Authors Note: This is set after X3. Mostly everything is the same, Jean, Scott and the Professor are still dead. Rogue got the cure. I decided Rogue liked Jean and they had a good relationship. I can't stand it when people pit them against each other in some sort of competition for Logan's love.

This fic starts out slow;but they will get together eventually. I need to build up their relationship properly. This prologue takes place a few weeks after the Battle of Alcatraz. I'm only going to continue if people seem interested in reading, so please review! It's my first fic, so leave me constructive criticism as well. :)


She knew he wouldn't stay for long. Well, deep down she did. For a while now she had resurfacing thoughts about how the day was coming, but she quickly shoved them down, trying to convince herself otherwise. She also knew that was naïve. But hell- she was 19, since when did she had to be so grown up? She found herself laughing. Marie hadn't been a child for a long time now.

She stopped by his room on the way to the kitchen, and wasn't surprised to see him packing a duffel bag. She knew that he could sense her watching him from outside the doorway by the way he stiffened his back momentarily, but he didn't say anything.

Marie watched him for a few moments. He moved swiftly, shoving articles of clothing without bothering to check what it really was. He was never meticulous with his wardrobe. A simple pair of jeans, and a wife beater with something flannel overtop, that was typical for him. It was something she'd always enjoyed. It was all very simple.

"Goin' somewhere sugar?" She meant to say it passively, but it sounded more like an accusation.

Logan stopped for a moment, but he didn't turn around to look at her. He just kept shoving things into his bag.

"You gonna keep huffin' around like a 16 year old boy or turn around and talk to me?" She asked, insisting.

He turned around to look at her somewhat shamefully. She could tell he'd been crying. He always looked rugged but now he just looked rough. His usual mutton chops had faded back into his cheeks as he was approaching a full on beard. He looked exhausted and disheveled with dark circles under his eyes. Marie didn't like it, but even more so she didn't like the fact she was getting used to it.

"Are you gonna answer my question?" She asked.

"Do you really want me to?" He replied gruffly. She could smell the whiskey on his breath.

"You know for a man who can't get drunk, you sure drink an awful lot." Marie said playfully as she tried to keep things lighthearted. Logan just replied with a grunt. Tired of being ignored, Marie stepped around him and picked up the bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on his bedside table. Carefully, she poured herself a glass and threw it back. It was disgusting, but she held back the gag creeping up her throat.

"You drinkin' now kid? And by the way, that's more of a sippin' whiskey." He stated, clearly caught off guard by her boldness.

"I've never seen you sip a drink in my life." Marie responded, her southern drawl dragging her words out. Logan snorted. She poured another glass for herself and one for him as well. She handed it to him and he graciously accepted it, throwing it back the same way she just did. Marie was set on having this conversation, but doing it sober was something she could waver on. "So really, what are you doin' sugar?"

"You know what I'm doing Marie." He answered. He shuffled around a bit, tossing assorted items into his bag. He didn't look her in the eyes, she knew he couldn't. And that's why she was there, sitting in his room, having a drink. She sat on the edge of his bed thinking to herself, maybe. Just maybe.

"I know. But I want you to say it." Maybe, maybe he won't.

"There's nothing left for me here kid." He said flatly.

She felt as if he'd punched her in the gut. He doesn't mean that, she thought to herself, he's just hurtin'. But damn it if she wasn't hurting too and she hadn't said things like that.

"Don't cop out on me Logan. If you're gonna leave, you might as well have the balls to say it. You don't gotta say it to them, but you owe it to me." She spoke firmly. He did owe her the respect of saying it straight to her face. And if he can't say it, he couldn't do it, right?

Logan sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Look, kid I…. I just can't be here anymore." He said, dejected. Logan was a hard man, but he had always been full of spirit. She thought maybe that's why she was initially drawn to him; he'd reminded her, maybe only slightly, of herself.

Marie just nodded at his words as she felt them sink in. After lying to herself for the past few weeks, she finally had the truth laid out in front out her and she couldn't run from it anymore.

"So you're leavin' then. After everything that's happened, you're just gonna leave us…" She stopped a moment to pull herself together. "You're gonna leave me." She was close to tears, but she didn't want him to see her cry. She had to be an adult and hold herself together.

"Kid, listen, it ain't that easy."

"Don't call me that. I'm 19 Logan, I'm not a child." She hissed, annoyed now. She tried being patient with him, but he never made things easy. "It's not that complicated. You always run when things get hard. I honestly expected for you to have skipped out on us by now." The venom in her voice was growing. She didn't fully mean that, and he knew it, but it still struck the cord she wanted. Logan opened his mouth to say something, but Marie wasn't going to give them the chance. It was her turn to be cruel. "You know for someone who is so wild you are real easy to predict. You stay when things are convenient, but the second you really gotta commit, when things really get rough, the big bad Wolverine runs away." Now she was angry. Just because he was going to stay shut up did not mean she would.

She watched as her words sunk it. He was visibly hurt but Marie wasn't going to let herself feel bad. He'd alienated her. And now he was leaving her.

Logan wavered for a minute but he eventually found his voice.

."I can't stay in this house. I can't go anywhere without being reminded of… her." He replied meekly.

Marie let out a bitter laugh. "You ain't the only one who lost people! I loved Jean too! We all did! Maybe we weren't love-sick puppy dogs, but the whole team lost someone who we loved too. But we didn't turn our backs on each other. We support each other Logan. We are a team. And you and I- well we are more than that." She paused to find better words. She was already giving so much of herself away; she needed to slow down. "You and I are connected. You're forgetting I got you up here." She ranted, gesturing to her head. "I know how you process things. I know what you're feelin' dammit! I'm feeling it too!"

"Marie you don't know what you're talkin' about." He insisted as he crossed his arms.

"Don't give me that shit Logan. We both damn well know that I understand what's goin' on. I'm not seventeen years old anymore. Not since Liberty Island. I got so much of you in my head that I feel sick!" She didn't mean it as an insult, but Logan recoiled like she'd struck him.

"Well if you know me so well then why are you here yellin' at me? If you know me so fuckin' well than why are you doing this?" Logan yelled as he continued to throw things in his bag.

"Don't you know? Have you really not figured it out by now?" This time Marie did not yell, she spoke softly. She knew he wasn't blind to her feelings.

"You're just a kid." He said simply.

"Don't Logan. Don't you, of all people say that to me."

Logan just shook his head. Marie sat stunned. Was he really going to just stand there and deny her? There was a heavy silence between them as they both tried to figure out what to say. It used to be so easy between them. Finally, Marie spoke.

"I don't want you to leave." She whispered, stepping towards him. She reached out to touch him but he stepped away from her. She'd taken the cure long ago and she still couldn't touch him. She dropped her hands to her sides. She wasn't going to try anymore. The energy between them was no longer hostile, instead it was filled with a sadness they'd both had become accustomed to.

"I'm sorry Marie." It was all he could manage to say. He didn't want to turn his back on one of the only people who'd really understood him, but remaining true to his character, he did. He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked past her, towards the stairs.

"Logan!" She called after him, once, twice, three times. He didn't even break his stride.

Betrayed, Marie responded to his unspoken insult the only way she could.

"If you leave don't bother coming back!" She screamed, hoping that he'd change his mind, or at least look at her. But he just kept going. He walked down the stairs without hesitation. Just as he was about to walk out the door, Marie called to him one last time, and to her surprise, he exasperatedly turned to look at her. She decided to even the score, throwing the dog tags he'd given to her some time ago at his feet.

"Take them, they don't mean anything to me now." She said, crying freely.

And with that Logan put his dog tags around his neck, and left.

Marie stood outside and watched as he got into his truck and drove off into the night. She stood there crying, feeling betrayed and forsaken.

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