Would you believe I wrote this darn thing about a year ago? Well I did, and I put it up on TDE a little while ago, but here it is for you guys. I found this basic plot line in a copy of 'Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest' magazine from the super market, and the first though that popped into my strange little head was "Gee, this would make a great Horror fic." So here it is…my strange little world of twisted dreams and expanded teenage comic book character story plots. It's been elaborated to make it more Digimon and more exciting (they never kill anyone important in those mags anyhow…) But warning here: Character Death! Several cases! Rated PG-13, as high as I ever go. (I am only thirteen, people) Couples: Takari (as always) Keneli (pops up every now and then) Sorato (sorry, Taiora fans) And I mean NO OFFENCE about the way the cap drivers speak. It's just the only thing I could think of to make 'em sound a bit…well, a bit old-English…in a way…

Disclaimer: I, being not old enough to drive, have no ownership, partnership, or merchandising chains that have anything to do with Digimon. T.K., Kari and Davis are 15, Yolei and Ken are 16, and Tai, Sora, and Matt are 19. Cody, Izzy, Mimi, and Joe don't appear in this story (Sorry, fans of those characters, but it was just too complicated) So, now that the intro is finally finished (crowd: Yea!) Let's get on with the show!

Nightmare From The Nursery

Chapter 1-The Attic Room

Kari glanced lazily out the window. High cliffs, covered in green grass, spread over most of her view from the small yellow taxi she was riding in. Bellow some of the lower ones, she could see the foam from the waves as they splashed up on the gagged brown rocks.

In the distance, she saw her destination. It was a very old looking house, getting closer as they rode on through the Scottish country side. It seamed rather beautiful and just a bit creepy, covered in vines all the way up its high turrets and many towers. You could hardly see the faded white paint and red roof through all the vines, which was probably all for the better in Kari's mind. Lately she'd been wanting something to scare her, something to creep her out. She'd been edgy for something, anything to happened, ever since the Digimon decided to stick to the Digital World about two years ago.

She pulled her reddish-brown eyes away from the scenery and turned them to the people in the cab with her. The back area was big enough to fit three people comfortably, and four if they didn't mind being squished. On the other side was T.K., his head resting in his hand while he gazed comfortably out the window. His other hand held a pen over the blank page of the notebook in his lap, and Kari could tell that a poem was already coming into the works in his mind. Between them was Davis. He never had given up his crush on Kari, and neither her nor T.K. had ever asked each other out, or actually done anything but act like friends. So he was still his old, annoying self, although three years had hammered some brains into his two foot solid brick wall of a head. In the seat next to the driver was Tai, watching out the front window as they began to pull up to the house, and occasionally glancing back at the three behind him like the protective big brother he was.

"All right, 'ere ya are." the driver said, helping Kari out. "Watch yer step now, lassie. There's a gel."

The other taxi pulled up. Matt, Sora, and Yolei scrambled out of the back seat, while Ken climbed out of the front. Their luggage was quickly unloaded. "Hope ya have a pleasant stay, friends." the second driver said, tipping his hat to the three girls. "Beautiful scenery, this is."

"We'll be back for yeh the 'morrow mornin', am I correct?" the other driver said as the two began to climb into their cabs.

"That's right." Tai said, "Thank you for the ride."

Kari stepped up to the window, a roll of notes in her hand. "How much do we owe you?"

The old man took of his sunglasses and really got a good look of her face for a moment. His eyes widened. "N-no charge, miss." he said, tipping his hat with a shaky hand, "Not fer you. No charge."

Kari smiled. "Thank you!" she said.

A tear appeared in the man's eye, but he turned and rolled the window up. As he started the engine, Kari thought she could hear him say, "Seams like such a pity, the dear little thing…poor, poor Miss Nancy…"

She didn't pay much attention as the two yellow cabs drove away down the deserted dirt road. Her knapsack was slung over her shoulder and she was looking up at the house with the others. It looked a lot creepier up close. Most of the vines were dead, and the windows sat there, blank and black, like eyes staring out evilly over the kids. It sent shivers down her spine.

It was perfect.

"Well, let's get moving." Matt said, beginning to lug his suitcase up the stairs.

The others followed suit and soon each was settled into their own room, all on the first floor. Each one had picked one of the many bed rooms that they thought best suited them. Kari's had a large window that overlooked the high cliff the house sat on, looking over the deep blue ocean as waves crashed on the rocks half a mile below.

Sora had chosen the room next to Kari's. It was furnished beautifully in shades of green. Next to her was Tai, who's room was furnished in red, and next to him was Matt's, which had a small window that was just right for lighting the whole room with no lamps. Across from him was Ken's room, which was furnished in violet with a latter up to a small alcove in the top. On one side of him was Yolei, who's room was furnished in yellow, and Davis was on the other side, in a room furnished in orange and blue.

Kari stuck her head into T.K.'s room, across from hers. It had a single bed as the others did, but you couldn't tell what color the walls were because of the immense bookshelves that cover both walls, save the large window on the other side. He sat at a desk by that window, writing something down by the light of the sun.

"Hey T.K.!" she called.

He turned around. "Yeah?"

"We're all going to go explore the house, you wanna come?" she flashed him a winning smile. "Come on, it'll be fun."

T.K. grinned back and stood. "Okay. Let's go."

The group met in the hall. "Okay." Yolei said, "How 'bout we start at the top and work out way down?"

"Sounds good to me." Ken agreed.

"Okay then, let's get started." Davis said, leading the way to the stairs.

They came to the attic room. The girls let out almost excited gasps as they opened that final door. "It's a nursery!" Kari exclaimed, and the three young women quickly went to examine the various toys and dolls in the room.

"Girls." Tai said, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, perk up Tai." Matt said, slapping his friend on the back, "There is something relatively quaint about this room."

'Quaint' was the perfect word. It was your usual little girl's room, with cute pink-and-white striped wall paper, a cute white bed with pink-and-white bed clothes, a cute pink-and-white doll house, and lots of oh-so-cute dolls and stuffed animals.

"Hey guys." T.K. called. He was over by the white dresser, looking at the pink-framed pictures. "Check out this old photo."

He showed them an old black-and-white photograph. It showed a man, probably in his forties, holding a smiling young girl of about seven. They could tell, even in the black and white, that she had long, brown hair. But it was her face that caught the most interest.

"Wow." Tai said. "That girl's face looks just like Kari!"

Davis got a goofy grin. "No wonder she's so cute."

Kari clobbered him in the back of the head with one of the pink-fringed pillows.

"Aw…" Sora cooed from the corner "This stuffed bear is so cute!"

She held up the brown toy. It had a pleasant looking smiled and small, black eyes. "So?" Matt said, "It looks just like any other stuffed bear."

Sora looked at it. "I dunno. I just thought it was cute."

Davis made a face. "Yeah, well, bear or no bear, this is getting too cute for me. Let's go check out some of the other rooms."

The others agreed and headed to the door. Kari turned back. Sora was still sitting on the bed, playing with the bear. "Coming, Sora?"

"Nah." Sora said, not looking up. "I think I'll stay here for a bit. I'll catch up to you later."

Kari shrugged. "Suit yourself." she muttered, closing the door behind her.

They searched through two more levels and found two libraries, three kitchens, and so many parlors and sitting rooms that they lost count. Davis sat down in one of the red-cushioned chairs in one of the huge tea rooms. "This is a big house." he gasped. "Who'd need all those stairs?"

"And it's so dark." Yolei said with a shiver. "It's kinda creepy."

"I like the dark." Kari said, examining a large cuckoo clock.

"What? Kari, you have the crest of Light!" Tai said, setting down the silver goblet he'd been looking at. "How could you like the dark?"

His sister shrugged. "I dunno. I just feel like I want something to happen…"

A scream suddenly pierced the air. It came from the floors above them. "Sora!" they cried in unison, and it was a mad rush up the stairs, Matt in the lead.

The blonde-haired boy flung open the door to the nursery, Kari and T.K. at his heals as the others searched the lower levels. "Sora?" he called. "Sora!"

Kari looked at the bed. The bear was sitting there neatly, grinning at her like there was some private joke. His pawed hands were pointing towards the open window.

Kari instinctively grabbed the arm of the person nearest to her, which happened to be T.K. "Was that window open when we came up here before?"

The two younger ones stared at each other. Matt jerked suddenly in shock. At the same time, they rushed to the window and looked down.

Kari drew back, her hands clapped over her mouth to muffle a scream. T.K.'s eyes winded to the size of saucers. Matt dropped the coins he was holding out the window in horror.

The coins clambered softly to the grass, right next to Sora's hand where she lay lifeless on the ground.