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Josh continued his trip to the Communications bullpen.

"Josh?" Sam Seaborn poked his head out from an office behind him.

Josh turned around. "Sam, my man!"

"What was that about?" Sam asked curiously.

"What was what about?"

"That," Sam said, jerking his thumb at Donna's retreating back. "Don't tell anybody about what?"

"Oh," Josh sighed, "nothing."

Sam followed his friend as he continued towards his destination. "That was not nothing and you know it. What was it?"

"Come on Sam, it was absolutely nothing at all." Josh glanced sideways at Sam. "Donna's having another of her days."

"That alone tells me that it is indeed something. What is it?"

"Um." Josh stopped and leaned against one of the glass cubicle walls. "She - I - you remember when CJ threatened to shove a
motherboard up my ass if she found out I'd ever been back to LemonLyman.com?"

Sam smirked. Josh took that as a yes.

"Well, Donna might just have to deal with that now, cause I found a fan site about her and I was wondering if there was any
way to keep it under wraps, without anybody knowing about it, hence the request for silence from Donna, or else CJ will get
really mad, 'cause I found it by accident when I was actually supposed to be doing work, so she in particular can't know about
it, all right?"

Sam blinked. "Go back to that part about a fan site?"

Josh sighed. "Donna has a fan site too."

Sam's expression brightened. "Oh! Where'd you find it?"

"Google search," explained Josh.

Sam looked back towards Josh's office. "Was there one about me?"

"Sam, you couldn't get me someone who knows anything about dealing with this kind of stuff, could you?" Josh asked hurriedly,
cursing the attention span of speechwriters.

Sam adopted a pensive expression. "There's gotta be something written down somewhere about it, right? I mean, fan sites are
kind of a given, taking into account your visibility among the members of the White House and the number of rabid supporters
of ours out there."

Josh looked confused. "We have rabid supporters?"

"I think the deal is, just don't get involved, or else Nurse Ratchett will come and smother you with a pillow," Sam shrugged.
"There's not much you can do about it, right?"

"Yeah," sighed Josh, running a hand through his hair. "I guess so." He looked around furtively, and lowered his voice. "Where
is the good nurse, anyways?"

Sam shrugged again. "Press conference."

"Thanks," Josh mumbled. "I'll be around."

"Yep," Sam called as Josh headed towards the Oval Office.

He had barely gone ten steps when he heard a gruff voice behind him. "Nurse Ratchett? That's a new one."

Josh bit his lip. Oops, oops oops oops, he berated himself, turning around. "Hey, Toby," he greeted nervously.


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