Okay, so... funny story.

I was getting all sad because I receive email notifications whenever someone has reviewed, followed or faved this story and I wasn't getting any for the last month so I got all depressed. As a result, my writing suffered a bit of a blow.

Turns out my stupid email was sending everything to the Spam folder and deleting them really quick.

I thought no one liked the story anymore! WAHHH!

But I decided to double check the story stats and BAM. People were still liking, following and reviewing my story and I cried tears of joy!

(You like me! You really, really like me!)

The next chapter will be out next week, but to tide you guys over, here are the answers to the questionnaire from last chapter. Akani's running a little late, though I'm sure she'll b-

Have no fear! The great Akani-sama is here!



... You're late.

Blame sensei.


Aren't you supposed to be this 'all knowing, all powerful' entity?





Moving on! You ready to answer some fan questions?

Please! I was born ready.


Anon y Mouse: Akani, what are your stats?

Uhh, author-san?

Nin: 2

Tai: 2.5

Gen: 0

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 2.5

Speed: 2.5

Stamina: 4

Handseals: 2

Total: 18.5

I think I'm a little stronger than that.


Baryium: How would you describe your relationship with Rin?

With Rinny? Well, she's my older sister from another mister. Who likes to scold me. A lot. She's a cool girl, though a bit ignorant because hello, Obito totally loves her and she doesn't exactly encourage him, per se. But she doesn't really stop him either which I find kinda annoying. I love her to death but seriously, she needs to get her act together and stop pining after jerkface.

Because he's a jerk.

A big jerky-jerk.

Silimaira: Are you going to teach Usagi to write?

Can hares write if they don't have opposable thumbs? Hmm.

Well, I'll try my best! That is, if the little furball doesn't give me rabies first... Or sensei turns him into slippers.

Mayelo-Prinsesa: Dear Akani-chan, how do you feel about that 'kiss' you had with Kakashi-kun? And how do you feel about him now?

W-what? How do you know about that?!

No! No, it wasn't a dang kiss!

It was more like an accidental high five… with our faces, and… um... well...

N-NO! It wasn't a kiss! And Kakashi's still a jerk, but instead of being a huge douche, he's only an intermediate douche. A semi-douche. Still a way to go, yet.

So, to be clear, Kakashi's a douche?

Didn't I just say that?

Lanny99: Does Akani like Kaka-teme or Obi? Which one would she choose if she didn't have her own choice of love?

Okay, first. Ew.

Just… ew.

They're both my best friends and who the heck said anything about 'love'?!

JackFrost14: Describe everyone you know in one word.

Wow. One word? Just one? Okay, here goes…

Kushina: Scary. Self explanatory.

Tokuma: Princess. Ha! Besides that, though, I'd have to say 'Fierce.'

Muta: is… Balance. He's the calm and collected one, but tip him the wrong way and you better duck for cover.

Minato: Awesomeness-mixed-with-amazingness-because-I-couldn't-choose-between-them

Sandaime-sama: Omnipotent. He's called the God of Shinobi for a reason, you know. He has that spy-ball-jutsu thingy he has workin' for him, too. Plus he's pretty cool for an old guy.

Jiraiya: Super-Pervert. Hyphenated because 'pervert' by itself just doesn't cut it. Seriously, were you expecting something else?

Obito: Sunshine. Or, what I'd imagine to be sunshine.

Rin: Matronly. Seriously, she acts more like a mother than a friend sometimes.

Guy: Boundless. In energy and zest for life, as well as in 'Manly Tears of Youth.'

Usagi: Cutie! Seriously! His paws, when they're not trying to scratch my face off, are super tiny and fluffy and soft!

Kakashi: Hmm… I'd normally say 'jerk' but I think it's been a tad overused so… 'Assertive.' In every sense of the word. In life, in missions, hell, even on which restaurant we all meet up in (when he bothers showing up). He's replaced the stick up his ass for a brick wall!

Or maybe I haven't said 'jerk' enough… Hmm…

Jade: Who is Akani's best friend? Kakashi or Obito?

Why do I have to choose just one? They're both my best friend! I've known Kakashi longer, so he's just a permanent fixture now even if he doesn't like it. Obi is my little ball of energy and I can always count on him to be there.

I can't imagine my life without both of them in it.

PS: I know you asked a bunch of other questions for me, beemera, and not Akani but since if I answered them it would reveal a little too much of the story, I'm not gonna bother! :P Sorry!

Author-san is just lazy.

Don't make me write you kissing Kakashi again.


Ochibi9113: Have you ever had a dream about Kakashi? Or any boy in that manner? Doesn't have to be 'that way' but it'll be more fun *winky face*

Uhh…. Huh?

'That way'? What does that mean?
You mean where I beat all of 'em up and send 'em crying to their mothers? I've have a few like that, especially when I was back in the Academy.

And what is it with all the questions about Kakashi all of a sudden?!

Immortal chord: Akani, what would you do/say if you saw the boy from when you were a kid?

Oh… wow, um… I don't know. I miss him, for sure, because he was my first real friend and knowing he's in Konoha makes me a little sad sometimes because we haven't caught up, but…

I don't know what I'd do, to be honest. I'd probably punch him in the face for avoiding me because I know he is, then hug him even if he struggled and then I'd probably want a spar because he's been a chunin for three years longer than I have.

Mysterious stan: Do you like Kakashi?

Ugh! WHY?!

Skewedchoice: Would you seriously consider becoming a Daimyo's Guard?

It's an honour for sure, but I haven't learned everything from Kushina yet, but when my training with her finishes… maybe. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.

Plus I get that cool sash!

Azuki Bean: Kiss, Marry, Prank; Kakashi, Obito, Shisui. Go.

Woah, woah, woah… wait. WHY?! This is harassment, you know! Do I really have to answer these?!


Ugh, you suck, Author-san.

… I've already, uh… 'high fived' Kakashi with my face, so kiss is out.

I'd prank Shisui because it's so dang easy.

And… married to Obi? Uh… If I really had to, and we were the only two people left alive then… maybe. Just maybe. But since this is all hypothetical, I don't have to worry about it!

I can always-


Yui639: What do you think about Kakashi, and the rest of the members of your team?

Okay, let me say this clearly.






And the rest of my team (Team Two and my scouting buddies) are awesome.

Just not Kakashi.

Because he's a jerk.


Nadeshiko291210: With your echolocation, can you see peoples faces or just outlines of their bodies?

I can see faces. The closest thing I've been told it resembles is a clinging mist. I met another sensor in the village and he said my little bubble of sight felt like it was sticking to his skin like a film.

Depending on how much chakra I put into the echolocation depends on how finetuned my 'sight' is, though. If I'm feeling lazy I don't pump out much. The people I know really well I can tell apart from others by their outline alone or the feel of their chakra. I sometimes don't even flare my echolocation when I'm training with shishou because her blue is so bright.

Zuta-chan: Who is your favourite character so far?


Because he's awesome but he still has a way to go to becoming awesomer like me.

Not Kakashi?

No one asked you! Butt out!

YOLOPLUR: If you could kiss anyone that you know or meet in the Naruto world, who would it be? Just curious.

My ass, you're curious! You're just trying to make me feel uncomfortable!
I want a damn lawyer!

Himeno Kazehito: Is there anyone who piques your romantic interest?


AnimeWriterFreak: Do you have a crush on anyone?


Lacomptessa: Are you going to visit Mist again?

… not anytime soon, though I'd like to visit my old home just one more time. Maybe I'll set up a small shrine there?

Eien no Ajisai: If you were a jinchuriki, which would you be and what would you do?

ISOBU. Because he's a turtle and can create pretty reefs and make chibi-Sanbi's and devour all of my enemies, like Author-san.

Uh… what was… what was that last one?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Naruyashan: What are your current ideas for seals? How do you feel about Kakashi? Are you going to learn any healing jutsu, or refine your sensor skills?

Wow, multiple choice! Nice! I'll answer them in order, 'kay?

Seals? Heh. Not telling~.

Ignoring the second one on principle alone.

And I'd love to know how to heal someone, but because of Orochi-teme my chakra is all screwy and if I blow up fish, what would I do to a human being?


... Unless Author-san wants to volunteer?

Hell no.

Pfft. You're no fun. Refining my sensing is going to be a goal. I want to have the furthest, non-assisted range of any sensor. Ever.

DragonSlayer2187: If you had a boyfriend, do you want him to wear boxers or briefs?

Well, the rest of his clothing is always a start… I have standards, you know.

XenotheWise135: Do you ever wish your name was 'Akane,' you know, for that extra bit of feminine?

My parents named me. I like my name how it is. Deal with it.

Well, that's all folks! Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to tune in next week for the new chapter! Sorry if I didn't answer anyone's questions but some repeated and some were aimed directly at me, not Akani, so...

I'm not gonna give out any spoilers :P








Can I go now?

Huh? You're still here?