The group stayed in the cottage fr another two days before Louis was in a better condition to travel. Meanwhile, Ellis really got to know the others in Nick's new group... Especially Zoey. Gd she was so hot, Ellis had problems focusing when she was near, yet she seemed pretty oblivious. It was, frankly, pissing Nick off, he was getting tired of trying to tell the kid something but he was in fucking la-la land thinking about the damn chick. However he decided to lay ff... SHe was probably one of the last women alive, he figured the kid should have something to call his own... Which was strange for him he was generally the one looking for pussy wherever he could find it.

Nick sighed as he closed the safe house door, Ellis, of course obviously went to Zoey's side and began talking to her with his glazed eyes and Nick felt the need to go fucking vomit. Fucking couples, so damn annoying. He then reminded himself that he was married once in his life, never again. He went to replenish his gun and then sat down by himself against the back wall. He could use a nap, he peered at Ellis and sighed, he felt... A bit distant from the kid, he was actually really happy to see the kid but, he seemed to completely forgot about him. Nick frowned at the thought and jumped when he felt someone sit next to him. it was Louis.

"Hey there Nick." He mused.

"Hey..." Nick replied softly.

"You okay?" Louis asked raising a brow.

"Fine, I should be asking you that." Nick said and looked ver to him.

"... You jealous of Ellis?" Louis asked discreetly, causing Nick's nostrils to slightly flare in disgust and annoyance, he could really understand why he was so... Revolted by Zoey.

"No." He stated clearly.

"A bit defensive are we?" Louis asked and smirked.

"No, I like myself a hot piece of ass, but not /her/." Nick snarled softly.

"... Are you jealous of her?" Louis asked a bit more gentler.

"... N-No... Don't be an idiot I am a whore but I'm not a fag." Nick replied and Louis shrugged.

"Whatever you say man." he said and smiled before he got up and went to one of the tables where he could use one f the med kits.

Nick snorted softly and frowned before he went up the stairs in the safe house looking for refuge from the group. He sighed and flopped down onto the bed in one of the rooms before releasing a sigh of relief. It wasn't long however that Ellis walked in with a dumb goofy grin. Nick felt his blood begin to boil, one more god damn mention about this Zoey chick and hew as going to blow a gasket.

"Hey there Nick, can I bunk with you tonight?" Ellis asked.

"WHat you aren't going to sleep with Zoey?" Nick asked bitterly, however Ellis didn't get the angered tone.

"Zoey man... Gosh I could think about her all day. Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, I never get tired of sayin' it. She is so beautiful man." Ellis said and grinned however Nick glared over and gritted his teeth.

"... Would you... Shut the hell up!?" Nick snapped.

"W-What?" Ellis asked in a shocked fashion.

"It's all fucking day! Zoey this, Zoey that, shut the fuck up!" Nick spat venomously.

"I-I... You're just jealous! I have a beautiful girl and you have nothing!" Ellis yelled back.

"You have a beautiful girl? Are you kidding me? She doesn't even realize you exist." Nick growled.

Ellis flinched and looked away with a frown. Nick had probably said too much, Ellis then glared back at Nick who in turned silently glared back in return.

"... It's better to hope then be a miserable prick like you." Ellis hissed before storming out of the room.

Ouch... Whatever it's not like Nick cared, fuck this. The next morning there was a heavy tenseness in the air... It was stiff. They had just reached New Orléans, and the place was infested. And it wasn't long before they were surrounded with the infected as they ran down the streets trying to find some sort of leverage against the undead, everyone was exhausted and the quarrel between Nick and Ellis didn't help much. As the group began getting separated things began looking grim.

"Ellis stay by me, don't go far!" Nick ordered and began shooting, however Ellis didn't seem to be listening as always.

"Zoey!" The mechanic yelled and ran after the woman wh was getting separated from him, now it was him alone...

"Son of a bitch..." Nick growled and unloaded the rest f his gun with the horde.

Nick panted and collapsed onto the floor, beaten, bloodied and exhausted, however the seemingly unceasing howl of the horde began quieting he groaned. He looked around, his vision blurred as he tried pinpointing something, someone. He could see motion not far and he could hear screaming. He gasped in horror, his eyes fixing on Ellis as he was being dragged farther and farther from him.

"Nick!" Ellis yelled and reached out, the Smoker's tongue pulling Ellis closer and closer to its clutches, however Nick panted, knowing he wouldn't be able to get to Ellis in time.

As Ellis pinched his eyes shut the Smoker exploded and let out a raspy scream and Ellis fell, Nick sighed in relief, his bullet pierced the Smoker and saved Ellis, however his relief was soon filled with rage as he trudged towards Ellis.

"Are you fucking nuts!?" he barked.

"Nick it ain't that big'a'deal." Ellis scoffed as he rubbed his waist line having been captured by a smoker in the midst of fighting a horde after running off.

"Ellis I told you not to run off!" Nick yelled.

"You ain't my ma!" Ellis snarled back and Nick tuned away with a scowl.

"... What would I have done... If something happened to you Ellis..?" Nick asked quietly.

"I... What?" Ellis asked calmer, his face pale.

"You heard what I said! I almost didn't fucking make it Ellis! You understand? The next time you'll be..." Nick paused and grit hit teeth. "... You... You're not invincible Ellis... Look I'm sorry what I said, but don't risk you're life for some chick I... Don't know what I would have done." Nick said and bit his tongue, he was going too far.

"... But... Nick I... I'm sorry." Ellis murmured softly and walked up to Nick.

"... Shut up..." Nick sighed as he looked over to the younger male and sighed softly as he aggressively began shoving Ellis into a back alleyway.

"Nick what are you-" Ellis gasped as he was forcefully kissed by the gambler.

Not a fag huh..? Nick's fathers vice echoed, but it just fueled Nick's instincts; Ellis blushed and shivered wrapping his arms around Nick's neck and groaning softly... Nick soon realized he needed a raw fuck. This was now just a fuck fest. Nick began clumsily fumbling with the buckle of his pants. Ellis took notice and gulped, how far would this go? However as Nick forced Ellis to turn around, Ellis gasped and gulped. Nick panted and breathed shakily as he began pulling Ellis' pants down.

Ellis suddenly gasped and cried out as he suddenly felt's hot member penetrate his insides. Nick growled and shivered in pleasure with a sigh of relief, his hand swung around and quickly cupped over Ellis' mouth to keep him from drawing attention as he began thrusting. Nick felt his animal instincts taking over, their bodies molded perfectly together... God this was awesome. Ellis felt tears stream down his cheeks as Nick thrusted rather violently. It wasn't long before Ellis felt the stream of Nick's seed filling him. Nick panted deeply and released Ellis before fixing his pants. Ellis gulped and fixed his pants, he panted and wiped his face before hesitantly looking to Nick.

"... Sorry bout that kid... But thanks." Nick said and ran a hand through his greasy hair, that was fucking stupid, he put both their lives In danger to fulfill his animal urges.

"...Y-Yeah..." Ellis murmured and looked away, had Nick stepped over the line, Nick quickly wrapped an arm around Ellis' shoulders and gently kissed the others forehead.

"... Sorry... Really... Lemme make it up to you later." he said softly and looked down to Ellis.

"... Sounds good." Ellis said and blushed as he looked up to Nick with a small smile.

Sorry guys I think this was kind of sudden I hope you like it.