Okay, so this is an AU of the Lost Hero and I plan on doing the entire series if this doesn't suck and I have the motivation. Um, what's different is that I'm including an OC and I won't follow the complete story line. I might mix some scenes or even leave them out all together. And I'm changing to Great Prophecy to the Prophecy of Eight (to include my character in the entire series.)

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Ariadne Clark had just gotten used to the idea of being stalked by monsters on a daily basis, but she hadn't gotten used to getting stabbed by one. She clutched her right bicep, trying to stanch the blood flow before she lost too much and passed out. She'd have a way bigger problem then.

She looked up to the sounds of battle and her older brother, Percy Jackson was slashing through an empousa with his bronze sword, Riptide. She sighed in relief when she realized that that was the last monster. Percy turned his attention to Aria, who had blood running down her arm and seeping through her fingers.

He rushed to her in worry, covering her hand with his to apply more pressure. "What happened?" he grumbled, sounding a little angry. Aria knew that he wasn't angry at her, but at himself and she found that ridiculous. "You said you could handle it… I shouldn't have listened."

Aria glared at him. "It's not fatal." she insisted. "The Apollo cabin will have me spic and span in no time."

Percy ignored her protest. "You didn't have enough training, I was stupid to think that you could take out two dracaenae."

She pulled away from him, "Don't you dare go all protective big brother on me now, Jackson." she spat in rage. "I can handle myself, okay?"

Despite being brother and sister, Aria and Percy have only known each other for less than a year. Before, he was cool and easy going. Even stating, once they met that he was excited to have a sibling to teach water manipulation to, but now he was insufferably protective. When Chiron, their activities director at Camp Half-Blood issued her this quest, Percy had did everything he could to try to stop it. She had passed it off before, but now she was pissed.

The son of Poseidon gestured to her arm, "Oh yeah, you did brilliantly."

Aria's dark blue eyes seemed to turn completely black. "Listen here, you dolt." she snapped at him, causing him to widen his eyes in shock. He had never heard Aria yell. Not even when the Stolls had drenched her in chocolate sauce in celebration of her arrival. "I don't need the stupid "Hero of Olympus" to fight my battles for me! I'm a daughter of Poseidon and I don't need your help!"

Aria noticed Percy's jaw tighten like he was trying to hold back some really mean things. "Fine!" he finally replied, running a hand through his messy black hair. "Have fun making it back to camp on your own, daughter of Poseidon!"

She huffed in anger as she watched him stomp off. As his figure retreated, she remembered the pain for the stab wound. "Oh Styx," she hissed and pulled out her canteen of nectar. She probably shouldn't have let him run off while she was dizzy from blood lost.

She downed half of the canteen and stopped when she felt feverish. Aria then followed Percy, not to apologize, but to head back to camp. She hoped that once they arrived that he'd be the bigger person and apologize, so there would be no awkward silence in their cabin.

As Aria walks into camp, she is greeted by most campers with the exclusion of the Ares cabin, who didn't greet anyone. Aria preferred that no one greeted her because they all greeted her and treated her nicely for only one reason: her big brother was Percy Jackson, the Hero of Olympus and all that.

Now, she was proud of her brother even though she wasn't around during the Second Titan War, but she was always treated differently because of him and it annoyed her.

Aria headed to the Apollo cabin so that Will Solace, the cabin counselor could check on her arm. The last thing she wanted was to die from some petty infection. She'd be the most pathetic demigod to ever live if that happened.

Once Will wrapped up her arm and told her that she'd be all healed up in a week, she headed to her cabin, but before she got there she was stopped by Annabeth, the famous daughter of Athena and Percy's girlfriend. Aria liked Annabeth, she was the type of girl Aria longed to be, smart and beautiful. Plus, she didn't treat Percy like the gods' savior and for that Annabeth was in Aria's good book.

"Hey, have you seen Percy?" The gray eyed girl asked.

Aria shrugged, "Uh, we kind of got into an argument during my "quest" and he took off ahead of me." she explained. "I assumed he got here before me."

The faintest bit of worry flashed in Annabeth's eyes, but it was gone in seconds. "What did he do, now?" she chuckled, though it was a bit shaky.

"What didn't he do, that jerk." Aria said, quickly. She wanted to know why Annabeth seemed to nervous about Percy. He was probably on the beach, like always, so why did the most logicial person Aria knew seem so worried? "Is something wrong? You looked worried."

Annabeth let out a huge sigh, "I have this really bad feeling."

"Care to elaborate on that?" Aria knew that demigods and bad feelings were something to worry about. The last time a demigod got a "bad feeling", the bronze dragon took out the Ares cabin. Thankfully, none of them died, but they were pretty burned up.

"It's like he was taken, Aria." Annabeth muttered, not sounding happy. "Before you two left for that quest, I had a similar feeling. Like I wouldn't see him for a long time."

Aria's stomach clenched and all her past anger vanished. "Please tell me you're joking." she whispered. She'd take the humiliation because the thought of Percy missing…

Annabeth's voice cracked. "I wish I could."

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