I had been thrust into emptiness. It seemed like centuries had passed. Although, time didn't seem to exist. It could have only been seconds, but it seemed to drag...and then sort of speed up...no... I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was in a blackness. There was no light. It was like when you close your eyes as tight as you can in a pitch black room, and you see colors and illusions of lights in your minds eye. It was all around me. I couldn't feel my fingers, toes, anything. It was as if my body wasn't there. It was like I didn't exist. I could still think, but even that seemed...different, like I was just a thought. I didn't really know what or who I was...I saw and felt nothing. I was an emotion, just a bunch of emotions. Sadness. Anger. Hopelessness. I tried to speak but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't, for I didn't have a throat. I didn't even seem to think in words. Just feelings surrounded me, pulsed through me. Images flashed through my mind. A girl. A girl with golden brown hair, and the most beautiful face...the scar. A reddish brown scar ran across her right eye, making the pupil dilated and clouded...Jessica. That word echoed in my mind. I blinked. Blinked!? I could feel a incredible tingling sensation ran through me. Slowly, so slowly, I started to feel myself again. My fingers were numb. My entire body was numb. Me...I felt a gust of wind. Sand. Heat. Light. It all came back to me.

I sat on the dirt looking down at the dirt. A single tear ran off my cheek and dropped onto the dust, immediately evaporating. A light wind blew through the area, causing the sand to blow and cover my black boots in a brown powder.

She was gone.

Just like that, she was gone. Never to be seen again. Dead. Not even her body had been left. Goku and Vegeta lay a few yards away from me. Blood soaked the ground under Goku's body. His eyes were shut tight and his teeth were clenched tightly. Occasionally a sob would escape his throat, and red tears would trickle down over his face. Vegeta had chunks of flesh missing off of his body. It was a horrible sight. His eyes were still rolled back in his head, but they were so bloodshot they were dark red instead of white. Blood was all over the place, on some places it had crusted over. What was left of his body shook, like he was shivering, but really, it was just his nerves. He was nearly dead. I glanced over and winced.

"Vegeta..." I whispered. I crawled over on my knees and looked down at him. It was worse than I could have imagined. With shaking hands I picked up Vegeta's bloody body.

"I'll be back for you Goku." I said and teleported to Capsule Corp.

"Oh my God! Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh, my GOD!!!!!" Bulma kept saying over and over. She was in a state of shock. She gazed blankly at the rejuvenation tank which held her husband. A machine beeped. The process had started. Slowly water filled the tank. Vegeta's eyebrow twitched uncontrollably. It snapped Bulma out of her trance. She groaned and ran out of the room, and slammed the door. I sighed. I hoped Vegeta would be alright. I teleported back to Goku.

"Goku!" I said. Goku just groaned. "It's going to be okay, I am taking you to Capsule Corp." I informed. I then did the same deal with Goku, except this time Chichi was going absolutely hysterical.

"What happened!!!! Who did this to my Goku!!!" She demanded. I sighed.

"It was Jess-"

"It was that horrible nasty girl you were with WASN'T IT!?" She screamed. I drew back in shock. I grew angry.

"She was NOT horrible!!!!" I yelled. Chichi growled.

"Shut up you little purple FREAK!!! My husband almost DIED!!!!"

"That doesn't give you the right to say that about Jessica, you hardly knew her!!!" I hissed.

"I'll say whatever I damn well please!!! She was living in my house! There was something not right about her Shin-sama! Something was off balance!"

"She...she went through a lot as a child, you have to understand!"

" That's not what I'm talking about! I mean mentally," Chichi tapped her skull. "there was something wrong." She said. I closed my eyes and tried to hold back my anger.

"I loved her. Do not talk about her like that, woman." I growled. Chichi turned on her heel and stalked off. I folded my arms and glared after her. "I don't care what she says to me. Jessica may have been troubled but, she was so beautiful...I loved her..." I shook my head back and forth. I didn't want to forget her but, at the same time I didn't want to remember her death. I just didn't want to think about it. I had to go home.

News. News. News. Scooby Doo. News. Teletubies, Sponge Bob. I turned off the television and threw the remote on the couch. I was still mourning over Jessica. Nothing would ever be the same, and I was angry at myself for letting it happen. For letting myself, in the first place, fall in love with her. I pounded his fist on the arm of the couch. I was never going to get over it.

A mist formed over the waterfall, making the air moist and a rainbow visible. I looked down at my rippling reflection in the crystal clear water, as I stood by it. It had been 10 years since she had died. So many things had happened since then, no battles fought, but changes. I often visited Goku and his friends since I had little else to do. With the dragonballs we had wished back Piccolo, Goten and Trunks. Everybody had gone on with their lives as if nothing had happened. It angered me. How could they do that? True they had never really gotten to know her the way I had, but still. Everything reminded me of her. The water reminded me of her crystal clear fluid eyes. The sun reminded me of her golden hair, that seemed to catch the sunlight, and keep it there so that she was always glowing. But most of all, the rain. Sad, serious, cold and refreshing at the same time. That was her. She had such a sadness to her, always serious, sure she could take a joke, but...Her aura was cold. The first time I met her, she had a coldness surrounding her, it seemed to ward people off, telling them that she wanted to be alone. But she made me feel good when I was around her, not happy, but good. Comforted. Loved. I had never seen her happy before until the day I was with her by the spring. That moment, still fresh in my mind, had seemed to last for eternity. If I thought hard enough I could still feel her warm lips against mine, her gentle embrace, her warmth, and I could still smell her hair. Tropical. That's how she had smelled. My mind went back to the first night I found her......

I had flying over to meet Goku, just to talk and things, and I saw what looked like a white shirt in the water. It was getting pounded by the water fall. I was curious so I went down to see. I gasped. It was a person! I quickly dove under the water and pulled the person up onto the bank. To my surprise it was a young woman! There were no signs of life but I still for some reason, hoped. I laid her down on her side and placed my hands on her body. Energy flowed from me into her. With luck that could keep her alive. I looked over her. She was dressed...um, how should I put this...seductively. I rolled my eyes. Her shirt, which had long sleeves, showed her midriff and her jeans were, uh...lower than necessary. It was a thing that Vegeta's daughter called, "the latest fashion". Now, I don't go around gawking at girls and comparing them or anything but I must say, she was more beautiful than any woman I'd ever seen. I didn't know where she had come from and I wanted to, so I placed a hand on her head and read her mind.

Images of people flashed. Different people. An older woman who held her in her arms, then other little children. When you connect with a persons mind, you share their feelings, so when I saw the woman and children, feelings of joy flowed through me. It had actually made me grin. There wasn't only joy there though, also a certain darkness that seemed to loom. Then all of the sudden it was a car. People screaming. Loud horrible sounds. Blood. Hideous images. My had eyes started to fill with tears. Then it changed. A white room. Pain. Sadness. Anger. Hate. Then, something else made me shiver with fear. A threatening iciness. I felt it. Now the room was dark. Ripping tubes from her arms. Out of the room. Window. Looking down at the ground, far, far below. One foot out. Men. Pulling her back. Screaming and struggling. Pain again. Broken glass. Darkness. I winced in pain and anger. It changed again. Bearded man. Blonde older women. A house. Rage. Water.

I opened my eyes and looked down my the reflection again.


I saw her with me.

"Jessica?" I whispered.

I could see her...through her, no...

she seemed to be with the wind, part of the earth, part of me...

she was all over, just herself...

her energy...

but then I could see her sparkly eyes in the stars that speckled the sky, I could see her long wisps of hair in the clouds.

She was part of everything now...

"Shin..." Her voice came with the sounds of the night, with the song of the crickets....the rush of the waterfall...the rumble of thunder I could hear above me...

"Jessica! I love you! Don't go!"

I could see her smile, or feel it...hear it...breathe it...

"I'm not going anywhere Shinny."

"Stay with me!" I pleaded. I groped at the air. Tears came to my eyes, and stung, but I didn't dare blink.

"I will, and I have been." I could feel something like laughter. Made me smile.

" I never see you." I said.

"You don't have to silly!" So happy. "You love me. I love you. You need to move on though Shin. Don't feel bad for me."

"What!? Move on?" I asked.

"Love someone else." I could feel her turn serious.

"What are you saying! I can't love someone else!" I argued.

"Shin..." Her voice was fading, almost pleading.

"Please! I don't know how I can love someone else! Don't you care! Don't leave me Jessica! Please! Please don't go!" I screamed.

"I love you Shin."

"I love you too!! Don't you understand!!!! I can't, I'll miss you too much!!!!

"Another day...

another time...

another life..."

I couldn't see her anymore, just hear the words.

"Shin I love you, but I have something for you. Close you eyes...you'll understand..."

"W-what ?" I asked. She smiled. I suddenly realised...the scar, it was, gone. I just knew. It gave me a feeling of almost relief...I closed my eyes.

"What is it Jessica?" I persisted.

"A life."

Lights. Cars. Sounds. People. That's what I'm subject to everyday.

I walked down the streets of New York, my hands shoved deep in the pockets of my baggy jeans. Smoke filled my nostrils. I was on my way to eat, to meet my friends.

Let me begin. First off, my names Shin. Yeah I know, but it's not my problem. My friends don't even know my real name. To them, I'm Shawn. I'm nineteen years old, and I don't think I have job, I don't have a girlfriend or a home as far as I know. I have enough money, a couple dollars, just enough to get me something to eat today. I'm not ugly, but I guess I'm not your all American guy, either. I have tan skin, but I'm not Asian or anything, even though I have black eyes, I'm not sure what I am, but I really don't give a damn. I guess I forgot to mention one thing to you. This is a shocker, see I don't know who I am. Oh, I know my names Shin, and I'm in New York, and I know I have two friends named Justin and Mike that think my name is Shawn but that's about as far as it goes. And I know I have to meet them. At McDonalds.

"This really bites. This REALLY bites. I mean for goddamn sake I don't even know who the hell I am or how I got here!" I thought angrily. "What, did I get amnesia or something?"

I pushed passed a couple making out, on the sidewalk. I knew I had to hurry to get their. "Maybe I can get some answers by talking to them." I thought. Were they good friends? Did they like me? How the hell was I supposed to know! I pulled my black stocking cap down more trying to cover up my embarrassing wack-job haircut. That's another thing, I have a Mohawk. A white one. And I don't think it's bleached. People seem to have problems with people who have Mohawks so I wasn't going to go parading around Main street and have everybody staring at my snow white hair. And it's not even gelled up, it sticks up on its own for crying out loud! How much weirder can you get!? Oh, and to top it all off I have earrings. Now, I don't have anything against earrings, in fact, I like them. But when they're all dangly and they kind of glow and there's no way to take them off without ripping your damn ear in half in the process, that's a reason to start worrying. I guess I'll have to I learn to like them.

Now, my only problem now is I don't have a clue as to where McDonalds is. I walked up to a woman waiting for the bus with her kid.

"Um...excuse me." I started. She turned around. I half grinned at her. "Hi, um, could you tell me how to get to McDonalds from here?" I asked. The lady sighed.

"You must be a tourist. Take this bus until 16th Ave, get off, go down the sidewalk and you can't miss it." She said. I nodded.

"Well, thank-" She turned on her heel and walked quickly away. "-you." I finished. She probably thought I was some kind of weirdo with these earrings. I sighed and hopped on the bus, gave my fare and looked for a seat. Standing room only, if that. I inched my way over to a bar and hung on for dear life as the bus jerked into gear. I glanced around a little.

Man, there were some WEIRD people on this bus! There was a woman, with a shaved head...at least, I think it was a woman. And there was this guy and he was like, pierced EVERYWHERE! He was even pierced on his gums for God's sake! I just turned my head slowly back and looked out the window. I wondered if my "friends" were as bad as this. I seriously hoped not.

The bus soon stopped and boy was I glad to get off! I hurried out of their as quick as I could, and jumped on to the sidewalk. Now then..."McDonalds, McDonalds, oh where oh where is the McDonalds?" I mused. I looked around and finally spotted the oh so famous golden arches. It was across the street. Crap. There was about five million kazillion cars I had to get through! I groaned loudly and stepped out onto the street.

"BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!" A taxi came speeding towards me.

"Oh #$%*!!!" I did the only thing I could do. I jumped. And I REALLY jumped too! I jumped clear higher than the goddamn car!!! I landed on its hood with a THUMP! and rolled off onto the street. I hit the pavement face first. Pain.

"Oh God, oh my god..." I groaned. My face felt like it was broken, and it probably was too. I heard someone get out of the taxi and rush over to me.

"Oh Lord! Are you all right!?! Oh...!!!" It sounded like a woman, but I didn't look up to see, I was in to much pain.

"Someone get a f*$king ambulance!!!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. I tried to get up, but she put a hand on my soldier.

"Don't move, okay? My name's-"

"Listen, I *cough* I have to get up." I protested. I shrugged off her hand, and rolled over onto my back. I looked up at her. But for some reason I couldn't see out of my right eye and my vision was distorted.

"Oh..." She cringed. I must have been pretty bad looking. I could feel blood running down the side of my face.

"I, I...w-who..." I began. She gave me a stare. But I couldn't see her face well. More of an outline, a shadow. I felt the top of my head. "Thankyou God." I thought. My hat was still there, covering up my embarrassing hair.

"My name's Sh-" I started. But then I remembered. What should I say? Should I tell her my real name? What did I have to lose?

"My...M-my name is...Shawn." I choked out. My head was throbbing so bad I thought I was gonna pass out. No, I couldn't tell her my real name...it just didn't...seem right, not a good idea.

"Shawn....Shawn." She played with my name. Sounding it out. I liked the way she said it. "I like that name, Shawn....like Shin...."

And that's the last thing I heard. The next thing I knew was total darkness. I mean, I was conscious, but I couldn't see anything. I couldn't open my eyes. I was laying down, so I sat up. My head felt like it weighed two tons.

"Ohmmmm..." I groaned. I was really sleepy. I heard footsteps in the room.

"How are we feeling today?" A man's voice asked. If I had had the strength to laugh, I would have. He sounded so corny.

"Uhnn...WE are doing...confused." I mumbled. I heard him chuckle.

" Teenagers! I guess you ARE pretty confused huh? Well son, you were hit, by a car. You've been here about a week, unconscious. " He explained. I grunted.

"Yeah, I know that. Did an ambulance take me here?" I asked.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" He inquired.

"It's just that...did you by any chance, see a girl or anything?" I hoped.

"Nope. Do you know what she looked like?"

"Um...no. I couldn't see very well." I admitted. I heard the doctor clear his throat.

"Yes, well, that is something I would like to discuss with you if your up to it." He said. I suddenly felt a jolt of fear. What, was my face gone? Did my eye fall out? What!!??

"What is it?" I asked, my voice shaking. He cleared his throat again.

"When we take the bandage off...you may not be pleased by what you see." He put bluntly. My fear increased ten fold.

"W-what happened!" I demanded.

"Now, just calm yourself down, son. " He tried to sooth. My fear grew to panic.

"What, is my eye gone!!!!? Just tell me dammit!!!" I yelled. "Let me take off this godforsaken bandage!!"

"Now let's think now son, are you absolutely sure you-"

"Of course I'm frickin sure!!! And stop calling me son!" I snapped. All I wanted was to see what I looked like for Christ's sake! I could hear other voices in the room now. Nurses.

"He'd like the bandage taken off Kim." The doctor's voice was father away now, across the room. I could feel myself start to sweat. Footsteps came closer.

"Hello, I'm Ms. Manen. We're going to take your bandage off now." She said.

"Okay." I mumbled feebly. I could feel warm gloved hands hold my head.

"I like your hair." She said. I grinned, and I must have been blushing.

"Um...thanks." I muttered, really embarrassed.

"So, Shawn, how do you take your earrings off?" She asked casually.

"Oh I can't-how do you know my name?" I asked.

"Your ID." She said. I nodded slowly. I could feel her unwrapping the bandages from around my head. Her fingers were careful. I liked her right away.

"Um, by any chance, did my 'ID' have my last name on it?" I wondered. The nurse sighed.

"Actually no, it didn't. What is your last name?" She asked. I pondered for a moment. Last name? I didn't want to say I didn't remember, or I would never get out of here. I had to think of something, and fast.

"Bailey. Shawn Bailey." I said. The bandage was almost off now.

"Shawn? that's a nice name" She asked.

"Thanks." I muttered. I almost felt her smile, but she didn't respond. The bandage was now totally off, but I was too scared to open my eyes.

"You may open your eyes, son." The doctor said. First I opened my left eye. I could see out of that one okay. Slowly, VERY slowly I opened my right eye. Nothing. I was blind in that eye. Totally blind.

"I'm blind." I said, my voice was shaking all over the place.

"Can you see out of your left eye?" The doctor asked me. I nodded. I was seriously on the verge of tears.

"Yeah. Not my right eye though." I practically sobbed. I felt the nurses hand on my shoulder.

"Now, now. It's all right. Would you like a mirror?" She said. Her voice calmed me a little.

"I guess so." I gave in. She ran fingers through my hair. I have to admit, I kind of was beginning to like it. For the first time I looked at the nurse. She was very nice looking. She had a nice face. Not caked with makeup or anything, but nice and clear. It wasn't like I was really attracted to her though. She came back with a round mirror with a handle. I took it and gazed at my reflection.

The first thing my eye was drawn to was my right eye. A dark purple scar ran across it diagonally, cutting the eye in half, but it looked like it had healed up. It was a light bluish color and very cloudy. It made me look like a tough guy. But I didn't like it. I pushed the mirror away.

"Are you all right?" She asked me. I just grunted and folded my arms. I couldn't face anyone.

"It hasn't finished healing yet. But it will heal faster without the bandage." The doctor told me. I looked away. " Be careful not to touch it."

"I'd like to be alone if you don't mind." I said. They both nodded and soon everyone was out and I was left by myself. Tears ran down my face, but I wiped they away hastily. My eye didn't hurt at all. I could still blink and everything. I must have had a lot of stitches.

Well, this was me. Shawn Bailey, the guy with the scar, a Mohawk, and earrings.

"Mike, stop it! Give them back you fag!" I laughed. Mike danced around in my apartment room with my underwear on his head.

"Look, I'm Shawn and I'm too EMBARRASSED about my hair!" He shouted sarcastically, in a high pitched voice. I fell backwards onto the bed. Justin was on the floor laughing his fricken ass off. Mike picked up imaginary earrings and held them up to his ears.

"And I love my pretty dangly earrings and don't have a girlfriend and...I like BOYS!!!" He mocked. This time I got up and shoved him hard against the wall.

"Retard! We're going to be late for the movie!" I shouted. He threw the under wear onto my bed. They landed on Justin's face.

"Aaagh! Gross!!!" He yelled and shook his head back and forth like a dog, making my underwear fly onto the lamp. I started to laugh all over again but there was a knock on the door.

"Mike, answer it." I said. He grimaced at me.

"The hell, you answer it." He argued. I groaned, went over and opened the door. Two beautiful girls looked up at me. The one blonde, Rachel was all dressed up real nice, her clothes matching, and the other, Sassy was dressed kind of seductively with a lot of skin showing, she also had blondish hair.

"Uh...Hi." I said. They were Justin and Mike's girlfriends. I opened the door wider to let them in.

"Really Shawn, you need a girlfriend." Rachel said. I shrugged.

"But first you need to get rid of these." Sassy said pointing to her own earrings. I rolled my eyes.

"I like them." I said. She smiled.

"I think he looks cute!" Rachel said patting my cheek. I smirked a little. Too bad Rachel was taken. Mike hopped off the bed and wrapped his arms around her. He was very protective of her and got jealous really easily. Justin walked over to Sassy and kissed her. I kind of looked away. It depressed me that I had no one to love or to kiss. No one to love me, for who I was.

"Well, uh...we better get going if we want to make that movie." I said, giving an obvious hint. Justin gave Sassy one last smooch and took her hand.

"Don't take it too hard, Shawn. Maybe you'll meet someone today." She said, trying to cheer me up. I shrugged and picked up my keys off my night stand.

"I'm driving." I announced grinning smugly. Mike rolled his eyes. I walked out the door. The others followed. In one of the other rooms we could hear a woman and a man screaming their heads off at each


"How can he stand to live here?" Sassy whispered to Justin, thinking I couldn't hear her. I tried not to let it bother me, but it really did. See, they all have families and houses. I'm alone. Over the past year I had really gotten to know all of them. The funny thing was, they all seemed to know me, like we had been best friends since middle school or something. It was weird. Justin and Mike were real fun to be with and I tried to hang out with them as much as possible. Mike had a really good sense of humor, so we were always laughing our brains out twenty-four/seven. Justin on the other hand was the perverted one, who was always twisting around what anybody said to make it sound nasty. It was funny, sometimes. I, was the quiet one, but on the other hand I was probably the most responsible. I drove everybody everywhere. Justin and Mike didn't have their drivers licence yet. I don't think they ever passed the test, but as long as they had me as their chauffer they were happy. I had gotten a job working for a newspaper, editing and printing them. It wasn't exactly what I'd always wanted to do, but man did I rake in the dough.

I lived close to the lobby so the walk down wasn't far. Rachel and Mike kept kissing and hugging. It was kind of getting on my nerves.

"So what movie are we seeing?" Sassy asked. I shrugged.

"Um...I was thinking of seeing Max A. Million." I said.

"Is that about the rich kid?" She inquired. I nodded.

"Yeah, its supposed to be hilarious." I said.

"Cool. I love funny movies." She giggled. I grinned. My car was parked right next to the sidewalk. Everybody hopped in. I started the car, pulled out of the parking lot and turned on some rap.

"Who's that?" Rachel asked. She doesn't listen to rap.

"Slim Shady." I said. She smiled.

"He's fine." She said.

"Right." I coughed. How come every girl I've ever met thinks Marshall Mathers is hot?

"You know Shawn, you look a lot like him." Sassy said. My eyes widened.

"I do?"

"Yeah. Except your nose his better and you have white hair." She said.

"So, if you think Eminem's hot, am I just as hot or hotter?" I asked, grinning. Mike coughed loudly.

"Not even close." She said smugly.

"Okay, I'm turning around." I warned. Rachel shook her hands in the air.

"No don't! Sassy didn't mean that, did you?"

"Well, actually-" Sassy began. Rachel covered her mouth. I put on a fake pouty look.

"*Sniff* "Fine. That's just fine. Tell me I'm ugly! See what I care! *Sniff* Here I drive you guys around, taking you to movies and what not, and this is the thanks I get!" I pretended to cry.

"Aw, knock it off Shawn!" Justin groaned and hit me with his hat. I snickered.

"Are we all paying for this?" Mike asked. I could tell he was nervous. He probably didn't have any money with him. He never does, I swear to God. I can't remember the last time he paid for something. Then I started thinking the reason he didn't have a car was because he was out of money or something. Or on a budget. I hate that word, budget. It just bugs the hell out of me. I hoped Mike wasn't out of money or on some godforsaken budget.

"How about I pay for you guys?" I asked. I knew it would cost a fortune, but it didn't matter that much to me.

"Really?" Rachel asked. I nodded. I liked being the nice guy. Especially around Rachel. She was pretty, but she was also taken by Mike. And she wasn't really my type. I don't really no what my "type" is. Rachel leaned forward from the backseat and wrapped her arms around my neck. I started to choke, boy did she have a grip!

"Hey!!! Woman, I'm driving!!!" I yelled. She laughed and let go. "Jesus Christ! First you call me ugly, then you try to kill me!" I said.

"Sorry Shawn." She apologized. I grinned in forgiveness. We were almost to the theatre.

"What kind of pop you guys want?" I asked. Sassy looked shocked.

"No, you can't pay for the snacks too!" She argued. I shook my head.

"It's fine Sass." I reassured. She frowned.

"Nope. I'm going to pay for the snacks. I can't let you. It makes me feel bad." She said. I shrugged.

"If you insist." I backed down. She smiled. When she has her mind made up, it's done. You can never persuade her otherwise. It's like trying to get a lion to suddenly take a liking to salad or something. I'd never seen anybody that glad to have to pay for something before. They always felt sorry for me whenever I offered to pay for anything. Probably because I lived alone. It didn't matter though. I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot easily. I opened the door and got out of the car.

"Are we late?" Justin asked. I shook my head. See, the actual picture started in about a half hour, but for some insane reason we all loved to see the previews. Sometimes we made fun of them. And it's good to get there early so you get good seats. One thing I've learned is, never sit right in the front, always sit in the way back, since its tilted and still have a good view. Then there's no chance of any jerks throwing candy or popcorn at you.

We walked quickly up to the ticket lady person. God, I don't know what they're called! I paid for the tickets and we walked in. It was really cold out, since it was Autumn so we were really eager to get inside the warm building. Us guys ended up getting the largest cups for coke I had ever seen. I stuck to Root-beer though. It's my favorite. I loaded everyone with candy and snacks. Rachel loves popcorn and candy, she can eat like three thousand tons of it and not get fat, it's amazing! And I swear, she could freaking LIVE off of that stuff! I gave her, her own popcorn bucket. She immediately started shoving the stuff in her mouth. It was so funny looking I almost sprayed my soda all over the front of her!

Sassy on the other hand eats like a bird. She bought a small diet coke and popcorn with no butter. Popcorn with no butter, I don't know how she does it. I remember the last time I was at a movie with her and Justin. she offered me some of her popcorn. So I took some and it was like eating, sand or something! I was fricking choking for practically the entire movie. In the end, Justin saved me by giving me a drink off his coke. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be talking right now.

And I think you already guessed about us guys. As soon as we got our stuff it was practically gone. I piled Justin, Mike and myself with candy, popcorn, fries,(they sold meals their)hamburgers, ice cream bars and stuff I didn't bother to see if it was edible. I'm serious, we can really shovel it.

"I used to know someone who could eat ten times as much as this." I said.

"Who?" Justin asked. I blinked.

"Uh...what?" I asked. Justin raised an eyebrow.

"You just said, someone you used to know, could eat ten times as much as us. Who?" He explained.

"Um...I-I don't remember...Huh? I don't know what you're talking about." I said. I didn't know what I was talking about! Justin just looked at me funny and walked, well actually he kind of staggered into the theatre. Rachel, Mike and I stumbled in after him.

"Pigs." Sassy muttered and walked coolly in behind us.

The movie was okay, it wasn't a movie of the year or anything, but it still made me laugh a little. Justin on the other hand was on the verge of peeing his pants. I mean his stupid laugh was echoing over the damn theatre! Sassy twice had to hit him on the head to get him to stop.

The movie was about this kid who inherited like a bazillion dollars and did some really funny stuff, but then they found out that the guy wasn't dead and wanted his money back and in the end it got really sappy and stupid, and everybody was kissing and hugging and laughing for some insane reason. I mean, oh my God, how stupid is that. And the really weird thing about it, JUSTIN WAS STILL LAUGHING!! Even when the sad, emotional parts came, he was laughing like a hyena!! I was so glad we got seats in the back! When the movie ended, he was in tears. It took Sassy, Rachel, Mike and me to DRAG him out of there!

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