"OH! Yes! We found them. Arthur was right."

"What about eyebrows?" asked a spanish accent.

"I'm going to assume thats Spain," Sam said.

"HEY! Who are you taking to? Don't ignore me, woman!" yelled a rough Italian accent.


"Thanks Leigh Ann. Tell Marissa I'm sorry." Sam sighed.

"Why?" Leigh Ann questioned.

"Cause I'm betting Romano is getting on her nerves."

"Damn straight he is!" Sam heard Marissa yell.

"What the Crapola! How do you know my name?" Romano screamed into the phone. "Who is this, anyway?!" He must have said that to one of the girls.

"We'll explain it later. When we all meet. Bring them home immediately and get them settled in. We'll be there as soon as we find our party. Good luck~ Bye." Sam shut the phone and continued to drive.


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