Chapter Nine

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Lillian POV

I walked up to the Big House to see what today's news was. The main gossip was course the Camp Firefly business. I wanted to go there of course, but I wasn't going to cry my heart out if I didn't make it there. I scanned the sheet of paper pinned onto the wood outside Chiron's office. It had the two demigods who were going to camp, and –WHAT?! My name's on there? I was very excited to be going to camp, but also a little bit nervous as well, but I couldn't wait to go. At least I had a fellow child of Hades there, Nico, because we Hades kids aren't exactly the most outgoing. I ran back to my cabin and was greeted by cheers. One of friends, Naya-Marie, came up with a wrapped gift, shaped very oddly and wrapped haphazardly. Well, I guess they tried….

"As soon as I heard about the new campers, including you, I rushed to get you something. Here," she said as she passed something to me.

I unwrapped the present and gasped in awe. She had gotten me a knife made out of striking black marble. It was shining and in perfect condition.

"Oh thanks! I love it! But really, you shouldn't have gotten it!" I said happily.

"Nonsense! I had to get you something!" She laughed as she hugged me. "Good luck! No go get packing!"

I waved to her as I ran back to my cabin and started packing my clothes into a couple of suitcases.


The gods looked down at the action happened at Camp Firefly and sighed.

"We need to tell them that Camp firefly is only going to be a holiday camp, but I think they probably know that already." Athena announced suddenly, startling everyone in the room.

"I know, but how can we do it? A letter?" Apollo mused.

"Oh HELL NO, BITCH! Hermes shouted loudly, drawing stares. "What? I am not delivering millions of letters to everyone telling them, when we could just send one letter to each camp, or go visit them ourselves."

"Actually…" Poseidon wondered. "It'll boost all the campers spirits if we visited them ourselves, and it would boost them even more if we all went."

"So is that a deal?" Hera asked, and was satisfied when the room rung with several yes's and okay's.

"Okay! Let's go tomorrow when I am perfect. I need my beauty sleep you know!" Aphrodite squealed.

"Oh Aphrodite…." Everyone sighed and laughed.



The campers relaxed in the glow of the sun as they chatted with each other.

Clarisse and Chris were talking quietly, with Clarisse looking slightly upset. I looked at Annabeth and nodded my head towards them, with a questioning look on my face. She looked at them then just shrugged. Soon enough, we found out why they were talking.

"Attention, please!" Chris called out, "I would just like to say that Clarisse is pregnant," Cheers resounded but Chris continued talking, "and also, this is for Clarisse." He knelt down and said "Clarisse, babe, will you marry me?" Clarisse wasn't one for emotion or showing weakness, so she just nodded, shocked.

Chris stood up and slipped the ring on her finger. It wasn't big or extremely shiny, but it was perfect for Clarisse. It had a thick, single band of gold, with a diamond pressed into the gold as well.

The whole time, everyone was cheering and hugging madly. Leo bounced around the whole time, cheering and just being plain weird, but luckily for him, no-one complained.

Later that night, Annabeth and Piper wrote a letter telling everyone at camp the exciting news. Katie had squealed and taken a dumbfounded Clarisse over to discuss flowers for the wedding. Later Clarisse looked more confused each time she suggested another idea for the flowers.

Even though she clearly was exhausted, Clarisse tried to be nice, but as soon as it hit the am, she growled, "I'm off before I snarl at someone," And left.

It was getting late, so everyone settled down and went to sleep. At least, everyone except Chris and Clarisse. :)

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