Soul Reapers of Atmos

What would you do if you were torn from your world, your family, and your friends? Ichigo Kurosaki has been torn from his home and, along with his good friend Akira, is placed into the world of the Storm Hawks, but with Akira missing. What will Ichigo and the Storm Hawks do when Master Cyclonis uses a different source of power for her Storm Engine?


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"I told you it was a waste of time!" Finn stated. He turned to his side, gently kicking the pavement whilst doing so. Despite the mad wind, his hair still stood up tall.

"So we may not be official… I'm still a Sky Knight, you're still my Squadron and we're still friends, right?" Aerrow questioned, giving each of his friends an undefeated look while they each returned sceptical ones.

Stork was the first to respond, his black eyes narrowing in a slightly cunning manner. "Oh? I'm only with you until something better comes along," he grumbled, rather more to himself but loud enough that the others still heard it.

As if mocking them, another cool burst of wind rushed past the Storm Hawks.

Piper let out an irritated sigh. "I wish people would take us seriously," she whinged. "We're not just kids. We have the skills, we have the gear-"

"We have Finn," Finn interrupted, dully pointing to himself and receiving an eye roll from Radarr. "Chica-cha," he attempted to woo the others, pointing both his fingers out like two pistols.

A low rumble interrupted the young team. All eyes turned down the street where another Sky Knight Squadron was quickly approaching.

Another gust of wind chilled the Sky Hawks to the bone. They each seemed to ignore the cold though, and watched the others pull up.

"It's Carver and the Red Eagles," Junko informed.

"Come on, let's go meet them!" Piper suggested, though it was more an order. She beckoned the others to follow her as she walked towards the Red Eagles.

As their name suggested, the Red Eagles were dressed in red. Their clothing was similar to the Storm Hawks, with bits and patches of armour atop a skin-tight body suit. The Red Eagles leader, Carver gave each member of the Storm Hawks a good look over before his vision was cut off by a hand. That hand belonged to Aerrow. He held it out as a gesture to shake hands with Carver. The young Sky Knight smiled, "It's a real honour to meet you Carver. I'm Aerrow, leader of the Storm Hawks."

"Aren't you a little short to be a Sky Knight, kid?" was the not-so-polite response from Carver. He gave them all a grin that blended in with a sneer before he and his Squadron rode off to a blue tower, which was glowing and standing tall in the distance.

-Beacon Tower-

The Red Eagles Squadron stopped outside the doors of the Beacon Tower where the most powerful crystal resides in. The light from the beacon shone like a blue bonfire. Just standing outside the tower gave every one of them butterflies in their stomach. They could feel its power flow through them from their head to their toes.

As Carver glanced at the building he felt a strong essence flow into him and he knew that it was his master telling him that it was time to take the Aurora Stone. One of the members approached him and asked "Sir, what now?"

The leader turned his head slightly and spoke as he turned to face the door, "It depends on what side you are on."


"Long live Cyclonis." Whispered Carver before he turned round as he drew his weapon and sent an attack at his squad, causing them to freeze upon impact. He then slashed at the door, causing it to fall off its hinges thus allowing the traitorous Sky Knight to enter the building.

Carver reached the top of the tower and as he approached the stone, he could hear whispers from ancient times. Just as Carver's fingers came in contact with the mystical item, he heard the door open with a loud crash which shook the building to its core. Then a figure entered the room as if they were looking for something, causing to Carver panic a little, thinking he had been caught. A voice calls out from behind him "Akira! Where are you?" Answer me!"

Carver raised an eyebrow before he turned round to be face-to-face with an orange haired man. The male asked Carver "Who are you?"

To which the ex-leader of the Red Eagles, thinking quickly, lied, "The name's Carver and I am this crystal's keeper. I am taking it somewhere else so that it cannot be stolen."

The orange haired man answered. "My name is Ichigo and I'll leave you to your job..." The newly dubbed Ichigo wandered to a window, gazing over the strange floating town he had landed in. "Akira, where are you...?" he quietly mumbled to himself. "Or maybe I should find out where I am first?"

The door opened again, slamming with the same force Ichigo had just used. As he turned to see who had entered, he heard someone shout, "Carver you traitor! What have you done?"

Ichigo's eyes widened. He caught sight of the man from earlier, Carver, who was attempting a quick exit out another window. "A traitor?" Ichigo questioned. He narrowed his eyes, arm reaching towards the large cleaver-like sword resting on his back. "I hate guys like you who think they can hurt their friends!"

"Friends?" Carver laughed, "They were not my friends, boy."

"How can you say that? Bastard!" Ichigo lunged forward, sword held high. But to his surprise, Ichigo's attack met resistance against Carver's own weapon, a weapon the likes of which Ichigo had never seen before.

The Storm Hawks reached the top of the stairs, surprised not only with the fact that Carver held the Aurora Stone in his hand, but also with the stranger, his strange clothing and his bright orange hair. The female of the group saw the orange haired stranger place his hand over his face. A slight grin graced his features while dark energy formed over his face. It solidified in the form of a mask which instantly sent shivers up their spines due to the feeling of its dark power. When the stranger removed his hand, they saw all the details of the skull-like mask. It was bone-white with red markings on one side, covering the male's face. His eyes glowed gold-on-black as a reptilian hiss erupted from his throat.

Ichigo wasn't sure what was worse, exposing himself to his inner hollow's power or seeing the terrified expressions of others who saw his mask. At the moment, the pure horror shown on each member of the Storm Hawks faces gave him the upmost feeling of worry in his stomach. Whenever people gave him that look, it made him feel as if he was the monster, even if it was he who wanted nothing more than to protect others.

Ichigo could remember his friends' faces when he nearly tore apart the Cuatra Espada, Ulquiorra to pieces with his zanpakuto. He remembered everything clearly. He was in his Bankai state and he spoke slowly, with his hollow's voice, "I'm sorry if this frightens you when I look like this."

Ichigo turned his attention back to Carver. A black/red energy rolled in around Ichigo's sword, burning bright like the Aurora Stone. Ichigo brought his blade above his head then quickly brought it down in Carver's direction. Whatever words he said were drowned out by the crackling and screeching caused by the Red Crescent he had just released. It caused a great hole in the wall of the tower, something that would not be patched up easily. Ichigo removed his mask, it fading to nothing through black and red waves of energy. His cold gold on black eyes faded away to warm brown calmly greeting the Storm Hawks who, throughout this whole ordeal, remained still by the stairs.

Carver was on his back, head resting on a fallen brick. With his eyes narrowed he whispered in a breathy voice, "What... are you?" Before his consciousness faded and he passed out. Ichigo placed his zanpakuto back onto his back, the white bandages rewrapping themselves around the blade.

-Cyclonis's throne room, Cyclonia-

The room was filled with the gentle hum of a machine. In the centre was a strange device which slightly resembles a scorpion should the creature have ten legs. Another peculiar figure stood in front of this device, a girl no less. Her form cloaked in dark purple and around her neck was a collar made of feather-like tendrils. Her fingers, skinny and some-what pale, typed away on a letter-less keyboard. The device responded to her unknown orders and welded bits and pieces of silver together. They were working on some evil plan the girl had concocted, and nothing suggested otherwise.

A loud crash sounded outside the room, causing the figure to jump slightly and she sighed in irritation as she grumbled, "What are my Talons doing, now?"

She walked from the device to the door and demanded to a guard, "Open the door!" The guard nodded his head and began to open the door when it was thrown open. Unfortunately for the guard, the door went into his face, easily breaking his nose. In the door frame stood the Dark Ace with a covered bundle, in the shape of a human, in his arms.

The cloaked figure looked at her most loyal servant as he placed the bundle onto the cold stone floor. As he bowed before her down on one knee, she questioned him in a mysterious manner, "What is this, Dark Ace?"

The Dark Ace was a strong silent type of man, who only did what needed to be done. He bowed with respect and always spoke with admiration to his master. He is a medium sized man with well-built arms and chest from combat, and he stood on strong legs which were used for jumping. He raised his head and spoke in a respective manner, "Master, it seems Carver has failed in stealing the Aurora Stone, but I believe that we have a substitute."

-Back on Terra Atmosia-

"So, you're a Soul Reaper?" Finn questioned.

"Uh huh." Ichigo replied with a nod.

"And that's a Zanpakuto?"

Ichigo nodded again.

"Named Zangetsu?"

And he nodded again.

"And that mask you had belongs to a Hollow?"


Finn stood in silence with his thumb to his chin. After a very brief moment of thought, Finn stated, "I don't get it."

Ichigo hung his head. Sighing, he stood up from his previous cross legged position on the ground and said, "Look, whether you get it or not, I need help to find my friend and you're the only ones who'll talk to me! Everyone else thinks I'm an alien..."

Aerrow extended his hand to the Soul Reaper. His face was oddly serious, but Ichigo could see the glint of welcoming in his eyes. "Well Ichigo Kurosaki, I don't know where your friend will be, but we'd be glad to help you find her."

Ichigo took Aerrow's hand and gave it a firm shake. He could feel Aerrow's strong will through this small action, a will that he and the young Sky Knight shared. "Thank you. I really appreciate it. I hope one day I will be able to repay this debt I owe you."

"Oh, think nothing of it!" Piper responded. "We're happy to help."

"Besides, we don't know how to send you home so there's really all the time in the world for you to pay us b-Ow!" Finn was cut off sharply by Piper's foot.

Ichigo sighed, gazing off into the distance as memories of Karin, Yuzu, his friends, his father and even his mother rushed back to him.

Then a thought came to him.

Ichigo took out an image of him and Akira before the Winter War began and he showed it to the Sky Knight, pointing out the crimson head to him. "That's Akira. She's really, really important to me."

Finn peers over Aerrow's shoulder to look at the picture and within mere second he was in love! Finn tapped Ichigo's shoulder asking, "How important is she to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean do I have a shot with her? Or is she already taken?"

"You can't talk about someone like that!" Ichigo immediately shouted in annoyance. "You don't even know her!"

"What is wrong with you?" Piper called out to Finn. "Can't you think of anything besides girls and surfing?"

"Of course I can!"

"Like what?"

"Uhh..." Finn gave her a goofy grin. "Food?"

Piper rolled her eyes. Ichigo chuckled to himself. These two reminded him of a certain tattooed red head and another certain raven haired midget.


"Are the preparations complete?" Cyclonis asked, gazing back at the Dark Ace over her shoulder.

"Yes Master. Everything is ready now."

"Perfect," Cyclonis exclaimed calmly, a gentle grin present on her darkly colour lips. She looked up at her completed creation. "We have everything that we need. Starting tomorrow, the Sky Knights shall be no more!"

Dark Ace silently agreed by nodding his head as he looked up to the machine his master had made. There was a series of tubes connecting a chamber to a bud-shaped slot. It had originally been designed for the stone, but now their substitute hung there by the back of their clothing.

It had surprised Master Cyclonis when she removed the blanket from her servant's substitute only to find a teenage girl. Her long crimson hair had covered her face, but she was still positive she had never seen this girl before.

Nevertheless, this girl had indeed provided the perfect substitute for the Aurora Stone, and now Cyclonis had everything she needed to complete her plan. As Master Cyclonis left, the teenager lifted her head to open blue eyes lined with a red marking near the edge.

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