Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1.

Harry left Marcus's office with a wicked grin on his face. Who knew that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor were two of the most devious men to walk the earth, hence why they now rocked in the resurrection and destiny department. It was explained to him that this department was responsible for fixing a person's destiny when it did not go according to fate's designs. Normally R and D only had a small impact in a person's life, unless there was special dispensation such as in the case of Harry.

Harry also found out that Salazar Slytherin was not the asshole he was purported to be in historical texts as well as wizarding society. In fact he was overly protective of magical children and his views on muggles only came through a traumatic experience he had where one of his protégés were burnt at the stake by their parents when they returned home for the holidays. The boy, who was only 16 at the time, refused to give information to the inquisitors about the wizarding world or where he went to school and was then summarily executed by burning. Salazar had gone berserk when he had found out and had decimated the entire village with the inquisitors inside using fiend fire. It was then that he had decided that Muggle-borns needed to be protected from the Muggle world and began espousing the belief that the children once found to be magical should be taken from the Muggle world and raised in the magical world exclusively.

Godric could completely understand where his friend was coming from with this, but pointed out that while some muggles were likely to act in this way, that not all of them would react in such a cruel way to their own children. He also pointed out that there were also evil witches and wizards and they were on the majority the ones who were responsible for the witch trials in the first place as they were the ones who went to curse muggles crops or to inflict the Muggle populations with diseases or to torture them. Salazar eventually accepted this, but from that day, forward a closer eye was kept upon the Muggle borns, which was the first reason for the underage magical monitors. This was because when children were under stress they were more likely to exhibit accidental magic, so the monitors were set up and each case was investigated to make sure that the child was not being threatened or abused.

Salazar never really got over his student's death though and eventually he retired from Hogwarts leaving his three friends to continue their work. However, working in the R and D department had seemed to give Sal a new lease on his afterlife so to speak as it helped him work through the demons of his past by helping others through his department.

Harry followed Marcus to the departure room and as he had previously agreed with Marcus, he would be going to the point shortly after his revival following the zoo incident before he received his Hogwarts letter. There were many reasons to choose this time frame to go back to. Firstly, at this age if he sought medical treatment for his abuse, he would have a good chance of reaching full development as magical healing could undo most if not all of the damage that his body had gone through. By doing this through magical means as well, Magical Children's services would also be notified and this would then cause the DMLE to become involved. According to Sal once the DMLE got involved in a case of underage wizard abuse, there was very little that Dumbledore could do to prevent the investigation or protect his relatives from prosecution as the laws had been laid down in Sal's time, mostly at his instigation. They had only been strengthened since his time as muggles became more civilised. It became a bigger crime as they now knew better.

With his health then being monitored by Magical Children's services from that time until he graduated from Hogwarts, there was little chance that the potions he was previously under would be administered as they were easily detected. Every six months, Harry would be required to have a check-up at St Mungos and each scan would easily determine any abuse, potions of magic that was used against him for ill intent. Harry would still need to keep his eyes open though as he knew that Dumbledore would not give up so easily. Through the abuse case, Harry would also have the opportunity to file for emancipation as a minor with the department of Magical Children liaising with him on a regular basis to make sure he was doing fine and there was no need for future intervention.

Marcus shook his hand after they arrived at the portal, which looked similar to the veil in the Department of Mysteries.

"I'll be in touch on a regular basis to give you updates from Sal and Rick." Marcus told him as they shook hands. Harry nodded and without any further words, he stepped through the portal and everything went black for a time.

Harry woke up to find himself in the cupboard under the stairs. He knew that it was the day after the zoo visit and remembers from his past memories that Vernon had beaten him badly the night before which had, according to Marcus, caused his death. He also remembered that Vernon had been quite cautious around him for the few months after that incident, as he apparently knew that he could get into massive trouble if anyone found out about his actions. This then meant that Harry wold not have many chores to do except for cooking, which he did not really mind as it meant he could sneak food. This means that he had time to set up his mental defences so that Dumbledore and Snape could not peek into his mind and find out about his resurrection. He was roused from his thoughts by his Aunt opening the door cautiously to check on him. Harry pretended that he was still asleep and he heard his Aunt's sigh of relief when she saw that he was still breathing before she said in a sharp tone

"Up, boy! You need to make breakfast." With those words, she closed the door and walked off to tell Vernon he had not murdered Harry the night before.


Today was the day, Harry thought to himself as he made breakfast for his relatives. His letter to Hogwarts would come today and thus the beginning of the rest of his new and improved life. Harry thought back over the previous couple of months and knew that his memories and assumptions had been true. Vernon avoided Harry whenever he could and once or twice Harry thought he saw a look of fear pass through the man's eyes. Harry was fine with this avoidance though as he loathed the man for all of the abuse he had suffered not only in this life but in his previous one as well. Harry could not forget that the man was responsible for him dying and this he would never forgive, especially because of his age.

Aunt Petunia had also been better as she had indeed reduced the amount of chores he had to do. However, this did not mitigate the years of abuse she not only instigated but allowed through her husband as well. Harry knew that Petunia wore the pants in his Aunt and uncle's relationship and thus she could have stopped his Uncle at any time. She had not though and this meant she was going to get everything coming to her.

Harry had also been thinking about his previous life during the last couple of months, which was unavoidable, as he had to sort through 17 years of memories. He recalled times when people had tried to help him throughout his childhood, but these people usually forgot about the complaint they made or they themselves were fired, in the case of teachers; or others somehow had the urge to move from the area shortly after having made the complaint. Harry suspected that Dumbledore had been responsible for this, although he doubted that the headmaster would take the time to do his own dirty work. This is why Sal suggested St Mungos as the best way to proceed as anyone trying to interfere with a child abuse investigation started through St Mungos and continuing through Magical Children's services would likely themselves end up in Azkaban in short order.

When Uncle Vernon ordered Harry to go get the mail, Harry just went and got it without arguing. He found his letter sitting on top of the pile of mail and slid it under his cupboard door while taking the rest to his Uncle. He knew he would have plenty of time once his uncle went to work to answer the letter.

Indeed, once the dishes were cleaned and Uncle Vernon departed, Harry had very little to do. He went back to his cupboard and opened up his letter. He scanned the parchment, making sure it was the same as he remembered. He then took out a piece of paper and a pen he had liberated earlier from the house and wrote a quick note to Professor McGonagall accepting his admission to Hogwarts and that he required no assistance with getting his school supplies. As much as he admired Professor McGonagall, he did not think she would allow him to do all he needed to do, as she was loyal to Dumbledore beyond reason at time it seemed to Harry.

Harry waited until he Aunt had gone out to tea with some of her neighbours and then left the house at the house for hopefully the last time. He walked for about half an hour and then went to the nearest bus stop once he was sure he was outside of the surveillance net that Mrs Figg had set up with her Neazles. It had been quite a surprise for Harry to learn from Rick that his movements were constantly tracked by the Squib within a five-block radius of his home.

Harry only had to wait for half an hour before the bus arrived and 15 minutes later, he arrived at the local train station. He bought a ticket to London with the remaining money he had liberated from Uncle Vernon's wallet the night before. Harry just considered it back pay for all of the work he had done for his relatives.

An hour later, he arrived at Kings-cross station and walked quickly to Charring Cross Road so as not to be bothered by good-Samaritans who might have thought he was lost. Once he arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry with a pause, had slid on a ball cap which held his hair down and covered his scar before entering the wizarding world for the first time in his new life.

Harry first went to the bar and spotting Tom, walked up to him and asked

"Excuse me sir, may I use your Floo? I need to go to St Mungos."

Tom looked up when he first heard the boy's voice and was surprised at the condition of the boy before him. He looked only to be about 8 years old and he was very skinny, which was enhanced by the clothes he wore, which were obviously about four sizes too large for him.

"Sure thing lad. The Floo powder is just there on the mantle above the fire." Tom said, pointing to the jar, which contained a glittering powder. Harry smiled at him in thanks and taking a handful of the powder, threw it into the flames and called out

"St Mungos." He stepped into the green fire and was transported to the magical hospital.

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