I have no claim to MECC's Oregon Trail game or Nightow's Trigun manga. King Arthur's public domain and the season of MTV's "The Real World" seen here is populated with a generic fictional cast. Thank you, FaithLestrange for the link to the TCFIG Java applet, Kaction dot com

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Oregon Trail and Trigun. The story should use a parade as a plot device!

The Earth Vash found on the other side of the portal was primitive, as if the weather and wildlife came at the expense of technology. Even though water was plentiful, only the richest had access to anything but the most basic medicine. A simple bullet graze could host a life threatening infection, so Vash's style of non-lethal combat faced new and disturbing challenges.

He had finally found his niche escorting wagon trains from one end of the local continent to the other, yet trouble still followed him, even in the midst of a parade.

The outlaws escorting the girl out of town under cover of the celebration were surprised to see a wagon pulled by twenty oxen bearing down on them, especially when the red-cloaked figure slashed the guide ropes and turned the orderly procession into a stampede.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining King Arthur and The Real World. The story should use tornadoes as a plot device!

One morning, a young man woke up, slightly hungover, and waved at the camera that was recording nearly every detail of his life. He walked to the sink, brushed his teeth and lifted up the shutters to see a tornado bearing down the street towards him.

He ran into the main room of the house screaming, where most of his roommates were having breakfast.

"Hey, I'm supposed to be the panicky one," came a complaint. "You're stealing my shtick."

He explained what he had seen and everyone raced to the windows.

"We were briefed on earthquakes and fires... this is L. A.! Think it's a scam?"

"This is a reality show, we're not even supposed to have a special effects budget."

"Tell that to Lex and her breasts."


The roof rattled heavily as the tornado passed above them, then everything fell silent.

"Think we're in the eye of the storm?"

With a crack of thunder a glittering sword slammed down through the roof and embedded itself, quivering, in the kitchen's formica countertop.

"Whosoever pulls this sword... Guys, it's Excalibur!"

"No way!"

"What do we do with it? Think one of us should pull it?"

"I believe that's my job," came a deep voice as the teenagers spun around to see that the majestic form of King Arthur had somehow appeared in the room.

He strode forward and with barely a grunt of effort pulled the sword from the imitation stone. Swinging around to face them with a half-smile on his face, he asked: "This is all rather embarrassing as you may understand. I trust that you can keep this quiet?"

"Are you kidding me? This is the set of a series called 'The Real World', there are cameras there, there and... We're literally surrounded by cameras broadcasting our lives across the planet!"

"Oh," stammered Arthur, completely at a loss for words. "What does one say at a time like this?"

"Hi, Mom?"