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Chapter 3-The Terror Comes To An End

T.K. shook his head like he was trying to get water out of his ears. He sat on the couch of one of the sitting rooms, this one furnished in green. His packed bag sat next to him.

"Where are those drivers?" Tai asked the air. "I wanna get outta here."

Kari felt something dark close in around her. She leapt to her feet. "That's it, I am LEAVING!" she cried, and ran for the front door.

But when she got there, she stopped short, let out a scream and almost fainted. She stumbled away as Tai and Davis grabbed the old man outside and pulled him in. "No no, ladies! It's just old Ben, now. Don't be hurtin' old Ben!"

"By gum." Ken whispered. "It's the cab driver!"

"What are you doin' around here?" Tai demanded. "What's going on?"

"Have you been killing our friends?" Davis asked, jabbing a thumb down the hall.

"No, ladie. It ain't me." the man said.

"What are you doing here?" T.K. asked.

"I live here, at the old boathouse at the foot of the cliffs." the man sighed. "This is my home. I used to have a nice room, just under the attic. Used to hear the wind through the door at night. Then the Mistress died and…and she came along…"

"She?" Tai asked.

"Miss Evelyn! Cold eyes and a tongue of syrup, she had! Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! She was a bad one, she was!"

"Who was she?" Davis asked.

"When the mistress died, she was taken in as governess to poor little Miss Nancy! Poor, poor little Nancy…

"I was a servant boy at the time. Miss Evelyn…she was in cahoots with him down below, if you lads know what I mean. The minute she came in the house, she set her sites on becoming Master's new wife. But the Master, he did never give her a second look…"

The old man wiped his eyes. "An' then Miss Evelyn brought that…that thing into the house! An' it smiled at Miss Nancy an' it made poor Nancy's eyes go all hollow."

"What?" Ken asked.

"The bear! That horrid plaything of the devil!"

"Of course!" T.K. snapped his fingers. "Sora, Matt, and Yolei were all touching the bear right before they were killed!"

"What happened, Ben?" Tai asked the old man.

"That night, Miss Nancy went a'missin'. She was found out in the soaking rain, drenched to the very bone, that thing grinning evilly in her very arms!

"She lay near death for weeks after that little episode! Pneumonia almost got her, but the doctor pulled her through! And for a few days, she was her old sweet self again. Then Miss Evelyn put that thing back in her little arms, and the life went out of her eyes once again!"

The man wiped his eye and blew his nose before he continued. "The next morning, that bear was found at the edge of the cliff, smiling brightly at the clear blue sky! And all they found of poor Miss Nancy was a few foot prints, leading off the edge of the cliff. That thing lead her to her death, over the edge of the cliff. Master left that day and never returned!"

"And rotten old Miss Evelyn?" Davis asked.

"Never saw her again, either!" the man said. "Disappeared in a puff of smoke for all I know!"

The gang looked around the room at the sudden blast of cold air. "Hey!" Tai cried suddenly. "Where's Kari?"

They split up and ran franticly through the house for the missing girl. After a moment, T.K. shouted, "Tai! Look!"

Kari's wide window was open. And past it, you could see Kari, walking straight for the cliffs, the bear grinning where it was held at her side. Like Little Nancy, eyes glazed and lifeless, deep in the spell of the devilish thing, she was heading for death at the cliff's edge.

"Kari, stop!" T.K. shouted, sprinting out the window.

"Grab her, T.K.!" Ken cried.

"She's gonna jump!" Tai yelled.

Kari's foot lifted to touch nothing but air. Seconds before she toppled away, T.K.'s hands clutched her blouse and yanked her back to solid ground. The devil's disciple plunged down onto the rocks below.

Kari fell back into T.K., sending them both crashing to the ground. She lay there, unconcious, the boys not sure if she was even breathing.

T.K. slid out from under her, then knelt down beside her. He felt for a pulse, then gentle slapped her cheeks, just a few taps on each one to try and wake her up. "Come on, kid." he whispered. "Wake up. Come on, wake up!"

Kari groaned. Her auburn-brown eyes slowly opened. "Five more minutes?" she asked.

T.K. smiled as the others hurried over, Davis turning red in the face. T.K. helped Kari stand. "What happened?" she groaned, holding her head. "All I remember is going up to examine that bear, then…"

Tai touched her shoulder. "It's over now." he whispered. "That bear killed our friends. Now it's gone."

"Where?" Kari asked.

The boys pointed down the cliff. Kari looked for a second, then walked to the edge. She picked up a rock and through it down. "Good riddance."

The guys smiled. Ben wiped his eye. "Praise the Lord." he whispered, then turned. "Let's get out of here, fellas. Help me with the bags and…"

"Let's go." Ken sighed.

After a furry of packing and then leaping into the back of Ben's taxi, the kids left that horrid spot forever, relieved that the creature would never hurt anyone again.

At least, that's what they thought…

The End…