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Jonathan POV

Jonathan stretched as his pregnant sister snored softly beside him and the gentle sound of rain pattered on the roof when he heard a stern knock at the door. Confused, Jonathan moved towards the door and listened. Nothing, he couldn't hear anything. Jonathan drew the drapes by the door back and waited for his eyes to adjust to the dim morning, his highlighted senses picked up a small shivering child.

Sensing no threat he swung open the door to face a little girl with snow white hair and green eyes. Her cheeks were small and rounded and flushed red from the cold, her hair was slicked against her head from the rain, she glanced up at him with her big green eyes. She was beautiful.

"Daddy," her eyes flickered black and her voice was sickly sweet.

Jonathan stepped backwards as the girl only hip height wrapped her small arms around his legs and he reached down to pet her head.

Clary POV

"Clary," Jonathan's voice was uncharacteristically quiet and strained. He called again his voice rising.

"Clary, come her please Sweetheart," I scowled at the term of endearment but dragged myself from the warm king- sized bed.

Clary stood slowly her maternity dressing gown no longer bulged at her stomach. Clary screamed.

"Clary, what is it!?" Jonathan's footsteps were mimicked by much smaller but just as urgent steps and a tiny scream.


Jonathan POV

A streak of blonde hair flashed past Jonathan's leg and headed towards the bedroom disappearing around the corner.

"Wait!" Jonathan shouted in protest. A cry of shock and a loud thump came from Clary's bedroom and when Jonathan finally got to the door, he saw the beautiful red-headed girl passed out on the floor with a smaller blonde haired girl lying on top of her.

Jonathan reached for the smaller girl first helping her up to see her small tear-stained face.

"Why doesn't Mummy like me?" the little girl looked so sad Jonathan's heart lurched.

"What's your name?" Jonathan kept his eyes cold and trained on the small girl.

"Lilith," she spoke softly "like the demon."

"Ah," Jonathan's throat was dry.

"God, bestowed me with such a name to remind me who I'm truly not." She looked heart-crushingly sad again. Jonathan was amazed at her use of vocabulary.

"And what's that my dear," his lips curled up into a gentle smile.

"An angel" the little girl grinned at him with all her teeth turning her head to face him robotically, her eyes black like the abyss of Satan's realms.