Chapter Eight

Chiron POV

Camp Firefly was starting to get a bit too exciting for young demigods, so I decided to start to put an age limit on the people who wanted to come to Camp Firefly. There were too many demigods who thought that they could handle living away from the protection of the original camp. I decided to write the list now before I forgot important things. I grabbed a pen and uncapped it. Unlike young Percy's pen, mine pen didn't magically turn into a sword when I uncapped it. I could actually use it as a pen.

I wrote at the top of the notepad, 'REQUIREMENTS TO GO TO CAMP' and went to write. A little while later, I had written up my list.

To be able to go to camp, the requirements were;

You had to be at least 17,

You had to have a weapon which you proficient with,

You had to have arranged living requirements and be able to pay for them,

You had to be a Greek Demigod, because the Roman Camp was already equipped for generations of people,

And finally, you had to be willing to help get things done.

If you decided once you got there that you wanted to leave, you had to pay the 50 drachmas to go home or back to camp.

As I reclined in my wheelchair, I saw a flash of light near all the cabins. I headed out to see what it was. I knew it wasn't an enemy because they couldn't get through the boundaries of the Golden Fleece.

I walked out on to the grass in front of the cabins, and was greeted by the sight of many young half-bloods whispering excitedly to each other. I looked around in confusion until I saw Hermes come out of his cabin laughing with his kids. The rules about visiting your kids had been relaxed now after the wars that had recently passed. We just couldn't know how long the kids would last, and if they would ever see their godly parent.

"Why hello! How are you going?" Hermes shouted out to me cheerfully. "I have a message for you!"

I took it and bid Hermes on his way. I opened the letter and read the message from Annabeth and Piper.

They said that it was going well so I decided to send two more demigods over.

I logged on to my personal computer that Hephaestus designed and created for me. I'm not connected to the internet, but I can type lists on it.

I searched for my list of eligible demigods that could go to camp.

There was none that were of age, but there were a couple of half-bloods that were a bit young, but would still be able to survive. I wrote down some the younger ones to go, Aine Avalon O'Durren, and Lillian Black. They were both girls, but Aine had two twin panthers that were gifts from her mother, Hecate. Lillian could hold her own with a poisonous dart gun, which had celestial bronze liquefied in it. She had come up with the recipe as well, which means that she was inventive as well.


- Aine Avalon O'Durren,

-Lillian Black,

P.S These campers are probably going to be the second last lot of campers going there.

He stood up, grabbed the paper, and taped it onto the porch wall for all the campers to see. Now it was just a matter of choosing the next (and probably last) lot of campers to go over.

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