Chapter Eleven


"So, Sammy, it seems we both knew something was going on between us after we met yesterday, but what brought you to suspect we were brothers?" Dean asked, curious as to why the kid should even have been interested in chasing up more info on him.

Sam shrugged embarrassed. "When you told me your mom and little brother died in a car accident in 1983, I got curious and I tried to find out more about you," he said, a pinkish flush coming to his cheeks. "So I went to the library and eventually I found an article about the accident. Your brother's name was Sam and your mom's Mary; no bodies ever found. I dunno; everything sort of fell into place for me, I just knew I was right. What about you?" Sam asked, still bemused with the idea that the young man sitting across from him was really his big brother.

The traitorous feeling of warmth he'd felt earlier washed over him again. It was as if he had always been waiting for someone to appear in his life, but with no idea of whom. Now he knew. He'd been waiting for Dean.

"It came to me in the shower of all places," Dean grinned in answer. "As if the hot water washed away a layer of grime and made me see clearly. But the thing that really confirmed it for me was your mom. It didn't click at the time 'cos I'd no reason to believe there was any connection between us, but when I ran things through my head, Mary's resemblance to my own mom hit me.

I was only four when she died...disappeared, but I remember her sweet smile and her long blond hair and how she would take me in her arms and hold me close. She used to sing to me and when I was scared, she'd tell me not to be; that angels were watching over me..." Dean hesitated, conscious of the fact that Sam's attention was totally caught up in his story; his gaze mesmerized by Dean's memories.

"Then when born, I thought he was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I couldn't wait for him to grow so we could play together." Dean's voice grew wistful. "But from one moment to the next, Sammy was gone, along with mom, and Dad told me I'd never see you guys again, that you were in heaven with the angels."

A look of disgust came over the older boy's face. "Since then I've always hated those damn angels. The douche-bags didn't bother their winged butts watching over us!"

Dean shook himself as if emerging from a trance, the memories had seemed so vivid.


"This is all well and good squirt, but until we get actual confirmation, this brother thing," he continued, waved a finger back and forth, " between us, is all theoretical."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "And the only one who can give it to us, is my mom and uncle Bobby 'cos I'm sure he knows everything too."

"I gotta ask myself though," Dean added. "If all this is true, why the hell did Mary go off with you and leave dad and me alone? If there was bad feeling between them why didn't they just get a divorce like everyone else? Why all the cloak and dagger stuff, as if our lives were some kind of a b-level spy story or somethin'?"

Sam averted his eyes. He couldn't be sure, but his ingrained instinct told him the only logical reason was to do with hunting, something his newly-found 'theoretical' big brother knew nothing about.

He sighed, knowing that finding out he had a big brother was going to cause a mountain of complications.


By this time Maisie had filled their order and Dean thankfully sipped his coffee, which to his delight was delicious, while Sam downed his soda.

What was his Dad going to say when he found out? Dean unknowingly echoed Sam's thoughts using the same word... 'complications!'

"So what are we gonna do now? " Dean asked slurping the heavenly black brew.

Sam shrugged. "I suppose we should go ask my mom."

"Yeah, " Dean agreed, but he shied away just at the thought of facing all the commotion that would inevitable be provoked by doing just that.


"You do realize you have a dad now? Right!" Dean reminded Sam. "And he's the best dad in the world," he hurried to add as Sam looked up worriedly. "But I've seen him when he's mad and he's not a guy to trifle with. I don't know how he's gonna take all this...Saying it's true, of course."

But Dean knew it was. He'd never been so sure of anything as he was that the kid sitting opposite him with the girlie hair and the big puppy-dog eyes was his baby brother.

"Do you think he's... ? What do you think he's gonna do when he finds out mom and I aren't dead?" Sam said in trepidation.

"Good question. I know he's gonna love you Sammy, not too sure about your mom though!" he frowned.

"Maybe she had a good reason Dean. The way you talked about her, your memories; she must have loved you a lot," Sam observed, sad that his big brother might feel that his mother had abandoned him.

Sam was angry with his mom for taking him from Dean but Sam knew she loved him, had protected him all his life, and he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, now that he'd calmed down and had Dean by his side.

"Huh, " Dean frowned unconvinced. "If she loved me, why did she leave me?"

Sam kept silent. He had no answer to give.


The boys walked out of the diner towards the car.

"Is this yours?" Sam asked inspecting the Impala. "I'd have thought a cool guy like you would have a SUV or something."

Dean gave him a gentle cuff to the back of the head, causing Sam to look up at him in surprise.

"This is the car for cool guys," he corrected his sibling. "It belonged to my dad and I'd drooled over it ever since I was a kid. When I passed my driving test he gave it to me. She's my baby, so little brother, you be mindful to treat her as she deserves."

"Yeah, whatever," Sam answered rubbing his head, a disgruntled expression appearing on his face; a scowl that Dean would later come to baptise as a bitch-face!


They slid into the car, Dean behind the wheel and Sam by his side.

"Where to Sammy?" he sighed, wishing everything could magically be fixed without all the clamour that was to come and that he could just hang out with his baby brother and make up for all the years they had been kept apart.

"Home, I guess," Sam replied, stretching out comfortably on the ample leather seat.


Mary was the first to hear the roar of the car as it growled its way to the front door.

She had flopped down on the couch while Bobby had taken to fumbling about in the kitchen, both waiting for Sam to come back and ply them with questions, questions that she didn't want to answer.

Sam knew about the supernatural; she had trained him as best she could, just as her own father had trained her.

He could shoot, fight too, his skinny body more wiry than it seemed; he could read Latin, carry out the less elaborate spells but his real expertise was in research. Sam could find a needle in a haystack when it came to sifting through a mountain of information. She had also been taking him on the occasional hunt and he had responded encouragingly.

She had given him the basic means to defend himself, but how was she ever going to reveal to him that a demon had bled its blood into his mouth, she didn't know if she ever could. Sam thought himself too much of a freak already, what would her baby do if he knew this?


Sighing she got up. Sam must have gotten a lift home, but when she saw both her children getting out of the old Impala that had once belonged to her husband, she realised that things were going to get even more difficult.

Why was Dean here? She had expected Sam to come storming home, but what had brought Dean back, unless Sam had called him here.

Things were rushing out of her control like a runaway train. She was a strong woman but even the strongest can fall.

"Bobby!" was the only strangled word she got out before the door opened and her two sons walked into the room, side by side.