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Pokemon X and Y: Adventure of Kalos

Chapter 2:

Kuja The Froakie

It was still a nice sunny day with fluffy clouds outside. As soon as I stepped outside, Ruben took flight and flew onto the grass. Ruben started to peck at the ground. I couldn't help but laugh at his natural behavior. He looked up and glared with a worm in his mouth.

"Shut it Xav! I need worms! They're soooo juicy..." he droned as he gulped down his worm and dug his beak into the ground to find more. I smiled and shook my head at him in amusement. My front yard was smaller than the one I had in Kanto. It was fine cut grass surrounded by a stone wall. In the corner of the yard was a big play mat and Rylas sprawled across it asleep. He was having a lazy day out in the sun. Mom was tending her garden to my right and was planting flower seeds in the soft soil. Surrounded by a small border of stones.

I walked over to Rylas, who was still snoozing away on this nice warm day. Rylas is a quiet Rhyhorn who would prefer sticking around mom than me. He doesn't seem to take a liking to me for some reason. He's nice enough to let me ride him, but doesn't let me do much with him. He hasn't done much since mom stopped racing so he mostly sleeps his days away.

"Hey big fella! You've slept long enough! Geddup!" I announced as I poked his shoulder plates a little. He grumbled and rolled onto his other side, facing away from me.

"Come on lazybones! I don't sleep my entire day away! I get up and do something! You should too!" I kept pestering him. Finally, he opened his eyes and got up.

"What do you want Xavier?" Rylas grumbled out. Wow. Geez. Someone hates being woken up "early" more than I do. "Geez, don't get your shit in a twist dude! You slept in, and you look bored. Wanna do something?" I asked him. He grunted.

"There's nothing to do! Leave me alone and let me sleep!" he loudly requested. This caught me moms attention. She walked over to Rylas and started to pet him.

"What did he want Xavier?" mom asked me. Yeah mom knows I can talk to and understand Pokemon.

"He was sorta being grumpy and doesn't want to do anything." I explained to mom. She nodded and started rubbing his bare skin under his shoulder armor. He started to make a rumbly purr noise. Mom knew why.

"He's not really grumpy. He just wants to race again like he used to." she explained his feelings to me. Rylas nodded and nudged mom with his nose horn. Mom laughed.

"I know you want to race sweetie, But we need to make a track first. You want to help?" She asked him. His eye widened. He then got up, knocking mom on the ground. He stomped over to her and started licking her with his soft tongue.

"YES! YES! LETS MAKE THE TRACK PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEAAAASSSE!?" He pleaded to mom, acting very different from his normal silent type personality.

"Okay, okay! Silly! Lets go make it. She then got on him and they started to walk away. Mom signaled him to stop. She then turned around and looked at me.

"I'll be at the backyard forest okay honey?" She explained to me. "Okay mom!" I answered back. She nodded and signaled Rylas to turn right and go through the main gate. Ruben, who I've forgotten about, saw mom leave.

"Hey! Xavier's mom, don't leave without meeeeeeee!" he squawked with exasperation, then flew off after her. I sighed. Looks like I'm alone for a while. There's nothing really going on outside now. So I guess I'll go back inside. I was about to go back upstairs when I saw a flyer on the kitchen table that caught my eye. I picked it up and read the front.

Santalune City Secondary School

The best School for academic success in Central Kalos!

Enroll your child in our school for ensured success in life!

We also have the best in child discipline!

I couldn't help but tear up seeing this. There was no way in hell I'll ever go there. I know mom wouldn't send me there without a reason, but...I don't think I could stand going there! EVER!

I ran back upstairs and into my bedroom. As soon as I came in I flopped on my bed and wanted to cry. But I toughed it out.

"What am I going to do with my life..?" I contemplated. I had to go to a school full of nagging teachers, I don't know what I want to do after school, I have no friends here, I never had any friends in Kanto really, I'm really...really...lost. purposeless too. I don't like my life the way it is. I have to do something about it, and soon.

I heard knocking on the door downstairs and froze. It couldn't be mom, she has everything she needs for the Race Track in the backyard forest, I was still in my PJ's, and it's embarrassing when someone come's here and sees me wearing them.

"I'm coming! Hold on a moment!" I answered the door knocker outside. I quickly wiped away the tears that were almost forming in my eyes and ran over to my bedroom shelf to swap clothes.

I decided to wear some navy blue jeans with one of my Billabong T-shirts depicting The word Billabong made out of letters in different fonts, like letters you cut out of magazines to use in ransom notes.

After my change, I waled up to the door and opened it. I saw my new neighbor Amanda wearing jeans and a white shirt with a pink scarf around her neck. Besides her was another girl about Amanda's age with fancy hot pink shoe-sandal-things, (don't know girl styled shoes) short-shorts, hot pink shirt, a hot pink/white purse strapped around her shoulder, brown hair in a fancy indescribable style and green eyes.

Besides them was another girl a bit older than them with black knee socks, a red skirt, a sleeveless black shirt, a reddish purse strapped over her shoulder, blond hair strapped into a long ponytail, and blue eyes.

"Hello?" I greeted my door knocking group. "Hi!" Amanda greeted cheerfully. "Hello!" The blond girl greeted formally with a smile.

"HAI THERE!" the overly bubbly brunette screamed.

"HOLY SHAT!" I screamed out of impulse. As soon as I finished saying that, I was scared into prompting to slam the door in fright. I backed up against the door and took a few deep breaths.

"Scared the shit outta me" I said, breathless. While getting my breath back, I put my ear against the door to see if my pants pissing visitors were still outside.

"Shauna! What the heck! That's not how you greet your new neighbor!" the ponytail girl ( I'm guessing) scolded.

"What? I did that with you Serena! You didn't freak out!" Shauna shot back. Serena sighed and shook her head.

"You probably scared Xavier off now! Good job Shauna, good job!" Amanda congratulated Shauna with sarcasm.

"Hey! Leave me alone Pinky! I was excited to meet him, okay?" Shauna defended herself.

"Sigh...Just don't do it again okay?" Serena asked her. Shauna became crestfallen.

"Aww, okay..." she promised.

I knew they were about to knock on the door again so I stood back up. Just in time to hear them knocking again. I opened the door to see their sheepish faces again. I crossed my arms. And gave a glare.

"What do you three want with me? To soil myself?" I asked them. They still had their sheepish smiles on them, but they didn't really respond.

"Well?" I asked again. They were starting to sweat and freak out. Amanda was the first to answer my question.

"Weeeeeeeell...heheh...we were gonna ask you to join up with us and meet all of us!" Amanda explained to me. Wait a minute...us? There are more of them? Damn! I never like meeting lots of people. But...They probably live near me...so I'm going to meet them eventually. Might as well do it now.

"Uhhh...Ok I guess? But please...don't SCARE THE SHIT OUTTA ME!" I shouted the last part, scaring them to hell and back.

"What was that for?" Shauna whined. "That, Shauna my friend, was my revenge for earlier" I laughed. Revenge is always best served cold.

"Wait...how did you know Shauna's name?" Serena questioned with an eyebrow.

"You people are louder than you think. I could hear you three through the door"I humored them. They were surprised, then really embarrassed.

"Anyways, You remember me from about an hour ago." Amanda asked me. I nodded. "Amanda right?" I answered she smiled. "Yeah! Nice to meet you in person!" She greeted me. Next Serena walked up to me.

"Hello, My name is Serena. But you probably already know that. Nice to meet you anyways." She introduced herself, then held her hand out to shake. I know how to be formal myself so I shook her hand and nodded.

"And I'm Shauna! Sorry for scaring you earlier" Shauna greeted and apologized to me.

"Xavier's my name." I introduced myself. Serena and Shauna nodded while Amanda already knew from earlier, so she didn't.

"C'mon then! Let's go guys!" Shauna said, laced with excitement, then ran off. Serena shook her head.

"Shauna...geez. She never sits still. I'll catch up with you guys! See ya!" She said, then ran off after Shauna to slow her down.

"So...where are we exactly going Amanda?" I asked, completely lost at what was going on.

"Aquacorde Town. It's where we always meet since there isn't really much of a place to meet here" Amanda gave me the rundown. I nodded to show I was keeping up.

"Okay, so let's go! We shouldn't keep them waiting" Amanda asked me. I nodded. I ran back inside, grabbed my house key, and locked the door up.

"Okay, I'm all set!" I said. Amanda was at the garden entrance. She waved her hand, beckoning me to follow.

"So Xav, where are you from?" Amanda asked me with curiosity. "and, how the heck did you get so insanely tall?

"Okay, 1, Xav? Seriously? I never got a nickname really. 2, I used to here in Kalos as a kid a really long time ago, but we moved to Kanto. But we had...problems there, so we moved back here to Kalos. 3, I really don't know how I got so tall exactly." I explained. Amanda didn't say anything. She was probably just taking in everything I said to her.

"So how far is Aquacorde Town anyways?" I asked. Amanda looked up at me with a blank look. I guess I broke her out of her thoughts.

"OH! It's a short walk there, up this nature trail, straight ahead." Amanda pointed out to me. I saw the dark green roofs of some buildings ahead. Amanda ran ahead.

"Wait up!" I asked her as I broke into a run after her. I easily caught up to her with my long legs. She was at the entrance, which was like a alleyway between buildings.

"Xav, Welcome to Aquacorde Town!" Amanda...well...welcomed me. I started to take in the view in front of me.

Light brown brick buildings with green roofs was what made this town. They were all knit together pretty tight, with the exception of the main rod that lead up to a grand bridge across a sparkling blue river. Heading west, probably coming from the coastal part of Kalos. Me and Amanda were standing on a high up pavilion, with steps leading down to a bunch of shops and other businesses. Wind started to pick up here, blowing into my face. The cool touch of my face against the wind was refreshing for a warm day.

"Heeeey! Amanda! Xavier! Over here!" Shauna shouted to us from a table with Serena, a big guy, and a short kid with big orange hair.

"There they are!" Amanda exclaimed, them ran over to them and took her spot with them. I followed her, and took the last spot at the six seater table.

"Hey Xavier! Amanda! You guys made it!" Shauna greeted us. Serena nodded with a smile. The big guy stood up and held his hand out to me.

"Everyone, this is Xavier!" Serena introduced me. I started to get shy and blushed.

"Wow...Shauna's description was spot on! You really are a giant!" The big guy across me complemented. Speaking of which, he was wearing orange shorts, a black shirt that had a light blue Vanillite on it, and a shoulder bag. He had black eyes, a weird haircut with spiky hairdo.

"This is Tierno. He's got some serious dance moves, and..." Serena introduced Tierno to me then trailed off. She was looking at the last friend I have to meet.

This kid was probably the youngest out of all of us. He wore black jeans, a gray-ish green shirt, a lime colored backpack, one of those new Holo Casters around his neck. He has gray eyes and that eye catching dome shaped orange hair.

"This is Trevor. He never misses a single question on his tests, but he's a little shy." Serena finished. I could tell he was very shy. He started to edge away from me and closer to Tierno. Another reason to hate my height.

"All right! Nice to meetcha'!" Tierno said with a big silly grin. "You know, It'd feel like we're a closer crew if we call each other by nicknames." Tierno proposed his idea, still having that goofy grin plastered on his face. Tierno looked over to me. "Can I call you X-Meister?" He asked me.

"...Wha?" I spoke.

"WHAT?! NO WAY! He's a Lil' X for sure!" Shauna screamed at Tierno, Scaring him into blocking his ears. Actually, she scared all of us into covering our ears really.

"Shauna! What did we tell you earlier?" Amanda reminded. Shauna became sheepish and covered her hands over her mouth.

"...oops" Shauna spoke through her hands.

"Anyways, What do you think Trevor? What should we nickname Xavier?" Shauna asked Trevor, who jumped really high out of his seat, startled. Someone was in Dreamland with Kirby...

"What? You want me to nickname someone I just met?!" Trevor replied, flabbergasted. "Shauna, you really shouldn't put people on the spot like this." He scolded Shauna. Wow. Shauna really get in shit a lot.

"Well...how about something low key? Maybe...something like Big X. Seriously? Big X? Reeeeeeal low key Big T...

"Okay Xavier, decide what you would like to be called by-" Serena couldn't finish.

"Wait! I called him Xav earlier! Count that in too!" Amanda interrupted. Serena nodded.

"Okay what will it be?" Serena asked me. I was thinking about it already. X-Meister? No Way! Lil X? Do I look little? Big-X? Sure I'm big but...nah. Xav...for some reason, I liked being called Xav. I really don't know why, but I like being called that!

"Xav. I would like to be called Xav!" I announced to everyone.

"Xav? Alright! That fits you! I'm sure we're all gonna be great friends, So I'll call you that too!" Shauna told me with a grin.

"Yeah! It fits you pretty good, actually" Serena complemented me, making me feel red in the face again.

"Hey! Can we see the Pokemon now? I wanna meet my new partner soooon!" Shauna started to beg Tierno. Tierno started to laugh a bit. Tierno has Pokemon on him? And he's giving one to Shauna? Cool. I always loved seeing new Pokemon, they just...are interesting, and I get to talk to them too.

Speaking of talking to them, My group of friends shouldn't find out I can talk to Pokemon. Don't wanna be a walking translator.

"I know! I felt the same way when me and Trevor got our Pokemon! I hope you feel the same way we did!" Tierno hoped while Trevor nodded. Tierno got out of his seat and backed up to the back of a nearby building. Then he reached into his shoulder bag and pulled out three typical red and white Pokeballs.

"Alrighty! This is the first Pokemon I got!" He pressed the button on the Pokeball and released the Pokemon inside.

The Pokemon was a small spiky squirrel creature with green spikes on its head, brown fur on its face, a pink nose, round black eyes, a small buck tooth sticking out of it's mouth, small furry body, small clawed arms, clawed feet, and a tail. I recognized it as a Chespin, a Grass type Pokemon rarely found here in Kalos.

"Here's the second!" Tierno Announced and released the second Pokemon.

This Pokemon was a small, yellow fur fox with a poofy tail tipped in red fur, a small wet button nose on its face, cute little eyes, big ears with red fur growing from them. This was a Fennekin, another rare Fire Type Pokemon in Kalos.

"This is the last!" Tierno Announced, then released the final Pokemon, which I was immediately interested in for sure.

This small Pokemon was a light blue big eyed frog with slick wet skin, white coated ball tip fingers, a white scarf made of bubbles, two white bubbles on its nose, and curious yellow eyes with black pupils.

This was a Froakie, a Water Type that was once again, rare in Kalos.

"That's all! Pick one everybody! Including you Xav!" Tierno offered us those-wait...me? I came here not just for a friend meeting but a Pokemon too?...Mom'll wonder where the heck I got a Pokemon, but...I'm 17. I have a right to choose one and the responsibility too.

"Xav! You should get first pick!" Shauna offered me to go first. I nodded and walked up to the trio of Pokemon who took notice of me as soon as I drew near.

"Ooooh a human! Must be one of the one's Tierno caught us for! Hope he picks me!" The Chespin hoped, not realizing I can understand him.

"EEEEEEK! A TRAINER! PICKMEPICKMEPICKME!" The really hyper Fennekin squealed and hopped around on one spot.

"A Trainer...Please don't choose me...I don't wanna be caught and trained..." The Froakie cried and pleaded to me. The poor guy. I couldn't stand seeing him so down on himself. But he reminds me of...me. He looks like me on a bad day. I had to help him! I walked over to the teary eyed Froakie, who cried even more when he saw me in front of him. I sat down beside him.

"Why are you crying little guy?" I asked him. He sobbed some more, and sniffled.

"Because, I'm afraid I'll be a failure of a Pokemon! I...I can't battle!...It's too scary...!" The Froakie sobbed more. Uh-oh. That's not good. This Froakie has a fear of battling. He's afraid of getting himself hurt.

"Look, It's okay, little guy. I'll show you what battles are like! Sure, it's painful and all, but your much stronger than you look. You won't die from one hit. I'm sure you can do it!" I whispered to him with assurance. He nodded, taking everything in, then snapped his head back up with a look of disbelief.

"You can understand me?!" he said, in denial. I nodded. "Yeah I can understand you. But don't tell anyone. I want it to be a secret. Too personal for me. I asked him. He nodded and wiped the tears out of his eyes with his arm.

"So...uhh...you're choosing me?" Froakie made sure. I nodded. "Yeah I'm choosing you, buddy!" I spoke with a smile and lifted him in the air. He was nervous for a moment and tried to squirm, but he stopped, and slowly broke into a smile.

"Great choice Xav! You two look great~!" Amanda complemented us. Froakie looked over at me.

"Aren't you going to give me a name?" he said, curious. A name? Didn't think he would want a name.

"A name?" I repeated. "Yeah! From what I saw, trainers would sometimes give their Pokemon they caught a name, and I've always wanted a name, so please name me!" he requested.

Ok, he's pretty unique, so he needs a special name that suits him...

Bubbles? Nah, too original...

Splash? That too...

A strange name...

A special name...

I got thinking of strange characters from video games. Then it struck me like lightning. I never really ever played a Final Fantasy game, but I was looking into some one time and I got looking into Final Fantasy IX (9 if you can't read Roman Numerals) and I thought of one name: Kuja. I know he was a villain, but I always loved that name. Kuja actually suits my new friend here.

Yes, Kuja the Froakie.

"Kuja. I'll name you Kuja!" I dubbed my Froakie. His mouth was agape. "Uhh...you want me to name you something else?" I asked him. It's not really my right to give him a name he doesn't like.

"Yes! Yesyesyes! I love it! Thank You soooooooo much!" he happy spazzed, then hugged me. I hugged him back

"Awwwww! He really likes you Xav!" Shauna fawned over Kuja's cute happiness.

"Okay then! Who's next?" Serena asked. Oh! I'll take a wild guess what Shauna will take...

"FENNEKIN! SOOOOOOO CUTE! I'M TOTALLY TAKING YOU!" Shauna squealed and death hugged the (once) happy Fennekin, who was turning blue in the face from a lack of oxygen.

"I guess that leaves me with Chespin! I hoped to have Chespin anyways!" Serena said and picked up the last of the trio, who was happy just to take anybody.

"Okay! We all got Pokemon! They love their owners too!" Amanda said. Wait...we all? Amanda has a Pokemon too? Didn't know.

"Okay! Now that we all have Pokemon...Xavier" Tierno looked at me. "Yeah Tierno?" I responded.

"I got a letter from professor Sycamore. He told me to give it to you. Along with this." Tierno said, then held out a letter with my name on it, and a red device separated with a Pokeball pattern through the middle.

"This is a Kalos Pokedex. We all have one from the professor, So he asked me to give you this one!" Tierno explained with his goofy smile on him. I took the letter and the Kalos Pokedex. I looked at the Pokedex for a button, and accidentally pressed the center of the Pokeball pattern, starting it up. It opened up into a holographic screen.

"This is Pokedex: Kalos Version 5.0. Please, Xavier Stevens, smile for you're picture." It droned. Wait,...how does it know my name?

"...WHA?" I could only say as it took a picture of me with my questioning look.


"Beautiful shot Xavier! You look gorgeous!" The Pokedex droned and showed me my really dumb picture.

"OH GOD!" I said. Everyone started to laugh and giggle when they saw my "beautiful" picture. Kuja started laughing too. I made me...happy seeing him laugh. Probably because he was so sad earlier.

"All right! We're done with our errand for the professor. I...guess me and Trev's will go look for Pokemon. Let's go Trev's!" Tierno explained what he and "Trev's" will be doing next.

Tierno got up and walked away to the main road to Route 2. "Trev's" said nothing, go up, and followed Tierno.

"So anyways, In case you didn't know, many kid's are chosen to carry a Pokedex and go on a adventure. But you're mom will definitely need to know, so you should deliver it." Serena explained. I nodded and got up. I ran to the entrance to go to the racetrack. Kuja hopped onto my shoulder and nodded. So I kept going.

"Xav wait!" Shauna screamed and ran up to me. GOD DAMMIT WHAT NOW?!

"Your gonna be my opponent in my Pokemon battling debut!" She ordered me. Kuja started shivering and shaking in fright on my shoulder.

"It's gonna be okay! Shauna chose Fennekin! You got an advantage! Plus, Fennekin's not good at battling too, so he's probably a bit nervous too." I comforted him. He stopped shaking a bit and nodded.

"Okay Lil' Fennekin! It's our first battle! Let's win it with style!" Shauna said and struck a pose. Fennekin ran in front of her and prepared itself for battle.

"Okay Kuja! Let's do this!" I cheered him on! He was shaking a lot as he slowly got into position out on my side of the battle.

"Don't be scared, don't be scared, you can do this Kuja, you can do it..." Kuja calmed himself down and got into a battle position with determination.

"Okay, let's go Lil' Fennekin! Use Tail Whip! Shauna ordered. Fennekin jumped in front of Froakie and turned around and started to wag its tail cutely.

"Don't look Kuja! It's to let your guard down!" I ordered him, who covered his eyes to not be mesmerized by Fennekin's alluring tail.

"Now, use Ember!" Shauna gave another order. OH MAN. Even if it's not very effective, it will still be hot and scary for Kuja. Gotta think! I did a project on Froakie's in Grade 9 Science class, so I remember some of their moves. For Kuja's level, he could know Tackle, and Growl, and something else...what the hell was it?...AHAH! Bubble! They know Bubble! A perfect counter to the Ember attack!

Fennekin jumped into the air and fired a barrage of orange-red hot coals at Kuja at quick speed.

"Kuja! Counter the Ember with your Bubble attack! Quickly!" I rushed him. Kuja was scared out of his mind, then he must've thought what I'm thinking. With a croak of agreement, he jumped back and breathed out a swarming mass of bubbles that caught the Embers and destroyed them, creating some smoke in the air.

"YEAH! Good job Kuja! See? Battles aren't horrible! As long as you have me, you'll be just fine!" I assured him. Kuja jumped around and pumped is hand in the air. He was having fun! Not cowering in fear! He likes battling!

"Darn! I thought we had him! Xav's better than we thought Fennekin!" Shauna said to Fennekin, who was saddened that his attack failed to reach Kuja.

"Kuja use Bubble again!" I ordered Kuja again, who happily complied by spewing another cloud of bubbles at Fennekin.

"Dodge it Fennekin!" Shauna ordered. Fennekin jumped to the side of the bubbles, which harmlessly popped into nothing.

"Kuja, use Tackle on Fennekin! Then use Bubble!" I ordered my finishing attack. Kuja ran into a unprepared Fennekin with his shoulder, which sent Fennekin flying onto the ground.

"Oh no! My Lil' Fennekin!" Shauna cried out. But Kuja wasn't finished. He then inhaled some air, then spat out lots of bubbles at Fennekin, which popped into painful stings to Fennekin. When the attack was finished, Fennekin was knocked out on the ground.

"Awwww no! We lost!" Shauna whined. "My poor Lil' Fennekin!" She sadly spoke as she returned Fennekin to his Pokeball and put it in her purse.

"YEAH! We won Kuja!...Kuja?" I celebrated, but stopped when I saw Kuja a bit worried.

"Is...is Fennekin gonna be ok Xavier?" he asked me with worry. I nodded.

"Don't worry. When a Pokemon is knocked out in battle, they just can't battle anymore. They rest up, or get a quick healing a a Pokemon Center, which are rest stops for Trainers, then they're all better for their next battle!" I gave Kuja the rundown to how after Pokemon Battles work. He looked a lot calmer now.

"Whew...ok that's good. But...That battle was fun! I see why Pokemon do it all the time!" he realized with a grin. I laughed with him. Until a beeping stopped us. It was coming from the Pokedex.

Battle Between: Xavier VS. Shauna

Winner: Xavier

You Win: $500.00

"What was that?" I asked Shauna.

"Oh that? That's the Pokedex Money System! Every time you win, you take a certain amount from the trainer you beat's Pokedex Money, which is a substitute for normal money. Mainly trainers use it. So what happened was since you beat us, you took $500 dollars from us and added it to your money account" Shauna explained it. My own money bank? Cool. So that's what it does.

"Anyways, You're an amazing trainer Xav! Have you battled before?" She asked me with...amazement. Surprisingly, no. Dad never had any Pokemon, and mom never trained Rylas much for battles, just for racing. I shook my head no. Shauna was even more amazed that I never did any battles.

"Kuja looks okay, so he doesn't really need any healing right?" Shauna asked me. I looked at Kuja for an answer. He shook his head. "Nope, he's fine" I answered for him. Okay, now that everything's done and over with, I gotta get to mom and deliver the letter.

"That was a good battle, but I gotta hurry and deliver the letter to mom! See ya guys!" I said my good byes.

"Say Hi to you mom for me!" Shauna told me as I ran through the exit back into Route 1 with Kuja resting on my shoulder.

Shauna sat back down at the table. "So guys, did you see the battle?" She asked Serena and Amanda. They both nodded.

"Yeah! You and Fennekin did your best, but Xavier and Kuja were just too good! It's like they battled before!" Serena noticed. Amanda nodded in agreement. She then got determined.

"I'm definitely battling him next...and I wont lose!..." Amanda vowed.

"I can't believe I thought battles were horrible! Those were awesome! I loved that battle!" Kuja rambled in delight to me, while I just laughed at his new love for battling, It was just really funny to me, in my opinion.

"Well, I'm glad you like battling now!" I said. I really was glad for his sake. He was a scared and lost just because of a fear. But because of my help, he overcame that fear. Good to see I did a good deed for someone.

"So Xavier, whats your mother like? Is she nice? Or is she...you know?" Kuja asked me the last part with a bit of worry. I rubbed the back of his head.

"Mom's a nice person. She's kind, and very understanding of anything. She's loves Pokemon, so don't worry much! She'll like you." I described mom to Kuja, who stopped worrying and kept walking along beside me.

I saw a small dirt path coming off the main road, leading off into the tall forest near my house. This was definitely the road to mom's custom Rhyhorn racetrack.

"Okay Kuja, this way!" I lead him down the dirt path in front of me. He nodded and hopped ahead of me. I followed him down the dark path into the thick forest ahead.

As soon as Xavier and Kuja went down the path, Amanda and another Pokemon walked (floated, for the Pokemon's case) down the main road to Vanville Town and saw the dirt path too.

"I don't remember this path! Where does this go? You know what? Let's going to check it out!" She decided for herself, them ran down the path into the forest. She then turned around.

"Over here Falia! Let's go!" She directed the small Pokemon.

"Fla! Fla!" The small Pokemon squeaked, then flew down the dirt road with it's fair sized ears over to Amanda.

The forest I was walking in was really thick, with the trees extending high into the sky and blocking out the sunlight. Because of the lack of sunshine, the forest was dark here, there, everywhere. Except...straight ahead.

"Climb up Kuja" I ordered Kuja. He nodded and jumped up in the air...and right over me and into the next area.

"A bit too high Kuja!" I warned him.

"WHAT THE-?!" somebody screamed ahead Making me blanch. That was mom screaming!

"OH GOD! MOM I'M COMING!" I shouted ahead, then ran out of the dark forest and into a sunny clearing. This clearing had a somewhat made racetrack of winding roads leading over a small river, a big hill, then back to a small starting line. At the starting line was Rylas, and mom on the ground with a knocked out Kuja on top of her. Plus Ruben pecking at Kuja.

"HEY! Ruben, don't peck at Kuja!" I scolded Ruben, who gave me the evil eye.

"What? He was probably attacking your mom! I'm giving him a arse whooping!" Ruben screeched.

"Dude, It's ok! It's my Froakie, I got him from a friend!" I assured him. As soon as I said that, his eyes widened and he flew off of him and onto the ground in front of me.

"Sorry about that. I was just being protective for your mother's sake" he explained to me with a forgivable look in his eyes.

"It's okay, I understand." I forgave him. "But you should forgive Kuja when he wakes up" I asked him. He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah. I will" he spoke in annoyance. Like I always nag him like I'm his mother.

I walked over to mom and shook her shoulder while I cradled Kuja in my other arm.

"Mom, are you ok?" I asked her. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey honey, yeah I'm okay! This cute little Froakie came flying from out of the trees and smacked right into me while I finished the practice run on the new track with Rylas! But this poor doll here took the brunt out of all of us!" Mom explained her situation as she picked up Kuja off of her and held him up. He had a big red lump on his head from his nasty ass landing. He wont be using Tackle soon...

"Yeah mom about that Froakie...I got him as a gift from my...new friends" I explained to her. She looked up at me with a questioning look.

"You own this Froakie? But how? The only person to know where to get a rare Pokemon is my old friend, Augustine." She asked me. Augustine? Who was that?

"Yeah I also got a Pokedex..." I trailed off, then held up the Kalos Pokedex to mom.

"And I got this to give to you" I held out the letter to mom. That's when I saw the name on the letter.

To Grace Stevens

From your old friend, Professor Augustine Sycamore


…...Mom was best friends with Professor Sycamore?! I never knew that! Since when?

"I knew it! I absolutely knew it! Augustine, go figure it was you to give my son a Pokemon!" Mom laughed. But it quickly died down. I guess Mom doesn't mind that I caught my own Pokemon. But she'll definitely mind what Professor Sycamore wants with me...

"I know what he wants...he wants me to send you on a Pokemon Journey, right?" Mom said in a accusing tone with narrowed eyes on me.

"Mom...please let me go...I'm 17, and I'm nearly well old enough to take care of myself!" I pleaded to mom. I've always wanted to go on a journey, but mom never let me go, even when I was at the legal age of 10 to leave. She would always say "It's too dangerous". So I thought I would wait until I'm older, so I asked again when I was 14. She STILL didn't let me go. We got in a big nasty fight and she made sure I would never leave home by locking my bedroom, and nailing my window shut.

I wouldn't let her hold me back anymore, this is my chance to do something in life.

"Mom...I'm not a kid anymore! I've always wanted to go on this journey! Please! Let me go!" I begged to her. She still had the defiant look on her face that screamed "NO!"

"Why won't you let me go?!" I cried out to her

"It's for your own good Xavier." Mom stated, still having a defiant look on her face.

"For mine? Or yours?" I shot back. Mom was silent. Not a word was spoken for what felt like hours.

"I'm not only doing this for my sake, but for Kuja's too." I spoke for Kuja. Mom was still silent.

"Otherwise, I'll be letting him down as his chosen trainer" I finished. Still silent. I couldn't stand in front of her anymore, it was just starting to piss me off. I walked away slowly into a different part of the forest to cool off, carrying Kuja in my arms as I left.

Grace was sadly staring at her own son as he made up his decision. She started to tear up, and silently cried into her hands.

"I have been protecting him far too long from the world haven't I Rylas? She cried. Rylas stomped up to her and licked her hand for comfort.

Ruben flew up to Grace and rubbed his tiny body against Grace's leg.

"Chhhiiiiirp! Chiiip!" He chirped

"Hello, would you be Xavier's mother?" a girl asked her. Grace looked up to see Amanda standing there with a small Pokemon holding a large red flower floating beside her.

Grace wiped the tear out of her puffy eyes and looked at Amanda.

"Y-yes. I'm Grace nice to meet you!" she introduced herself to Xavier's new friend.

"I'm Amanda, on of your neighbors!" Amanda introduced as well. She then saw how puffy Grace's eyes were.

"And this is Falia! My Flabebe!" Amanda introduced her miniscule Pokemon. That Pokemon then flew up to Grace's face.

"Flaaaaaalalala Flaaalallllaaa! Beeebe!" It squeaked while clinging to it's ocean blue flower for comfort. It then flew behind Amanda, wailing. Amanda laughed.

"She's a bit scared of anything big" Amanda laughed a bit more, then saw the depressed look on Grace.

"Are you okay Grace?" Amanda asked with worry. Grace just sadly stared at the grassy forest floor.

"Xavier just asked me if he could go on a journey...again. A-a-and I wouldn't let him...again...All because I've been selfishly overprotective of him...and now he's going anyways" She sobbed her explanation to Amanda.

Amanda understood her situation. Her parents wouldn't let her leave either. But after enough pleasing and begging, she would be allowed to go. Only if she could prove that she could look after herself, and go with a trusted friend.

"Well...from what you said, and based on his personality, Xavier will probably be very angry with you for a long time. Unless...you let him go on his journey." Amanda voiced her opinion on Grace's situation. Grace just nodded silently.

"Also, I would think "What would I do if I was Xavier, not allowed to go on his journey?" Amanda added. Grace, still silent, took everything in.

After deciding for a moment, she grabbed the letter and read the fine, cursive writing on the front of it. She finally decided to read the letter inside. She tore to top off and pulled out a brown piece of paper

Dear Grace,

It's been years since we last spoke, and I am surprised you came back home to Kalos. You left to Kanto with your son, Xavier 14 years ago and I haven't seen you since. From what I have heard your marriage with Mike didn't work out well. Xavier must've taken the brunt of that.

But enough of that. Your son is of age and he would probably wanted to have done this for a very long time, but I think he should go on a Pokemon Adventure. I know you've wanted to protect him for years because of that...incident he had as a child, but you're preventing him from really letting him live his life.

So if you could, please let him become a Pokemon Trainer under my name and let him have his adventure through Kalos. This is my request that you owe me that you asked me to owe when I saved you 20 years ago.

Please, for his sake, and for his Pokemon's sake as well.

Yours truly, Augustine Sycamore.

Grace, with both Amanda's and Professor Sycamore's pleas, finally decided her decision.

She would do this as a favor for Augustine.

She would do it for Kuja the Froakie.

She would do this for Xavier.

She would let him go on his journey, for his sake.

Unknowingly, she set the gears of fate in motion.

The motion of good VS. evil.

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