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It's just a plant.

"It's not just a plant," chided Qui-Gon Jinn. "It is a part of the Living Force. Can you not sense the connection?"

But to a young six year old Obi-Wan Kenobi, a plant was... just a plant. There were far more interesting things to a young Padawan, like the shiny training saber hanging from his hip, reaching almost to his knee. But yesterday was lightsaber training, today was force training. However, Obi-Wan couldn't understand why a small plant had anything to do with cool stuff, like jumping and pushing things over. If young Kenobi focused really, really, REALLY hard, he could sometimes lift a datapad. When Qui-Gon saw this, he sat Obi-Wan down where he was now, in front of a fern from his master's collection.

Even this early, Obi-Wan understood that until he grasped this lesson, nothing else would be taught. His master had one of the greatest connections to the Living Force of any Jedi. Obi-Wan struggled to rein in his rowdy thoughts, and then focused on the plant. Nothing happened at first, but slowly, in his mind's eye, the plant began to glow, while losing its outer green shell. It was almost as though Obi-Wan could see the skeleton of the plant, outlined in a pure green, like his master's lightsaber.

Good Padawan. 'Said' Jinn through the training bond they shared. Now look at me.

Struggling to control his excitement from seeing the plant, Kenobi looked toward his master. Qui-Gon's outline was of a lightsaber blue, and was almost like a stick figure of his master's size. But even more than that, an aura surrounded his master, a mix of green and blue. When Kenobi looked closer, he saw one tiny ray from his master's aura stretching between his master and the plant. There was another ray, more vibrant, connecting his master and himself. The wonder of this discover caused Obi-Wan to lose control, and he once again saw his master in his tan robes, and himself in his off-white ones.

"And that, Obi-Wan, is the Force. It connects us all, guiding us." his master said with a smile.

"Can the plant use the Force too?" Obi-Wan asked. "Is that why it is in the Temple?"

At this, Jinn threw his head back and laughed. "No, my Padawan, a plant cannot use the Force. But a plant can be seen and changed with the Force. Observe."

Qui-Gon reached his hand over the plant, closed his eyes for a moment, and then the plant began to grow!

"Remember Obi-Wan. All things are a part of the Force. Any person, plant, or animal, is a part of the Force. A Jedi never causes destruction. He will protect himself and the innocent, but he will never destroy wantonly. We are the bearers of Light."

With this, Qui-Gon handed the now larger fern to Obi-Wan. "Take this to your room, care for it, and meditate on what you have learned."

(Scene Break)

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