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Pokemon X&Y&_: The Last Memory

Chapter 2: Kuja

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. ~Unknown

Have you ever gotten up in the morning,and had a strange feeling? Not like a tummy churning sickness, or maybe you slept the wrong way the night before, but like this nagging feeling...that you know something was going to happen today? Something that has a profound effect?

I'm pretty sure that's what I have now.

Now I know I'm anxious and nervous about getting my first official Pokemon, hell anyone would be, but this curious feeling in my head has been irking me since I was unceremoniously awoken by you-know-who.

NOT Voldemort, Ruben.


Screw off Potter People.

Speaking of evil stuff...who was that evil looking guy in my dream earlier? Technically, I didn't see him except for those eyes, so let me rephrase that: Who was that evil feeling guy from my dream? He was asking for help...or something...well...I dunno if I should actually even call him a bad guy. He came off evil,but he did genuinely plead for help.

Either he was a desperate villain of some kind, begging a depressed guy for help, or he has some devious ulterior motive. Personally, I think he would've had better chances begging a hobo for help, but hey, that's just my opinion on myself.

Clearly, besides talking to the 'mons, I'm pretty boring, aren't I? I should shut up and actually proceed with my life.

Route 1, between Vanville and Aquacorde, shouldn't really be considered a route, really. No diverting paths, no twists or turns, or even any sign of life, human or Pokemon. It was quite simply put, a road, and trees. Nothing really else that can be said about the route.

Heh. About the route. I rhymed, perfectly timed! I'm a poet, you know it, ain't afraid to show it!

If it was possible, I probably could have rapping for a career! Don't think Mom would be too proud though...

Rhyming aside...

Some people would probably be like "BOOORING!", but I appreciate the silence and simplicity of it. More time to think. At least, on any other day. Currently, I was like Forrest Gump, running down this naturally made jogging track. I was gonna get there early and be one of the first people to get a Pokemon buddy!

Keyword, was.

Without warning, something new did come out onto the route, and unlucky for them, they were in my damn way.

Unlucky for me, They seem to know tripping tall people is their eternal weakness.

"WHAAAAA-" I screamed, before being cut off by a face full of dirt, and maybe a lost tooth.

"...eh...EH...Ow..." I managed to painfully sputter. Sitting up carefully, I was ready to boil over in anger at the arse who decided to bugger me up. Glancing behind me, my rage instantly melted away.

My former threat, a Pokemon, was blue. Blue and white were the two prominent tones. An amphibian, or more properly, a frog. It was short, hunched over in stature, but then again, when are frogs not? A body of slippery sky blue, its wet skin shone like a sheen on a polished shoe. Its webbed, fumbling hands were dipped in white, a part of pasta thin arms, Its legs bent with its low body, and a coating of vast white bubbles. Unlike any other bubbles that come to thought, The makeshift scarf of bubbles were hardly clear. In fact, they were very solid, and looked more like some sort of frothing putty. Amidst the mystery bubbles was the famous face of the croaking creature before me. With the exception of the barely noticeable dark blue stripe between its comically large eyes and its its small white nose, its face was frog-like.

But its eyes was what caused my sudden change of emotion.

Its wide, golden eyes were scanning me not as a threat, but of fear. Its onyx pupils shone in absolute terror. Its body language, and even its appearance spoke more of this crippling terror. Its hands twitching like a winter chill, its pygmy chest heaving shakily. It's left leg was extended back, almost as if it were to flee, lips quivering. Truthfully, it was no enemy seeking to trip me.

In fact...

The only enemy here was me. My presence threatened its existence.

We stared at each other for what felt like eons. It almost feels like hours have passed, golden eyes meeting dark brown. We couldn't keep this infinite silence going forever. I had to talk.

I cleared my throat as quietly as I could. "Are...you okay?"

I had expected for it to scream, flee, or, in a unlikely scenario, retaliate like any Pokemon should.

Instead, it had continued to stare. Clearly it had heard me, I think it's just comprehending my words.

I decided to speak again. "Hey, uh...I'm sorry for...eh, tripping on you...I was in kinda a rush..."

It had finally decided to speak up. Its voice rather quiet, almost silent.

"...No.." It mumbled. "Are...Are you...hurt...?" Its voice, a young boy's.

"Me? I'm fine...sort of...but I trip all the time, so I'm used to a few crashes and bruises!" I goofily smiled, jerking a thumbs up. Why was I so happy? First impressions. He's scared of me, and if I come off as more positive and warm, he'll calm down and will more likely to be less terrified.

I think it was already working, personally.

"So...You were running off too huh...Sorry..." I composed myself, and stood up.

That, was my mistake. Frogger here had his jaw dropped, and honestly, I can't blame him. He's barely even a foot tall, and I'm nearly seven. His earlier fears returned full force. He backed away in fear once more.

"S...S...stop! Don't...I won't be caught! I...I'll a-attack you!" he stuttered out, his threat hollow. Him attacking me is something I just couldn't believe at this point. From what I could tell about him, he dislikes violence, most likely running from conflict of some kind. He said he wouldn't get caught, which could only mean he has no trainer, and is currently a wild Pokemon.

Abhorring violence and being wild...he's afraid of Pokemon Trainers. They represent his nightmares come to reality.

"You're afraid of trainers...I understand." I started, sitting down on the dirt path so I could be at his level physically, and emotionally. "But I'm not a trainer...see?" I lifted my shirt so he could see my waist for any Poke Balls. "I don't have anything to catch you."

The fear faltered slightly, but it was replaced with a tinge of confusion instead. "Um...what are you doing..?" He eyed me strangely. I eyed him back in the same manner.

"Uh..." I let go of my shirt, letting it cover me up again. "Showing you I can't catch you?"

He had no response for a moment, before doing something I haven't ever saw him done. He was beginning to snort, maybe chuckle a little.

"You humans...so weird! With your weird skins you wear! Weeeeeeird!"

As biast as this was, this was a positive reaction! Whatever I was doing was making Froggit here happy.

"You gosh darn frogs are so strange!" I responded in a false redneck voice. "Dem big ol' eyes and dere ribbit ribbits! Yuppers, straaaaaaange!" I drawled. Whether it was my phony crap accent or the way I said it, I managed to get my friend here rolling on the ground laughing, borderlining crying from so much giggles.

"Hoh...You human!" He gasped for air. "Why was I scared...of you?! You're...so silly!"

I was chuckling a little at his expression, unfazed at these semi-insults.

"I guess we're both silly! Look at us insult each other, its almost like a bad joke!" I snorted. "I can almost here it now: Two racists, a human and a frog But walk into a bar!"

"I'm not a fuh-rog! I'm a Froakie!" He proclaimed, my gallows humor going over his head completely. But still, a Froakie huh? I may have lived here years ago, but I don't know really any Kalos Pokemon. Being in Kanto so long let me know most of the Kanto Pokemon, and some Johto ones too.

Heh, and I was calling him Froggit. They look nothing alike...oh...OH MY. I almost burst out laughing. He didn't understand my joke, but was happy anyways...Arceus that's ironic as hell!

Reality came back to me when I saw him expectantly staring at me, as if for me to introduce myself.

"Well Froakie, I'm Xavier, and I speak nerd, internet trolls, and have extreme levels of derp! Nice to meet you!" I greeted, finally getting close to Froakie.

"Um...what?" Was his response, his face bewildered.

"Ehhh nothing, its a human thing."

"Weird human is weird."

"Agreed. Can't deny it when it's the truth!"

Our conversation ended at that. He had moved considerably closer to me in this span of time, and I had crossed my stilts for legs comfortably on the road. Hey, its not like anyone was planning to even come down this path anyways. Vanville is a hick town with no trainers, just people with Pokemon.




"Crap, sorry Froakie, I got so hung up talking and meeting you, I forgot I was going to see something important!" I stood up quickly, brushing the dust and dirt from my jeans. Froakie was surprised at my actions, and surprisingly enough, seemed a little...sad.

"O-oh...will...you come back?"

"For sure! Stick around in the town ahead, I'll be back soon? Kay, bye!" I rushed off down the trail, trying to focus on getting my Pokemon. As I began to go on my merry way, a thought occurred to me about Froakie.

He didn't even question how I was even able to talk with him.


Aquacorde Town, to be honest, is barely any different from Vanville.

Beige brickwork was the desirable design of this slightly bigger town. A straight path of two-three story buildings jam-packed together, denying any alleyways. Its far end exit consists of a lantern-lit bridge across the town's namesake, the Aquacorde River. Before even approaching the river, the town's main businesses and residences surrounds a pristine fountain. Before the fountain, the front of Aquacorde was a series of tables and chairs. What for? Hell if I know, but my guess is that's for just chilling with your friends I guess. This area of rest would be on top of a elevated pavilion. With its considerably raised height, this area is a lookout for the entirety of the pseudo town. From this vantage you could see the symmetrical treeline of the faraway Route 2. The view is probably my favorite thing about Aquacorde, but there was one thing I absolutely hate most about this town.

Between the fountain and the pavilion, is stairs.

Yes, you know why at this point why I hate them.

Not only were these ones fairly large, but because of of moron architect, there was no railings to hold onto either.

So while you shorties get to have fun with your stairs, we titans among humanity are struck with these curses gifted from humanity. Damned ceilings, hexed staircases, demonic doorjams, and much more, not that I expect you leprechauns to understand.

Well, tall guy bitching aside, we had a more major problem on our hands.

Froakie wasn't the only Froakie I met today.

Among spiky green Pokemon and fluffy foxes, Froakies were abundant across the town! With our some were resting in the river, some were hopping across rooftops, and one single one...Doing something funky as hell on the fountain? What the fudge?

Now that's a frog doing something mysterious.

Our thorny friends were much more belligerent compared to the other two. A majority of them were combating either each other, or other Froakie. The foxes, were avoided for obvious reasons, considering they were very busy torching anything flammable. The spiky guys were Grass types for sure, and were evidently smart enough not to pick a fight with Fire types.

Except that one dingus on the bridge. He was busy getting his grassy ass roasted.

Now when you can understand the gibberish of a Pokemon, whether its barks or screeches, or, apparently, them saying their names, plus the many Pokemon overrunning this hick town, its information overload. When there is no language barrier, there is a lot of conversation going on to blast your ears.


After hearing a ear bleeding story about a internet joke and a random soaring Fennekin across the blue sky, it was needless to say I had my ears plugged.

Silence has never been so beautiful.

During my deaf fantasy, a thought occurred to me as I observed this insanity before me: Spiky dudes are Grass, flammable foxes are Fire, and Froakies being near water...well, Water types? The three types were the norm used by Pokemon Professors in every region, and this trio were no different whatsoever.

I believe this mass carnage was supposed to be the Pokemon being given to Trainers today. Obviously, shit hit the fan here, as people were panicking. Some were trying to hide indoors, some restraining the multiple Pokemon running amok, and there was, strangely enough, a lack of trainers fighting any of these Pokemon. From what I could tell, there was only two trying to combat the elemental Pokemon. One of them was a younger lady, while the other one of them was a face I'd know anywhere.

Despite living in Kanto, Professor Augustine Sycamore was a personal friend of Mom's, and visited us often years ago. He's tall. Not my height, but still taller than the average person. He wore his spotless, white lab coat constantly, and still was right now, with a professional dark blue collared dress shirt, his matching, yet casual black jeans and black leather shoes were a nice touch, especially in men's fashion. His looks were equally in style. A cleanly shaven face, evident by his stubble, and stylishly curly coal black hair endowed him with a look that would make most ladies giddy.

Sycamore was like the replacement for my dad,who...well, nevermind. Augustine, or as I preferably call him "August" as a kid, was the kind of guy who would buy you ice cream if you broke his house window or something. No, I'm not saying that you'll get free ice cream for breaking his property, I'm saying he's a awesome guy. The guy barely even knows me, but he still tells me cool stories about Pokemon, or heck, even a few years ago, he sent me a birthday present. That speaks volumes about him.

That present was a book on Pokemon, if you were curious.

Now enough thinking, go see August!

Carefully, I repeat, carefully making my way down those vexing stairs, I approached Sycamore and unplugged my ears, curious to what the bloody hell was going on.

"August!" I greeted, approaching said professor. He wore his famous warm smile as I always saw him with.

"Xavier! Bonjour! I would ask how you are doing, but now is a rather bad time!" He returned, facing me, before turning to look at the mess of Pokemon, damaged property, and battles. "Someone released all the Pokemon I was giving away today, and now they're quite literally going wild, as you can plainly see."

"Yeah, I can see! Hey, at least it didn't happen when all the new trainers were here, it would be an even bigger mess, I bet!"

He nodded. "I can agree. Fortunately, We managed to block off the exits to the north, and thankfully, the Aquacorde River is barred at both ends, so there are no exits, except towards Vanville Town, and even then.." He trailed off, knowing that I knew what he was saying.

"Its still a dead end. The town is walled in, and the surrounding forest too." I finished.

"Good! Now, we've done a head count. We have 12 of each starter Pokemon. We counted and found all the Chespins, But strangely enough, we are one short on Fennekins, and one short on Froakies." He debriefed, glancing back at me. "Xavier, you came from Vanville, did you see any of these three Pokemon?"

"Fennekin? Huh? Uh no, but Froakie..."



Froakie. That's what he meant by "not getting caught" and why he acted so oddly when I told him I had nothing to catch him with. He wasn't wild at all. He was going to be given away today. That's also why he was so riled and panicked. He was, without choice, being forced to join the people he feared, and fight in battles he refused to do out of the same terrors.

"I did...I talked with him..but I never even...knew..." I quietly answered, as silent as the very frog I somewhat befriended.

"Ah, your ability to communicate with Pokemon is always fascinating!" He complimented, a shine to his eyes many scientists got when they spoke of a study. "Your gift has always baffled me, and not just me, but many professionals of the scientific community. If anyone can understand Pokemon, its you, Xavier!"

I blushed a little. I serious was not used to compliments, but it didn't mean I didn't like them. I scratched my head and smiled. "Heh, I don't really do much, I just listen to them..." I explained.

"My exact point Xavier! Your ability is..." He stopped, sighing and composing himself. "I suppose this isn't the best time to talk about it. Xavier, I want you to-" He was cut off by his assistant, who from nowhere shoved us to the ground.


"Professor, get down!" she shouted. Um, what about me? I guess I was just lucky I was shoved down too. A shower of glowing hot coals flew over us, courtesy of a more agitated Fennekin aiming at a nearby Chespin. The Ember attack distorting the air with heat.

"Is everyone okay?" the lady asked.

"S-startled...I guess..." I spoke up, taking in a relieving, yet painful breath. Relieving because I was breathless, painful because it was hard to breathe. Smoke coated the air too, thick and cloudy.

"Sorry I didn't introduce myself a moment ago, I'm-" She rolled over to avoid a charging, smoldering Chespin. ("HOT!HOT!HOT!") Before she could respond, August, lying low on his elbows with us, spoke up.

"I believe introductions are for later! Xavier, I need you to find that Froakie!"

"Alright! I saw him earlier, he'll listen to me!" I shouted over the din of Kalos Starters. The moment the smog cleared, I got up and climbed the tall man's torture device and booked it for the exit, the sounds of chaos fading behind me. I inhaled the cold, clean air, happy to break away from the mess.

I breathed in the air through my nose next...and still smelt some roasting. It wasn't rocket science to figure out where it was coming from, especially when it was so close.

Do not ask me how I did not notice, or even felt this, but my left pant leg was coated in flames.



All the sleeping birds woke up in Vanville Forest and flew off.

Can't blame them. I would freak the fugg out if a flailing, flaming, human on stilts came rolling and randomly screaming and cussing into your home. I would run without looking back too.

Call it what you want. The Fan Dango, the Funky Chicken, the Flame Tango, I was dancing, and it wasn't a very happy dance, but more of a frantic, retarded, embodiment of a fire hazard, more than anything. If I was on stage on Dancing With the Stars...well, what stage? It got burnt down.

Stop, drop, roll they said.

Don't panic they said!


Its not fine when your right pant leg was starting to ignite too. Stop, drop, and roll doesn't really do a whole hell of a lot when you get down to it! And I can't FRICKING HELP BUT PANIC!

"SHITSHITSHITSHIT-" and many more.

Well, I know which starter I'm not choosing when this shit is done and over with.

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want a Fire type anytime soon after a stray Ember attack landed in your pocket and made you into a human torch.

I made a stupid decision.

While still hopping around, I reached into my flaming pocket, yes, reached in there and whipped out a still hellishly hot coal. I was juggling it like a hot potato, before dropping it on the ground and stomping it to itty bitty pieces, along with its red hot flames. One problem down. Now to deal with my pants.


Who else could come at such a good time? Almost godsend, Froakie, the same one I met, was hopping towards me, wide-eyed at my predicament.

"Froakie! HI! HELP! WATER!" I managed to scream.

"Are humans usually on fire?" He asked instead, innocent and curious.

"NO!" I bellowed, attempting to roll around again. I was starting to understand how the Chespin from moments ago was feeling.

"Why are you rolling...actually, no, humans are weird...I won't ask..."


"But why-"

"DO IT!"

Without anymore questions or hesitation, he sharply inhaled, before exhaling a torrent of blue. Instead of water, out came a cloud of sapphire bubbles, soaring into the flames at a fast velocity. With loud "POPS!" each bubble splashed into water. Within the minute, the my once awesome pair of blue jeans was doused, and sopping wet. Add asymmetrical and charred, as well.

"THANK YOU." I practically shouted, flopping down onto the leafy earth, which surprisingly was unchanged from all the flames. Froakie was hunched over, giving me a look once again.


"I know, I know..." I sighed. "We're weird."

How do Pokemon even learn the word weird? We invented that word, I'm pretty sure.

Me and Froakie, much like our previous meeting, sat there, together on the forest floor. The birds were still gone from my rampage, but the winds blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves, made the verdant green sea serene, almost magical. It was one of those days where you could lie here and sleep, not a care in the world. Froakie, from what I could tell, was quiet and calm, but more interested in what could be in the scenery. I doubt he'd find much. No Pokemon besides Flying Types here really, and they only rest in this forest, not even live here.

Now that I was in a calmer state of mind, I remembered my mission, and who I was supposed to be looking for specifically. Froakie wasn't going to take what I'm about to say lightly. He'll most likely panic once again, sadly. I couldn't break my word to August. I closed my eyes, somber, and spoke up.

"Froakie, Professor Sycamore is looking for you. I know that you're a starter Pokemon, and-"

Froakie, before I even finished explaining, launched himself at my neckline of my shirt, grabbing with the strength of a Machamp, shivering fearfully like a Snorunt.

"P-please! Don't take me back! I don't...I...I don't want to fight!"


"NO! You can't make m-me! I re...re...REFUSE!"

Froakie burst into incoherent sobbing, using my shirt to cry into. I could only stare at my new friend sadly.

Being forced to into something you don't want...I could relate very easily, and it's not a nice feeling. To have your worst fears thrown into your face, or maybe even having your dreams crushed because someone else said you can't do it. Or maybe even someone had dirt against you, and you had to do something horrible. Blackmail accounts into this too. Either way you look at it, all of them stem back to two heart breaking words.



Never have I heard a more despair inducing phrase such as this. It's a dream destroyer, a killjoy. Someone ignorant and selfish would never really think that the combination of the two simple words would ever have such devastating consequences. It ruins lives, chokes all hope, and quite simply, leaves people as empty shells of their former selves. All positivity and life, drained.

You Can't...

Froakie shouldn't deal with this crap, especially something this emotional. All because he doesn't want to fight, and nobody is willing to listen to him and his fears. Ignorance at its finest.

I have already been told that I can't go on a journey, and it broke me. I won't allow Froakie to feel the same pain...he's suffered enough. He needs a miracle to happen...


I'm such an idiot.

I got up this morning to have a average day, ran out the door to get a Pokemon, and in my blind anxiety and excitement, I ignored the one Pokemon who just needed someone to talk to, and trust. And by some strange fate, he was one of the starters of choice for the taking. If only I had realized earlier...that I already found the Pokemon that I want as a companion.

I'm no miracle man, but...I know what to do.

From one conflicted person to another...Let me make things better.

I smiled softly.

Let's change You Can't...

...into You Can.

"You can't go back." I finally spoke up. The Bubble Frog slowly glanced up at me, his golden eyes still tearful.

"H...huh...?" He sniffled, confused.

"Because..." I hesitated, before my smile grew wider. "You can stay with me!"

"Wh...Wh...Xavier...what are you saying...?"

"What I'm saying is...will you be my Pokemon?"

Never, in years have I felt so exuberant and happy with any of my choices. What I just said to Froakie is one of those choices that I will never regret as along as I live, especially after the face Froakie was making me.

Starry-eyed. I thought that it shouldn't be possible, but he was starry-eyed, and his bright yellow eyes only made them shine like gold.

Letting go of my shirt, he leaped at my arm entirely, hugging what he could of it, and sobbed once more. Instead of tears of sadness, it was the emotionally moving tears of joy. He had no words that could be said, and neither do I.

My first Pokemon in my life.

It's a feeling anyone would only feel when they get their first friend, or pet. Another way to look at it is like finding or meeting someone who is your long lost friend you've never met. Like some form of destiny, like a happiness fated to happen for you. A joy that could never be expressed through words, only felt.

And I damn well felt it with all my heart.

"Froakie...No, I shouldn't call you that...you deserve a name...everybody deserves an identity...you aren't just a Froakie." I mumbled, rubbing his back.

Many names crossed my mind. Instantly, I ruled out pet names. Pokemon are not owned for the sake of owning, but the sake of bonding. Stupid names aside, I crossed out names related to his affinity to water, and thought of something else. A name from a person from a game I played? Maybe...it depends if my friend would even want it. Sure, lets start there, and improve. Therius? Nah. Cecil? Nope, but I'm on the right track. Final Fantasy names were always neat and unique in a special sort of way.

Luneth? No. Gau? Nooo. Squall? Too emo. Kefka? Ewww screw that. Vivi? God that would be fitting for his personality, but no...Kuja?

Kuja. Final Fantasy IX (9)'s strange villain.

That name sounds awesome...but would he even want to be named after a drama queen/guy who talks like his life is a bad Shakespeare soap opera and is penchant for blowing shit up just 'cause? The name is cool, but the owner of it is one weird ass wanker, that's for sure.

I play too many games...Arceus, I'm one hell of a nerd.

Okay, lets try it, who bloody well cares?

"K...Kuja. Do you want that as your name?" I finally decided. Froakie was silent, a strange pause was between us. I uncomfortably shuffled a little. I decided to speak up again.

"If you, uh, don't want it, that's fine, but..." I trailed off.

"Y...yeah! I like it! Can I have it?" he decided, nodding with a small smile.

"Of course! It's why I suggested it, Kuja."

"...I'm so glad..."

Kuja, if one thing is for sure, you will be the one to define your name. It's even better on you than the original Kuja. In fact, in my opinion, it's solely your name. Don't let pansy Kuja ruin the real Kuja: A Froakie I know can be strong.

Well, now that's over and done with...back to August. Sorry for making you wait with all the shit going down, man, but I had some bonding time with my Pokemon. I'm gonna have to explain to him that Kuja is my Pokemon of choice. I'm sure he'll understand better than anybody, really. Heck, Kuja was going to be given to someone, and that someone is me!

"Kuja, we're going back to Professor Sycamore." I stated. Before he could outburst, I cut him off. "Don't worry, I'm just going to tell him that I chose you as my starter. There's no way I would ever give you back to him anyways." I quickly explained. Kuja sighed in relief, climbing up my arm and onto my shoulder.

Kuja, the Froakie.

The Strong One.

"Okay! Lets...lets go!"


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