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Tense Reunions Redone

A/N: In this story, Sarah doesn't exist and the team has not met Tim's father or Kate's sister.

Tim walked off the elevator and though to the bullpen of NCIS. He found Tony there already at his desk. "Morning, Tony,"

"Hey, Probie. You're late. You have a death wish?" Tony asked with a smirk.

"Gibbs already knows about it, Tony. I had to take my yearly physical. You should get on that as well," Tim said as he went over to his desk and started getting settled in. He had just sat down when he noticed something on Ziva's desk. Ziva had been gone for about a month now and her desk and position had been left vacant. That was until today. The desk was now had some personal items and some piles of paperwork. "Uh, am I missing something?"

"You usually are," Tony retorted before following his friend's gaze to Ziva's old desk. "Oh, you mean that. Yeah, Gibbs finally filled the position."

"With who?" Tim asked, wondering if it was someone they already knew. It was possible that it was someone already in the building. A lot of people there would kill to be on their team.

"No one from here. Actually, it's a former Secret Service agent Gibbs and I met before you got here. That was a cool case. Aside from having to ride in a body bag," Tony said with a cringe.

Tim gave him a strange look. "Do I even want to know?"

"We got into a bit of a pissing contest with the FBI and the Secret Service. They wanted the body, we wanted the body. In order to stop them from taking it, we hid the real body and I climbed into the body bag," Tony explained.

"The answer to my question was no. That's all you had to say," Tim said.

Tony shrugged. "Anyway, Gibbs tried to get the Secret Service lady to join us then, but she declined. I guess she changed her mind."

"What's her name? She any good?" Tim asked.

"She's like Ziva only she has no problem with idioms and she's not quite as violent. Though I wouldn't cross her. She wasn't very impressed by me though," Tony said.

"Oh, then she is good," Tim teased.

"Oh, haha. Laugh it up, Probie," Tony said.

"So where is she? And you never said her name," Tim said.

"She's getting shown around the building. Oh, and her name is Kate," Tony said.

Tim stopped for a minute as he recognized the name and memories started to flood his mind. He immediately shook them off. He told himself a long time ago that he wouldn't think about that time in his life anymore. He couldn't and wouldn't break that vow just because some woman shared the same first name as someone who was no longer in his life.

"You okay, Tim?" Tony asked. He'd seen the other man become a little off for a second.

"Yeah, fine. I just forgot I have to get my proof of physical to the director," Tim said before taking the said documents from his bag. He the stood up and headed towards the stairs to the director's office.

Just as Tim left, Kate came in from the opposite direction.

"Hey, Kate. How was the tour?" Tony asked.

"Well, it's not like I've never seen it before. I was here during that joint case, remember?" Kate asked.

"True, but you didn't see everything and it was like ten years ago. So what made you decide to come work for NCIS? Tired of the Secret Service gig?" Tony asked.

Kate shrugged. "Needed a change I guess and I heard you guys were shorthanded."

Tony thought of Ziva and got quiet. Ziva's departure was still weighing on him. He really missed her. The others did too, he knew, but it was worse for him. She was more than just an agent and friend to him.

"You okay?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, fine," Tony said.

"Know who's not fine?" Gibbs asked as he entered the area. "A petty officer in Abrums Park. Grab your gear."

Tony and Kate immediately stood up and started getting there things.

Gibbs, meanwhile looked at Tim's desk. He saw his things there, but the agent was mysteriously missing.

Tony caught the look. "He's up in the director's office, Boss."

"Wait for him to come down and then meet us at the crime scene," Gibbs ordered. He could wait for McGee. It would probably only be a couple of minutes, but he wasn't a patient man.

"Got it, Boss," Tony said.

Gibbs turned and walked towards the elevator, motioning for Kate to follow him.


Tony and Tim arrived at the crime scene forty minutes later. "I told you not to take the highway, McStubborn. Now we're late and Gibbs is going to kill us," Tony grumbled.

"It's not my fault that this is the one day out of the week that there was heavy traffic at ten in the morning," Tim argued as they walked up to where Gibbs was with Ducky, Jimmy, and the body.

Gibbs immediately went over to them and gave them a hard stare. "Where the hell have you two been?"

"Traffic, Boss. It won't happen again," Tim said.

Gibbs continued to stare at them for a minute. "Get to work. Tony, bag and tag. McGee, start taking photos."

"On it, Boss," Tim said before pulling out his camera and getting closer to the body. He immediately started snapping photos.

Meanwhile, Kate had made her way over to Gibbs. "The jogger didn't know anything, Gibbs. Said he found him like this while on his morning run."

Tim stopped dead in his tracks. He knew that voice. He would know that voice anywhere no matter how much time had passed. No matter how hard he tried, he could never forget her. How she could be there with him right now, he didn't know. He hadn't seen or spoken to her in over twenty years.

It suddenly occurred to Tim that he hadn't seen her. He'd heard the voice that he thought had to belong to her, but he hadn't seen her face. He was almost afraid to turn around. Would it be her or was his mind playing tricks on him? And if it was her, how would he deal with that.

Finally deciding that for any of his questions to be answered he had to see the woman, Tim turned around. Sure enough, he came face to face with someone he never thought he'd see again. Caitlin Todd. His sister."