Restraining Order

A Legend of Korra thingy for Unofficial Bolinger Week 2013



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Prompt Six:


"He's a windbag. Always going on and on about Nuktuk this and Nuktuk that. Ash, who could possibly stand that guy? He is such an ass."

"She's full of herself. Acts like she's so hot, and sexy, and fine, and... Um. I need to use the bathroom for a moment..."

"And he's a complete dork, too. You know? I think he thinks he really is Nuktuk. Completely out of touch with reality, right?"

"Man, I don't know. She's really hard to deal with. Like, really hard. She's sending all these mixed signals like, one minute she's into me, the next she's slapping me on the face. Women."

"He can't take a hint. I mean, I know I can respect a certain amount of tenacity in a man, but can you even really call him one? He's still just a kid. A big, stupid, horny kid."

"I don't know what she's telling you doc, but it's all lies. All of it. Um... well, unless, like, she's saying nice things about me...? Yeah, in that case, it's all true."

"Really, though, I don't see what Varrick was thinking with this. I mean, therapy? I don't need it. Maybe he does, but not me."

"Ginger has a very nice butt. ...say, this is all confidential, right? Like, you aren't going around telling anyone else what we're saying? Yeah? Okay. Her boobs are great, too."

"He said what? Ugh. What a complete hog monkey."

"WHAT? I thought you said this was confidential! Crap. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap."

"...well, it is kind of flattering. I guess. I mean, of course he thinks I'm hot. I just am. I suppose it's not really his fault I'm so gorgeous."

"Wow, seriously? She said that? She is so full of herself."

"He's just jealous because he can't touch this."

"What does she know? I don't need her."

"He's bluffing. Such a pitiful cry for attention."

"Hey! She doesn't know me! I'm Bolin. I don't need this! I'll show her."

Post therapy notes: Subject B brought Subject G a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate candies. He then proceeded to ask Subject G out on a romantic bonding excursion, as per the observed courtship rituals of Republic City youth.

Subject G gladly accepted.

Must research applicability of this method with own wife. Tired of sleeping on the couch.

– "Doc"

A/N: In case it wasn't clear, this was an experimental sort of thing, like Bolin and Ginger were separated from one another and each taking turns complaining about the other to a therapist. Or something.

Updated: 11-15-13

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