Restraining Order

A Legend of Korra thingy for Unofficial Bolinger Week 2013



A/N: Bolin and Ginger! The hot new couple that might not even be a real couple! Because I have nothing better to do. (That is a lie)

This will go from November 10 to November 17. The prompts are Slip, Coterminous, Glitz and Glamour, Shape, Prestidigitation, Pomposity, and Eucatastrophe.

Prompt One:


After repeated takes and continual adjustments and readjustments to their outfits, it was only natural that something would eventually give. They had done this scene what felt like a hundred times already, but still the director insisted on take after take after take. The man was a perfectionist in the worst way, unwilling to accept anything less than an absolutely flawless performance from his actors.

Bolin was being run ragged, doing his part over and over again and again. He had said his lines so many times, with so many different minuscule variations of inflection, that his voice was growing hoarse. The lights were beating down on his head, and his fur vest and shorts were seriously beginning to chafe.

Ginger was not faring any better. She had been strapped down to that damn table so many times that her joints felt like they were beginning to fossilize. She couldn't even do her screams any more. Her throat was sore from overuse, and they had to bring on an intern to do the voice work for her. Plus it was getting late, and the unseasonable chill in the air combined with the unsurprisingly lacking insulation of her glorified fur bikini meant that she could have put someone's eye out if she got up too fast, and her hands were unacceptably cold.

Neither of these two stars were happy. They were tired and hungry and they just wanted to call it a day already. But the director would not let them.

So they were irritated, they were tired, and they were probably just one more goddamn retake away from armed mutiny. Fortunately for the director, he decided that now they had finally gotten a perfect take, and he allowed Bolin and Ginger to go.

Fast forward three weeks to when the film hit theaters, and the first screening of Nuktuk of the South, in "Revenge of the Lemurs" was held. Audiences gathered in record numbers to see the newest addition to the Nuktuk franchise, the mover sensation that was sweeping the nation. There wasn't an empty seat in the house when the projector started rolling.

Stars Bolin and Ginger were also in attendance, dressed in their best for the success of this test – screening, that is.

Now, to fast forward again to the halfway point of the film: and the trickiest scene in the whole mover, and the introduction of Republic City to the concept of a wardrobe malfunction.

By the time the rioting had finally died down, Ginger was swearing up and down the street that she would hunt down and kill the careless editor who let that get through, and Bolin was simply happy that Ginger didn't shove him away when he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and promised to help her.

Nobody suspected it had all been on purpose.

Varrick was surprisingly good at doctoring film, and Zhu Li had been all too happy to model for him. It was matchmaking in its purest form.

...or so Varrick insisted.

A/N: Okay, so November 10 is more than half a month away. But I got started on this first one, and before I knew it I have impulsively decided to post it early to let everyone know about this half-assed idea of mine. Heck, I dunno, I'm just loopy from sleep deprivation, probably.

And I can totally see Varrick doing something like this, even with the events of The Sting in mind.

Updated: 10-20-13

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