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Jack groaned. His staff slipped from his grip, and he plummeted several yards, landing right on his head. And it hurt. A lot. He could feel several pieces of toys, sweets, and various other things that, frankly, he didn't even want to know what they were. He was soaked, dirty, and sticky. His sweatshirt was, undoubtably, ruined. He groaned again, as the others gasped in relief.

For the story to make sense; I'll have to start from the beginning...

It was a warm day in early May; and all of the guardians decided to have a big get together. It was a little over a year since Jack had been chosen to be one of them. Unfortunately, they hadn't had many chances to actually talk or hang out, that is, until the holidays. Because of the incident with Pitch; they had to try and make the year even more spectacular than normal for all of their believers. This meant that they each had to pitch in. (A/N: Haha, I just realized that I used his name. lol. No pun intended)

On Christmas; they delivered twice as many presents, and even gave a gift to children on the naughty list. (A/N: I'm thinking about writing another fanfic, where Jack gets a present during said Christmas) Jack had made sure that it was a white christmas on every continent. While it may have been significantly less snow in some, it was a white christmas nonetheless. A miracle in the eyes of many.

During Easter, they almost tripled the load of easter eggs. This was partially due to another argument between Aster and North; but it pushed belief up quite a bit. Jack had set up a light dusting of Frost, that made the eggs look that much more elegant. While he worried about causing a storm, he managed to make a feathery dusting that wasn't too heavy. The Guardians had had a very decent Easter; and they even had a bit of down time; which they had spent goofing off. They were quite pleased with the turn of events. Not to mention the smiles and happiness that came from the children.

"Maan... I'm bored." Jack sighed. At the moment, it was just him, North, and Aster. North was locked up in his workshop, and Jack didn't want to bother him. Aster was sleeping... And Jack had already gotten into trouble for bothering the pooka earlier. Jack didn't even want to think about what would happen if he were to wake up... Not to mention if he were to be awakened by Jack. That was something to cringe at.

Jack sat up, his gaze shifting around 'The Den', as North called it. He switched on the lamp that was laying next to the red recliner, on which he was sitting. His hand passed over the leather-like fabric; as it made it's way over to a golden button.

He sat up, and floated throughout the hallways. He drifted along until he got lost, and found himself just outside of two silver doors.

"Whoa... Where am I...?" Jack sighed in wonder. He pushed past the doors, and found himself in a kitchen. It was filled with cookbooks, flour, fridges, and cooking supplies. It was the biggest kitchen Jack had ever seen; or even Jackson, for that matter. Noticing the mess, he quickly discarded his hoodie, before it could become dirty.

He flew about, reading through the books. He occasionally sat a random piece of paper in a book, to mark the place of a recipe he thought sounded good.

"I wonder..." Jack said aloud, laying his head at his flour covered hand, and gazing up at the monochrome clock that hung just above the stove. "I should have just enough time..." He said with a smile, as he grabbed several eggs, and various ingredients he found laying around. By the time he had everything he needed, he was a mess of white powder. It's a good thing he took off his sweatshirt. His white undershirt didn't even show the white powder, which was good for him. Afterall, he lived in a lake. He didn't have a lot of possessions.

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