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The slam of a bedroom door vibrated through the house. Bella flung herself on her bed. Buried her face under her pillow and let the tears flow down her face and soak her childhood bed. She felt cold to the bone as she buried herself under the covers and pulled her legs up under her chin. She couldn't seem to get warm nothing could warm her. She let her heavy eyelids close and darkness and numbness carry her away. Nothing could hurt her when she slept.

Emmett cringed at the banging door. He closed his eyes and felt his heart shatter even more than it already had. He didn't think it could break any more than it already had but he was wrong. He opened his eyes when he felt someone's hand on his arm.

"She'll come around. Why don' you eat something." In shock he took the proffered plate from his mother in law. Was she still his mother in law now that he was widowed. "You'll always be welcome here."

"Thank you." He tried to sound grateful but all he felt was cold and numb as he stared down at the full plate in front of him. She just patted his arm and walked away. He felt everyone's eyes on him. Some pitying some condemning. He felt like he was suffocating.

"You want to get out of here?"

"Please." Putting the still full plate down he followed his sister to the front door and grabbing his coat started to walk out of the door. "Wait where's Edward?"

"He went to see Angela." Alice said Emmett nodded as they walked out into the rain soaked world and Alice opened the umbrella over them. Helping him into the car Alice started down the driveway. "I think it's best if you stayed with me and Jasper tonight." Looking out the window he seemed like he hadn't heard her. "Emmett?"

"Yeah," he took a deep breath and turned towards her. "Maybe you're right but it's been three days and I have to go back sometime."

"Sometime maybe but not now, not right after you buried your wife."

"Ok I'll come home with you." He said and the discussion was closed he didn't want to talk about Rosalie anymore.

The rain and thunder crashed outside as the last of the guest left. Renee collapsed on the couch and sighed. "Bella never came downstairs."

"I know." Charlie ran his hands over his face. "She's so broken."

"WE all are." Renee said throwing her shoes to the ground.

"Renee don't push her we already lost one daughter." Charlie cautioned.

"I'm going to bed." Renee didn't acknowledge what her husband had said to her. Charlie shook his head as he loosened his tie and laid down on the couch.

In the cold the murky light of pre-dawn Bella awoke. Closing her eyes tightly she refused to admit it was time to wake up. She wasn't going to give the world the satisfaction of making her leave that bed. No matter how hard she tried through she couldn't get to sleep. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the celling thoughts and pictures flashed through her mind. Two laughing girls, two fighting teens two crying women. She'd always had a sister. There through the good and the bad and now she felt empty and like a piece of her was missing. Why hadn't Rose said anything why hadn't she reached out? Why hadn't she been enough? Bella tormented herself with those questions. Questions she'd never have answers to and questions she'd have to live the rest of her life with.

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