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"You heard what the doctor said right Brit?" Santana said while helping Brittany back in the truck after her doctor's appointment.

"Yes mom." Brittany said playfully.

Santana rolled her eyes and smiled. "Come on baby, seriously." Santana closed the door and went around to the driver's side and hopped in. "He said you're overworking yourself, and you need to take it easier." The Latina added.

"I'll try San." Brittany said reaching over and grabbing Santana's hand.

"Thank you." Santana lifted their hands and kissed Brittany's before letting it go to start the truck. "So, um, I'll start waking up earlier to make sandwiches and cut up fruit for the twins lunch every day, that way all you have to do is pull it out of the fridge and give them the sandwiches and bowls of fruit." Santana started.

Brittany nodded. "Making lunch for them isn't hard San, but ok."

"I know but that's more time for you to relax." Santana told her. "Then I can prep stuff for dinner, like get the sides ready, like measured out and stuff, that way you just have to put it on the stove or in the oven." Santana added.

She was then silent for a moment while she thought "I can season the meat and stuff for dinner too, making everything super simple for you. If you are too tired I can cook when I get home from work. It's not a big deal for me to cook after work Brit, you know that."

"You would need to wake up over an hour earlier to do all that, you already wake up early enough." Brittany told her. "I can't have you burn yourself out before work."

"I'll be fine Brit, I promise." Santana told her while grabbing her hand again. "Oh shit, I don't think I told you, Quinn gave me like a part time job."

"Really?" Brittany asked with wide eyes. "Doing what?"

"Some accounting work for her firm." Santana said with a big smile. "She said I can do it from home after I leave the dentist office, so I'm still home to help you out with the twins at night. I'm picking up the laptop from her on Friday."

"That's great San." Brittany said happily. "We can definitely use the extra money."

Santana nodded. "Yeah we can."

"How much is she paying you?" Brittany asked.

Santana paused. "I, I didn't ask her."

Brittany frowned at first but quickly turned it into a smile. "Well whatever it is, no matter how small, it will help cover at least one bill."

Santana sighed. "That's true."

"I bought Quinn a thank you card for paying the cable bill." Brittany added. "She didn't have to do that."

"I know." Santana breathed out slowly. "I don't want people to feel sorry for us and take pity on us Brit. We aren't a fuckin charity case."

"That's not how she meant it, and you know that Santana." Brittany said quickly. "No one is judging us…except you."


"I don't want to argue Santana, let's just go pick up the twins from Tina's daycare and go home ok?" Brittany replied softly.

"Let's stop and have lunch first." Santana suggested.

"Can we afford it?" Brittany asked.

"Who said we were spending money?" Santana replied with a huge smile. She drove to the park the two used to frequent as teenagers and parked near the creek.

"What are you up?" Brittany asked while raising an eyebrow.

Santana smiled and got out of the truck, she went around and opened the door for Brittany, helping her carefully out of the truck and led her to the back. She then opened the cargo door, where she had a blanket, some travel chairs, and a cooler.

"I made us a picnic." Santana replied. "It's a semi nice day so I thought it would be fun."

"This is perfect San." Brittany said with a smile as Santana pulled out a folding chair and opened it for Brittany sit on, she then quickly wrapped a blanket around her. "Just in case you get cold." She added. "Or the baby gets cold."

"Cold in my stomach San?" Brittany laughed.

"Yep, with all the ice cream you and the baby eat, must be freezing in there." Santana winked before pulling out a chair for herself, and one of the TV stands from home. She set out a fruit salad for them to share, 2 bottles of water, and a juice box for Brittany. She then handed her wife a sandwich and sat down with one for herself.

Brittany quickly leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "When did you have time to do all this?" She asked while unwrapping her sandwich.

Santana blushed. "This morning when you were getting dressed, I did it after I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast. I wanted to surprise you."

"Thank you San." Brittany said while turning the Latina's head and kissing her. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Brit." Santana replied back before pecking Brittany on the lips one more time. "And of course I love you." She added while rubbing Brittany's stomach and leaning down to kiss her baby bump. "I made your favorite, well your favorite at the moment."

Brittany's eyes widened as she opened her sandwich and smiled brightly at the toasted peanut butter, jelly, mustard, and pickle sandwich. "How many times did you gag while making it?" Brittany asked while laughing.

"Just twice this time." Santana said proudly while biting her sandwich, a simple peanut butter and jelly. "That's progress."

"Yeah it is." Brittany nodded while taking a bite. Santana opened her water bottle and took a long sip. "You're not usually home in the afternoon, what do you want to do, anything fun with the kids?"

Santana smiled. "I would love to but I don't want to mess up their routine." Santana said while taking another bite.

"We can call today a free day." Brittany smiled. "They are at day care anyways, so their routine is a little off already."

"Are we still on board to have them start preschool beginning of the year?" Santana asked while opening the juice box and handing it to Brittany, smiling as her eyes lit up.

Brittany nodded. "Yep, Tina has spots reserved for both of them at the preschool. They will start with half days for a few weeks then to full days right after they turn 4 in March."

"Sounds, good. This little one will be done cooking by then." Santana smiled at Brittany's stomach.

"How about we take the kids to the park?" Brittany suggested. "The weather should stay nice for another few more hours."

Santana stood up and went to the cargo area of the truck and rummaged around taking out 2 plastic forks. "Sounds good, Dominic is always hyper when he leaves the daycare." Santana laughed. "He can burn off some energy."

"True, it's nice that Tina lets us drop them off there during the day free of charge, even though she is teaching." Brittany said as Santana handed her a fork for the fruit.

"Yeah it is." Santana said while taking the baggie that Brittany had her sandwich in and balling it up to throw away. She then grabbed the bowl of fruit and held it on her lap so the two of them could eat it.

"Thanks for the picnic." Brittany says sweetly when they finished the fruit several minutes later as she glanced down at the time. "I told you we don't need a lot of money to have a good life San."

"I know we don't Brit." Santana said while beginning to pack up everything as she glanced down at her watch as well. "I just miss being about to take you out whenever I wanted, and being able to buy you nice things."

"That's not why I feel in love with you Santana." Brittany said defensively.

"I know Brit." Santana replied while throwing their trash away in a nearby garbage can.

"What we lack in money, we make up for in love, baby." Brittany said while standing up and folding up her chair, Santana quickly ran over and grabbed it from her setting it in the back of the truck. "I love small dates like these, you know that. I just like being around you, my gorgeous wife. I love you Santana, not the fancy job you had."

"You've always known exactly how to make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world Brit." Santana smiled as she poured out the ice and lifted the cooler in the truck.

Brittany walked over and sat down on the pulled down door of the truck while Santana loaded a few more things. Brittany glanced down at her watch again. "Come here San."

Santana looked up from trying to fold the TV tray up. "What the hell is wrong with his damn thing?" She asked angrily when it wouldn't fold.

"Sanny." Brittany sang out sweetly.

Santana lifted her head turned around. "What's up?"

"Come here." Brittany repeated.

Santana walked over just as Brittany opened her legs so the Latina could walk in between them. Santana rested her hands on Brittany's thighs and stroked them softly as Brittany pulled her close and kissed her.

"We're in the park Brit." Santana mumbled against her wife's lips as Brittany rested her hands on her hips and rubbed them slowly.

"We're just kissing," Brittany replied. "Who said you can't kiss in the park?"

Santana laughed. "Our kissing sessions don't stay kissing sessions." She moaned out as Brittany began softly kissing her neck finding her spot immediately. Santana moaned lowly and ran her hands under Brittany's shirt to feel the bare skin on her back.

Brittany didn't reply she instead just turned Santana's head to kiss her again, bringing her hands up to cup her breasts over her shirt. "I want and need you when we get home." She then whispered in the Latina's ear.

Santana laughed and kissed her on the forehead before hugging her as best as she could over her stomach. "Was I this horny all the time with the twins?" She asked with a chuckle.

"You were worse." Brittany smiled and winked at her. "Ready to go get our munchkins?"

Santana nodded. "Absolutely." She helped Brittany get down and opened the door to help her in the passenger side of the truck. She then wrestled with the TV tray for a few more moments before smiling in triumph when she got it closed.

"Thanks again Tina." Santana said with a smile as she entered the classroom to get the twins.

"No problem, I love your kids." Tina replied. "Gabby is taking a nap with the rest of the class but Mr. Dominic is playing with blocks." Tina pointed to small boy who sat quietly on a mat off to the side surrounded by blocks.

"No nap for him?" Santana asked.

Tina laughed. "We both know that answer."

Santana smiled and sat on the floor next to Dominic quietly, he was engrossed in building his tower he didn't notice his mother. "Can mamí play too?" She asked sweetly,

Dominic quickly turned his head and jumped up tackling Santana into a huge hug. "Mamí!" He explained happily.

"Shhhhh." She said with a smile while hugging him tightly. "Ready to go home? We can make a new tower there."

He nodded. "Go get your sneakers on ok?" Santana told him before kissing him on the forehead and watching him run over to Tina who had his sneakers ready for him.

Santana then went over to Gabriella's cot and kneeled down rubbing her back softly. "Gabby." She sang. "Wake up baby girl."

Gabriella stirred and fluttered her eyes open slowly, instantly widening them when she say her mother smiling at her. "Hola mamí." She said with a smile.

"Hey baby." Santana smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Let's go home okay?"

Gabriella nodded and sat up quickly. Santana fixed her t-shirt for her and grabbed her sweater helping her put it on quickly. She then picked up her purple Converse and put them on her feet, letting her Velcro them tightly herself. Santana then took the little Latina's curly locks out of the messed up ponytail and fixed it for her. She then stood up and grabbed Gabriella's hand tightly and walked over to grab Dominic's hand.

"Sorry I can't stay and chat Tina, Brit's in the truck outside." Santana said as Tina placed Dominic's black cap on his head.

"No problem, tell her I said hi and I'll call her sometime this week to meet for tea." Tina said while walking them to the door.

"I will." Santana replied. "Say bye guys."

"Bye Miss Tina!" They screamed out together once they were outside.

"Did you have fun?" Santana asked them while holding their hands tightly and walking to the truck.

"We had apples and caramel." Gabrielle said suddenly.

"Whoa!" Santana exclaimed. "Did you like it?"

Gabriella nodded quickly while skipping alongside Santana. "Will you show me and mommy how to make it for a snack at home?"

"I can show you." Gabriella said sweetly.

"I can show you too!" Dominic explained.

"Great, I love when you guys teach me stuff, you are both so smart." Santana said as they reached the truck.

Brittany quickly rolled the window down and smiled while waving at the twins. "My two favorite people!" She said happily.

"Hey!" Santana said quickly causing the twins to giggle.

Brittany laughed and winked at Santana, as the Latina first lifted Dominic so Brittany could kiss his cheeks through the window. "Hey baby boy." She said while taking his hat off and ruffling his hair causing him to squirm over in laughter.

Santana then set him in his booster seat as Gabriella held on tightly to her leg. Santana then bent down and picked her up so Brittany could greet her as well. "Hey sweetheart." Brittany said while kissing her on the forehead. "You look tired Gabby." Gabriella shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

"She was napping when I got them." Santana explained while carrying her around to the other side of the truck and strapping her in.

"Did Miss Tina give you guys lunch?" Brittany asked while turning around to look at the twins.

"We had nuggets." Dominic said proudly.

"Cool, how many?" Brittany asked.

Dominic thought momentarily and held up his hand and wiggled fingers. "4!"

"En espanol por favor." Santana chimed in while starting the truck and leaving the parking lot.

"Cuartro." He said happily.

"Good job." Brittany said while clapping. "And good job for eating all your nuggets." Brittany added knowing that Tina gave each kid 4 for lunch.

"How many did you eat Gabby?" Santana asked while looking at her in the rear view mirror.

"I had 3." Gabriella stated. "I mean tres." She added with a giggle.

"Good job Gabby." Santana said.

"She ate more this time." Brittany said quietly to Santana.

"Yeah that's good, she didn't eat any last time." Santana noted. "I'll call Tina when we get home to make sure she really ate."

"Good idea." Brittany replied. "Gabby are you still tired baby?" She then asked when she saw her yawn and rub her eyes again.

"No." She replied.

"Maybe we should skip the park Brit." Santana said loudly.

The twins' eyes instantly widened as smiles covered their faces.

"Stay awake Gabby!" Dominic said sternly while glaring at his sister.

"I'm not sleep." She countered back quickly.

Brittany and Santana both laughed. "We're going Nick." Santana laughed. "Relax mijo."

Santana pulled up to the park by their house and first grabbed Gabriella from her booster before coming around the truck and opening the door for Brittany and helping her out. She then lifted Dominic from his booster and set him down instantly smiling as he quick grabbed Gabriella's hand and ran towards the play area.

Santana grabbed Brittany's hand and smiled as they made their way to the swings where the twins were anxiously waiting to get lifted in and pushed.

Santana lifted the twins in and began to push Gabriella as Brittany pushed Dominic.

"I love hearing them laugh, it's the best sound in the world." Brittany said with a smile.

Santana nodded. "Yeah it is."

After 30 minutes in the park, Santana noticed Brittany yawning and starting to move slowly. She glanced at the twins running to climb back up the slide before looking back at Brittany. She slid closer to her and wrapped her arm around her wife. "Ready to go Brit?" Santana asked while stroking her hair when Brittany rested her head on her shoulder..

Brittany nodded. "Yeah I think I need to lay down for a little while."

"Feeling ok?" Santana asked her quietly.

"Yeah just tired." Brittany told her rubbing her thigh.

"Ok, it's almost 2pm, the twins need a nap too." Santana said. She kissed Brittany on the forehead and stood up. "Gabby! Nick! Come on babies time to go!"

Dominic grabbed Gabriella's hand and ran almost dragging her behind him to his mothers. Brittany smiled and extended her hands letting the twins pull her up to the standing position, which they loved to do. Brittany held their hands tightly as they walked back to the truck.

Once they got home Santana made a pallet in the floor and had the twins lay down while turning on cartoons for them. "Want to lay on the couch baby or go up to the room?"

"The couch is fine." Brittany said through a yawn and sat down. Santana sat down on the end of the couch and lifted Brittany's legs in her lap and slid her shoes off for her.

"Hey you have on matching socks!" Santana laughed. "High five!"

Brittany laughed and high fived her wife. "Really? That's awesome, Gabby picked out my socks for today."

Santana looked down at her daughter who fell back asleep the moment Santana placed their blankets over them and smiled. "She getting really good with her colors."

"Yeah she is." Brittany yawned out.

Santana began to massage Brittany's feet. "Go to sleep Brit." She the reached over the back of the couch and grabbed a blanket to toss over her wife.


Santana dragged out of the bathroom and almost jumped in bed she was so tired. Brittany woke up slightly, having fell asleep around 9, when the Latina made lunches for the twins to eat the following day and washing a few loads of clothes.

"San?" She rasped out when she felt the bed dip.

Santana snuggled closed behind her spooning her and nodded. "Yeah it's me Brit." She said softly before kissing her on the neck and closing her eyes. "Good night baby."

"Night San." Brittany replied.

Santana quickly fell asleep but was woken up by Brittany shaking her awake. "San...San..."

Santana stirred and woke up but didn't open her eyes. "What's wrong Brit?"

"Is the baby monitor in here? I don't hear Gabby snoring." Brittany asked quickly.

Santana sat up and turned on the lamp quickly regretting it and slamming her eyes shut for a few moments. "Dammit, I left it in the basement."

"I'll go get it." Brittany said quickly while sitting up.

"Lay back down Brit...I'll get it. It's my fault it's down there." Santana said sleepily while rolling out of bed and stumbling out of the room. She came back 20 minutes later and flopped in bed.

"What took so long?" Brittany asked.

"Nick wanted some water." Santana mumbled out against Brittany's neck as she cuddled closer to her.

"Santana you didn't?" Brittany said in a hopeful voice.

"Didn't what?" She mumbled out again.

"Give Nick water this late at night?" Brittany replied.

"Fuck!" Santana groaned out. "If he wets the bed I'll get up and change the sheets, sorry baby I wasn't thinking."

"It's ok." Brittany slid down so they were eye level and kissed her closed eyelids before closing her own eyes.

Santana was drifting back to sleep when Brittany spoke up again. "San are you sleep?"

Santana exhaled softly. "What do you need B?"

"Thinking about water made me thirsty. Can you get me a bottle? Please." Brittany asked while kissing Santana on the forehead.

"You aren't gonna wet the bed are you?" She teased while opening her eyes and laughing.

Brittany laughed. "If I do, it will be in a good way." Brittany winked.

Santana's eyes widened as a smirk played on her face. "I'll get your water Brit." She said as she leaned forward and kissed Brittany before getting out of bed once again and heading back downstairs.

Santana went downstairs and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and opened it, taking a sip herself, as she walked back up to the bedroom where Brittany was sitting up in bed waiting.

"Here Brit." She said softly while sliding back in bed.

"Thanks San." Brittany said happily while she quickly drank the bottle and laid back, once she was settled she felt Santana wrap her arm around her and kiss her on the cheek.

"Ummm San…." Brittany said sheepishly.

"You want a snack now don't you Brit?" Santana laughed.

"Yeah I'm sorry baby." Brittany said quickly.

"Don't be. You ran after me when I was pregnant with the twins so now it's my turn." Santana replied while rubbing her eyes. "What do you and the baby want?" She asked while rubbing Brittany's stomach.

"Ice cream." Brittany said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Santana laughed. "Of course." She slid back out of the bed and went back down to the kitchen.

She grabbed a bowl and the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and began to scoop some in for Brittany. "Looks like I'll be up for while." She laughed so she added an extra scoop so she could share. She grabbed a spoon and headed back upstairs.

"Sorry San, I know you're tired and….." Brittany started to ramble out as Santana climbed back in bed. She leaned over and kissed her to stop her from talking.

"It's fine Brit." She smiled and presented her with the ice cream. "Are you sharing?" she then asked.

Brittany ate a spoonful and then held up a spoonful to Santana's mouth. "The baby thanks you." She laughed.

Santana leaned down and kissed her stomach and rubbed it slowly. "Whatever the baby wants, I will make sure they get." Santana then looked at Brittany. "That goes for you, Gabby, and Nick."

"I know." Brittany smiled while holding another spoonful up to Santana's mouth.

"Well, let's watch a little TV until you or the baby gets tired." Santana said while reaching for the remote and turning it on and wrapping her arm around Brittany's shoulder to pull her closer. Brittany quickly rested her head in the crook of Santana's neck and finished her ice cream.

Just as an infomercial was going off and Brittany was falling asleep cuddled into Santana's side, the Latina's cell phone rang. She grabbed the bowl from Brittany's hand and set it on the desk and picked it up.

Hey Q whats up

Sorry it's so late, hope I didn't wake the twins or Brittany

No you didn't Santana replied while looking down at Brittany

I wanted to let you know that I finished uploading everything to the laptop for you, so I was going to drop it off tomorrow before I head to the office. Mind if I leave it with Brit, you start work at 7 right?

Yeah I leave the house at 7, and that's fine, what time are you coming?

Around 8:30

That's perfect, she'll up be and dressed with the twins by then.

Great, ummm the current accountant gives us his numbers Thursday afternoon around 2pm, and we go over them in a big meeting on Tuesday afternoon after lunch. Is that enough time for you to go through everything and double check and fix any errors?

Yeah that's perfect. Thanks again so much Q, you don't know how much I appreciate this

It's not a problem, I'm glad I could help you out. I'll come over Friday night and I can explain all the programs to you and show you exactly what I need you to do

Sounds good, oh and Quinn….I know you paid our cable bill and I'll be paying you back for that.

I have no idea what you're talking about.


Ok, fine. I wasn't snooping through your bills or anything. The cable company called because whatever rep you talked to forgot to give you your confirmation number for your future payment, so I just told her to charge everything to my card.

Why did you do that?

I wanted to, you have a zero balance now San, so that's one less thing to worry about. I had her leave my card on file and you can use it whenever you need to ok?


Don't fight me on this San, I did it because I want to help you and Brit out, consider it a bonus for doing the accounting for me

Thank you Quinn, I can't thank you enough

You can thank me by making enchiladas when I come over Friday night, I'll even bring all the ingredients.

Santana laughed. Thanks Quinn

You're welcome, kiss my babies for me. Good night

Good night

Santana placed the phone back on the charger and slid down slowly to bring Brittany with her before turning off the TV and peppering kisses to her wife's sleeping face and falling asleep herself.

2pm the next day

"You are doing such a good job Dominic." Brittany said with a smile as the twins finger-painted pictures at the kitchen table. "What are you painting sweetheart?"

"This is Batman." He said while pointing to a black stick figure with a cape. "Ummmm, this is a tree, and that's a cat." He explained with a smile.

"Is Batman going to save the cat from the tree?" She asked.

"Yeah Batman can save em." He nodded and continued painting.

"Awesome." She said with a smile while kissing him on the cheek. She then walked over to Gabriella. "What are you making princess?"

"This is mamí and this is you." Gabriella explained while pointing to the two stick figures, one with a huge circle for the stomach. "Oh and this is the baby." She added with a smile.

"Whoa, so detailed. That looks awesome." Brittany said with a smile. "Why don't we hang these up, so they can dry and we show them to mamí when she gets home from work in a few hours."

"Ok!" They both agreed.

"Let's wash our hands off." Brittany said. "Don't touch anything." She reminded them as Dominic jumped out of his booster seat at the table. "Please be careful baby." She said quickly as he ran up the steps in front of the sink so he could wash his hands. Brittany went over and turned on the tap for him and squirted some soap in his palms. "Keep rubbing until all the is color is gone."

She then lifted Gabriella slowly and set her down. "Wash your hands baby girl."

Gabriella nodded and ran up next to Dominic. Brittany walked over and gave her soap as well and smiled as she vigorously washed her hands.

Brittany carefully picked up their pictures and tacked them to the corkboard in the dining room so they could dry. She then cleaned up the newspaper she set down on the kitchen table and recycled it before she closed up the numerous jars of paint, setting them back in the container they kept them in and putting it up under the kitchen sink.

"Do we get snack now?" Dominic asked as he dried his hands on his shirt.

"Use a paper towel baby." Brittany said while handing him one. "Mamí cut up apples and oranges for snack, why don't you both go wait for me in the living room, and we can watch a video."

Dominic grabbed Gabriella's hand and took off running to the living room. Brittany then pulled out the Tupperware containers Santana filled the night before with different fruits and vegetables she cut up for the twins. She placed some orange wedges, apple slices, and grapes in a bowl and grabbed 2 juice boxes and took it to the twins, who were cuddled on the beanbag in the living room, patiently waiting.

"Dominic don't eat all of the oranges before Gabby gets at least one." Brittany told him

"Ok." He nodded and quickly handed his sister an orange so he wouldn't forget.

Brittany made her way to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich when a red heart caught her eye in the fridge. She smiled and pulled out the container and opened it finding a sandwich cut into a heart wrapped in plastic with a note attached. She took the note off and sat down with her sandwich to read it.

Good afternoon Brit, I knew you would want an after lunch snack while the twins had their snack, so I made your favorite sandwich, you yelled out bananas in your sleep last night (laughing so hard right now), so I added bananas to the sandwich, hope you like it. Love you baby and can't wait to see you tonight.

XOXO Santana

Brittany took a bite and instantly moaned at how good it was. She grabbed her phone from the living room and went back to the kitchen to text Santana.

TO SAN: You are the best wife ever! Brittany set her phone down and took another bite; she expected it to take a while before Santana replied back to her. But her phone went off right away with a text.

FROM SAN: You like the sandwich?

TO SAN: I love it, the bananas were the perfect addition. Did I really scream that out?

FROM SAN: Yeah you did. It was hilarious. Lol Glad you like the sandwich.

TO SAN: Thanks again baby. How's work?

FROM SAN: Boring, Like 4 patients cancelled, so I ended up finishing the filing so no overtime :(

TO SAN: Whoa…that's a lot. Well Quinn dropped off the laptop this morning and she mentioned enchiladas with an evil laugh?

FROM SAN: Yeah we've all been sitting around the office. I'm stocking the rubberbands for braces right now. Fun times. Lol.

FROM SAN: Great, and Quinn is so greedy sometimes. Lol I told her I would have enchiladas when she comes over tomorrow to show me the systems on the laptop.

TO SAN: So Mexican night tomorrow?!

FROM SAN: Si mi amor

FROM SAN: I gotta go Brit, I'll see you later, kiss the twins for me.

TO SAN: Bye baby, love you!


Brittany finished her sandwich and placed the container in the sink; she slipped her phone in her pocket and headed back to the living room. She saw the twins fast asleep and grabbed a blanket to cover them before sitting on the couch and turning to the History channel smiling when there was a special on art on.