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Chapter One: Jealousy

Sam was sick of it. Sick of watching Dean fawn over big boobs and blonde hair. Tired of being ignored whenever some new wench came into the picture. The waitress and hookers he was able to deal with. The barmaids and strippers inconsequential. That wasn't what really ate at him. No, it was when girls like Jo came around. It killed him because Dean would go into to a whole other zone. Suddenly he became interested in being whatever it was that girl needed. Patient teacher, sensitive friend, any and everything Dean barely ever was to saw. Sure Dean taught him things but these encounters were far from patient and filled with jabs and taunts directed at Sam. Why was Dean so dumb? All these years together and he still didn't get it!

Sam shuffled restlessly in the backseat of the Impala as Jo and Dean sat in the front seat singing along to some bullshit Air Supply song. They had about 20 miles to go till they reaches The Roadhouse and Sam couldn't wait. Luckily they were making a quick stop over long enough to freshen up and get some food before hitting the road again. Dean didn't want to get to comfortable again at the roadhouse and there was a case they needed to work in Michigan. Sam closed his eyes and tried to doze, hoping to make the time go faster. As he gently dozed his mind wandered again to Dean, deans lips, his eyes, his stumble..

When they got to the road house Dean yanked open the back door and shook Sam roughly. "Wake up Princess! Breakfast time." Sam groaned and looked up at his big brothers cheeky grin. He hated the way Dean woke him up so abruptly. What else is new? That's Dean. Sam slid quietly out of the car and trailed behind Dean and Jo. His stomach churned as he watched Dean sling his arm around Jo's shoulder, joking out loud about making her an honest woman. Ellen greeted them at the door with a smile and they entered the empty saloon.

Breakfast was quick but delicious. Ellen made stacks of blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, home fries, and cinnamon rolls for desert. Sam and Dean thanked Ellen for the great breakfast and the food she packed in doggy bags for them. Sam nodded a short goodbye to Jo and hugged Ellen he fought the urge to growl as Jo pulled Dean in a body to body bind and brushed her lips on his cheek. The two brothers headed back out to the Impala and peeled out of the roadhouse parking lot towards the highway.

"Sammy, question for ya," Dean said mischievously glancing over at his brother.

"I suppose if I told you to shut up it wouldn't make a difference?," Sam retorted.

"Nope," Dean chuckled" be honest little brother, are you gay?" Dean stifled a laugh as he looked at Sam's facial expression.

"Yes Dean, you know what, yes", Sam snapped. "I'm one hundred percent gay. In fact, when you're sleeping at night I slip into your bed and dry hump you till I cum all over your boxers."

"Dude that's disgusting!" Dean guffawed. "Remind me to get a separate room next time we stop."

"What do you want Dean? Seriously you never just leave me the fuck alone!"

"Nothing Samantha, just kidding around," Dean said reaching his arm out to punch Sam in the side. "It's just we spent the last two weeks with Jo and you barely looked at her much less try to talk to her or anything. It's weird, you know?" Sam rolled his eyes. It was bad enough they had spent the last two weeks with the bimbo now they had to talk about her when she wasn't there.

"Kinda hard to interact with her when she was fawning all over you. 'Oh Dean save me, teach me, love me, fuck me oh mighty Dean!'," Sam said cringing as he did a poor impression of Jo.

Dean broke out into laughs. "Mighty Dean? I like it. Hey does my dick have a nickname too?"

Delicious, Sam thought. He shook his head and looked out the window hoping Dean would just change the subject. Every day Sam felt more and more compelled to confess his sick burning love for his brother.. But he feared what the outcome would be on that day. How would Dean react? Anger? Shame? Disappointment? Scorn? Would Dean shun the only family he has ever really known?

Sam's heart ached as he considered this last possibility. It was this possibility that kept him from spilling everything to Dean. As they sped down the highway, Sam discreetly looked over at Dean who was lost in thought. Could the man he called his brother ever love him too? After all they were all each other really knew. Traveling around from state to state with their father left them very little prospect for friendships or relationships. Their father had tried his best but was not really the most caring or nurturing person, leaving Sam and Dean basically up to each others own devices. For all the asshole tendencies Dean possessed, Sam knew from experience he could be just as caring and loving. In moments where Sam was sick or injured Dean watched over him day and night, going as far as feeding him, massaging him, even holding him close till he falls asleep.
Sam shook his head and looked over at Dean. "Dean, would you care if I was gay?"

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