So this is about the characters I got.

Ryan Padgett :

He is 11

He is in 5th grade

He wears an blue colored sweatshirt with a hoodie and with jeans. His shoes are black with a white sole

He has curly light brown hair and light brown eyes

He is best friend to Colby

Colby Baker :

He is 10

He is in 5th grade

He wears a gray shirt and navy blue shorts. His shoes are blue with a red sole.

He has dark brown hair and light green eyes

He is a good drawer

He watches the Pokemon Series

He is best friends to Ryan

This story takes place in the episode 'A Sandile Gusher of Change!'

'' Hey Ryan check this picture out.'' Colby said to Ryan as thet got out for recess. Ryan looked at the picture.

'' What is it?'' Ryan asked dodging a flying soccer ball. Kids ran after the ball kicking it back.

'' It's a pokemon duh.'' Colby said pointing at the picture like it was obvious,'' Hey do you want to come over to my house? I got a new soccer ball.''

'' Sure I'll tell my mom when I get home.'' Ryan said catching a football and throwing it back,'' Want to play soccer?'' Once school was over Ryan walked over to Colby's house,'' Hi Mrs. Baker is Colby here?''

'' Yes he's in the backyard with his soccer ball.'' Mrs. Baker directed Ryan to the backyard where Colby was.

'' Thank you.'' Ryan said opening the gate to the backyard,'' Hey Colby.''

''Hey.'' Colby said back to Ryan kicking the soccer ball at him.

'' How can children be the answer to our problem?'' A mysterious pokemon said who was hidden in the shadows. It pointed at Colby in argument.'' How can even one of them do it?''

'' Faith is what we need in them my friend. I assure you they are the ones I envisioned. They might appear weak but they are strong. One is a natural leader who would do anything for good. The other is pure of heart and is most creative. Most importantly they have faith in one another. Trust me on this.'' Another pokemon said winning the argument between the two. Thunder clouds formed above their heads.

'' It is time.'' The two mysterious pokemon said in unison. Lighting streaked the air followed by thunder.

'' We should go inside now Colby.'' Ryan said pointing to Colby's house. Lighting struck again but this time forming a tunnel. It started sucking the boys in. Ryan grabbed Colby's hand and dug his feet in the ground. But that didn't stop them from getting sucked in,'' Ahhh!'' They both yelled as they entered the tunnel. As soon as they entered the tunnel it closed up and the storm went away. In the tunnel there was thousands of different colored lighting surrounding them. Colby started glowing blue until he became a huge ball of light. Suddenly the tunnel disappeared and both of them fell from the sky to the ground. Colby woke up rubbing his head as he was doing this he felt somthing on top of his head. He felt it again and saw a tiny puddle. He ran to it looking at his reflection. What he saw startled him. Instead of seeing himself he saw a strange looking creature. The creature was a blue siberian husky with rings around his neck and ears. He also had a huge tooth. Colby couldn't see the rest of him but knew of what the rest of him looked. the reason why is because he looked like the drawing he showed to Ryan. Colby remembered Ryan and ran over to him. Ryan was still asleep and Colby couldn't get him to wake up.

'' How do I wake him up?'' Colby asked himself scratching his side with his hind leg,'' I know food!'' Colby sniffed the air and caught the scent of a human,'' People mean they have food right?'' Colby said running to the person he smelled. He climbed up a tree above the person. There were two people and three pokemon. Colby recognized one of them to be Ash Ketchum.