Chapter Ten

Clarisse POV

Soon after my engagement, I thought about Camp Firefly. Did I want to stay here? No. But I think this camp has great potential to be a holiday camp.

I sat down and wrote another letter to Chiron and told him that I thought camp firefly would be better as a holiday spot safe from monsters, sort-of.

He wrote back and told me to get everyone to start writing a letter with their choice.

I heard other people decided to say something else, but the majority of us wanted Camp Firefly as a holiday camp.

I watched with Chris as the letters were sent off and then headed to the campfire to tell jokes with my friends.

That was six months ago. Camp Firefly is now officially a holiday camp, and is regularly visited by demigods for a quick break from constant fighting.

Chris and I got married. We had a small but happy day, and David was born two months later. He lives with us in New York, in an apartment number 43, right next to Percy and Annabeth. Our family, small but happy, is the one thing that's guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

Charity and Dylan have finally started dating, and Travis and Katie, Piper and Jason, and Prissy and Annabeth are all going strong. I realised, after many arguments, that those demigods are the best family I'm gonna get. And even though they annoy the crap outta me sometimes, they are my best friends.

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