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Clary ran her hands along the walls of the institute, trying to find her way to the kitchen in darkness that clouded her senses. She longed to turn on the lights but didn't for fear she might wake the other residents.

As she neared the kitchen Clary felt it was safe to turn on the lights. Ham or lettuce? She thought looking through the contents of the large refrigerator. Deciding she could do with both and top it off with some mayo, she filled her arms with ingredients and attempted to shut the fridge door quietly with the back of her foot. It slammed loudly in response echoing around the empty corridor.

Jonathan sat above his small sister's form in the rafters overhanging the kitchen. Thoughts clouded the young girl's eyes as she busied herself making a rather delicious looking midnight snack.

Jonathan glared down at her with hatred and love, a burning fire his eyes shining with an internal battle within him. He just wanted to be loved and know how it felt to be loved unconditionally despite what he was. Valentine never loved he was just a weapon to him, this small red-haired girl could give him what he desired most and he would take it from her, without a second thought.

Jonathan gave up waiting and jumped down to greet his darling little sister and what he wanted most.

Clary spun to then sound of hard combat boots on the lino floor "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to w-" she broke off startled by deep black eyes and a streak of white-blonde hair. "You look surprised to see me sister. Didn't think I'd just leave you here did you?" The Valentine duplicate spoke clearly and formally. Clary stumbled till she found words "I...I...What are you doing here Jonathan?". "I think you know the answer to that Valentine's daught-" She cut him off "Don't you call me that I am not his daughter and you are not my brother!" Jonathan smirked coldly at her "Oh, but you are." That's when everything went black.