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It was quiet, morning light cast upon shining dew as the four survivors ran through mud in the swamps of the bayous. It was a lot more trecherous then they were expecting even though Ellis warned them of such comlications. Nick was huffing up a storm since his fancy white suit was now shrouded in muck from havig been pounced earlier in the day. He was beyond pissed.

"Okay, anyone who voted for the swamps is getting shot in the next safe room." Nick snarled angirly, the other three beginning to giggle at the brunette man's rage.

"I warned ya'll 'bout this man but ya'll didn't listen." Ellis mused and grinned of satisfaction from having been right for once.

"Shut up." Nick hissed and huffed once again.

"Oh hush Nick, I'm sure in the next safe room we can find some bleach or something to clean your prestene glory." Rochelle snorted, Coach joining her in laughter.

"Yeah, yeah." Nick scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance before they began moving again.

As the swamp began getting dark, Ellis shivered, the worst place of be in the middle of the night was the swam. He shook his head, remembering the stories of people getting lost or being eaten by gators in the night when they went trekin' where they weren't supposed to be. Only in this day in age it was getting eaten by other people who mindlessly roamed into the swamp after being bitten by a zombie. The silence was most misleading... They could be anywhere and the survivours wouldn't even notice. After walking in circles for about an hour Nick sighed.

"We've passed this damn plane four times." He cursed.

"It's not like we have a map Nick." Rochelle spat at the gambler who in turn glared at her.

"Ellis do you know these swamps?" Coach stepped in, not wanting the team to kill each other before the zombies did.

"Uh... I think maybe." Ellis said and nodded hesitantly.

"Does any of this look familiar?" Coach asked.

"We'll the plane does we've passed it before." Ellis replied.

"Cut this shit Ellis we don't have time for this." Nick growled.

"Alright, alright calm yer britches." Ellis chuckled before he looked around and sniffed the air a bit, this place did seem familiar... He hummed lihtly before he pointed at the plane. "That way." he said.

"You're kidding right? That plane will call whatever is in the swamp." Rochelle said softly.

"We should trust the kid... He knows the only way out of the swamp." Coach said, Nick just stayed quiet.

Everyone was tired, beat, and just wanted to get out of the swamp... They found some supplies in the plane, a few medical kits that were desperately needed, more guns, and an oxygen tank. Nick walked around before noticing the emergancy exit of the plane.

"Are you guys ready? Once this door is open it'll make a shit tons of noise." He stated.

The four survivors looked to one another and Ellis pulled out a pipe bomb before giving Nick the okay to open the door. Coach grabbed the oxygen tank and when the door litrally blew off it's hinges they raced out onto the wing, Coach threw the tank into the plane itself and when he heard the man eaters began gathering, he fired at the tank, it gave off a hissing sound before it exploded, whatever was near getting blown up. Ellis then smirked and threw the pipe bomb off the wing.

"Hey! Chase this!" he laughed and watched the infected gather at the blinking red time bomb.

Once the pipe bomb exploded, they open fied at whoever was left. As the incessant cackling of a Jokey filled the air, the group began frantically looking for the source until he flung itself onto Coach's shoulders.

"God dammit get this thing off my back!" he shouted, the Jockey clawed at his face and leading him off the side of the wing, making him fall.

Rochelle unloaded her gun at the Jokey until it fell off Coach and onto the ground. The rest of the four quickly got off the wing to get to coach and ran up to him.

"You okay Coach?" Ellis asked.

"Yeah, just stings." he replied, rubbing a few bleeding scratched upon his face.

"Let's go before anything else shows up." Nick said gruffly.

After another hour of walking, the sun set, it was time to find shelter, and quick. Everyone made sure to have their flashlights on in case they would be walking during the night. Nick was becoming impaitent, he wanted to ay down, get a good nights rest, the kid SAID he knew where they were going how come they hadn' found a fucking safe house yet!?

"Alright where they hell are we, I thought you knew where we were going Hick." he said to the baseball capped Ellis.

"I do." He replied.

"Obviosly you don't since we've been walking for hours!" the suited man snapped.

"Calm down Nick, you gotta shut the hell up." Coach stated seriously.

"Kiss my ass." Nick said back.

"Ya'll calm down, Nick I never said it was gunna be a short trip... We're almost there, wait to get all mad util we get there." Ellis said with a frown.

Nick rolled his eyes as they kept walking, and soon enough there it was, salvation for the night. It had just gotten dark. Nick quietly sighed in relief before they walked in the blockaded themselves. Everyone else heaved a sigh before they took off their shoes and whatever else that was wet, except for Rochelle of course.

"Here Ro'. I found ya a blanket, you can take off your wet clothes and cover up with this." Ellis said with a sweet grin.

"Aw thanks Ellis... That's really sweet." Rochelle replied.

"Yeah especially since I'm sure no one wants to see you without clothes." Nick chuckled as he unbuttoned his blue shirt.

"You have NO room to talk Nick." Rochelle grumbled as she glared at the con man.

Nick shrugged. Ellis made a fire in the middle of the room to help dry every ones wet clothes, Rochelle having made everyone turn around while she undressed, Ellis making sure he didn't try to sneak a peak at the news anchor undress.

Everyone sat around the fire in their underwear, getting warm, except for Rochelle who was covered in a blanket to keep unwanted eyes from staring. By the time the fire had gone out, everyone had fallen asleep, or that's what Ellis thought. Hs eyes fluttered open to see Nick standing and staring out the barred window.

"Nick what are y-"

"SHH." The other hushed quickly.

Ellis got up and walked over to see what Nick was gazing so intently at. It was nothing... Why was Nick so focused on looking outside. He looked to the brunette gambler before he began hearing small snarls out in the darkness, it was then he realized how many were actually out there... He just couldn't see them. Ellis heard them shuffling through the water, some tripped and grumbled, while others wondered around on land. Ellis nearly jumped when one passed by the window, not even noticing them.

"... You think they'll get in here?" Ellis asked in a whisper.

"... I dunno kid." Nick said in reply, even he sounded uneasy at the amount of noise that was almost completely sheilded, but the survivors knew better... They could get in at any moment if they really wanted too, this safe house wasn't the strongest one they had ever been in... It was just a flimsy barred up shack. "... Let's get back to bed kid... Hopefully they'll be gone by morning." he said and nodded.

Ellis nodded back and joined Nick in walking back to the fire they was now just ask and a few embers. They were lucky it had gone out before... The infected could have seen it. The thought in itself was scary enough. Ellis gulped before he sat own, his back leaning against the wall.

"... Don't worry kid... We'll be alright." Nick said softly sitting next to the abnormally quiet Ellis.

"... My name is Ellis... Say it with me... ELL-ISS." Ellis said with a pout, Nick actually smiled, chuckling softly... It made Ellis' heart speed up.

"Yeah, yeah... Goodnight Ellis." Nick stated and shut his eyes.

"... Night Nick." Ellis said softl before he too closed his eyes, listening to the shuffle of the night monsters.

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